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ANDRE NICKATINA lyrics - Andre Nickatina

Henny All Gone

Original and similar lyrics
[Verse 1: Andre Nickatina] Yo Picture me in your picture frame With a half a blunt and a half a bottle, mayne Goin' fast in the slow lane In court with a pocket full of weed and my gold chain Be like [?] lets connect the dots Mayonnaise jars to connect the pots All these rocks will connect the blocks And all this money lets load and lock It might feel like you just got taser shocked with a major knot, in the anchor drop Yo Goin' fast in the slow lane In court with a pocket fulla weed and my gold chain [Hook: Andre Nickatina] Said I'm locked and I'm revved up I'm started up and I'm on Gimme my cut and I'm gone Hennessey all gone Said I'm locked and I'm revved up I'm started up and I'm on Gimme my cut and I'm gone Hennessey all gone [Verse 2: Andre Nickatina] Yo I think shes just used to sailors She think they got water on the brain She think they got more water upstairs than they got sugar on the candycaine Pop pop pop Its all good when the liquor drop And I'm like Picasso and a half when I roll my pot Big Bank and no less Quick fast in a hurry like that, Pony Express [Hook: Andre Nickatina] Said I'm locked and I'm revved up I'm started up and I'm on Gimme my cut and I'm gone Hennessey all gone Said I'm locked and I'm revved up I'm started up and I'm on Gimme my cut and I'm gone Hennessey all gone [Verse 3: Andre Nickatina] Shoot right by ya like a passing phase I bump the OJ's on all cold days I line ya up, sign ya up, rewind ya up The weed is lit up just like times square I talk it up like Howard Coselle No way, no how, and no sale [Verse 3: Clyde Carson] Cus a mack still ain't got no bail My nigga [?] still ain't got no L’s Hip nigga still lookin for the pill [?] persuading the win Faded off gin, younger days Champagne now, OJ chase Hop in the whip and they holdin they face Jaw on the flow, all on a ho Plus they choose [?] rap features Tell me have you ever spent a rack on sneakers? Got game that the schools can't teach ya Too high to touch, don’t reach up All gas, no breaks, don’t ease up Hennessey all gone nigga re-up [Hook: Andre Nickatina] Said I'm locked and I'm revved up I'm started up and I'm on Gimme my cut and I'm gone Hennessey all gone Said I'm locked and I'm revved up I'm started up and I'm on Gimme my cut and I'm gone Hennessey all gone

Get It Started

Yeah.. It's still Murder, I.N.C. [repeat 4X] [Ja] I got you mami [CO] I got you daddy [Chorus: Claudette Ortiz] Let's get this party started Throw your drink up and move your body But you can't get up on it 'til I see you work harder for it C'mon, let's get it started Don't you leave me all hot and bothered You want me? Come grab it Show me that you got me daddy [Ja Rule] I got you ma, workin in New York City It's Satuday Night Live, and I'm hot so bear with me Plus a little tired from the time zone switches But right on time to hit a club for a minute I get in and get a table, get bottles, some bitches come over, they claimin they models Until they want a drink they ain't even know who I was Until I took my hat off, and then they started backin that ass up Whoa! She did this dance with her hands up Then she touched her toes and made my thing stand up Type of chick that'll have a nigga in handcuffs Taste but don't swallow, look but don't touch Forbidden, not to be eaten, but she is feedin me rotten apples that fall from the tree Why don't we leave, just us three, and get acquainted Mama I'm just playin - but I'm sayin [Chorus] [Ja Rule] I got you ma, I'm in L.A., I'm the latest Caught the last flight in from JFK Baggage claim sign read R-U-L-E Takin me straight to the party so I can get started Rubbin on bitches like full body massages And takin dead aim on all open targets Soon as I walk in I see the one that I wanna be humpin, bouncin, and grindin on Her lowrider sit low, you can see her thong And she like to get low on her favorite songs I'm like don't stop, get it get it, let me get up on it Let me see how bad you really want it like, them cold nights when you're hot and lonely Give me your pager, pick up a phone and call me I was thinkin that maybe we could have an orgy Mama I'm just playin - but I'm sayin [Chorus] [Ja Rule] I got you ma, and Miami's the scene Filled with fast women when they stop intervene Tanned up and their walk is mean I don't wonder how she got in, I want her out of them jeans It seems, me and my team got a routine habit Of gettin rid of sweaters as soon as we snag 'em In the club, gettin high, relaxin I see a few asses that's pacin backwards my way The DJ spinnin it backwards Givin shouts to actors, athletes and rappers Now, let's get it crackin, you know how it happen After the party there's an afterparty happenin (Let's get this party started) Ain't that what you said, or am I hearin things? Is you drunk, cause you look like you swerve in both lanes Mama I'm just playin - but I'm sayin [Chorus] [Ja Rule] I got you ma, y'know Whenever, Murder INC Flex-in

We're Famous

AESOP ROCK "Bazooka Tooth"
[El-P] I brought that genuine shit in '96 Before you knew the underground or independent existed I watched the whole scene straight jump on the dick After stepping to KCR lit and flexing my shit No gun talk, no gimmicks, just rounds of raw-dogging Dirty dusty intelligent wit and word murdering A hardcore poetic informed without burglary Potent and shook the shit out of rappers who just learned of me Everytime I prescribe a new pill, revolution Quickly defined the standard for indie rap distribution Arrogant unafraid shit developed riding a train thinking of brain fucks "Bad Touch Example" that soon became bucks Had everybody sprung wondering where I came from Screaming out "Independent as fuck" with an insane tongue With an indelible squad of design monsters Innovating the styles that made biters look like imposters So we scripted an album and signed to Rawkus Selling a hundred thousand without a radio chart hit Imposterous sonics taking the world hostage Classic hip-hop bombage dirty with style progress Now I've come from the '80s juvenile Brooklyn Where cats was like: "Gimme that subway pass, kid. Good lookin." Now someone else is taking a ride with what's mine So I had to develop styles with a death device cooked in So when I battled in basements I had eight sentences Waiting way before the four you had laced in And I was taught to wait patient (Why?) Only faggots make shit up just to get famous So when I finally blew up I remained sick Earning respect in ghettos and 'burbs for word placement Back when the independent scene remained faceless We were the only crew who promised your ass we'd take it Mold it, shape it, living outside the matrix Hold it, make it, more than miniature major labels Hold it sacred, living it for the culture Told ya plainly, protected it from the vultures That's why I always get respect from true soldiers While half of the critics claim it every year: "Hip hop's over." FUCK YOU, hip hop just started It's funny how the most nostalgic cats are the ones who were never part of it But true veterans'll give dap to those who started it Then humbly move the fuck on and come with that new retarded shit New slang, new thought, new sound Who's heart you thought you had? You clown, you don't, you drown I won't dumb it down, I'm dumbing now for these rounds I'm a live mothefucker plus I'm gunning for clowns You're mine motherfucker, don't be coming for pounds So you can break out of that invisible box, you're not down My favorite ones are the ones who started that young rap about Comic books, spaceships, and Obi-Quan one And even though they were soft they had fun But they couldn't break out the frame of the town they came from Some of these faggots used to send me their demos I'm keeping their puppy styles in the Company Flow kennels But since they had no identity from the start They started to resent the scene when they couldn't become a part They've been failing for years and call themselves Vets, that's bold Motherfucker, you're not a Vet you're just old I'll slap the shit out of you to continue my nerve racket Making this money fist over fist, fuck what you heard Jukie cats talk about boom bap and golden ages Patting themselves on the back for making that new outdated shit I've been putting out vinyl since '93 and never looked back once And ya'll trying to chase me You don't innovate because you can't innovate It's not a choice despite what you might tell your boys Keep your identity crisis under the table I always knew who I was and I'll always be more famous [Aesop Rock] Check it For the best in the vendor biz 1-800-Lazerface Leave the last CE-Offer crabs and buy them Hatorade Dig it, daddy dug his own tunnel under the gutters where the numbers bleed Hunters froze up and exposed Rapunzel weeds Tugboat, tug up through that brutal dirt first The fuedals fuming oodles, it was right under your poodle skirt Welcome to Bazooka Works, halogen halo eyesore The revolution will not be apologized for Warbucks exlex megaphone on the fashion piggy pageant While my dick's raw-dogging a style magnet Fraggle rock your four figure watch I clock ninety-nine cent wristbands And still know the time when you record flops Now this is on a sick with it factor Exhibit A, E, F, Genesis of the klepto reactor Wanna burgle the buzz over definitive cash After a life of labor camps starts paying innovators back Baby, you ain't felt the collective? (Coooool) Stop running bases with little bears under the wing of punchdrunk butter makers That engine sputters while the hound dogs wire cutter mechanical rabbit Bantam weight puppies ain't rabid enough to snatch him Pockmark ninety Moses approach with a golden focal point Come soak in it, resume sturdy composer soldier bliss Wrong name by a molar can often expose your phobias Watch a cobra grow hands to hold his own tongue when he notices All city legity critter, bark with me All filthy documents, cats piss on their kittie litter moccasins Welcome to mi casa, Monsters Inc, dropping bangers out the rocket ships Your own private apocalypse [El-P] Honor it [Aesop Rock] For fuck's sake [El-P] Original [Aesop Rock] Wild fly You wanna read the nile? I twitch easy reader [El-P] Father it [Aesop Rock] I will, dog [El-P] Original [Aesop Rock] Wide open with banged out cutlery from a slang mouth teacher And money is an ugly god we all fall for I got land mammal, cannibal, natural evolving squawk box That means when I wake up and decide to comprise the new shit It's not some watered down version of what my favorite crews did Puff the magic komodo bitch Rappers stuffed komonos and shark fame at a perfect working unit Look, I'm done B-boy, feed that to the needy Shut your liquor hole, fuck you in 3D Easy


JOE BUDDEN "No Love Lost"
[Verse 1: Joell Ortiz] I look over my shoulder not knowing where it's coming from But knowing that it's coming, I was bugging as a youngin' Now I'm runnin from, somethin' that'll even out my dumb decisions The night I shot and had him bleedin' out his lungs and spittin' Do any sins go unforgiven? I hope not Cause most of mine were hunger driven, nothing in my mother's kitchen, Stomach sounds like the clouds ignited and the thunder hitting So the well-schooled kid ended up with more than a couple missin' So not a chef but the cocaine forever cookin' I love kids but now I' selling to a pregnant woman Stumbling through the projects in the AM with a cup in my hand, Gun on my waist and, "I don't give a fuck" is my plan You'll never understand my palm sweat Followed by shortness of breath then my heart jets and I ain't find a calm yet Go on let shorty sin Cause ain't no way in hell this ain't Joell, that's brave enough to tell you everything [Hook:] I got some skeletons locked in the closet (yeah, yeah) And I've been dyin', dyin' just to find an outlet And I'm hoping that no one finds out about it (yeah, yeah) Wishing maybe it'll disappear but I doubt it I doubt it [Verse 2: Crooked I] Fuck all that rapping, I'm a let the conversation rock I got skeletons in my closet The living dead live in a nigga head, behind a combination lock When will the occupation stop it? Make it a vacant lot The black mamba when I crack vodka, I'm a take a shot And Hope the stowaways go away before the anchor drop Yeah thanks a lot, I'm a bottle drinkin' nutcase Cover of XXL behind Em, I had the drunk face I steadily dream about cleanin' these demons out In order to clean them out, you gotta scream and shout All of your secrets out loud It started as a kid at my school desk Aced every quiz but I wanted to pass the cool test Ain't nothing cool about school shopping at the thrift store And living in an abandoned station wagon cause you was piss poor So I started stealing all of the clothes that the other kids wore That's when the skeletons moved into my mind on the sixth floor And more came through Crooked I's youth I slowly started moving them out the closet to this mic booth For real, bro [Hook] [Bridge:] I thought I had it all locked away till forever But no memories fade away, They seem to stay Comfortable in my conscience you live in my dreams They say time heals it all then whys the pain still with me? [Verse 3: Joe Budden] See the problem is, I know it all Or maybe the problem is that I just show it all Maybe they that thinking I should be ashamed of my actions but really there's no remorse Maybe the lord will decide that I suffered enough and let me live with no withdrawals Then again all it would mean is he deemed I'm much too important to focus all We could talk about pain 24/7 dog, that's my department Intercity blues cruise and I'm blasting that Marvin Skeletons ain't in my closet, that's my apartment And they like to hide behind thousand dollar fabrics and garments It's all bleak to me Tell my Pop I ain't bothered when he don't speak to me, I love you but it's weak to me On one hand life is short and there's no excuse to do it But you was missing half my life dog, I'm kind of used to it Modern day Son of Sam, judge but you don't understand Me against the world, I plan on winning, knowing I'm undermanned Want to see through the eyes of a monster? Look through my glasses tint My roommates can stay here, just take care of half the rent [Hook]

God Has Smiled on Me

AFROMAN "Sell Your Dope"
(speaking) yeah i be acting crazy rapping nasty but dont get me wrong i god sense ima thank god on this song this song is dedcated to all the homeboys who almost died but for some strange cowinsadental ironic reason u lived through it homeboy but im here to tell u man its not a cowinsadence and its not ironic gods got a planet purpose for your life man the quarter pasce choris gonna take for me reight a bout now (chicken sound) (chorus) God has (come on) smiled on me he has set me free (like when them bullets just fly past you)OOOOH god has smiled on me and hes been good to me (rapping) before i was a wild juvenille i used to be a mild christian young child i used to seek and seek search and search analyze everybody in my church a 1 2 ive seen a lot of hippocrits religeous fakeres deepen hormungers and oftent talkeres when i turned 13 i thought church was fake i took all i could take so i took a lil brake i went to throught the wurl and bought a jerry curl and some crack to slice so i can do my own thing the street life i didnt understand good so i started gangbanging to proove my man hood yeah have fun baggin the gun the baddest kid on the block was a christian son went to the county jail not once but twice gambling with my life with the dealing dice (chicken sound) (chorus) i got realezed in 94 told my mamma i dont wanna get in trouble no mo' i wanna get a job obtain myself be independed like u and take care of my self i stopped bangin i really quit but not the people i got into it wit back in the day from pompale to LA they got beef wit me homie up untill this day to make a long story short i stepped out the club walked around the corner to the local night club sittin at a table just doin my thang just when i got up close to a rival gang his gang and my gang just got into it i tried to explain i didnt do it i told ya bro scence 94 i been straight man i dont mess around no more (chicken sound) (chorus) u know what he said man he got smart wit me he said call the mortuary order some flowere u quit ur game but we never quit ours he got exited we started fist fightin like mike tyson we was scrathin and biteing a bunch of them started mobing me threw me on the floor and started robbing the stuff they took wasnt nothing major wallet walkman cheap lil pager they took my foodstamps took my knife took me and tried to talke my life (chicken sound) i tried to fight back but my efforts were useless aint know need to make enough excusses amen i was on the ground getting beat down 8 different people kicking me around i thought about all the bad things i did when i ran from god as a little bitty kid no sign no reason no clue no warning no fare nobody cared 2 o clock in the morning heavy licks they was layin on me but at the same time my momma she was prayin 4 me lights from the helicopter filled the air and the police cars came every were i told jesus i dont deserve you let me live and ill serve you god has smiled (chorus) sometimes when im drinking i think about all my close calls ya know what im saying the times i almost got shot the times i was comiting crimes almost got caught by the police man i think abought car accidents that never happend i think about home boys i speak to one day next day they catch 50 60 years mabey even rest in peace u know what im saying but we still alive right? god aint through wit us so lets put it down man stop all this madness go on take care of some situations we need to take care of and to all the homeboys who robbed me im still alive so if yall be so kind go down there and buy my tape man that will make up them food stamps yall took from me right (chicken sound) Amazing Grace how sweet the sound ? I once was lost but now im found was blind but now i see god has smiled on me he has set me free god has smilled on me and hes been good to me amazing grace how sweet the sound ? i once was lost bt now im found was blind but now i see

Show Me What You Got

JAY-Z "Kingdom Come"
[Intro] This is State Of Emergency What you want me to do? I'm sorry! I'm back..hehehe UH, huh uh, lets go get 'em Just [Chorus] HEY HEY HEY HEY HEY HEY Show me what you got, lil mama Show me what you got, pretty lady Show me what you got, shorty Show me what you got, baby Hands up and.. waves, waves, waves, waves [Verse 1] Give the drummer some I already gave the summer some It's the winter's turn Hovie Hov is the coldest, I'm just getting better with time I'm like Opus One Young, no two alike like a snowflake OK! Show me what you got baby Words is slurring engine purring Mami fronting but I'm so determined Shots of Patron, now she's in the zone I ain't talking about the two-three Mami in the zone like the homie 2-3 Jordan or James, makes no difference Boo I'm balling the same I am the Mike Jordan of recording You might want to fallback from recording But you right it's not important So it forced him to go for the hype For being brave and may applaud him Well misery I will assure them Oh baby just ignore them Truth or dare mami listen and learn I got a drop I just took off the top, it's your turn [Chorus 2X] [Verse 2] H.O.V.A., gold bottles of that ace of spade Why even fool with these other guys, they all stingy All these dudes know how to say is gimme Gimme some head, gimme some brain Gimme your number, gimme your name But if I get one night baby girl I swear I'll make you tell these other dudes gimme got you here I'll take you shopping, take long trips I'll take the cork off, you can take sips I'll take you there, take my time Take you clothes off, I'll take off mine Ma, show me what you got Hovie in the spot tried to told you I was hot Tell these other dudes it's a wrap Get the fuck out the throne you clone, the King's back! Y'all got less than 2 months to get y'all thing together Good luck! [Chorus 2X] Ladies and gentlemen the most incredible! H-O, uh huh H-O, uh huh Is back! Justin Blaze You Blaze that Roc-A-Fella Records Dynasty continues, y'all die Uh Huh, peace!

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