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ANDRE NICKATINA lyrics - Booty Star: Glock Tawk

She's In Love With The Camera

Original and similar lyrics
Shes in love wit the camera lens And the triple dark tint on the champagne benz She stand out amongst all her friends And I can already see that she get them ends She looks deep in the cameras soul And with no control she gets the perfect pose It don't matter everywhere she goes She turns simple things into designer shows A lot of cats have to call the bank Just to order one bottle of what she dranks Shes in love with the cameras eyes She knows God gave her prize And she shows the guys Her heart lays where the money lies And if you don't recognize You better read the signs Shes gonna live in the world divine Man even if shes gotta make the camera cry Shes in love with the cameras lust But to a rap cat it really ain't strange to us And do her move so dangerous Man are you down for me? its no tamin us Cuz you the real kind Its always camera time Tell the others get away let the star shine The money grind in the line for the fine wine The lights flash just to catch you at dinner time She love the camera in the digital form But when you see it yo its like she in the physical form She got arrested by a female cop And the bitch even made the mug shot look hot Your girlfriends try weak maneuvers But no matter what you do The bitches cant out do ya Your life's always in a Kodak moment Every picture that you take people always want it Tiga first try to pop they game Hopin one day to get you in a picture frame I tell you hoe you on top of you game You need to put money signs by the top of your name Cuz whether black or white Or even day or night The pictures that you take always come out tight They ask you to quit, you say hoe stop me And turn a house party into the papperazi She's in love with the camera theme Because behind every theme is a gang of cream The people fiend when you hit the scene Because you dance like a pro even in tight jeans The bitches like to watch, you say come and get me And if yo girlfriend fine ya'll can even switch me She's vanilla what and yous the dark coffee We make a party and you never have to get up off me She's in love wit the cameras stares And even tho they don't move some think hers will But other bitches gotta pop a pill To even feel 10% of her sex appeal, chill She's a flight catcha and a train taker Hands down or up shes a money maker She never once show her girl or her boyfriend But shell tell you shes in love with the camera lens


Genius "Words from the Genius"
I hopped on the train and cold clocked a chick Who looked good as hell but she appeared to be sick I would say she had to look as if she swallowed a worm Then again she could've swallowed several ounces of sperm Giving me the eye as if I was the right antidote So I decided to swing a smooth episode While the train stopped at Grand Central turn Before I knew her name I was massaging her perm I said, My you look drunk, have you been drinkin alcohol? You got a fever here's an Extra Strength Tylenol She said, Great a comedian, comic She leaned on me, I said, Please don't vomit! She said, I'm not I just need some rest I said, A few more stops, The Genius house is best Got to my rest, her whole attitude change But deep inside, she seemed sexually strange Went in the room and she flopped on the bed With wild-ass thoughts inside her headachish head I went in the kitchen to prepare some food When I came back in she was completely nude I know it sounds weak but believe it or not That the fever in her head ran straight to her twat She was burning! Burning up out It took more, than firemen, to put that out And yo, I was hard, just as hard as a rock That I can hit a home run, with my cock She said, Let me show you what we do uptown I huff and I puff till I blow your balls down Wild as a wolf from off Wilderness Ave She said, My what a great big ahhh! you have I started dripping and dripping in consecutive terms I know we must save water but that does not include sperm Did you ever know a girlie who just loves to switch From a Part Time Lover to a Part Time Bitch While she's loving part time, she's riding on mine She says, I love you long as you keep making me feel fine! In her behind, vagina, or heated climax That I would sew, control, finger then wax Now she's swingin so low yo she flex like wrecks Cuz she can set records on oral sex There's no lie what I said, she lives in the bed If she got married, she'd be a worn out newlywed And if she heard these words yo she would not cry Because sperm, the only damn tears in her eye Her drip-drop face is the one I painted Just stared in her eyes while she damn near fainted As she choked, goggled, then spit up Cuz cream, was flowing, all over her cup On the bathroom floor cuz her parents were home And I just could-n't tolerate her moans and groans Genius, oh Genius, oh rock me so hard! Cuz I don't want to stop, I love you God! But there's one thing she could never erase That the thing she really wanted just sprayed in her face So she regret, she ever swung low before But this little hot bitch comes swingin for more It used to be one, now it's five fingers of death That rips her insides, as she gasp for breath To say, I love you! I love you! Forever so! I'm getting hot getting hot let me blow let me blow What she thought was love, turned out to be lust That made her live by the laws, in sex we trust


When I married Julie She was just seventeen Pretty as the answer To any man's dream. [Instrumental] From the start I gave Julie All the love that I've had Though everyone told me That Julie was bad. Julie liked parties And clothes that fit tight Drinking and dancin' Around late at night. She was everything evil With the face of a child But I sat home and waited While my Julie went wild. I had built me an empire With my own two hands With the money and power To break any man. But with all my possessions, Power and gold Julie was one thing I couldn't control. I gave Julie All my money could buy Begged her to love me But she wouldn't try. She'd only laugh Then walk out the door Each time she'd hurt me Made me love her more. [Instrumental] Now I'm locked in this room They say I'm insane And I guess that I'll never See my Julie again. I'm a man with a heart And a tormented soul And the mind that Julie Drove out of control...

Get This Money

TRINA "Diamond Princess"
[Chorus] Come on, all my ladies, let's get this money Come on, all my fellas, let's get this money It's only for all of us to get this money Ain't no need for player haters acting funny Come on, all my ladies, let's get this money Come on, all my fellas, let's get this money Trina finna show you how to get this money, right [Verse 1] You gotta have a J-O-B to be with me Best believe I'm going diamond on my next LP I stacked my game up, sexed my frame up Bitches using my style, I'm set to change up Unh, new year, new gray Jag After the first album, you should hear Shay brag I been around the world playing 2-way tag While these wannabe Trinas out here claim bad But guess what, I'm still the baddest Jewels still flooded with 24 karats OK, you know I live lavish Chanel glass slippers in a Cinderella palace [Chorus] [Verse 2] Unh, unh, See me on South Beach rolling the five When I come through hoes rolling they eyes I'm the- baddest bitch, so I'm used to that Draped in the hot shit off the Gucci rack I like Tiffany ice, that expensive stuff The diamond princess draped in princess cuts Don't be mad hoe, cause I'm that bad hoe Pushing that pink Lamborghini Diablo I play niggas like dummies for the fast money You wanna holla, it's gon' cost you cash money Slip and slide, then we stacking chips The redbone, wonder woman with the platinum wrist [Chorus] [Verse 3] Breakdown Miami hot, 'Candy' flopped I'm the new bad girl and I can't be stopped Unh, sipping Bailey's, flossing daily On TRL with Carson Daly Dressed to chill, icy, extra chill Touch of class, bad with the sex appeal Flawless baby, female ballers baby Stay diggin' in them millionaires wallets baby Tored up, Christian Dior'd up Cases of that Cris, gettin poured up Got it sewed up, like stitches Reppin' for my bad bitches, stackin' riches I shine, baby cause the game is mine I'm on top of the charts, no room to climb And when I say I'm the baddest, I'm mean it Me and this cash, can't nothing come between this [Chorus - repeat 2X]

Don't Need Y'all

IGGY AZALEA "The New Classic"
[Verse 1:] I remember when it used to be simple But all this cash it just complicates things And all this money we into It will drive you crazy but it only makes me go harder Grow stronger and get tougher when the road get longer Sometimes you gonna think that it's too much on ya But think what I'd be doing if this wasn't going on So I just keep pushing when I'm being pulled in every direction Now I'm popping so the they watching every step of my progression Sometimes fame like a curse latched to my blessing On the road to the riches turning earth into heaven Dear Lord, if you hear me, I don't need not a new friend near me Cause I don't want none of that fake love Cause I'm looking and all of that be made up [Hook:] I remember when I wasn't this big And now ya'll wanna act like ya'll helped me get here Oh now everybody wanna love me Try to knock me down but I'm strong I did all this on my own Ain't got no time for no new friends So for now just leave me alone I don't need y'all anyway [x6] I don't need y'all [Verse 2:] Making each and every song like it might be my last one But still making sure the cash come Still ain't forget the times when I didn't have none Back against the wall feeling like I had to grab some That's when, I took time and I figured it out I'd rather deal with the stress more than living without Take a one way trip to the top one time Let you have it for a minute now I want mine Same girl on the cover of the magazine Was the one hiding pain that you haven't seen Talking 'bout No money, no family Sixteen in the middle of Miami Same critics love me nowadays couldn't stand me Now we talking 'bout VMA's and a Grammy But in due time, turn nothing into something So now I need money, put it all in my discussions [Hook] [Verse 3:] And if you wasn't here when I was down Then you won't be here when I'm up Now the same one you looked over Be the same one that blew up Ain't it funny how this life thing works When you think it's finished is when it all begins Go from doubts to having the thought it might work It goes up and down then it starts again When I reminisce sometimes I can't even keep a dry eye But my how time flies by when you on top of the world sky high [Hook]

What's My Name

[18 second intro about the Bible] [Ja Rule] Yeah, yeah (woo!) woo (we here, geah) C'mon (we ain't goin nowhere, c'mon) Remix, c'mon (now, this is Jimmy Cliff Notes) (I'ma run through the roster man) Let 'em know (on Murder INC) Uhh (startin with Ashanti - owwwwwtch!) [Chorus: Ashanti + (Ja)] J-A-R (yeah) U-L-E (what, let 'em know) (Who else you thought it would beeeee) (All my bitches with me say) J-A-R, U-L-E (what's my name, nigga?) (Who'da thought this wouldn't, beeeee) (Everybody with me say) [Ja Rule] Holla!! I'm back Anyone with good sense bet on that Cause I ain't never went nowhere, I still got business here All my bitches get your hands in the air Now BACK THAT ASS, UP ON ME - now let's roll Go, goin, gone, sold What's cooler than bein cool? (ICE COLD) Y'all know that I do this for all my niggaz and my bitches And it's murder 'til day that I die, can't spit it no more All my niggaz that tusslin, get yours All my bitches that's makin money, get yours The world ain't only mine, it's yours And I'm sure That, there's no love if you don't go through pain And I'm the nigga that done changed the game What's my name? [Chorus w/ minor changes to Ja ad libs] [Ja Rule] Who's that nigga? If you feelin yourself youse that nigga, tryin to get hit up Buried in cat litter cause that's how INC get up Makin sure they don't get up, it's murder Who's that bitch? If you feelin yourself youse that bitch, tryin to get rich Dyin to get hitched to a nigga that's caked up Willin to spend time and even more at Jacob But you assume position, face down, ass up And I think I got you in that same pose pinned up In a picture painted frame been hangin love Ass naked, lookin like you're high on drugs And that's whassup, what, all bitch niggaz is gettin touched And no bad bitches is gettin fucked Cause you know who, did you know what, if you know what's Then you know it's not a game, what's my name? [Chorus w/ minor changes to Ja ad libs] [Ja Rule + (Ashanti)] Ba-by girl, is you with me? Shit (yes sir!) Sayin all of that without speakin a word (I like) to do this that and a third (And I love) the way you put in reverse And now clap for me mami, clap back, keep it swervin Wide body had to be built by suburban Niggaz around lookin like they nervous, I see 'em Niggaz around me wanna rob him and leave him But I'm partyin tonight for one reason Niggaz know that the bullshit was dead on the streets Niggaz I'm gettin high, gettin head as we speak Long live the great ones, B.I.G, P.A.C. I'm "Ready to Die," "All Eyez on Me" And niggaz know they can do it the same But still they try to diss, that's part of the game What's my name? [Chorus w/ same as before] [Ja Rule] Yeah, yeah Murder INC, all my family we here Big shout to all my niggaz All my crud niggaz, all my street niggaz, all my grime niggaz All my industry niggaz, all my corporate niggaz It's love, it's pain, and we together mayn Holla back at me, uhh

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