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ANDRE NICKATINA lyrics - Bullets, Blunts In Ah Big Bankroll

2 T-Shirts N A Adidas Suit

Original and similar lyrics
Make way for the nitty, Gritty, bitty titty filler City after city time and crime rap dealer I don't play football, I'm not a playmaker My only way deep is to throw a haymaker School rule breaker Makin' teachers have a fit From the Goz show that's How I learn to spit Man, some All Star Chuck's And some coke to sack It don't matter what color as Long it blue or black Cause I'm reckless Cuban necklace Never in the game that become wet fish Two t-shirts an ah adidas suit Man, I ain't peepin' What what ya speakin' Homie gimme the loot Man, you filled with' truth And I'm filled with lies When we rap all these Muthfuckas' die despise Like the sparrow that narrow Nigga shootin' through an arrow You can see the klugg's if you Look through the barrel Fools use chess like a VCR Worth as much as a CD-R Gotta put my hands in the cookie jar You got beef? Let my rap den rip ya car Disappear like a Motherfuckin' desert Mirage Smellin' so good like a red crosage That's the way I fuck em' down Climbs around by sound Like how them whistles whip Through the ground Get the camera, the ramela, the scramela Two points the fuck with the camela, SIN Who cares what mood ya in? It'll sound like thunda if I lose again Yeah nickatina I dun told ya The virgin of fame I'm like napoleon you beat like He come in the game Check's is ready to name Then I pop the brain Ain't a law in the world That can stop the case I wear Adidas Sometimes Fillas They're the two leadas' The boy king Hit yo bowl, sack, low jeans At 3am Yeah the freeway mine And you can tell by the Ticket's I've left behind You wanna get reckless? Don't get checklist Cops motherfucker they respect this What's on the wishlist? Man, I can get this I freak with big lips And she love the tongue kiss And cold as a tundre Seven's the numba Split up the pie Or chop it like lumba Don't forget the thunda that I said And all praises to Bob Marley's mighty dreads We need to find someone to hunt down Think of the turn around The murder is murder round Tryin to burn em' down Reckless I all blessed it I hit the stage freak with such freshness Two t-shirts and ah adidas suit I'm lookin' way too cute You bitches raise the roof You got bacardi in ya' body 180 proof And I'm addicted to ya ass Like ya' name was truth I jump in the coop With a couple of bloods And bitch fuck ya party if The shit don't bump Because I'm major fast I need major cash And damn your sister got major ass Homie reckless They won't respect this I say the bitch is kinda like a necklace Two t-shirts and ah adidas suit I'm lookin' way too cute You bitches raise the roof


Dayton Family "Dope House"
By: Gabe Whoa, whoa, whoa, All the drug dealars, ?niggas? unable to be faded. Feds they want Bootleg permantly incarserated. but i never lets them see me sweatin' my Teck striking a pose. hanging out the cuddy', nutty, nigga, busting at hoes. I robed a little, rigged a little, stole a little i admit it, But I bet one wittnes wont come forth and ever say I did it. Cause those who snitches, sleep in ditches. ya'll know the story. I refuse to have to FBI and police searching for me. was renegade when i was younger but i never been afraid, to jump out windows and bust at hoots whenever them bitches raid. im tooting cane, catching trains ??? inhale it and i keep a K inside my head. for things thats on servalance. have you ever heard of a murder commited with a house appliance. i was to smart to ever get cought, know my ferenzic science. my daddy never loved me before he left me and momma. Clio the Psychic told me fuck him hes running i went to see a srink. i think im dealing with some pain. gave me some pills, said keep it real . (medicate your brain) i live my life just like a fragil stuck inside a rock. everytime a cop would see me. fuck cops and hit your knot. Mutha' .fuck the FBI I rater die before the feds catch me. 36 hundred murders before them bitches could strech me. hollow green, to Fucking with my teeners where we ballin' candy loving these fist fulls. and shot that we calling. motha Fuck the FBI. Whoa,whoa whoa, these aint the feds you know, thell take your life and go, thell set you up for sure whoa whoa whoa whoa Niggas are sucking my dick for taste. licking my nuts all over the place. all in my face when stealing my bass. talking about my homies case. Dayton is on the rise again. was taking them up and bring them down. Fucking them up and shuting them up. Fuck you hoes we run this town. shoe is about that cheese and cash. boot is about to kill your ass niggas was running their mouthto fast. to damn quck and they got blast. all you hoes can suck my dick. fucking your street and cukcing your click. yall can't Fuck with Dayton. I know your feeling like me nigga, hear my shit and bite me nigga. you dont want to fight me nigga sucking my dick so write me nigga. dont you want to kill yourself Fucking around with T.D.F. the media till your shit was deaf. and left your tape up on the shelf. Fuck the feds Kill they boys. them lil boys aint made no noise. slaping in they backyards. we Eli's they Big McOys. Once again you know whats on I got something that will get you gone. shots blew out his dome, reported missing cause he wasent home. robbing,shooting, elevate, boot-Zilla and jake the Flake. dirty bird is back again here go the den Insert his 10 leave the streets no alib. back was blown helli tide

85 Bucks An Hour

TWIZTID "Mostasteless"
(feat. Insane Clown Posse) Chillen at the studio Chillen at the studio 85 bucks an hour So hurry up and loop a beat come on Mike I'm Violent J but my homies call me shit head But that's my homies to you I'm Violent J bitch I put my boys on a track even though they suck 'Yo dawg I'm Dave and I don't five a fuck' I did a record deal I signed a contract Technically, for Island I can only rap But fuck that, with Twiztid I'm a still spit Even though I got a cold, and I sound like shit What the fuck was that Fuck it, leave it in, the shit is phat You heard this beat 80 times and it's still freakin And if you notice my shit don't even rhyme Look at that I ain't even got a rap and it's still phat My shit went gold, I got phat knots And you're still flyering parkin lots You might say my vocals are up too loud So I'm a turn 'em up louder just to piss you off! Psychopathic records are geniuses Get off our penises Here comes the chorus, but I ain't got a no hook Instead I'll just fuck with the phone book Hello Yeah, ugh Hairy Sacks please Who's this Hairy, hey this is Slim Anus down at the canery Ugh, take shoot at the bulletin Somethin about ugh, you fillin in his slot tonight down at the ugh, Garage we got a casement of fudge We need as many packers as we can get Duh, ugh, Sacks Hello My name is Jamie Madrox and I got fat balls I'm always urinating in the Motel Halls I got a big head that never fits a hat So you aint ever seein me wear a damn thing green bitch I'm far from rich, I got a hooptie With a smash in the fender and in the back to I got a broken tail light and I'll smash you Bitch get outta my way we got Clown Love Phat props to the lyrical town dove It's the m-o, n-o, and I can't even spell the rest It takes to long and I need a fucken cigarette I can't hear my right ears mad whack So shut the fuck up and listen or get and ass kicked I slap hoes, and call them bitches to there faces And scream out FUCK OFF BITCH, Twiztid in their place So back off recognize and check this Simply my dear I don't give a FUCK Psychopathic Yo there's more chiles in this peace what's up son Hello Yeah what's up son I'm Lookin for this deal know what I'm sayin I got raps to bust for ya'll Ya'll ready for Mo Chile's I'm bout to kick this flow, you ready to kick it or what Who's this We're light son, I'm Mo Chiles straight from the hood I got all my peoplez on 1-800 and Chris Shaw We commin home My names 2 Dope and sometimes Shaggy Sometimes Shaggs and sometimes Gweedy I gets mad stupid, I gets mad ill I done it all five, fuck it I do it still Stretch my nuts back like a slingshot and plant 'em in your mouth Shake my hips like Elvis Wigglin my pelvis I skipped that step Apply the camera clutches stretch it back like a mutha fucken bungy jump WHAT I'm Violent J back to make you smile more I let my nutsack drag on the tile floor I kick free styles for miles My gold comes in piles I worked on Bell Isle I picked up dear shit And now I spit raps I snap your neck Cuz my freestyles are fresh

Tear It Off

METHOD MAN "Tical 2000 Judgementday"
(feat. Redman) [Intro:] [Redman] Yo man glorious This is protected () [Method Man] And Tical [Redman] Slap it down [Method Man] Way out of bound [Redman] Roll in a towel [Method Man] Fo' we gun down [Verse 1:] [Redman] Yo, flipmode, toiletbowls explode When Doc come drop a shitload Grip fo's Mushrooms, dick those Deep pistol Whip hoes I bitch O's Money, Roll, I stick a zipcode Tiptoed, before Doc escape row Thirsty, snippin' out a pig nose My Benz too, with wings and 6-0's My flows is North Pole cold My hands got area's that fits snow Doc, fixin' hoes in disco's My dogs let 'em walk with ripped clothes Shows, Niggas pack 6 rolls We're losin' 'em His hart won't get pulse Pack you bags off a 10 percent doze (), I could hum and shit cold [Chorus:] [Redman] Yo, yo tear the roof off Yo, yo tear the roof off Back off, don't make me shoot y'all You don't want to fuck with us You don't [Verse 2:] [Method Man] I get scanned, rip sand With this stick style Pistol, lick ground Get off my dick now Kick crowd, hot style You-get-shot-style Timid, scared to get in it These dogs is rock rowd Unchained, untained, you know my name Act strange, pack flame It's not a game The ill flows, that kills shows You can feel yo Kickin' in you do', like a steel Go for real dough Y'all gon learn I spit germs When you come shot on Big Worm You gets burned Punks don't get turned, they get done And get sun, come get some The last victim lye in a ditch Now who wanna fuck with Hot Nick Niggas chew gum with they ass and pop shit Me and Funk Doc get, toxid Up all the rightness I'm chopstick Go make your Wu just imposters [Chorus:] [Verse 3:] [Redman] You try to O.K Corel With Doc and Meth Tical Barsaloon fight without weapons out Strechmarks like Belly on Kevin Lous On yard to score, only second down Hoes play wifey, wanna settle down Try to lock cash, bitch better bounce Boyfriend jumpin', Meth shut 'em down Pound to echo loud, bout 7 miles Doc, dirty Jersey, hunt 'em down Uncut rhymes, won't even fit your foul Baddest man out the bunch, pick 'em out Drunk with a gun, miss you hit the crowd Snitches, someone kiss to stitch you mouth Wilder then rhinos or liquor trous Mrs. how Mary-Ann, dick 'em out Ginger watch with the gun and skip a mouth Love the ruckas and love to dish it out 3 watched MC's, start wristin' out Get your whole camp put on the missile foul Pushin' 12 out, bumpin' digital [Chorus] [Verse 4:] [Method Man] We just ice Men of mice, ain't nothing nice [Redman] Fuck you like [Method Man] Your thight is to light to fight We move right, on fright night When Niggas write We bust pipe, condo's that suck thight We all right, you all hype and war's right In the Source, with half mic, you half liked And half dead, blasted on glass bed (), eyes red, the hashhead Burn somethin', earn somethin' and learn somethin' Take my turn frontin' Def Jam ain't heard nothin', yet Suspect, ruffnecks Buck 'em down or you get busted Never leave home without my musket Thrust this, out for justice, clown And caught on Judgement Day, caught y'all proud Take MC's to town if they start blawn Ashes to ashes, they all fall ground Master be basket with hazardous tactics Send my automatic full rap metal jacket Blasted in plastic your brain on the mattrress All you kids ask backwards and visa versa [Chorus:] [Outro:] [Redman] Come on, yo tear the roof off Nigga, yo tear the roof off Back off, don't make me shoot y'all You don't want to fuck with us You don't Huh Yo, You don't want to fuck with us You don't Yo, You don't want to fuck with us You don't

Mexican Gangster

Lil' Rob "Crazy Life"
ESE, CHOLO! [Lil' Rob] Orale holmes, this is Lil' Rob Comin after you from San Diego, Southern Califas Mexican gangster yeah that's the name of the jam And it's to all those locos that like to gangbang Because I do it when I have to when it's every fuckin week And always kickin it with my homies But could swear they're always tweaking But the only drug I use is marijuana People tell me not to smoke it But I'll smoke it if I wanna Cause right now living in the fast lane So tell me what's wrong with smoking a little bit of Mary Jane And when I fight I fight mano a mano Por que si mon I'm a down ass Chicano I'll say it again I'm down for mine ese Or laugh at you if you need a shank over a cuete And then I'll call you a chavala As I rock over the jam in my '62 Impala And if you shoot you better kill Cause if you don't and you won't But then I will You won't rest in peace you'll rest in pain Why, because my mind clicks To be insane in the brain Si mon I'm fuckin bad to the bone And all I could say is don't fuck around holmes Cause I'm a... {Chorus 2x} Mexican Gangster, (si mon) Mexican Gangster, (16 with a bullet) Mexican Gangster, (born with the ways) Mexican Gangster born with the badness Kickin that Cisco, smokin and tokin we heard a blast You should've seen how fast we jumped off of our ass We ran outside just to check out what it was It's a Mexicano thing I ain't no Crip or Blood Dark in the garden so I couldn't see Though I looked to the light and I saw my Primo Laying there moaning; That's all I hear But right now Lil' Rob ain't got time to shed a tear We picked him up, we took him home and called the ambulance Those vatos fucked up good Cause now they're gambling with their lives And it's about time they lose Never fuck with the vato in the Sureno blues To the Mexicana Madre, let's pull a drive-by So when we lose one, that's when they seem to lose about five But we're not satisfied holmes until they all die So orale let's jump in my lowride Toma las llaves I threw 'em in the ignition Orale now we're on another fuckin mission Turn on the radio on came the Rollas Homeboys in the back loading up the pistolas Orale they're loaded It's time to do it I just got my drivers license cause I'm 16 with a bullet Not alone, my homeboy's in his Bomb And to you puto's you won't last long See I'm with my homies and all of them are packin You vatos fucked up now the shells will be stackin 16 With a bullet pero bad to the bone Don't fuck around holmes cause I'm a... {Chorus} Now as we're driving away I hear a youngster say Yo Lil' Rob let me blow that mothafucker away I said Chales, jump out the ride He opened up the door and then he jumped outside he said Orale , then arrato I said Hey we'll be back little vato So off we go to the other barrio Not cruising too fast we're always cruising slow We saw somebody started running cause they took a glance They didn't have time to shit their pants Take a look over there, damn some fine hynas Too bad they're playing dice throwing their signs at us But it's alright We're looking for the fool who shot my Primo Cruisin slow and guess who we see so We crept up in the Bomba and took a look So Lil' Rob said Que onda I said fuck it jumped out the bucked he had a bat So he swung and so I duck and I saw his face So I stuck it with a right left, right left I made him suffer holmes And then I put the nine milli to his backbone I said Hey mothafucker don't breathe Cause right now Lil' Rob really wants to see you bleed I flipped him over put the gun between his eyes I said You fucked up once and I hope that's what you realize, now how the fuck does it feel You played at your own risk and now you found out I'm for real Boom boom back in the raffla I'm reminiscing With a tear in my eye cause it's my raza that I'm killing Looking at him dead in the face I shot him twice Now fuck that shit for sure will get 7-25 to life But fuck that shit it's time to go home No longer cruising slow I'm rushing to my canton I'm thinking what my Primo wanted me to do You think he'd want me to serve life for a punk or two Or even cry over him for a couple of days Damn raza we've got to change those evil ways Though soy chingon cabron Like Al Capone always holding my own Walking alone in the S-D anger zone Si mon bad to the bone Not the one to talk shit over the telephone And Sand Diego is the place where all my homeboy's roam And all I could say is don't fuck around holmes Cause I'm a... {Chorus 3x} Mexican Gangster -echoing gangster gangster gangster-

Move Something

M.O.P. "First Family For Life"
Aaaaaaaah... I told you motherfuckers. Now what the fuck is going on? You done started a war here now it's on here. Lil Fame speaks: All for this bowl. (Uh) You know what I mean. Bizzy Womack back up in this motherfucker. (Firing Squad nigga.) No I ain't went nowhere nigga. Fucking with the best. (Oh yeah to the death.) Stare into the same ?marked ass? (Firing Squad nigga.) I know what the fuck I'm talking about. (Go 'head, nigga, go ahead, go 'head nigga) Verse one: Lil Fame Ghetto warfare, heavy metal warfare You done started a war here, now its on (YEAH) What the fuck, NIGGA? You thought you was gonna slide, you gon' run a muck, NIGGA I'ma make you feel like you got hit by a truck, NIGGA I pluck herbs like birds, then I brainwash em Watch Fame squash em Look what I brought to ya And when I'm gone do ya Slugs run through ya, HALLELUJAH Keep deep focus, the locust of war raps Hard Fizzy Womack Set it off like them for Bronx (Borrow lives!) Roll this thug (Sorrow lives!) Hold his slug Bruisin niggaz, but it hurts to lose a nigga (Its bug!) Anaconda, wanna take me under For jealousy, Goddamn yo it makes me wonder But the path I follow been blessed From my certificate of like, to my. certificate of death Chorus Billy Danze: You gotta, do something, move something Try to make that shit more (Live for your dogs!) Lil Fame: Cause ain't nobody gonna rock that shit If it ain't got that raw (Vibe for your dogs!) Verse two: Billy Danze I bring this whole motherfucking world to a standstill William Danz-ini don't you know this man will? (Move on em!) D-yea take action (Step to em!) Straight blasting Ghetto predator slash retarded motherfucker Enables me to be one cold-hearted motherfucker Start it motherfucker (Come on) I leave no traces (Come on) Run up, I blow your ass back seven paces (Feel the pressure as we step in the place.) Pump one in your face (Blow) Ain't nobody gonna see me, believe me One of them guys that specialize in (master illusions) Vanishing in the wind After commiting a sin Then, I'm laying low till another day As for your crew, I send them to you when I come through at the wake (That's right!) Them promise to always roll with you So nigga I'ma send they soul with you Get the fuck outta here! Chorus *Fame and Danze switch stanzas* *2X* Verse 3 Lil Fame: Straight for casters For full blasters Survivers that dealt with disaster Master the plans that twist YA Cocks back, dismiss ya Aroused by this too-down militant militia Listen, niggaz tend to think your soft when you rap And that will provoke Fame to busting a cap You can't hide from death (Nah!) You'll be found with your neck in a noose stripped for you life, hung form ?scratch? Billy Danze: Now if I step up in your chest (Give you cardiac arrest!) Convert you into a mess (You been blessed!) (Damn!) I don't waste time I bust mine To splatter ya First of all, your small, your not even my calibre (So get up in they ass!) Niggaz, taking blasts (Aiyo lets take it to they ass!) Son, we gotta do this right (The Marksmen) From the Marx' Lettin to ?Burner? Park, hot slugs Leave you so called thugs laying in junk (bow, bow, bow, bow, bow, bow, bow, bow) Chorus *2X* Spoken: Ha ha! Come on. Firing Squad, nigga. What'd ya say? What, what, what'd ya say? What, what, what ya say? What ya say? Goddamn in the mourning, nigga. Come on, ha ha! (Vibe for your dogs) Salute! (See you when I see you) *beat fades out*

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