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ANDRE NICKATINA lyrics - Andre Nickatina


Original and similar lyrics
[Verse 1: Andre Nickatina] Shoot you like a free throw, don't be no hero Turnt into a zero, I'm hard to find like Nemo Pour wine on you like Nino, to the format Walk on you like a doormat I made a bet, did they score that? Man money I fold that, dice I roll that Tell a freak to HO'LAT Oh you decided, money you gon' hide it And not divide it, never split the pie And then you're gonna lie and straight deny it? Hell's where your souls at, freak you's a polecat And I'ma let you know that, and you can't control that Straight expose that, until you HO'LAT Straight to the abyss, with a death wish Pasta and fish, and cannabis, and a bucket list That's bucket list, and stuck in this, like a Stucky Fish And you know that, snap quick like a Kodak Homie where is that dro at? Yea you need to roll that It's time to blow that Fillmoe, HO'LAT [Verse 2: Krazyie Bone] Every time I come through, I sit her down what you wan' do? Knockout a nigga with the 1, 2/ I don't need a gun dude And tryna run up was a dumb move, you niggas broke the number 1 rule Now I gotta show that, lil nigga where the doe at You gotta reap what you sow jack, homie now you know that Ain't no thang to throw a couple of blows and tell 'em HO'LAT You niggas dealin with a monster, get in ya veins like ganja I been (raised[?]) like a doctor, crooked like a copper Bomb like Osama, Bin Laden drama And you don't really want that, the flow clean pullin' kojax Dope fiends call it cold crack, sippin on the (bozac[?]) Tell ya girl to come here so I can see if she a HO'LAT If not back up off me unless (she tryna boss me)? Wake em up like caffeine and coffee You're gonna need an army to disarm me 'Cus I'm never ever heated softly, I keep a fo' fo' gat Bodies on it call it throw back, Made nigga killin mo' raps I'm the typa man [?] toss you a hand grenade and say here [?] HO'LAT [Verse 3: Andre Nickatina] Being caught up in the aftermath, is like a Magic Johnson pass Black bag fulla filthy cash Now you flip the Steve Nash, how long will that last 'cus time goes real fast Gonna think you stole that, then you resold that Had to get that dough back Now its time to show that, quick control that Word life HOLD THAT This is a film mix, like Stanley Kubrik Nothing to fool with, get ya poolstick Hit the Que ball, floss my white wall My rise and my fall I know you know that, Fillmoe don't hold back San Francisco that Now where's the hope at where's the dope at, Homeboy HO'LAT [Verses 4: Krayzie Bone] Don't gimme that shit, you niggas want a little bit of that fix You know the Krayzie (gassin[?]) really got hits You gotta be really swift if you really wanna catch my drift (Then I come with a slow rap[?]) peace love hate mo rap When I spit it on a dope track Everybody clone that, and get to thinking that they own that, they better HO'LAT Tell em all look, real, recognize real Recognize steal and I recon you live Just with the skills, you can be killed Especially when they tryna short stop my (meals/mills) [?] niggas where the dope at, give it to me let me roll that Blaze up, lemme smoke that And I'm toked, and I'm loaded, inhale through the throat, HOL'AT

Premeditated Murder

J. COLE "Friday Night Lights"
[Verse 1:] Am I changing right before your eyes? Becoming someone you don't recognize As if I was disguised, I'm on that shit as if I was the Fly I'm touchin' skies, no puffin' lie Man these songs that I made in my bedroom and shit Gon' finally give a nigga leg room and a whip From a Civic to a Chevy must've died and went to heaven Like a passenger on 9/11 - please go find a reverend You see I promise that I'd never change But that was way before I made the dough and met the game Say hello to Miss Thang, I forgot yo name, she yellow And even white women want a nigga - Othello I'm ballin' with nuggets, like fuck it I'm Carmello Now the crib got much room -Portobello She drop it low and then she bust moves for the fellow I sit yo ass down like you was playin' a cello See, you niggas hated and I levitated further Knew I would kill the game, premeditated murder So if it comes down, may the best man win No sweat like a head band [Chorus:] Where I'm from, if you ever seen what I seen You know it can't get no better for me No it can't get no better for me Where I'm from, if you ever seen what I seen You know it can't get no better for me No it can't get no better for me [Verse 2:] I'm a kill the game and invite witnesses No death penalty, I'm givin' out life sentences Like keep grindin' boy, your life can change in one year And even when it's dark out, the sun is shining somewhere Yeah, look here I pay dues My own worst enemy so fuck it either way I can't lose 808's so my south niggas feel me Light-skinned so the house niggas feel me She catch me creepin' out your house she'll kill me Is it worth it what's under that blouse? My heart'll turn pitch black and cold if I split with my girl If I could gift-wrap the globe, I would give you the world But, do you love me like you used to? Even though I ain't that nigga that you're used to Remember back when I was broke, you would fix me Do you prefer the broke me or the rich me The broke me couldn't buy you meals, not even a value meal And now I pay for everything, how you feel? Mixed feelings 'cause now all the chicks feelin' him You gotta adapt though never goin' back [Chorus:] Where I'm from, if you ever seen what I seen You know it can't get no better for me No it can't get no better for me Where I'm from, if you ever seen what I seen You know it can't get no better for me No it can't get no better for me I can't keep running away I can't keep running away I swear I'm coming back today But if I'm wrong And I ain't got what it takes Then all dem people that was counting on me Boy won't you climb down the mountain for me

Smoke Something

MYSTIKAL "Mind Of Mystikal"
[Mystikal] Smoke something niggas This one go out to all the niggas that be getting loaded all the ladies that be getting loaded Score it up, roll it up, blow it up I'm bout to let you niggas know something 'fore you get mad and throw something, bitch you better smoke something If it's on your chest, get's rid of that mess, for the end of that stress Nigga told me that's sess was the best, so I got's to test It's all in the roll, fuck how you hold it If you didn't notice that I was fucked up, y'all niggas ain't loaded Speakin' of myself I'm just a rap writer But before I get my nerves bad, let me go get my -- let me go get my lighter Blaze up a swissa full of herb, shut the door, shut the window Close the gate, get the phone out, I don't want to be disturbed I'm on too but I'm in my own home High as Cheech N Chong, in my own zone, smokin' homegrown Smoke all over this motherfucker But never would have knowed it, if I wasn't loaded So come and take a walk with me Get spark with me *inhales* what a brought with me See ya'll nigga can't find this, niggas be moving in slow motion smokin' that Bionic Chronic And ain't no weed like Bo-Weed No four like that score I be screamin but yall know what I'm fiendin' for Nigga you wanna know something Fuck the dumb shit, nigga you better smoke something

A Man With A Gun

[Notorious B.I.G.:] I'm hard, Jehovah said I'm barred from the pearly gates Fuck him, I didn't want to go to Heaven anyway But my momma got me on my knees with my hands gripped Talking 'bout some praise the lord shit Hail Mary, fuck her, I never knew her I'd probably screw her, and dump her body in the sewer Our Father – My pops stuck up dope spots Big black and mean with the fifth by the gabardine What you expected from his next of kin? I'm loco bro, but ain't no Mexican I got nines in the bedroom, glocks in the kitchen A shotty by the shower if you wanna shoot me while I'm shittin The lesson from the Smith and Wessun is depressin Niggas keep stressin, the same motherfuckin question How many shots does it take, to make my heart stop and my body start to shake? [Joell Ortiz:] I ain't here to make friendships I'm already cool with a bunch of fool ass niggas that extend clips And get they blast on You'll be better off walkin' through Manhattan with a Bin Laden mask on I walk in the club – hammer's get to passin' You walk in to clubs with Hammer – you a has-been I'm what's hot now, don't get mad at me I'll make sure your ever after ain't happily They'll bring flowers, light candles, post pictures up Spray paint handball courts – dead nigga stuff And you don't want that, so breathe easy, relax The shotty make your body real easy to detach The doc'll have a hard time trying to put your BACK together So get your ACT together, scrap Now who had said Puerto Ricans can't rap? (huh?) Homeboy please, this is Joell Ortiz [Jay-Z:] When the gun is tucked, untuck - nigga you die It's like numchuks held by the Jet L-I I'm the one thus, meanin' no one must try No two, no three, no four, know why? Because one's four-five might blow yo' high You ain't gotta go to church to get to know yo' God It's a match made in Heaven when I (bam!) 'splay the seven Put you on the nigga news, UPN at 11 Where you been, you ain't heard, got the word that I'm (bl-blast) that I'm so sin-surr? I'm especially Joe Pesci with it friend I will kill you, commit suicide, and kill you again


JUICY J "100% Juice"
Everything you talk about me, all that bullshit is make believe All you niggas talkin' 'bout the streets, nigga I'm a real OG Everything you talk about me, all that bullshit is make believe All you niggas talkin' 'bout the streets, nigga I'm a real OG Caught up with the feds, you instagramming your money Taking pictures of these bitches with your witches yous a dummy I been up for 25 years hungry Counting Euros from Memphis, I'm international money O-riginal G, the hustler you wanna be That made me a CEO, these coppin' these worth for me My nigga that just a title White people money they callin' me Jordan Michael Got shooters from outer space that satellite up your ass Got camos off in the west, still transportin' cash Blowin' hash out my cabana White girls with me, the real Hannah Montana Obama callin' me 'bout his barbecues in Atlanta Flyin' G6 if its big enough to park my Phantom I'm still tippin', I'm drippin', still trippin', for, for that ass I done touched a 100 mill in cash [?] in my ass Everything you talk about me, all that bullshit is make believe All you niggas talkin' 'bout the streets, nigga I'm a real OG Everything you talk about me, all that bullshit is make believe All you niggas talkin' 'bout the streets, nigga I'm a real OG Oh, hold up, now you niggas killers You ain't hard enough to stomp a caterpillar I throw a alligator in yo bed, [?] watch this bitch nigga dance Avoir some shit they say in France But if something I need mine with ass So high, can't hit the ground Looking up, can't find me down Binoculars for my objects, helicopters, you never gonna find me around I'm some 100 million dollar man shit [?] all over the world tryna suck my dick Talking 'bout you know 'bout Memphis Talking 'bout you know that Three 6 Talking 'bout you want my baby, nigga you need to check your bitch I been a boss now, ain't no time for chillin' Sprayin' champagne on the [?] Call me a bitch on my email, d code in my details Everything you talk about me, all that bullshit is make believe All you niggas talkin' 'bout the streets, nigga I'm a real OG Everything you talk about me, all that bullshit is make believe All you niggas talkin' 'bout the streets, nigga I'm a real OG

Little Miss Magic

JIMMY BUFFETT "Coconut Telegraph"
She's constantly amazed by the blades of the fan on the ceiling And the funny little faces she makes can't help but be appealing She loves to ride through the town with the top down Feel the warm breeze on her gentle skin She is my next of kin [Chorus:] I see a little more of me everyday I catch a little more moustache turning grey Your mother is the only other woman for me Little Miss Magic what you gonna be? Sometimes I catch her dreaming and wonder where that little mind meanders Is she down along the shore or strolling cross the broad Savannah's I know in time she'll learn to make up her own mind In time she's gonna learn to fly Oh that I won't deny [Chorus] It's raining it's pouring Your old man is snoring

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