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AMOS LEE lyrics - Mountains Of Sorrow, Rivers Of Song

Lowdown Life

Original and similar lyrics
Meet this girl Luld down in Missoula Boy,did we have a lot of fun. Took me to her trailer, introduced me to her grandma Who's drinking Kool-Aid out a water gun. Her grandmother's been smothered By the love of a lowdown life. Chicken's are clucking, down on their luck and Drinking water out of rusty pipes. Empty can of Stroh's, half-eaten bag of Cheetos Little brother in the backyard nodding out on a shot Her brother's been smothered By the love of a lowdown life. Her father, Roger, was a draft-dodger Now he spends his days doing meth with his best friend Bobby Jim When he gets that feeling takes to robbing and stealing Parked cars from the Holiday Inn Her father's been smothered By the love of a lowdown life.

My Mother Had A Brother

(George Michael) My mother had a brother They say that I was born on the day that he died Someone to cling to, she said When all the noises and the shame came calling My mother had a brother I thought I knew them all, I thought I knew But she lied I said, 'Show me his face again, tell me again why he died' She said he couldn't wait for the things that I've seen She said he wasn't strong enough, he never dared to dream a life like mine My mother had a brother Over-sensitive and kind Seems it all became too much for him.. It seems he took his own life Mum, I can't imagine the joy and pain in equal measure Tears in the dirt, and all over your newborn treasure I guess he had to wait until my momma had me I guess he couldn't wait another moment to be free In endless sky..... But mama will you tell him from your boy The times they changed I guess the world was getting warmer And we got stronger Mother will you tell him about my joy I live each day for him The sun came out, yeah, and I'm just breathing it in (breathing...) My mother had a brother Same desire, different time Seems the empty spaces tortured him Until he took his own life I don't know why I waited so long for love I just don't know what I was thinking of.. All that wasted time But mama will you tell him from your boy The times they changed I guess the world was getting warmer While we got stronger Mother will you tell him about my joy I live each day with him Your son came out, yeah, And I'm still breathing it in And I swear now that freedom is here I'm gonna taste it all for you boy I'm bad to the bone, I'm just a little torn I'm making so much love So those of us who have nothing to fear We've got to make damn sure that it was worth it I'm bad to the bone, I'm just a little stoned I'm making so much love I was a prisoner, but he saved me Broke into my dreams and said, 'Who cares?' I was a prisoner, so disgrace me I'm glad to be home And I don't believe they care.

A Dying Wish

ANATHEMA "The Silent Enigma"
Black clouds fill the day sky In the primitive lands of Nod As the two sons of Adam offer up Their gifts of pride to the one reigning high A dark fate born by sacrificial fire Caine: Oh, great father of my father Whom thou banished from thy garden Look down upon thy faithful servant And accept my beloved brother. With tears of love the firstborn thrust His sharpest scythe deep into Abel's heart Rendering him lifeless but eternally Prized in the mind of God as his body withered In the scorching blaze Caine: Oh, my dear brother Forgive me for what I have done But to the one almighty A greater prize I have none. Adam: Caine, thou has broken my seal of absolute love The crime thou'st committed meets not The approval of him above Forever shall you wander in the lands beyond alone And from this day forth I cannot call thee my own. Caine: Oh, father my great father Why hast thou cursed me so? Have I not done what thou asked for? To the shadowed woods I cannot go. Adam: I can no longer endure thy sinful words This greatly unmerciful deed hast done him wrong I pray that thou find ways to repent And as I was cast out so you shall be gone! Be gone! Be gone! Exiled, the firstborn rushes off to the obscure yet Welcoming arms of Cimmerian darkness For there he shall find great wisdom And awaiting beneath the crescent moon lurks The mother of magick


NEWSBOYS "Newsboys Shine the hits"
You give me joy that's unspeakable And I like it, And I like it Your love for me is irresistible I can't fight it, I can't fight it If life is water, I was dry as Tuscon dirt If it's a gamble, I'd already lost my shirt If it's a journey, I was dazed without a clue I flipped a 'U' back to the first love I ever knew CHORUS You give me joy that's unspeakable And I like it, And I like it Your love for me is irresistible I can't fight it, I can't fight it You carried the cross and took my shame I believe it, I believe it You shine Your light of amazing grace I recieve it, I receive it If life's a battle, the invasion is complete If it's a rhythm, I have found the perfect beat If it's a renaissance, I've got a new birthday The world don't give it And the world can't take it away CHORUS I'm bowed and broken, everything's new All that I need, You're like water to seed And how Your love, rights everything wrong And in my weakness You're ever stronger, You're pulling me back Where I belong CHORUS


I've often wondered if there's Ever been a perfect family I've always longed for undividedness And sought stability A flower taught me how to pray But as I grew, that flower changed She started failing in the wind Like golden petals scattering And I miss you dandelion And even love you And I wish there was a way For me to trust you But it hurts me every time I try to touch you But I miss you dandelion And even love you I gravitated towards a patriarch So young predictably I was resigned to spend my life With a maze of misery A boy and a girl befriended me We're bonded through despondency I stayed so long but finally I fled to save my sanity And I miss you little sis and Little brother And I hope you realize I'll always love you (Always love you) And although you're struggling You will recover (We're gonna make it maybe) And I miss you little sis and Little brother So many I considered Closest to me Turned on a dime and sold me Out dutifully Although that knife was chipping Away at me They turned their eyes away and Went home to sleep (Sleep) (Sleep) (Sleep) And I missed a lot of life But I'll recover Though I know you really like To see me suffer Still I wish that you and I'd Forgive each other 'Cause I miss you, Valentine And really loved you I really loved you (I guess I loved you) I tried so hard But you drove me away To preserve my sanity And I found the strength to break away (Do do do do do) (Do do do do do do do do) Fly

Meet The Parents

JAY-Z "The Blueprint 2: The Gift & The Curse"
Woo! Uhh, uhh It's 'The Gift & the Curse' Uhh, uhh yea First they love me then they hate me then they love me again .. they love me again Let's take a trip down.. I gotcha Let's take a trip down memory, lane at the cemetary Rain grey skies, seems at the end of every young black life is this line, 'Damn - him already Such a good kid,' got us pourin Henn' already Liquor to the curb for my, niggaz up above When it, cracks through the pavement that's my way of sendin love So, give Big a hug, tell Aa-liyah I said hi 'Til the next time I see her, on the other side He was just some thug that, caught some slugs And we loved him cause, in him we, saw some of us He walked like ussss, talked like ussss His back against the wall, nigga fought like us - damn Poor Isis, that's his momma name Momma ain't strong enough to raise no boy, what's his father name Shorty never knew him, though he had his blood in him Hot temper, momma said he act just like her husband Daddy never fucked with him, so the streets raised him Isis blamin herself, she wish she coulda saved him Damn near impossible, only men can raise men He was his own man, not even him can save him He put his faith in her, thirty-eight in his waist But when you live by the gun you die by the same fate End up, dead before thirty-eight and umm That's the life of us raised by winter, it's a cold world Old girl turned to coke, tried to smoke her pain away Isis, life just, ended on that rainy day When she got the news her boy body could be viewed down at the City Morgue, opened the drawer, saw him nude Her addiction grew, prescription drugs, shift and brew Angel dust, dipped in WOO! She slipped into, her own fantasy world Had herself pregnant by a different dude But reality bites and, this is her life He wasn't really her husband, though he called her wife It was just this night when, moon was full And the stars were just right, and the dress was real tight Had her soundin like Lisa Lisa - I wonder if I take you home will you still love me after this night Mike was the hardhead from the around the way that she wanted all her life, shit she wanted all the hype Used to hold on tight when he wheelied on the bike He was a Willie all her life he wasn't really the one to like It was a, dude named Shy who would really treat her right He wanted to run to the country to escape the city life But I-sis, like this, Broadway life She loved the Gucci sneakers, the red green and whites Hangin out the window when she first seen him fight She was so turned on that she had to shower twice How ironic it would, be some fight that turned into a homicide that'll alter their life See Mike at thirty-two was still on the scene Had a son fifteen that he never saw twice Sure he saw him as an infant, but he dissed on him like 'If that was my son, he would look much different. See I'm light-skinnded and that baby there's dark so it's, momma's baby; poppa's maybe.' Mike was still crazy out there runnin the streets (fuck niggaz want) Had an older but light with thirty-eight gun in his reach It's been fourteen years, him and Isis ain't speak He runnin around like life's a peach, 'til one day he approached this thug that, had a mean mug And it looked so familiar that he called him 'Young Cuz' Told him, get off the strip but the boy ain't budge (fuck you) Instead he pulled out a newer thirty-eight snub He clearly had the drop but the boy just paused (hold up) There was somethin in this man's face he knew he seen before It's like, lookin in the mirror seein hisself more mature And he took it as a sign from the almighty Lord You know what they say about he who hesitates in war (What's that) He who hesitates is lost He can't explain what he saw before his picture went blank The old man didn't think he just followed his instinct Six shots into his kid, out of the gun Niggaz be a father, you're killin your son Six shots into his kid, out of the gun Niggaz be a father, you killin your sons Meet the parents.. [echoes and slows down as it fades]

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