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ANDRE NICKATINA lyrics - Andre Nickatina

Timex Ticker

Original and similar lyrics
Man I spit my game at a mile a minute I got a dope ass watch with no diamonds in it I like to sway back and fourth like a jesus piece And I’m Harlem Nights ready like Della Reese What you tell that freak? It’s a quarter to 8 I'm at Tad’s takin down this t-bone steak I'm from the B-A-Y A-R-E-A Fillmoe, God-Khan, Nicky, Andre I probably said it before/ Yo, squares beware That debonair, savoir faire in the air I got Air Forces 1s god, I keep em untied I’m married to the game, never see the bride You look into my eyes it got the color of a sticker They get a little bloodshot when I hit liquor My timex ticker is tickin' It keep me up nights I can't help but listen I bust with destruction, at any little function You can say something, I don’t wanna hear nothing Keep it all coming, guns keep gunnin' The crack game changed but dope fiends hit the oven My life line's in the picture frame A lost soul tryna find home again Yo my Billy Holliday characteristics Pushes me towards the dope that I have to get with My Timex is the ticker It's like a track meet, girl you gotta get quicker Gotta get quicker, gotta get quicker Gotta get quicker


Kinks "Preservation: Act 1"
(Sung by The Vicar) Some people say that life is a game, well if this is so I'd like to know the rules on which this game of life is based. I know of no game more fitting than the age old game of cricket It has honour, it has character and it's British. Now God laid down the rules of life when he wrote those Ten Commandments And to cricket those ten same rules shall apply. Show compassion and self-righteousness and be honest above all And come to God's call with bat and ball. Now the Devil has a player and he's called the Demon Bowler, He's shrewd, he's rude and he's wicked. He is sent by Sinful Satan and he's out to take your wicket And you know that that's not cricket. He'll baffle you with googlies with leg breaks and offspin But keep a level head and don't let that demon in. So keep a straight bat at all times, let the Bible be your guide And you'll get by, yes you'll get by. All through your life he'll try to bowl you out Beware the Demon bowler. He's crafty and deceitful and he'll try to L.B.W., And bowl a maiden over. The Devil takes the weak in spirit and so we must always be courageous And remember that God is on your side. So keep old Satan in your sights and play the straight and narrow line And you'll get by, yes you'll get by.

Take It Wrong

Keep twisting the kaleidoscope of colors With every turn my body tumbles These feelings adhere to others Late day rain gon' make more puddles Won't let them take away what's locked in my fist It's the purr from the makeshift skiff along with the bathwater mist Float some more this boat won't tip no no The reflection of the blue sky hits the green sea See it all into my city If my heart stops to beat at least I'll have what I've seen Gotta defend this for my life Gotta save it from the shade and make it shine up in the light Gotta make it mine And keep it in storage before the whole ocean gets swallowed up by the storm [Chorus:] Don't step up in my way again Cause I'll take it, cause I'll take it wrong Don't step up in my way again Cause you'll have it, cause you'll have it Don't step up in my way again Cause I'll take it, cause I'll take it wrong Don't step up in my way again Cause you'll have it, you'll have it on you I'm living through new experiences I'm tense only when I think about it I'm drunk off palms and picket fences Clean conscience from that as a shower Main grove, old stones, capos, just singing sweet songs Outside drinking calling shots Sunrise I won't fall Tide goes in, tide goes out sometimes I wish I could forget about the way it used to be But today is new for me And I'm loose in it, yeah yeah Touch the water before you dive into the reef (dive into the reef, dive into the reef) Good rest without it Blow out the window along with the breeze [Chorus]

Crush On You

LIL' KIM "Hardcore"
UNDEAS Lil' Ceasar, the bitch pleaser Uhh... uh, check it [Verse One: Lil' Cease] Yo I be buyin em V's, so all my girls be eyein Cease Comin backstage, dyin to get pleased You got me, I rock thee, Versace and linen While you stop your grinnin wit bunch of foxy women Why you speed ball with cards, that's invalid I get clothes, custom made, from a stylist Cruise in my Lexus Land with no mileage While you walk the street until your feet get calloused Take you on a natural high, like a pilot It be all good, toss your clothes like a salad When it's all over put your vote in my ballot It's my diner, I'm Mel, and you're Alice Spend a night, in Lil' Cease palace It be all good as long as you don't act childish While you standin there with the Crist' in your cup If worse come to worse keep this on the hush, uhh [Hook: Notorious B.I.G.] I know you seen me on the video (true) I know you heard me on the radio (true) But you still don't pay me no attention Listenin to what your girlfriends mention He's a slut, he's a hoe, he's a freak Got a different girl every day of the week It's cool, not tryin to put a rush on you I had to let you know that I got a crush on you [Verse Two: Lil' Cease] While you tryin to catch Sea Breeze, I'm in the PV's All chrome D3's, decked out TV's CD's with crazy bass, keep my lady laced Don't be fooled by the baby face I hope ya not, cause your thighs got me hot Only one plan, that's to rise to the top I told you before, when I first pursued I want a interlude, in the nude Or we tastin like food when we get in the mood Listen girlfriend we don't mean to be rude But anything I touch come straight to the rear I take chickenheads like the Playmate Of The Year Cause when I first met her, she had the Lex and the 'tegra Game real good, sex was even better I got it for the cheddar once I hit it in the sack Cause I'm Cease a.k.a. Long Dick from the back [Hook: Notorious B.I.G.] [Verse Three: Lil' Cease] Yo shorty won't you go get a bag of the lethal I'll be right here just chillin witcha people You know Junior M.A.F.I.A. was just a preview I know I had you open, so why I'ma leave you Especially when I know yo' man is fee-ble It's Cease Degenaro, you know how we do My game is tight, we do the same every night I'm smooth as the words that come from Frank White You messin with city kings with glissy rings That's gonna show you good time pretty thing Cause you was spotted, in the club lookin exotic by somebody, short, dark and chocolate You got it Any plans to tape yo we stop it Junior M.A.F.I.A., yeah we all about a profit I'm the right dude to get you in the nice mood Flossin rocks the size of ice cubes [Hook: Notorious B.I.G. (repeat 4X to fade)]

Throw My Hands Up

[Verse 1:] Times of cryin in the moment Times of feeling like I don’t fit Everything will be alright Cause we walk by faith and not by sight [Ladies:] I’m a keep on dancing in advance cause I understand who’s the man [Fellas:] I’m a keep on trusting and moving in the Word – I don’t care what I heard [Sec B:] (Now they threatening with the light bill) I ain't worried (And the gas bills due too) I ain't worried (Don’t even talk about the mortgage) I ain't worried (Foreclosing ain't an option) I ain't worried [Chorus:] When I wake and I think about His goodness All I wanna do is – Throw my hands up When the earth shakes and I still got my goods and my hood All I wanna do is – Throw my hands up Get em high… Get em low Get em high… Get em low [Verse 2] I’m tired of the pain and rain falling But I stay in the game and keep callin Every need will be supplied So get your head back in it and dry your eye [Ladies:] I’m a keep on praising like crazy even if I have to keep on waiting [Fellas:] I’m a keep on trusting and moving in the word – I don’t care what I heard [Sec B (II)] (Now they threatening with the layoffs but) I ain't worried (I keep clashing with my boss but) I ain't worried (Home ain't quite right but) I ain't worried (I’m a roll with Christ though) I ain't worried [Bridge:] (I’m a get it in for the time I decided to survive - Cant help it but gotta) Throw my hands up (When I got a prayer though cause I leaned on the truth – Cant help it gotta) Throw my hands up (When the haters hit the blogs cause I waited on the Lord - I still win gotta) Throw my hands up (Tears in my eyes – Fear took my pride and the Lord said WHY gotta) Throw my hands up

Melting Pot

[Verse 1] I'm not a thug No, no, no, no I'm not a gangsta But I won't hesitate To cock back, bust and point blank ya Lord thank ya I'm like that coke and weed When it burn slow Motherfucker I'll stank ya Thats what I been Taught on these streets Aint a god damn thing That can't be bought on these streets You want a life gone That could be done I'm like a nigga that did ten years I'm eager to come In the game And do more than entertain I'm loco in the brain I'm that man with the methods And I always bring the pain They know me out here All these bitches cocaine Cause they blow me out here I'm always out here Y'all keep it real But I keep it realer Ima make my first mill off the deal But I'm still gon be labeled A cuban dope dealer I'm just statin the facts Motherfucker [Chorus] I hang with Puerto Ricans and Haitian killers and Cuban dope dealers And these here my niggaz I ride for 'em And god dammit I'd die for 'em [2X] [Verse 2] I got that really foul Kung flo flow I'm tryna get that really foul Kung do doe But you dont know me homie So dont judge me I rep the real Miami Thats why the city loves me The feds wanna bug me Haters wanna slug me I thank God Cause he's the only thing thats above me Y'all gon feel me till it hurts Like Losin your family over someone elses work Or Losin your case cause your co-defendent chirped Or Losin your brain cause them thangs done burped It gets worse This is for those That'll never see the sun again That'll pick through shit For a balloon just to get it in This is what was fed to him This is why the game let him in here Being me (me) Being Pit (Pit) Being It Pitbull and Trick (Trick) Both from the down south Bitch we from the bottom, shit [Chorus] [Verse 3 - Trick Daddy] Lord your son got problems And I know that you know Cause you made this all possible I live a dangerous ass life you know So I thank you for your doctors and your hospitals Thank God for the thugs too He understand what these drugs do He wanna see us all pull through But only if niggaz in the hood knew Hell, prayin ain't wrong But the sqeezin trigger Could you go kill a innocent man While these weak niggaz grillin his end They tellin ya dawg Reducin they buisness If I wasnt doin this Then I'd go do him in Cause if he was dead He couldnt say he knew me then For them niggaz who lie When they pull me in Its in the same older cell that they threw me in And I just pray for 'em [Chorus]

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