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ANDRE NICKATINA lyrics - Booty Star: Glock Tawk

Pineapple Juice

Original and similar lyrics
Man that Hennessey and pineapple juice Made that little bad bitch get loose And oh yeah It's a Fillmore drink Bitch whatcha think? I'm about sheer Khan and big bank [x2] Ya best holla back The playboy with the cognac You're right here So who cares where your man is at? If I was a singer I'd prolly be El DeBarge And just for you to hear my voice Bitch I gotsta charge (yeah) Mixed tape style All in your face now You're with me so you don't have to wait now I triple beam scale priced my thoughts I might buy something bitch And don't check the cost (yeah) In a plane flight Ten after midnight You gotta go to work bitch Then Goodnight Cause there's playboys here That don't play around here And this is what we say around here Man that Hennessey and pineapple juice Made that little bad bitch get loose And oh yeah It's a Fillmore drink Bitch whatcha think? I'm about sheer Khan and big bank [x2] I'm a loaded gun I might bust if you try to run Cause y'all run right back to the ism Prism I turn around in my Makeveli hat I'm something like a cat I do it for the scratch Ain't no games like The Price Is Right Bob Barker won't be seen tonight Unless he does like the rest of em By appointment you can undress the bum You gotta 24 Karat chain around your waist Don't get out of pocket Cause it's not your place You make a dope fiend go from rock to base And when you come back home This is what you'll taste Man that Hennessey and pineapple juice Made that little bad bitch get loose And oh yeah It's a Fillmore drink Bitch whatcha think? I'm about sheer Khan and big bank [x2] Bitch by the way You like to walk like a runway And I bring out the Benz All day on Sunday Man it's something like gun play Glock Tawk And you try to walk your ass up a one way And my mouthpiece tell you all about me I like it when a broke bitch try to doubt me My manicured nails They like to touch mail My clientele like to rent out hotels No decoys here Just playboys And we ride around in cars that we call toys Supa bad dime Get a lemon lime Get my drink and don't stand in line Man that Hennessey and pineapple juice Made that little bad bitch get loose And oh yeah It's a Fillmore drink Bitch whatcha think? I'm about sheer Khan and big bank


JAY ROCK "Black Friday"
[Hook:] I'm in this bitch swanging Acting bad with my crew Hoes on my on dick Little momma what it do? Bottles to the head you should drink some too Don't pay it no mind I'm full of that juice I'm full of that juice Little momma pop that pussy gon' watch you get loose I'm full of that juice Bottles to the head you should drink some too [Verse 1:] I got them bottles on deck Go ahead and take your pick Stunting on these haters Now watch me take a shit Dookie brown fit Gucci on my Mrs Where my bitches at These niggas fucking up my vision If you sipping what I'm sipping Then you feeling how I'm feeling Trying to make her bed rock Until I'm knocking down her ceiling Pop another pill Whatever you got to do Because somebody going to be my victim Once I swallow all this juice Wilding with my crew In VIP that's where I be Bottles everywhere Plus them sexy models service me Hennessy and sprite mix it up Watch me act a fool Gotta crack a bitch If I'm lucky going home with her too Bitch I'm thugging Plus the business outside on them buttons Pushing GS Regals and Cutlass like it's nothing Got a couple stacks Buy the bar like it's nothing Throw that glass in the air Come on over and drink you something Rock [Hook] [Verse 2:] Now I'm full of that What you call it? Shout out to all my alcoholics This is for them weed smokers This that shit that keep you loaded Yeah I'm swanging across the floor Like I'm mopping Bitches pussy popping And my single got the party rocking Now it's time to get it in Ladies about to choose Why you handcuffing brah? Ain't nobody Buddha Niggas acting like they be coppers Because they know my game be proper When I catch her by myself I'mma knock her Sipping on all types of liquor Taking all types of pictures Ghetto superstars Drinking stupid hard If you tripping dog We going to pull your car Big drums Hundred rounds and all You don't want that So grab your cup and toast Got a lot of weed just bring your smoke Getting wasted in the club like it's nothing Throw you glass in the air Come on over and drink you something [Hook]

Easy Rider

ACTION BRONSON "Mr. Wonderful"
[Verse 1:] Praise the lord, I was born to drive boat Feeling like Slash in front of the chapel I'm leaned back with the Les Paul Shit I smoke is like cholesterol Spilled dressin' on the vest at the festival The best of all, had a midget Puerto Rican at my beck and call Best believe that there was neck involved Fucked around and almost wrecked the Saab Uh, we took acid for ten days straight up in the mountains Started running with the stallions Playing frisbee in the West Indies Did the tango with my kidneys Eyes open, now I know just who my kids need Rockin' very loose pants, yeah Rockin' very loose pants, yeah Bury a million in the sand, by the clock tower Before I die, take a hot shower [Hook x4:] Ride the Harley into the sunset [Verse 2:] By chance I seen her in the lobby of the Ritz With her man, the one that swings a hockey stick I was wearing all white, and my hair was looking precious Shit, I might cop a chest and a dresser A little machine to make espresso I heard your bitch still wears Ecko Hide drugs behind the box of De Cecco Live from the Expo, it's me I wear the wolf in the winter Steer the coupe from the center Who gives a fuck, I'm a sinner I had dreams of fuckin' Keri Hilson in my Duncans Woke up naked at the Hilton with a bitch that look like Seal's cousin Bite the eel by the dozen (Got to take it for the team) Bite the eel by the dozen [Verse 3:] Pump the bass in the trunk Shit rattled like a baby hand Except this toy cost 80 grand And I'm crazy tan, from all the places that I've been Just from writing words with a pen Tell the pilot "land the plane" On Roosevelt and Main Put a jacuzzi on the seven train And lay John Coltrane play with that cocaine face I know your crabs from that Old Bay taste The brass band was seven pieces My bitch's name is Peaches We got twin Mac elevens with the features Shit you barely got sneaker money So much dick in their mouths, that's why these motherfuckers speaking funny You need to speak clearer dear, cause I can't hear ya (I can't hear ya) You need to speak clearer dear, cause I can't hear ya [Verse 4:] The Magic Johnson of the game These lames don't want to play with me Smile on your face, but I really know you hatin' me I know you mad, cause I'm sick, and it's plain to see, it's me [Hook x6] [Outro - Guitar]

Money, Hoes & Power

JERMAINE DUPRI (JD) "Instructions"
[Pimpin' Ken] Yeah, yeah, yeah It's the motherfuckin' infamous Pimpin' Ken Yeah, all you motherfuckin' hoes out there misguided, undecided Y'all need to come on and fuck with a pimp right Yeah, if y'all keep them suckers off ya motherfuckin' mind Bitch I can keep em' off ya motherfuckin' behind Check this out bitch, ya understand Y'all need to quit playin' the motherfuckin' joker And come on and pay a motherfuckin' pimp broker Yeah ya know what I'm talkin' about Yeah, let it be Pimpin' Ken for the reason Ya understand I'll make it for the season Know what I'm talkin' about, yeah bitch please believe We can put it on the dotted line, Atlanta tied Ya know what I'm talkin' about bitch (Yeah) Yeah bitch ya understand, tell that nigga ya understand You ain't missin' bitch, you ain't on no milk carton You with pimpin' bitch, Pimpin' Ken that is Ho ya know what I'm talkin' about (Yeah) Damn my nigga take off, J.D. we doin' this shit Ya understand, better known as the motherfuckin' royal highness Ya understand, ya won't find us, ya understand And I'm feelin' hype too (Come on) [Jermaine Dupri] It's that lil' College Park nigga, in fact they call me Long Dough Niggas hate me cause I'm wearin' platinum every song go Hoes love me cause I, cause I keep it comin' strong and yo I'm a pimp with mine every time I don't give a fuck who she is Bitch you can go Get another cause they love us niggas in the fast life Niggas that can put it down and came up with they cash right Keep em' keep em' in the mall fresh, ball every night That's my life I come through any time I want to and hit that ass right Up like a flashlight, walkin' cause of all of my bling (Bling) One of the baddest motherfuckers that the game has seen Think about it From the first time that ya heard me Way back in the 90s early Me and my pimpin' out here doin' our thing in SWAT [Chorus x2: Manuel Seal] I got the money, hoes, and power We be in to see that ya cuttin' I'm all about cha' But if ya not up in the mix girl I ain't trippin' Cause all day all night, we steady pimpin' pimpin' [Pimp C] Still smokin' out, pourin' up, keep these bitches hoin' up They break Pimp C long bread cause everything I touch be blowin' up Candy cars, I'm a star Choppin' blades, sippin' on bars Young pimp I'm from the South Run off put that piece in ya mouth We Jone, fuck a clone Keep a lil' bitch on my phone All my cars blaze chrome Bitch can't leave my dick alone, alone, alone You ain't from no Memphis bitch Cause I was playin' Project Pat hittin' the switch Puttin' the dick up in ya dame Every time make her say my name 91 I been grippin' grain Bitch nigga wanna steal my fame, fame, fame I be at home smokin' dro, dro And see a nigga doin' a dance on the video But I'm young pimp, steak and shrimp Flyin' high like a blimp Write my name in the sky on track Tell the bitch to bring my money back, back, back, back bitch [Jermaine Dupri] He talkin' directly to you [Chorus x2] [Bun B] Well if it ain't cash then I don't want it I'm a million dollar striver, I get liver Then the pimps that push clock punchers nine to fivers A high diver, with mo' tricks up my sleeve than ya boy MacGuyver A cadaver, that'll get cha' voted off my island like "Survivor" Is you blind, my pimpin' only gets better with age like a fine wine And it's time to put up yo blinds I might raise a pimp to shine Decide to yo mind, desing Two steps ahead of yo slow roll You best to get a grip on ya world, world Or we'll put that Miracle Whip on ya girl Pimp her, let a trick sip on that pearl Let her pay that is Ol' sucker for love, titty baby, mama's boy That's just the way that is And that's the way that it's gonna be, gonna be So ya might as well take ya lil' Heartbreak Hotel reside Stuck in the mud, still ridin' ass off to mo' me Cause uh... [Chorus x2] [Jermaine Dupri to fade] Bounce, come on bounce, come on bounce Come on...bounce Come on bounce, come on bounce, come on bounce Come on, yeah come on bounce


[Intro:] Alright dirt, let's go (I'm too fucked up) I'm too fucked up [x4] [Hook:] I need a trippy bitch, I ain't with that cute shit [x4] I'm too fucked up (I'm too fucked up) [x8] [Verse 1: Trinidad James] My nigga what you need? My nigga what you smoke? My nigga what you drank? My nigga pour a fo' Nosebleed, nosebleed My nigga, what you snort? I took a hundred shrooms I need a hundred more I need a trippy bitch She fuck on Hennessy She got that Miley Cyrus White girl shaking Now watch her shake (bust) Now watch her shake (bust) Now watch her shake Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah [Hook] [Verse 2: Fabo of D4L] I'm still seeing spaceships on Bankhead, I'm too fucked up I need a trippy bitch, ratchet bitch The one that like the drugs She addicted to the club Ain't with the cute shit I'm looking for a hundred piece That's got the real freak in her blood I'm two fucked up, already doubled up Bands'll get her naked like a birthday Bougie, cute, gold digger Hold up, you got the wrong nigga in the first place I like to see her spread her legs in the two seater Wet and hot, runnin' like a meter Tellin' me, all she want me to do is beat it Got her leakin' by the litre So I eat her cause it's sweeter I need a real trippy bitch when I'm fucked up Ain't with that cute shit in my spaceship Gas blowin' on your way out Tell your homegirl to come in Cause your ass can't stay here [Verse 3: Danny Brown] Hell yeah I play with my nose, Got powder stains on designer clothes, I be rollin' off of them crystals, Got a nigga brain feelin' like a launch missile, God damn right, Off that thizzle, Bitch I'm ballin, blow my whistle, Smokin' on a Bobby Johnson, Got felatio at my concert, Knockin on them hoes tonsils [x2], Got my cock all up in her noggin, When I be shoppin', And she callin' callin' me daddy, Got road head up in that caddy, And she the driver And I can't explain nothin' But I know one thing it was fatal, I be higher than a motherfucker, Fucked up, turn down for what? I wanna fuck, she wanna fuck, So we hit the BP to grab a rum, Copped a Fiji and a box of magnums, Hit that bitch with that arm and hammer, Dope dick, stay focused, Need a trippy bitch... I got a 20oz, couple lines in it ... but sure I'm finished Heart beat sound like I'm playin' tennis Drinkin' Dr. Pepper, looking just like dentists Looking for a trippy bitch That cute shit I ain't with that Ratchet bitches getting turnt up Off a couple pills and a six pack [Hook] [Verse 4: Playa Fly] I'm too fucked up My crew fucked up My boo fucked up They rubbed me up too much That made me tough So now I'm too turnt up on O-Zs of OG burnt up I be in chronic city Player fly to funky town Codeine and prometh and tussin' Next there to wash 'em down Pop me a roxy, percocet Or a lower tab I'm on that molly, plus that Madonna I'm going mad ... til the diz-ay I diz-ie Set that shit back I'm crownin' They still live by the now, fly Need my bitches fire I need my bitches hiz-igh So high we gettin' sky Til they can't take no more now they fly They soakin' wet, never try And overflow of supply The truth they cannot deny And givin' only a try No ho, no owe me no lie Keep dummy promises from me The influence I'm under But I'm on top of this money Say, what's funny honey Don't see no laughing stock Not your Winnie The Pooh But do want into your honey pot Turn down the giggle box Turnt up her kiss my spot Gyrating and motivating on chemicals Recreating Woodstock I wish I would stop Like they say turn down for what? Before they turnt up, get crunk I come to get niggas buck And now they stuck with me And trill and buck with me I need a trippy bitch to come get fucked up with me [Outro:] Hold up, man Y'all just heard that shit? Man, y'all playin' Anyways man, where my homegirls? I don't have groupies I have homegirls All my homegirls bob your head with me one time Yeah

Pouches Of Tuna

[Action Bronson:] Been on the honor roll sculptures of my body out in Nagano My shawty features like Madonna, Low designer Bending these young lola fellana's over ace la tesse Baste the breast with the juices Under the influence of fly shit, I glide like ovechkin Disqus hoody, Puff hibiscus, balance be the crispest Baby girl your wylin if you sniff this You gotta take a piss test, piss right through your fishnets Robbin moses state park lamm in the sand, blam blam When piggie tried to put my fam in the can Strictly coppin golds, until we laid in the Galapagos Eating tacos, higher than a opera note We never ride civcs, the mob blonde scripted lyrics It's like a avant garde to the critics I throw you in the armbar with the quickness Either you with me or bitch you in the shit list [Roc Marciano:] Bitch please picture me in Sicily The hard bottoms gettin slippery I just had an epihany And now I'm shittin on your whole steez ridiculously 45. fire at ya, attire, to break your armor up like fine china Fly designer hoes diggin for gold like a 49er I hit the diner to carolina Pass the lighter to the passanger in the spyder Vagina splash like apple cider So fuck your little 2 cents blue benz bitches jump like Harold Miner I'm in the recliner, trace like eye liner And I escape like McGyver Bank robbers, bank 38's to taste cobbler And lay up with a case of vodka Get cake and prosper ate steak and lobster the frank sinatra Egg you out leave your face some pasta Get laced and dip the chicks in the grey boxter Bitch foxy 88 clogs Ladies identify gangsters posture I'm feeling like jay hoffa Fuck ya'll, eat a fat dick with the monster

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