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AMOS LEE lyrics - Mission Bell

Windows Rolled Down

Original and similar lyrics
Look up child The world is born Shoe's untied And your soles are worn Windows are rolled down Sun is setting high Windows are rolled down I'm fixin' to die Corn rows have companion feel This rocky road and this steering wheel Who do you call to ease your pain I hope for you to get through this rain Windows are rolled down Moon is hanging low Windows are rolled down Think it's time for me to go hey-ay-ay-a...-ay Is it what you dreamed it'd be Are you locked up in this fantasy Oh this miles that have torn us apart My new found faith and my broken heart Windows are rolled down Sun is rising high Windows are rolled down Feel that wind rushing by hey-ay-ay-a... Windows are rolled down

I Will Be Your Friend

AMY GRANT "Behind The Eyes"
When every moment gets too hard End of the road can feel so far No matter how much time we're apart I'm always near you I'll be the shelter in your rain Help you find your smile again I'll make you laugh at a broken heart Wherever you are 'Cause I'm never gonna walk away If the wall comes down someday All alone and you feel afraid Be there when you call my name You can always depend on me I believe until forever ends I will be your friend So many people come and go But nothing can change the you I know You'll never be just a face in the crowd And time will show Through the seasons and years I will always hold you dear Never you fear (Chorus) I'll be your rock when every candle burns down low And I want you to know (Chorus) (Final Chorus)

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