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AMANDA SOMERVILLE lyrics - In The Beginning There Was...

Still The Same

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Tell me something nice Tell me something good Seeming negative, nothing’s understood I creeps up so fast Lingers that is gone I think faith has abandoned me And now I’m feeling wronged…now I’m feeling wronged Take me as I am Take me into you Breathing, don’t exhale Hold me with what’s true But even if you don’t I won’t let it get me down I hold fast to my realism And this is what I’ve found Beyond this fear Beyond theses useless days I’m here (still a mess, truth be known) Here it’s still the same Let me in your mind Let me in your soul It’s not that much It’s not that much to ask Just a lot to hold Why you stick around? Why you heat my plea? I’m at a loss for what to do My heart won’t let it be Beyond this fear Beyond theses useless days I’m here (still a mess, truth be known) Here it’s still the same Take my words to heart And you’ll probably take me home I think that I say too much And that’s why I’m alone Beyond this fear Beyond theses useless days I’m here (still a mess, truth be known) Here it’s still the same Beyond this fear Beyond theses useless days I’m here (still a mess, truth be known) Here it’s still the same Here it’s still the same Here it’s still the same Here it’s still the same Still the same…

One Of Those Days

JAMESTOWN STORY "Show Me Tomorrow"
It's just one of those days, nothing's going my way I think I'm heading for a break down I'm the king of almost, and epic mistakes I'd really like to change it I just don't know how When will my darkest days be more than miles away? When will my wrongs turn right, when will I sleep at night with this mess I've made I rush when I should wait and all I've ever love just seems to fade away It's always the same routine cause I was given chances that I didn't take Now all my darkest days are closing in on me Now all my rights are wrong and it will take so long to clean this mess I've made If you've seen me lately you'd think I'm going crazy trying to figure it out before it kills me If all my darkest days are more than miles away If all my wrongs turn right, maybe I'll sleep at night and clean this mess I've made When all my darkest days are more than years away When all wrongs are right I'll finally sleep at night and clean this mess I've made When all my wrongs turn right I'll finally sleep at night and clean this mess I've made It's just one of those days


AIDEN "Disguises"
Love how they burn your synagogues Love how they torch your holy books Filling coffers with your grief Filling coffins with your misery Faith holding outright criminals safe This is just the world we live in Can you justify the pain The death of fiction will save us all Hysteria We live We die I wont give up In a world worth saving goodbye I don't have anything to fear I live, I live hysteria Wait supporting outright genocide Hate let us all disseminate A message to your herd Our voices will be heard Now faith is a question you can choose Faith whether Christian, Muslim, Jew Still you all distort the truth The death of fiction will save us all Searching for the answers are you asking all the questions Will the evidence suffice your fear Human evolution is the only real solution All the truth you gotta hear Would you stand and fight


ALEX G "Helloalexg"
I'm tired of playing the part, Of a little girl who, can't use her heart. I'm broken, torn and scarred, From all the poison, you threw at us. But you won't know, cuz you can't see, the tattered child, you've made of me. You'll follow me, into my dreams And spit your words, so desperately. I'll wash my hands of this tragic mess. And truth can't cure the blind, if they don't care to see. Nineteen years inside this flesh, I fought through pain, I've paid my dues, But that's still not enough for you. So where do we go from here? You won't keep me trapped in my fears. You're sinking in, your selfishness. We're tainted by, words left unsaid. You'll follow me, into my dreams. And spit your words, so desperately I'll wash my hands of this tragic mess. And truth can't cure the blind, if they don't care to see. Did you even notice, the look in my eyes, When I spoke of him for the very first time? And do you remember, when you were my age? Do you remember at all? Don't follow me into my dreams, And spit your words so viciously, I'll wash my hands of this tragic mess, But truth can't cure the blind, truth can't cure the blind, I wish you'd change your mind, But you don't care to see.

The Deer Hunter

JEDI MIND TRICKS "Violent By Design"
[Chief Kamachi] Yeah yeah Uh yo yo, yo yo yo, Jedi Mind yo yo Yo, my words sold germs, spread em like a slow germ, infected Disease is collected and quarantined from my method The borderline where the animal and divine become separate I'm Def Leppard, case of beautiful hell on a record Compel the skeptic when Kamachi unveil the epic It's needed and requested Brought to you like Elijah in the message A jury of ancestors was sequested To decide my fate, for conductors of viscious vespers Candlelight death is extras Is usually hollow point flesh presses Until they skin caress stretchers I'm the best to finesse textures My rhyme fabric, is elaborate, scrolls kept in a gold cabinet Open the book to the chapter of this old soul magic Juju tongue to voodoo come, behold this untold havoc Up north grab it, then I hit the south pole wit a magnet East and west avid, now my name on all four points of the square It's firmly established, the language is lavish First to rock Roshashannah's and African pajamas Swear before I die to be there wit the best of the rhymers Music for different ears, hears in different spheres Global ink like the mobile link, make sure the pitch is clear K-A-M-A-C-H-I be the dopest in here [Vocal sample] "Too much...I'm tired" "In the company of those that fear..." "In the company of ...fear" [Ikon] Yo we smash mics, but ya'll wanna build But in the face of death, you can't kill And that's real, we feel what we feel But ya'll muvafuckas can't overstand skill If ya'll start me, we Buck like Milwaukee But ya'll, ya'll just do a lot of talkin And maybe that's why you feel what the devil does Maybe that's the appeal of a metal slug You ain't a ghetto thug, you an actress That's unatural, like love between faggots! "In the company of ...fear" [Jus Allah] I burn leaf wit Ikon and the Chief nigga This next bud is not for you Watchin you made me land a closed hand to your nostril Stoppin you from givin the god cold stares Beware, my flares poke ?holes? in rolling chairs Dunn I'm prepared when the holocaust begins You'll have the roach smoked down to the sole of your Timbs Now I'm, holdin your gems, you're holdin for dear life Any mothafucker holdin the heat can have vice You're just like a bitch wit no top on At the Houston five, you lay down and get shot on Double check, your dead, plugged twice in your mug I'm high off the weed, drunk off the cop's blood "Too much...I'm tired" "In the company of those that fear" "In the company of....fear" "Above all, there was fear Fear of today, fear of tomorrow Fear of our neighbors, and fear of ourself" "We came from distant space and even what some might call Another dimension...and we're about to return"


AESOP ROCK "Daylight"
[Aesop Rock] Count that for me...thanks [Robotic voice 4x] One, two, one, two, three, four [Aesop Rock] Well any asshole with a book of matches can light a fire fresh Make that sucker burn for days, I'll be impressed Circlin past the culture's bigot, procreation baked in advanceable Then ball and scurry up the grass to roll his marbles off the anthill I know gerth and nature but recognize absentee ballot And sappy ballads couldn't fill the void This game's in the giant Tugboat Complex and HE'S ANNOYED! (No one's asking you to feel the narc, brother!) Hmm, it's fashion I'll find my own bullies to shake a finger wrapped in Realigned mine knives in divine justice Plus this uncontrollable laugh with those ample waves of brain finally crash Brimstone clone with legs and dim poems Ten little Zen crafts Things cooperate like paper dog participants litigans Picket well or ride or burner style clinic Acid with the basics P-H imbalance to burn the malice martyrs spaceless Then fabricate daytrips I want to be the halo that jumps off the brain Of the genius who decided some pictures deserved frames (God and I are on a first name basis) Yeah I call him God, he calls me Jesus When I lost my religion, he fell to pieces Blade, dragon, up hell's creek Interrupting a devil pagent Starfighter settling to madness I keep my ghoul spirit concealed Until the warriors return to the Coney Isle Wonder Wheel [Chorus 4x] My momma told me there'd be days like this Days like this, days like this, days like this (yes she did) [Robotic voice 4x] One, two, one, two, three, four [Aesop Rock] Okay, tell me who you chill with and I'll tell you who you are I walk a mile with a leash attached to your freak seminar It's a modern sensation on the boulevard of maintenance To sweep your broken hopes under the rugs then hug the playpen This revolution pushing through the loose pins and a strait jacket A maverick classed in a bunk category They had him parallel with a tattered glory division (I could devil drink dreams out of thermos) Yeah, with a whiskey afterburn It's like, nine o'clock wake (I'm up) spit obscentities My girl ties on my cape, smoke a bone then work my dental tree The clear day's laced with a classic mother nature thunderchaser set That got my papergrain's wings wet Voyeurist amendments lack expansive coverage in the syllabus I dance with shuckles while you man the keyhole grilling code I've done my chores according to God's schedule With coffee holding the wheel and nicotine working the pedals Metal edge kings that tends to rapel the pebble Kettle screaching out the operetta I live to autograph the iron curtain with doveback feather pens Spurting magma, cursing television urns to burn until my Cleopatra Minor (Major) dispersed slap on the wrist For the tennants lacking the arms to harbor the rarity of thick friendship Stuck with a "Yes sir" Change of fatigue to ankle Each beneath the angle I'ma call home until the rock meets the angels [Chorus 4x] [Robotic voice - repeat to fade] One, two, one, two, three, four

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