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ANDRE NICKATINA lyrics - Booty Star: Glock Tawk

7 Letters Coked Out

Original and similar lyrics
C-O-C-A-I-N-E [x2] This right here yo would never win a Grammy It might get love at the port of Miami. Crushed real fine for the the junkies off grimmies All coke dealers say, "what's up king Nicky" Cocaine rhymes designed up in the lab Don't blame me the kids in rehab I hit all colleges knocks 'em up Every dorm that I go to they blow the stuff Can't control the stuff, they're tryin to hold the stuff And I can tell by your life baby girl your stuck on C-O-C-A-I-N-E Can I be your drug of choice cause I'm cocaine fresh No need to look further cause your fuckin with the best. Police scared on cocaine matters, Cause drug dealers brag about who's car is fatter But it's all a pattern like the rings around Saturn Your out there in space going off free base Too many 8 balls and hanger stealin from the mall Give your grandma cause your momma don't care Fast speed balls gotcha pullin out your hair While the drug dealers all throw money in the air cause of C-O-C-A-I-N-E My homey says his go for 18-5 And with no wings we can make birds fly And everywhere I go mother fuckers gettin high And every drug of choice is at the top of the line If you do it for the profit do it then lock it And don't stop homey till the police stop it Brain got the bends in the middle of a drought And watch a broke bastard drop his mount The Fillmore city knows cocoa leaves I have your whole town coked out before I leave on C-O-C-A-I-N-E

Stop The Nonsense

Genius "Words from the Genius"
I see youngsters little teenagers Walking around with beepers and pagers And who's beeping them? Oh it's the boss Making sure no one is taking a loss On his multi-thousand dollar operation But how does he thank them for their participation Whatever the pay, it's still not enough Cause what they got into is some serious stuff Hours a day back and forth on the strip Sending customers far on a trip And this roots of all evil brings about war Cause you wanna open up another crack store Children can't play in the parks and things Because a stray bullet might be headed for the swings You never though about that, oh I guess not All you thought about was owning your own spot To putting more and more people to sleep But ya heading for a pothole six feet deep You see the problem has gotten more serious and the community is getting more furious Get it deep in your head I told you so It goes way beyond just saying no Chorus: Stop the nonsense Remember Steve with the blue Jag? They found him cut up and stuffed in a bag He had his own operation uptown And there was plenty other drug dealers he would cut down In other words he was living foul Shootin up neighborhoods acting wild He said he had to protect his drug trade Which we manufactured throughout arcades He made sure his enemies felt the pain WHoever he felt was a threat, got slain Like Donna, who was only sixteen And she was employed on another drug scene She try to set up a hit on Steve But he sliced her throat until she could not breathe This is what happens when you deal You don't care on who you got to kill I might walk outside and get shot Because I live next door to a drug spot And I don't need this stuff in my vicinity Of me being shot for mistaken identity This is the stuff that Steve was on Now he's dead long and gone Chorus: With his old nonsense

What Can I Do?

ICE CUBE "Lethal Injection"
[Intro: sampled announcer] In any country, prison is where society sends it's failures But in this country, society itself is failing. [Verse One:] Today, how you like me now, I'm in the mix It's 1986 and I got the fix with the chicken and a quota Got the baking soda, let the water boil, workers all loyal Dropped out the twelveth Cuz my wealth is shorter than a midget on his knees Now I slang keys Infest my hood with crack, cuz I'm the mack Take a nation of millions to hold me back Too big for my britches, and I got bitches Now I'm hittin' switches, niggas want my riches Used to get 18 when my G was alive, now a key is 13-5 '89s the number, another summer Police ain't get no dumber Streets dried up, used to think it would last But being a king-pin is a thing of the past They tried to blast me for selling a boulder Now I got my ass in Minnesota Got my own crew, it's on brand new Damn, what can I do Today... [Verse Two:] Already done stack me half a mill ticket Bought a house next to Prince, so now I can kick it Now I got ends, wavin' to my friends, rollin' in my Benz Goin' to see the Twins, play at the dome Police are tappin' my mobile phone I'm almost home Gettin' excited, indited, spent a grip and a year tryin' to fight it Lawyer got paid, plea, no contest And everything I own got repossessed Now take a look at the dust And I'm happy cuz I only got 36 months Never picked up a book But my arms are 16 inches, niggas look Can't wait for '92 so I can get with my crew And see, what can I do Today... [Verse Three:] Phucked up in the pen, now it's ninety-fo Back in LA, and I'm bailin' in the dough Everybody, now I gotta start from scratch So where to work at, and niggas smirk at Me say ain't nuttin' poppin from here to the LB What you tell me No it ain't crack, and everybody's jackin' for a coupe Cuz, they sent in the troops Even tho I got muscle, that ain't my hustle Takin' niggas sh*t in a tussle No skills to pay the bills Takin' 'bout education to battle inflashion No college degree, just a dumb ass G (Yeah you Nigga, who me) I got a baby on the way, damn it's a mess Have you ever been convicted of a felony Yes Took some advice from my Uncle Fester All dressed up in polyester Welcome to McDonalds may I please help you sh*t, what can I do Today... [Outro:] The white man has broke every law known to man to establish AmeriKKKa. But he'll put you in the state penitentary, he'll put you in the federal penitentary for breaking these same laws. Now we gonna look and see if this muthaphucker is guilty for the laws he'll put you in jail for : Drug using, drug selling, armed robbery, strong armed robbery, grand larceny, rape, racketering, conspiracy to commit murder, extortion, aggravated assault, mayhem, sodomy of the black man, trespassing, embezzelment, purgery, kidnapping, smuggling, grand theft, brandishing a firearm, carrying a conceled weapon, breaking and entering, and premeditated cold-blooded murder. Guilty on every charge.


JOELL ORTIZ "Free Agent"
"We gon' make it rock and ROLLS, uh! Hey! All you gotta do, is yell out one word And the word is, cocaine CAN YOU DO THAT?! I'll tell you when..." [Joell Ortiz] Uhh.. dear Coke, what's the deal? How you been? It been a little second since we was gettin it in Know I kinda abandoned you, but you know what? This music shit was promisin, look I'm 'bout to blow up But I'm never huggin the strip in my old Chucks, tryin to get mo' bucks Dodgin the gold truck, we had it sewn up You ain't get no cut, still you pumped for me You was just happy that we both lived comfortably What up with Dope and them niggaz? They still gettin gwap? They had the whole block itchin like the chickenpox Aiyyo Cook, 'member you used to get in the pot? Come out actin hard, how many pleas did niggaz cop? Like how how many ways to get money y'all niggaz got? And I'll be down, I post up faithfully at 6 o'clock But nah, it's been me and my dudes since day one We ain't lookin for partners, step up your game son Sometimes I wonder if you miss me Man I miss you even though that life is riskier (Cocaine, hehehe) [Joell Ortiz] My dude, when push come to shove The reason all them police clowns look in glove when they stop the V, heard you fuckin with Keisha You let her start fuckin wit'chu? I know, what's a brother to do? She was always sniffin around since, back in the day She of age now, she know the mind games you played I know you got her feenin, runnin back for more Knowin yo' dirty ass you probably ran up in that raw So she open (she open) me I'm still datin This music take all my time and these girls ain't got patience But fuck these bitches, what up with these snitches? Is niggaz tellin? Must be a new day, used to lose your toupees for yellin Glad that I ain't a felon, they never caught you with me If they only knew that you had grew to a quarter a week I'da been on the phone up north orderin briefs Sweat pants and somethin white, socks on the feet But they didn't, coulda been different I thought about that while this kite was bein written, listen! (Cocaine, hehehe) [Joell Ortiz] Guess what I'm tryin to say is I'm done We had fun, not to sound like a jerk but I won I'm doin things the right way cause you showed me wrong The people bump our stories when I throw it on a song I'ma ride this thing out until the motor gone And when the road get bumpy I'm still holdin on 'Til I'm out the project grass and gotta mow the lawn The sky is the limit but you know Joe try and go beyond But God forbid that don't work, I never went soft I'm back in the hood pickin right up where we left off This is a heads up, don't count me out dawg If things don't go right I'm goin left like a southpaw Back to punchin dudes in their face for tryin mouth off Servin all the fiends that be tryin to get they couch off Aiyyo Coke, don't forget about the kid Might need you one day if I happen to get up out the biz Never forgot where I came from Where I first started to scoop my little bit of change from (Cocaine) That's his name, son That's his name, nigga "Hey! All you gotta do, is yell out one word And the word is, cocaine CAN YOU DO THAT?! I'll tell you when..."

Flip Ya

[Intro] [Verse 1: Action Bronson] Live Stare in the mirror I'm a changed man Never, I'm just executing my game plan Shit, I'm crunching numbers just like a rain man And got the gray Lamb, interior was beige sand I snap the button on the driving gloves Pointy shoe like Aladdin on the flyin rug I probably die from drugs or while I'm fucking Fuck it, as long as she suck dick You see me with a bitch like Vanna White at the benefit for battered wives Lightly battered yam, a squeeze of lemon over lamb Staring at the crescent while I'm laying on my back Smokin' drug, you know the potent one Put a half ounce of the crystal in the asshole of a shih tzu Twist your bitch too, like Brazilian jujitsu When I marry, cop a shower room that shits two Sell your pussy if I called and had my chips, boo It's Bam Bam and I'm feeling like my time is here, to take the world over Sit A.C. Slater style on your girl's shoulder, then have a cold soda If you ain't with me roll over [Verse 2: Retchy P] My mind marinate in drug sauce The private driver's name is Gustaf The cuff links is like a slut's cough So disgusting, english muffin With the butter at the Yiddish luncheon With my pimpish cousin He sport the slick-back clean And I inquired how'd he get that Paused and said a bitch is a bitch I twist the spliff while I sit in the six The classic LO sweaters sit on the prince Thumbs in the belt loop, as I pose for the pic My boy is shell-amen, I blessed your residence with elegance Turning entire rooms into elephants Stepped in the building The doorman resemble Marcus Garvey Ferrari taped at the party Wheeled in by Steve Harvey He had the freshest line in the building He stunted on mine, it was my party And he tarnished my shine got mad and had him escorted out "Vincent, get 'I'm outta my face" And Missy Elliot had started a fight Busta Rhymes was on a molly From afar you thought it was Kane, but it was Body Catch a chokeslam if you try to try me Monday night catch me wilin' at the bingo house Just left the dog show, you know I brought Ringo out He won a ribbon, brandished it on the side of his coat I went outside and I was offered a smoke, I declined politely I rock the Jordan sole that's kinda icy My drug of choice you know is kinda pricey Niggah

My Life

JIM JONES "Hustler's P.O.M.E. (Product Of My Environment)"
[Jim Jones: Talking] Uh huh We back We still on the streets Rap game is now the crack game Watch out for them rap police [Verse 1: Jim Jones] The rap police is on my ass Searchin for the ratchet Im stepping on the gas while im swirving through the traffic Watching the sun rise, twisting on the grass Money on my mind, got me thinking bout the cash Cuz i heard the plottin one You gotta have your paper right they knocking at the door im hoping they dont weigh tonight we moves pies trying to get the treasures, Plush rides getting high till the FBI come and get us And we hit them clubs in the city Now i got the thugs and all the drug dealers with me virgin on the bottles hope the groupies follow im tryin to slide baby beeze? The life styles of the thugs young rich and famous Give a fuck about the judge we runnin from arraignments speeding through life at a fast pace so i pray to god tonight and im hoping i dont catch a case [Chorus:] Trying ride the wave in a deep sea cuz i like to spend my life, my life, my life, my life ducking dt's in the z3 or the gt this is bg Trying ride the wave in a deep sea cuz i like to spend my nights, my nights, my nights, my nights ducking dt's in the z3 or the gt this is bg [Verse 2:] Now i aint sleep about a week but 7 Day theory Im gunning in the streets everyday is getting scary And any minute meet the queens with the reefer but we gotta stay alive getting fadedd of the reefer Liquor, no chaser, shits gettin major fucking with the guns gotch ya nigga all chased up Itd for the thrill so we do it for the love of it Like oh what a feeling mother fucker when we thuggin it [?] Mob, true to stay free Free to cop a ride, hundred thousand on the V Wallin in the whip, lets talk politics they say niggas from new york is saw by the flip Got gas in the range, cash on the ring and im flying up lennox fast in the lane They say its all up in the streets rying to make a million while im dodging from police Mother fucker [Chorus] [Outro:] Pay attention while i mention that the birdgang is on the move while you talking here we walking like the way you want to do we dem rock stars, keep dem hot cars and a hot one for you ladies, just griding for all the paper we can get up out this game

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