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AMANDA SOMERVILLE lyrics - Windows


Original and similar lyrics
Finish me Push me off the ledge So hard to read So hard to make a call on what you do or say It's not my place to do so, anyway A magnet pulls It singes the air I'm torn in two I'm watching your fingers painting shadows with the beat Longing for your hands to reach out for me And don't you know I need to come clean [Chorus:] Indiscreet I've got something to say Giving away my dirty deed Is it indiscreet I've got nothing to lose To tell you you're the liquid of my dreams I need to come clean Taunting me I'd say you were there We're stumbling We're walking a tightrope made of high voltage wire We're melting as we tend to our fires You're whispering I don't want to hear You're mumbling You see how I fight to claw my way further down The need to bury my secret is strong And yet I know I need to come clean [Chorus] Heaven help me Will I ever be clean of this Mortally afflicted Heaven help... But leave a light on so you can watch me sin [Chorus] Glistening We dance in the rain So easy now So hard to pull the brake once you're on the ride You'll get to know me from the inside I need to come clean

A Man With A Gun

[Notorious B.I.G.:] I'm hard, Jehovah said I'm barred from the pearly gates Fuck him, I didn't want to go to Heaven anyway But my momma got me on my knees with my hands gripped Talking 'bout some praise the lord shit Hail Mary, fuck her, I never knew her I'd probably screw her, and dump her body in the sewer Our Father – My pops stuck up dope spots Big black and mean with the fifth by the gabardine What you expected from his next of kin? I'm loco bro, but ain't no Mexican I got nines in the bedroom, glocks in the kitchen A shotty by the shower if you wanna shoot me while I'm shittin The lesson from the Smith and Wessun is depressin Niggas keep stressin, the same motherfuckin question How many shots does it take, to make my heart stop and my body start to shake? [Joell Ortiz:] I ain't here to make friendships I'm already cool with a bunch of fool ass niggas that extend clips And get they blast on You'll be better off walkin' through Manhattan with a Bin Laden mask on I walk in the club – hammer's get to passin' You walk in to clubs with Hammer – you a has-been I'm what's hot now, don't get mad at me I'll make sure your ever after ain't happily They'll bring flowers, light candles, post pictures up Spray paint handball courts – dead nigga stuff And you don't want that, so breathe easy, relax The shotty make your body real easy to detach The doc'll have a hard time trying to put your BACK together So get your ACT together, scrap Now who had said Puerto Ricans can't rap? (huh?) Homeboy please, this is Joell Ortiz [Jay-Z:] When the gun is tucked, untuck - nigga you die It's like numchuks held by the Jet L-I I'm the one thus, meanin' no one must try No two, no three, no four, know why? Because one's four-five might blow yo' high You ain't gotta go to church to get to know yo' God It's a match made in Heaven when I (bam!) 'splay the seven Put you on the nigga news, UPN at 11 Where you been, you ain't heard, got the word that I'm (bl-blast) that I'm so sin-surr? I'm especially Joe Pesci with it friend I will kill you, commit suicide, and kill you again

Heavens Last Attempt

Cole Jude
Rain down mercy For the lost and lonely child For the liars and the losers The reckless and the wild There's no more use in pretending I know I never fooled you The deepest darkness I've ever known Comes from living like I do But I swear I'm gonna knock on that gate Even if it's all in vain I'll stand outside with my mouth wide open And drink the pouring rain I know there's some good left in this world I've seen it shine in your eyes Rain down salvation And keep my faith alive The harder we fall, the closer we come To finding our hearts and the damage we've done Darling, I've held the devil's dirty hand But holding you now I know is heaven's last attempt Won't you walk beside me You know I can't make it alone Here the fields are dark and the wind is hard Hard as stone Roll out the sky Oh, and let me come home, come home I wanna come home [ Solo ] The harder we fall, the closer we come To finding the light and the warmth of the sun All that I've ever had I've let slip through my hands But holding you now, I know is heaven Heaven


BRYAN ADAMS "Cuts Like A Knife"
Oh - thinkin' about all our younger years There was only you and me We were young and wild and free Now nothin' can take you away from me We've been down that road before But that's over now You keep me comin' back for more Baby you're all that I want When you're lyin' here in my arms I'm findin' it hard to believe We're in heaven And love is all that I need And I found it there in your heart It isn't too hard to see We're in heaven Oh - once in your life you find someone Who will turn your world around Bring you up when you're feelin' down Ya - nothin' could change what you mean to me Oh there's lots that I could say But just hold me now Cause our love will light the way Chorus I've bin waitin' for so long For somethin' to arrive For love to come along Now our dreams are comin' true Through the good times and the bad Ya - I'll be standin' there by you

Lick Your Fingers Clean

JETHRO TULL "Aqualung"
I'll see you at the weighing in when your life's sum-total's made. And you set your wealth in godly deeds against the sins you've laid. So place your final burden on your hard-pressed next of kin: Send the chamber pot back down the line to be filled up again. Take your mind off your election and try to get it straight. And don't pretend perfection: you'll be crucified too late. And he'll say you really should make the deal as he offers round the hat. Well, you'd better lick your fingers clean, I thank you all for that. And as you join the good ship earth and you mingle with the dust be sure to leave your underpants with someone you can trust. And the hard-headed social worker who bathes his hands in blood will welcome you with arms held high and cover you with mud. And he'll say you really should make the deal as he offers round the hat. Well, you'd better lick your fingers clean, well. I'll thank you all for that.


Belly "Star"
Sour Me. Ouch! I was friendly with this girl, Who insisted on touching my face. She told outrageous stories. I believed them 'til the endings Were changing from endings before. She's not touching me anymore. Untogether, I couldn't help her I got hard. You can try your life. You can't save the unsavably untogether. I was shipwrecked with this frog, Who was endlessly on testing my faith. He made outrageous demands. I ignored him 'Til I strapped on my boat feet And surfed into shore. He's not touching me anymore. Untogether, I couldn't help him I got hard. You can try your life. You can't change the unchangably untogether. Now the bird nest on my back Keeps me turning and straining to see. We threw outrageous parites. We were golden. Now the bird keeps it's distance, And I keep my speech. Sometimes there's no poison like a dream. Untogether, I couldn't help it it got hard. You can dry your eyes. You can't hold the impossibly untogether.

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