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ANDRE NICKATINA lyrics - Booty Star: Glock Tawk

W-X-I'll Tell U-Y

Original and similar lyrics
Rap cat on a tug boat It's not a love boat Have you ever seen Gators? They swim They float And all flavors That they got in the Now-N-Laters My hat tipped like Walt Frazier It's money and weed on mines Hotel Flight Eight "G"s on mines I really don't have to see the time All I really have to do Yo is read the signs Then I might Rise like a mercury Bitch give all your money to the worker bee Because they call me N-I-C-K-Y W-X I'll tell U-Y Because I like that High Fashion Jane's Addiction I do what I want And nigga I don't listen I shoot through the city like it's Camelot Ya know I gotta get it crackin' At the after spot My heart is Polo Just like the south I run my mouth I'm like a little kid Runnin' through your house Hot without a doubt (doubt) That's why I ran when he pulled the gun out (out) Man it's just like a rhyme Chips stay so crisp I eat alotta rice with my pearl chopsticks It's all so clear Like a vision Baby can you add multiply with division? And do it with precision Like the hands of a surgeon Bitch don't worry about the money I'm splurgin' I like George Gervin Cold in the spur of the moment Bitch gave her number but I didn't want it I'm N-I-C-K-Y W-X- I'll tell U-Y Put it in drive Let the engine run like a faucet If it don't run fast Baby I'll toss it I put it down like Lou Gossett Rappin so heavy Sometimes I drop it Gotta Re-cop it Blo Re-Cop it Gotta re-Cop it Blo Blo Blo Like C-Bo with his 4-4-4 Fill'Moe Fill'Moe Co-Co-Co I price my thoughts on a scale Picture me baby You can picture more mail Things that sell Cash for bail And baby say she like shoes made by Chanel And I Focus like a telescope Fire up the better dope Like to wear a Pea Coat to hide a couple "C" notes N-I-C-K-Y W-X- I'll tell U-Y I treat November like I treat July 31 days with 32 lies Bitch step up And you can claim your prize You see dollar signs when you look in my eyes Khan Allah Is seen by a chosen few I let the weed be the reason for the rendevous And you can tell from my Gators I'm fresh Hip Hop Cop That's Elliott Ness I like Vogues Cadillac doors Nosy ass bitches try to hear me talk to hos But you get so close Ya know I gotta plead the fifth It's almost like your birthday when I spit the gift And I'm N-I-C-K-Y W-X-I'll tell U-Y Bye I'm back Bitch did you miss me? My money ain't stale It's just a little crispy I like Jack Dempsey And Thomas Hearns Brand new car with a brand new perm Once again N-I-C-K-Y W-X I'll tell U-Y Bye

One Time

Gonzoe "If I Live Nothing Happens"
[Poppa LQ Gonzoe] (talking) Yo (huh?) It's me again (ahaaaha) Gonzoe (yeah) I wanna live a little bit (just a little bit) [Gonzoe] Just one time (How many?) One time Just one time (How many?) One time Just one time (How many?) One time Just one time, One time [Verse 1 - Gonzoe] Me and my bitch was the closest My bitch used to help me stack my dope up My bitch too, Look at the game and funk this and smoke with me When there's no weed lightin roaches The same bitch when I'm doin the most and the brokest She right there Awaken me out my nightmares And tell my enemies to fuck off And never ever scared Givin me head anywhere See my bitch never cares about affairs Deceit along with the brain The versace spread laid across the bed Makin love Til the x is gone, bend over the tear Cause I love her Seventeen, came with me and left her mother She's a hustles bitch that's on the under Nigga, in the daytime I look in her eyes and see her lifetime And only on the block, a love like this you'll find [Gonzoe] One time (How many?) One time (How many?) One time (How many?) ha [Chorus - Poppa LQ] (repeat 2X) I know you like to ball Shop and spend cheddar baby (one time) It's automatic and it's all for the better baby (one time) Ain't nothin bringin if you fuckin with me We go L-I-V-E with T-I-E-E (one time) [Verse 2 - Poppa LQ] Now this is what you better do Get your paper collect your revenue Don't let nobody else count your money but you Hope you wanna ball too? Oh what you willin to do? Put your freedom on the line for this criminal crime? Cause the bars and the walls with the peasant design Five hoes on your line shakin' they nasty behinds Droppin with style, forty reptiles Crystal by the gallons Hollin at the stylins Dealin with the violins Trips to the eye lens California wildin to the fullest What you thought? So what you savin' for bro? Your hoe can be bought It's all for sales She want the curls Fresh out of the shells High maintenance Hair done, toe-nails Finger-nails Rockin Shanells Shoppin at Blooming dells Flossin on the bill Uppin and jumpin scrubs At hells and bells Split your male when you went to jail Heaven or hell Chorus 2X [Verse 3 - Gonzoe] I got a gangsta bitch That's why I love her Cover-up my wrong-doings Never lie to me Bring some pies to me Cross country Cause we was hungry She told me don't let it run me Baby let's make it run from you For the love of money And pimpin's smoke on me Shit my bitch was down She want one roll It was lovely and lavish Just like me she had to have it A savage, fuck, was smokin' like a palace She roll with me Nigga, she pimped hoes with me My bitch fucked around Went and bought her own Bentley Then let me drive Blowin me on the 105 Knowin I ain't got no license And this freeway is high But she thugged out Lovin her man's life, runnin the drug house My cartel car rifle, time to bring the guns out nigga I live to see the eyes of our kids And my son, a splittin image, of how shit is One time Chorus 2X


SLICK RICK "Ruler's Back"
One day fishin' heard Indian drums Saw a brother, listen too, wife kissin' too Then on another mission to The city with the sistas, though was a far distance There's Lone Ranger out of area that needed my assistance To deliver cash, last man got robbed, pimped He never returned, I said 'ok' and put the money in the Fendi Then bumped into this girl Looked like that that girl on 'Mork & Mindy' and 'How' I said to the white trim, jockin' me the Indian Comin' in all this heat, the kind for hopin' a chance for ropin' in 'How'd you like to put your Indian teenie in my openin'?' Said that would be because the nigga wasn't new to this True to this, double barrel slide out the uterus Calm, started singin' sad popular songs Took the money and the hon', screamin' at the top of her lungs Now on a hunt, 'You carry leaf?' I was about to smoke a blunt No, not without frontal, screw girl pronto, mean Tonto Was extremely pissed, still picturin' screwin' this (woo, woo, woo, woo, woo) I don't know why the fuck I'm doin' this Nuisance, brother's/horse tracks, 'whose to choose?' Saddle loose, both thirsty cuttin' a cactus for the juice and All of a sudden, these women like model ho's in Paris Ganged to rape me the Indian, I was so embarrassed Don't pull a kid a minute, to give in within a minute 'Til I seen a shack yonder, or a couple livin' in it Shook my hand, friendly manner, though she pack her up and ran her Couldn't stand her, fondle her feathers like she wanted some banana Led me to the back of the house, the hands that started track Used it as my marks and then I nearly had a heart attack Brush it off, deal wit the floss, way past disgusted Said 'what's the matter granny? Is your blind ass dusted' Back in the hunt, now what do you want, poor granny offered me a blunt No not without frontal, screw girl pronto, mean Tonto, grandma Found they're small timers after all, wasn't her intent to brawl Pulled out my 45, 'How y'all' up against the wall Where's the hooker and the money, here she came, sweatin' mine Then the bitch is pointin' a pistol at my fine behind Now she a smart ass, should of figured when getting' off the hottie So the horse busted in, startin lettin' off the shottie Killed the men, slapped the girl, cause he figured I'm stuck trapped in 'Come on Rick, a horse cappin'?' Yeah, that's what the fuck happened Grieve the folks, bleedin', sides red, I'm pleased and Indeed, now I'll let the Apache kill the bitch, no I need her Playin' the role, better yet, 'well is your pole up?' Signals from the wife sayin' 'what the hell is the holdup?' Although he scares the honey, hit the switch dares to run it Caught and scalp the daffy hooker, said 'bitch where's the money?' Gave it up hunt done, she wants a blunt and so it's frontal That's not what I want, so drop drawers pronto mean Tonto Now turn around That's not it Shut up bitch, I know what I'm doin' But that's my… oh! Oh that's it Stop… you're hurting me Bitch I could have killed… Oh shit feels so good Open your mouth Put it in your mouth Play with my balls too Know what I'm sayin' wake it up Slick

Hustle Man

JAY ROCK "Black Friday"
[Verse 1: Jay Rock] I'm the first mother fucker on the block for the cheese And be the last mother fucker to leave Willie D he said it best Just a ghetto boy, moving with my metal toy Gotta get them dolla's Bust my metal for the cheddah' boy Catch me in the spot Cooking and cutting serving the yola Post up on the corner, you want it? [I got it come and holla] 'tryna ride my partners, we coming homie we got them choppers Hanging out impalas with shotty's knock your life out ya body All about a dolla right, now im every bitches type Now they wanna holla so i knock 'em let 'em swallow pipe Back to my money yeah, gotta get my money right Look this dogg gotta eat I can't handle my hungry nights A lot of niggas starving hard so they tend to steal and rob I just hustle, hustle until a nigga livin large And all a nigga know is to bang and ball Moving with my mac 10 ducking the law [Hook: Ab-Soul] Now put my gat to the scene on my jeans I be clockin' like a watch you never seen I wake up in the morning blowing doja countin' green That's a grinders every day routine The people say hey Mr. hustle man, hey Mr. hustle man How can we get it like you (the people say) Hey mr. hustle man, hey mr. hustle man Wish i had a hustle like you [Verse 2: Jay Rock] Get a bird, bust it down Feds knock, flush it down Niggas snitchin, hushy now 45 precious crown Im on some get money shit and I'm real with it Im on my grind bitch 'tryna get a meal ticket Look these fake rap niggas steady fabricating He said he got a 100 ki's he exaggerating Look im not a hater, jay rock congratulating Real niggas who getting money and paper chasin' Look im on the ave. i gets cash Hit the mall pop tags Zoom through new coup top back Wipe me down, my big Glock is cocked back I'll shoot you down Suwoop, niggas know how i move around Niggas talk but when i pop up look its not a sound That's how it is when they talk behind your back They ain't nothin' but some hoes that's a fact [Hook]

Bitch Please

Snoop Doggy Dog "No Limit Top Dogg"
[Xzibit] Yeah.. time to bring yo' ass to the table y'all It's X to the Z Xzibit, yeah (Where you at?) Snoop double-D, uh, O.G. (West coast, Los Angeles) What, bringin it live, with Dr. Dre, what? {*Xzibit makes the 'Ghetto Bird' sound*} Throwin up a BIG-ASS W, coverin up the world right? YEAHHH! Hah, listen look You ain't tryin to hot box with me, I swing hard liquor Goin down by the second round, all hail the underground How dat sound? Xzibit backin down from a conflict Fuck the nonsense, terrorist, hidden bomb shit Glass and metal in every direction Innocent bystanders taught a very hard lesson I'm the reason there's no time to reach for that weapon and reason why niggaz with problems keep on steppin Xzibit ready to scrap, like Mike Tyson with his license back Nine to five, minimum wage, what type of life is that for me? It's blasphemy, you fuckin around with the Sundance Kid and Butch Cassidy You had the audacity to wanna tangle with the X Strangle your neck, slap you like the opposite sex Drunk drivin tryin to stack my loot While other rappers gettin 'Treated Like a Prostitute' So check the SoundScan Chorus One: Snoop Dogg All I wanna be was a G, ha My whole life, nigga please, ha Breakin off these motherfuckin keys, ha Let's get these motherfuckin G's, ha Nigga you don't wanna fuck with this.. [Snoop Dogg] Hmm.. aww nah, big Snoop Dogg Back up in the heezee bay-bay You jockin my style, 'You so cra-zy' Dre say, ain't +No Limit+ to this As long as we drop gangsta shit Look here bitch, you fine and I dig your style Come fuck with a nigga, do it +Doggystyle+ I'll be gentle, sentimental Shit, we fucked in the rental Lincoln, Continental Hmm, coast to coast, L.A. to Chicago (Yeah nigga you know what's happenin man) I get this pussy everywhere that I go (These bitches know what time it is) Ask the bitches in your hood cause they know (Hell yeah, hoes know about a nigga like me MAN) I get the pussy everywhere that I go (I pimp these hoes, nigga, ha ha) Ask the bitches in your hood cause they know Chorus Two: Xzibit Bitch please, get down on your god damn knees For this money chronic clothes and weed (look) You fuckin with some real O.G's Bitch please Bitch please, get down on your motherfuckin knees We came to get the motherfuckin G's Yeah, you fuckin' with some real O.G's You dick-tease! [Snoop Dogg] Bitch, please! Now what you need to do is Hem my coat, and roll me some dough (f'real) Different strokes (uh-huh) for different folks Oh, you like settin niggaz up and gettin them loc's A cute lil' bitch with a whole lotta heart Shit gets thick when the light gets dark She say she gots a lick for me (well hook it up) Worth about, two hundred G's and thirty keys Now check this out Dre, now if I don't move Then a nigga like me, shit I don't lose But you know me, Dogg I'm movin Ain't nuttin to it, but to get to groovin You been, waitin on a nigga like me (whas' happenin) to take that chance and rob yo' man and beat up the pussy A victim of the circumstance (yeah right) That's the devil, they always wanna dance See we go out with a bang (bang BANG!) I'm tryin to work this cold thang, and take this whole thang I get the money everywhere that I go (I go) I bust a bitch and take her money fo' sho (fo' sho) I get the money everywhere that I go (I go) I bust a bitch and take her money fo' sho (fo' sho) Outro: Nate Dogg (repeat 4X to fade) Aiyyo.. aiyyo aiyyo; you don't wanna step to me Still claimin D.P.G. - til the day I D-I-E

New Jack Hustler

ICE-T "O.G. Original Gangster"
Hustler, word, I pull the trigger long, Grit my teeth, spray till every nigga's gone. Got my block sewn, armored dope spots, Last thing I sweat's a sucka punk cop. Move like a king when I roll, hops, You try to flex, bang, another nigga drops. You gotta deal with this cause there's no way out, Why Cash money ain't never gonna play out. I got nothin to lose, much to gain, In my brain, I got a capitalist migraine. I gotta get paid tonight, you muthafuckin right. [something] my grip, check my bitch, keep my game tight. So many hos on my jock, think I'm a movie star. Nineteen, I got a fifty thousand dollar car. Go to school, I ain't goin for it, Kiss my ass, bust the cap on the Moet. Cause I don't wanna hear that crap, Why I'd rather be a New Jack-----Hustler [chorus] Hustler Hustler Hustler H-U-S-T-L-E-R hustler (kid drop in) Yo man you know what I'm sayin You got it goin on my man, I like how it's goin down. You got the fly cars, the girls, the jewels. Look at that ring right there, I know it's real, it's gotta be real. Man, you the flyest nigga I seen in my life! Yo man, I just wanna roll with you man, How can I be down What's up You say you wanna be down Ease back, or muthafucka get beat down. Out my face, fool I'm the illest, Bulletproof, I die harder than Bruce Willis. Got my crew in effect, I bought em new Jags, So much cash, gotta keep it in Hefty bags. All I think about is keys and Gs Imagine that, me workin at Mickey D's (ha ha ha ha). That's a joke cause I'm never gonna be broke, When I die there'll be bullets and gunsmoke. Ya don't like my lifestyle Fuck you! I'm rollin with the New Jack crew. And I'm a hustler. H-U-S-T-L-E-R hustler New Jack, New Jack.......... Here I come, so you better break North, As I stride, my gold chains glide back and forth. I care nothing bout you, and that's evident. All I love's my dope and dead presidents. Sound crazy Well it isn't. The ends justifies the means, that's the system. I learned that in school then I dropped out, Hit the streets, checked a grip, and now I got clout. I had nothing, and I wanted it. You had everything, and you flaunted it. Turned the needy into the greedy, With cocaine, my success came speedy. Got me twisted, jammed into a paradox. Every dollar I get, another brother drops. Maybe that's the plan, and I don't understand, God damn----you got me sinkin in quicksand. But since I don't know, and I ain't never learned, I gotta get paid, I got money to earn. With my posse, out on the ave, Bump my sounds, crack a forty and laugh. Cool out and watch my new Benz gleam, Is this a nightmare Or the American dream So think twice if you're coming down my block, You wanna journey through hell Well shit gets hot. Pregnant teens, children's screams, Life is weighed on the scales of a triple beam. You don't come here much, and ya better not. Wrong move (bang), ambulance cot. I gotta get more money than you got, So what, if some muthafucka gets shot That's how the game is played, Another brother slayed, the wound is deep BUT they're givin us a Band Aid. My education's low but I got long dough, Raised like a pit bull, my heart pumps nitro. Sleep on silk, lie like a politician, My Uzi's my best friend, cold as a mortician. Lock me up, it's genocidal catastrophe, There'll be another one after me! A hustler. Hustler. H-U-S-T-L-E-R hustler. New Jack, New Jack......

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