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ANDRE NICKATINA lyrics - Booty Star: Glock Tawk


Original and similar lyrics
[Shag Nasty:] Go baby baby baby ooo check check [Andre Nickatina:] The homies said Man we can trunk em like rocky if your cocky when you knock me Do it till we sloppy or atleast untill you drop me Nicky back at cha like star six nine On the grind, on your mind and I'm runnin out of time You know that bay bridge heart kid runnin through my veins Hang with me bird let me pocket everythang Cause my 3-10 shoes they don't leave no clues I'll book and break the law but I'll fucken follow through Holla back my cardier savoir's fair I was born round I could never die square So it's like that

Been Here Before

ANOUK "To Get Her Together"
I guess this time, I had more than enough You allowed my mind, to think there's no true love Baby you're out of line, waisting all my time Now find your own, to brighten up your life I got a dark cold feeling, that I've been here before The obvious is hard to see She turned around and smiled, in her high heel shoes Standing right in front of me And I said leave him alone Find one of your own Took me a long time, to find a man like mine The dreamer with a right run Now he ain't made for you, like the way I am It's not for you to understand And I said leave him alone And find a man of your own Don't you break up my heart Yeah, leave him alone I hate it, I hate it I'll need a big black hole, for you to fall in Baby, you ain't coming back And if you try once more, you get to fit in the door I'll be taking you to pitch black You can't have my own, no I'm out of control So I am asking you nicely for the last time To leave him alone Find a man of your own Don't you break up my heart Girl, leave mine alone Oohh, I guess this time, I had more than enough 'Cause you will allow my mind, to think there's not true love Oehh baby, you're out of line, you're waisting all my time Now find your own man, to brighten up your life, heeyy, oehh

Heart Of A Bad Machine

Gluecifer "Soaring With Eagles At Night To Rise With The Pigs In The Morning"
Trippin' on the heart of the bad machine Rippin' thru the shreds of a lame-o scene Layin' out the rules whatcha gonna do two zero zero zero baby comin' for you With a danger streak Just like a teenage freak and I know I'm blazin' now I'm facin' shitty peak And I'm dressed in gold gonna leave you cold and I know I move it know I'm groovin' know i'm sold No godammn' buzzin' I'm so tired of the fuzzin' got a pocket full of nothin' and I'm bound for you It's just a homer, and a way to be a loner, I'm a legendary roamer and I'm comin' thru Gonna play the highest stakes And I'll make it and you'll break It's just an all or nothin' split And I'm a gonna be the winner of it Sold out on mercy I am sorry closin'shop Forever runnin urge now and it aint never gonna stop With a hint of class I'm gonna rock ya till ya drop and I'm startin now

I'm Left You're Right She's Gone

JERRY LEE LEWIS "Sometimes A Memory Ain't Enough"
You're right I'm left she's gone you're right I'm left all alone You tried to tell me so but a fool is blind to know And Lord that woman was always foolin' me You told me all along you're right our love was so wrong But now I've changed my mind that was your love all the time That live deep inside my memory I thought I knew just what she'd do but I guess I was not so smart You tried to tell me all along that you'd only break my heart You're right I'm left she's gone you're right Killer's left all alone She's gone for good this time thank God she's off my mind And now my baby's comin' back for more (hang it in Killer) I thought I knew just what she'd do but I guess I was not so smart You tried to tell me all along that you'd only break Jerry's heart You're right I'm left she's gone you're right I'm left all alone She's gone for good this time thank God she's off my mind And now baby I'm comin' back to you Runnin' runnin' runnin' runnin' my baby back to you

On The Eve Of War

[Intro: Vinnie Paz] Yeah... Vinnie Paz, baby Yeah... yeah... yeah [Vinnie Paz] This is raw, all across the board, Liquid Sword Chamber If it's coming from my jaw, then it's pure anger Heavy metal rap, with a four four banger We can settle that, let the mic cord hang ya I play homage to the best of them, like Christopher Wallace And bring drama to the rest of 'em, with biscuits from copers I'm with Allah Justice, and we raw gritty Picture how, in a dial, to New York City I brought a four with me, we can capture the ring And now we more merciless than the Statue of Ming And ya'll are more purpose, listen, the pastor is king You gon' die, like a brawl with a gat in the Bing It's a passionate thing, the way we make classics Genuine brill yitz orinate madness Yeah, we all spin on the same axis And this chrome thing here, leave your frame backwards The police always try'nna aim flame at us So I don't mind when the fuckin' brain splatters I don't mind, that we all gon' die soon I return to the silence of God's tomb [Chorus x2: GZA samples] "There's no escapin', once the blade starts scrapin'" "My sword, indeed, make more niggaz bleed" "Wannabe MC's is shakin'" "So swift, naked eye couldn't record the speed" [Interlude: sample] I don't believe what I'm seeing, I don't believe it.. Ladies and gentlemen, at this time We ask you to please rise (you'll never quit No one will ever get it, there's no thing quit) [GZA] Imagine a rhyme in it's prime, from off the baselines Skyscraper verticals, support the hang time Evidence that was left at the scene of the crime Trace back to a few, from out a group of nine Who performed well, regardless to the price of the tickets Off or on stage, whatever, still kick it With the footwork, of Freddie Adu, it's all new Now the rap commisioners, they wanna clone my shoe But the road's narrow, and it's difficult to climb With the heat, the wind and the fallen rocks combined It's hard to stay in line, the course is an obsticle Within each chamber, the force is unstoppable Lyrical swordsman, blades sharp, I cut out your heart M.C.'s want no part, in any type of conflict Because then I respond quick, it gets Vick The problem goes beyond sick [Chorus x2] [Outro: (sample) Vinnie Paz] (Wearin' red trunks with silver trim, fightin' outta Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) This is how we do (His game is tight, and there's nothing to do) Pazmanian Devil, Frank Sinatra, Jedi Mind, Wu-Tang What's the deal, baby? GZA/Genius, Stoupe on the track, yeah My man Soop on the boards Those who dare oppose us shall stand knee deep in the blood of their children Is that he who fondles the pleasure of Allah Like him who has made himself reservin' the displeasure from Allah And his abode and how, and it is an evil destination...)


crazy as it sounds im conflicted to drop beats sit all ya back in ur seats and loose feelin of ur feet ill make it short cuz my rymes could write a book but that would leave u scared alil bit sick and shook so someone out here check it out give me props how i make ur hair stand up and u eardrums pop yall runnin crazy liek someone just got shot but its just me rappin something that u can stop

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