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ANDRE NICKATINA lyrics - Andre Nickatina

Drought Season

Original and similar lyrics
I let the weed be the reason I’m gettin' high and barely breathin' I ain't never felt the affects of a drought season Born winnin' cus sinnin' be my best friend How can it end when I can't even say where it begins You in the kitchen, birds move 'cus of prohibition Above suspicion, if you listen you can hear em wishin' My new watch the roundtable of Camelot Dark as the clock that got you got after you got shot Materialistic, cursed man, but still gifted You should see the way I throw away my parking tickets Statement mavis, eyes just like Betty Davis Tryna cheat on every bet I do to make you have to pay it Brain storming, Decpticonin' and transformin' You’ll be just like you got stung by a bee swarmin' Man this is vicious, selfish, and repetitious All about Kahn and the money because its so religious Man it’s the Mecca, light up the Train Wrecka Hot as a pepper when the heroin’s a straight steppa' The cogniac’n, Hennessey is how I'm actin' If you makin' money let me break it down in true fractions Dictator, shootin at the spectators I don’t do favors and I damn sure ain't a life savor Think you can love it, tackle it, or even hug it Rap cat for real bitch, and I ain't ballin' on a budget I’m Jessie Jamin', talking loud and PF Changin' They ain't told me to leave yet, I’m just sayin' I’m top rankin, whatcha broke ass thinkin? Money makin' I'm bakin and I ain't done yet drankin' 4-4in, Shere Khanin' and Fillmoein' San Anton’in, foul you like Bruce Bowen Fast livin', weed rollin' and blunt blowin' Like Mickey Cohen, take what ya not knowin' and keep goin' No regrettin', mixed with the no forgettin' No hellos, no goodbyes, its just good riddance Darryl Mackin', Adidas and my leather jacket All in ya city, all the time just like a drug package 7 sinners, lined up with 7 liars That’s 14 lawyers, which one I’m gonna hire? Check the tires, no rims and big beats Call the dealers 'cus my talents are in South Beach

Keep This Train A-rollin'

(Michael McDonald) Sure as that old whistle's blowin' There's a tug upon my heart Somewhere in that misty mornin' light There's another brand new start Sometimes I'd love to see this end And watch it fall apart 'Cause it's still such a long road And we're a long way from the start You know anyone can say what's wrong That don't make it right to me We weren't born into this life To walk away from everything Once you get the blues in your stride All you need's a song to survive You think by now we would know that We're gonna keep this train a-rollin' We ain't gonna break down on this highway We could sit here waitin', worried, wonderin' Wishin' we were somewhere other than right her But we're right here

Make It Last

ATARIS "Anywhere But Here"
There's a lot on my mind so I guess that I'll take it one thing at a time, still sometimes I can't help but wonder why... I sit around all day and I waste my whole damn life away, still thinkin' bout' just what there is to say. (Chorus #1) Should I say goodnight??? to bed, turn out the fucking light and leave you shining in the past. Should I try and forget??? ...even though next week it's something I'll regret. Or, should I try and make it last? I think about the day when I felt you'd throw it all away to try to make me feel like I'm the one. You were my best friend, and I never ever thought those days would end but now it seems like they are gone (Chorus #2) What more can I say??? ...I never wanted it to be this way, And where the hell is yesterday??? ...We sure had a blast! I'm sorry that we're living in the past, should we try and make it last? (Repeat chorus #1)

Stride (Jump On The Fizzy) (Feat. No Secrets)

Here we go Here we go The name is AC And I'm here To make it hot I step in a room You could hear a pin drop And I know (you know) I rocked a lot dude Ryhmin' so high I could fly ya to the moon Don't try to take me out I'm the one who beat Shaq I said come and get it I told where it's at 9 o'clock on the dot I partied down the block I get my crew together And I make a pit stop Grab Kara, then Sara _ and Tara I got Jenny Then Jessie And we're all chillin' Jump on the fizzy Ain't nothing gonna Break my stride _ gonna hold me down Well, we're gonna Keep it movin' Ain't nothing But a good time Yeah, we're gonna Shout it loud Well, we're gonna Keep it movin'

In Hollywood

KIM WILDE "Love Moves"
Divorce - law courts Lawyers in their new sports car Lots of money spent The public making judgement He said - she said Analyse the news you've read Irresistible - the updates unmissable Fighting - uniting The press are busy writing They analyse the word called love But what can they be thinking of ? They say that love means the same All over the world But I don't think so Let me tell you something I think you should know Don't fall in love (in Hollywood) It won't fell like you know it should (in Hollywood) An you can bet it won't do ya no good It's just not understood I said Scheming - screaming This time you're gonna leave him You want to get the message straight Now people think you're on the take 'Listen to me' - a CNN free therapy Advice on how to live your life There's something here that isn't right


Corky and the Juice Pigs "Corky And the Juice Pigs"
Revelations: And the number of the Beast shall be 666. Born in the sixth month, the sixth day, and the sixth hour, and anyone bearing this mark, shall be known as the AntiChrist I needed a date For the high school dance I went into the toilet And I took a chance I saw number written on the wall Eight letters in blood It was the number I had to call 666-6666 That's the number of the daughter of the Beast Took her out for dinner It was reasonably priced She wasn't impressed She was the daughter of the Anti-Christ I walked her home Took her through the park I tried to kiss her But her eyes glowed in the dark 666-6666 That's the number of the daughter of the Beast Hey ????, I hear you got a new girlfriend Yeah man, she's real hot She spits acid, she pukes fire, and she gives good horn You must be talkin' 'bout the daughter of the Beast, man! Gettin' a car across the River Styx is a bit of a drag And her four-headed dog always biting my ankles is a kick in the ass And her dad always trying to kill me with his jokes Goin' out with her, man, it was hell! Number of the daughter of the Beast! 6! (repeat 5 times).

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