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ALKALINE TRIO lyrics - Alkaline Trio/Hot Water Music

Queen Of Pain

Original and similar lyrics
There's a fire forming not too far from here. Out on the east coast maybe it resides in you my dear. We're worn out on all courtesy we've made our curtain calls. Like vampire bats deprived of blood into the New York City night we crawl. And you've got a funny way of showing off your bathroom surgery. You said you were just cooling down from plans of leaving me. There something i should tell you for we may not have much time... I've never met arms like yours. And the stars at night are big and bright deep in your eyes miss vincent. You told me once i made you smile we both know damn well i didn't. I'm not much of a jester but i'd test poison food for you your majesty. You're royal blue. I'm loyalty, my king of pain there's a hard rain falling, flooding your attic it's clear. It can't put out the fire which resides in you my dear. There's something i should tell you for we may not have much time. I've never seen scars like yours.

Plastic Soldiers

AESOP ROCK "Music For Earthworms"
[Sample: Freestyle Fellowship - "Heavyweights" from "Innercity Griots"] Style messiah, Hot like a volcano with fire [Verse 1:] The sound of silence versus the sound of War Echo death shock-renegade Crooked cynic tyrant Your ignorant bias is my Goliath Starving alliance seeps under the skin The seven deadly sins That seven elements of the malevolent The relevance of Graphic endeavours Drastic measures took for defence My secrets unfolds codes of conduct, raid Blade runner, intima-dating figment in the minds of the malignant Your opinion, not significant, bludgeon Poetic potential draws dotted lines between hunter and hunted Liquefied thoughts seep through the cracks in side-walks Lieutenant cynic consist of anonymous all this seems famished Vanished in gritty streets til' city seeks, sleep, head, rush Scope, infra-red touched Temple's the torment Pressure point contact Crush the dormant with missing links Syncopate movement, Our troubled blockade ends but I'm blemished in the blueprint Behold of the hideous I'm assaulted by the anthems of the lesser Concerned, I squinted through tinted pains of pressure Transcend, backlash, jet black ink bleeds to breath abstract interpose passages Database entries slip through the fingers, you're forgotten A faceless figure shall put among an infinite citizens capital coward branded in the backbones of the stranded As Ace's hungered for upper handed plan strategy: strike force Pays quicken upon asphalt light source sun burst beams A portrait of pillage Multiple put-downs paint burn marks on perception Indulge indefinite challenging chapters never before have human eyes looked upon The unbearable weight Contaminate little thieves Heaves, breath, the last gasp And I last grasp, but trace through your trickery, pinpointed Technique cast on the fresh but it's now thickly anointed, vicious cycle Ya'll spinnin if you tread before you think The center of my web is pen and ink It's the merciless, masquerade merging separate flows of music's martyrs Threw my flag into the ground and claimed your land for starving artists The masquerade merging separate flows of music's martyrs Threw my flag into the ground and claimed your land for starving artists [Sample x8: Freestyle Fellowship - "Heavyweights" from "Innercity Griots"] Style messiah, Hot like a volcano with fire [Sample: Mike Batt - "Zero Zero" from "Zero Zero"] Dear Colleague I am so very sorry that my son has made such an exhibition of himself with your daughter It really does seem quite out of character Although I have to admit it is quite funny Of course he's really got into trouble with his supervisor But I'm afraid he's only got himself to blame It really... [Verse 2:] All I see is little plastic soldiers with little plastic holsters Spit on plastic cultures belittled by sarcastic vulture swarms Warning I'd skip your stepping stones down by the sea shore It's that scarlet welcome carpet that I fiend for My dreams spore schemes each more malicious than the pre-ceding Red skies bleeding acid this is best inspired by your doubt All through flood fire and drowning tied rapidly into humid winds Lucid lens bend sigil spectrum's drippin' shades of rays I prayed for days lacking discolouring [?] Bigots may seems to scare me I dissect voids my friend drawin' cranes with metal flanks [?] Walkers cross Battlestars I travel far my radar flips Eye of the storm following scraping my backbone I try to spring clones leaving em like tendrils, that require, More than a click-click five While figments of malignant spine pleasuring quick to pigment puddles Gathered in gutters Type B-negative whirlpool I swarm fool like you, poetically puncture As still in dreams while empires fall apart He a cyborg killing machine with wires in his heart I'll never know of you Emotion reads close encounters I run The last classic example of a love of mic and sample Trampled pride is resurrected with ample improvement motor movement mandatory Not a question of should I But I passively consumed the role casted by masters of supreme sources Crafted by supreme forces Seemingly dream catcher Aesop Rock computer Hacker! See you lack a dispatch to request back up Collapsing scaffold mad pole crusher russian robot recruits We shoot starving artists 'de trops' and intrude I am waterfall I'm excluding inaudible slaughter calls Venomous survey calibrating mics for lurkin' [Sample x8: Freestyle Fellowship - "Heavyweights" from "Innercity Griots"] Style messiah, Hot like a volcano with fire [Sample: Mike Batt - "Whispering Fools" from "Zero Zero"] This young man is clearly a genetic throwback He seems to be experiencing primeval urges and feelings which frankly Unless we can terminate will contaminate others And threaten entire structure of our society

One Time Freestyle

GETO BOYS "Makin' Trouble"
[ DJ Ready Red ] Yo, Johny C and Box, rock it freestyle, one time [ VERSE 1: Johny C ] The beat is pumpin, party's jumpin, makes you shakin the ground Suckers starin while I'm darin you to try to get down I'm controllin and I'm rollin out on any MC He's not happy, that's a smile full of jealousy Cold crushin and I'm dustin, leavin suckers behind I could never be took, cause what's mine is mine And I'm just realizin, I'm only hypnotizin Girlies are in trance, breakin in cold sweat When I snap my fingers you shall all snap out of it I'm elevated, the greatness I've created And I wanna thank God I finally made it My beat is Uptown, no, I won't trade it Makin big bucks and none's drug-related My DJ's Ready Red, and he could never be imitated So push 'power' and you'll hear the Grand Wizard fade it Yo Box [ VERSE 2: Juxe Box ] The time has come that I serve and you observe You wanna challenge competition, you lack the nerve I'm your destruction and come prior to ya, you gotta accept And I be makin cash money, you a demo cassette With a killer-like motive and a four-wheel drive Keep you punks lined up, everyone will survive I know you steal from other rappers like a rat on the hunt Therefore your rhyme is just ???, so yo, don't front Juke Box the undisputed power house on the scene Representin 5th Ward, not Hollis, Queens But if you know we're from the country, crushin kamikazie You ain't on my mission, break out, see I advise you Break fool and terrorize everything in sight And never scared to book em when you get uptight [ VERSE 3: Johny C ] Now I'm the prince of rhyme, and all of you cry And I'm inspired by the beat and all you suckers who try To defeat the undefeated Johny C has the mind To destroy the wonderboy, and any of mankind Cause I'm never caught slippin, performance is tipped and Like a hoe your ride my jock, I might as well start pimpin Lyrics of destruction, invincible song Runnin from the prince of rap, though I'm King-Kong Cause I'm shakin the nation, tearin down every tank Only once I lost a battle, then I broke the sucker neck It was an MC named (Toy) he was a dumb-ass (boy) Disc Jockey farted as he charged to defeat the McCoy I'm a rhyming rap wizard, rhymes are like venom Bite em, you'll die, and I just say to hell with him Why should I care for you suckers out there Shoot you down in every battle, you still scream unfair! Time for a rumble in this concrete jungle Whiz that take a quiz, shoot you down in one bundle My rhymes are motivating, your body responds With the center party people gettin funky for mine I'm a rapper, I'm through with ya, posse (tug of war) We're confiscating (and raiding) and still the Boys are hardocre Rrrah [ VERSE 4: Juke Box ] Juke Box, the rhyme performer performin a rhyme I'm like the sun, muthafucka, now watch me shine Spread light across the land, cause I'm the man The original party rocker of an Uptown jam You know my style will never fade, you punks get slayed I'm intendin to rock, there's money to be made The undisputed rap pro keepin you on the go Purchase, go buy a ticket to see my show Because I made a lot of cash, we took you fast But now you're jockin the Box and I don't need your dumb ass One time [ Ready Red ] Yo Johny C and Box, man I want y'all to just chill out, man Gimme the mic, man I'ma show you how y'all rock this thing one time, man Y'all know how to rock a Uptown jam Let's me show you what's up here, man You know what I'm sayin? Grand Wizard DJ Red in effect Word, bust this [ VERSE 5: DJ Ready Red ] My home is where I roam, turntable's my peace And in creation is a masterpiece Because my music's my mind, cuttin breaks with rhymes Snappin fingers, clappin hands, shakin behinds Tearin up the place with the beats galore Within my own world, we're no amateurs Because I stayed in my room till my knowledge improved Got busy tryin to catch the groove You know I cut and scratched till I get it right So now I rock a party morning, noon and night You know I be jammin with my musical skill My hands are deadly on the wheels of steel One time Yeah It's the Geto Boys in effect


AMARANTHE "Massive Addictive"
[Spoken:] Resistance is futile Like the sun comes crashing down You will set the world on fire DEEP DOWN, YOU GOT TO KNOW WHY WE PREPARE FOR WAR IT’S VENGEANCE OR SACRIFICE Incapability to hide From the predictable desire TIME’S UP, ALL IN I WILL RISE TO THE TOP [Pre-Refrain:] Going to crush us, put us to sleep, it’s lifting us up As our instincts come alive Got to never give in as we’re falling into the sky THIS TIME GONNA LET US ALL SHINE (ONE MAKES THREE IN THIS CHEMISTRY) [Refrain:] Trinity is the key to feel alive It’s just a shattered world; there right before your eyes BEFORE YOUR EYES You see the will to fight, as we live and die I see the light; it’s trinity TRINITY, unite As I set the sky alight An inescapable empire HEAD’S UP, YOU GOT TO REALISE THAT GLOW YOU SEE FOREVER WILL HAUNT US As we break the chains of might In dependence of the fire GIVE UP, THIS GROUND STERILIZED FOR ALL TIME [Pre-Refrain] [Refrain] [Pre-Refrain] [Refrain]

Skip Town

On the train Watchin' the rainbows (thank you windows) I mean, it's all the same to some But that cityscape makes me numb Walkin' the wire between firewater and water - I'll take the tap Still managed to end up thirsty the day the nursery collapsed In my hand I hold the plumage of a buzzard Somethin' for circlin' nutrition (seems barbaric) I may have just saved your children There's an inborn tendancy tellin' me to grip that sickle The pirate tyrant breathes, feed on your precious little pixels I interviewed the sun, he said the future's lookin' bright I interviewed the rain, he claimed the sun's truly an asshole I'was suposed to interview the snow today but of course he flaked So I let my frigid demeanor teeter and take his vacant place Wheat and beat sprout from the same litter Yet amazingly crafted by seperate scissors I stalk the morbid beaten past splashin' in the cretin blizzard (?) Half my time is herded toward little lost causes Half my time is spent pluggin' these leaky faucets An' I'm here to pose inquiries I'm here to draw a fork in the road and call it the diary of common sheep aspiring Little Billy star lit up the block got the right premise But can't thread the needle without consultin'apprentice present. I don't really know you (I don't) And I dont' really care (I don't) Can't judge a man's dignity by the wattage in his stare Maybe that team's be that vagabond you love to kill (?) But I really ain't got time for the motherfucken guilt. Chorus: I'm gone and I best believe I'm leavin' Pack up my belongings then it's off into the evening Now I haven't exactly been embraced by the populace Set sail upon the seven deadly seas of the annonamous I'm gone, and I best believe I'm leavin' Pack up my belongings then it's off into the evening An' I'm diggin' a tunnel to where the sun'l never shine I've got my book I got my dream I've got myself an' I'll be fine (My time) is the day before the day the earth stood still (My time) is the day before the soldiers fired at will (My time) is the day before the hunter made his kill My time to find a mile before the valley meets the hill I'm an archer Partnered with a farmer's board of appetites (?) Sweetalkin' a rasping down to a mere flashing of badges Prototypic landscape staged every step of my well-oiled collective workhorse with prose and attention festive. Wait. What about the captivator? I am the product of skeleton dancers voice crooked scattered amidst blue fields of firey bliss tricks (?) Where disease applicant activist rattlers, fascinate brave child Where expentant slave smiles at the stick in the painted living God, if I could offer maintenance to fantasies I would I'd place the button in the city square for everyone to push You see my mission's responsibilties range across the board Until I'd rather be a pen than a sword I swim a cold lake, make no mistake, I was not ready Your legendly outta shape, made the company look messy (?) (Sorry, well sorry) Honestly take it or leave it Just let me know so I ain't beggin' forgiveness thoughout the evening. Basic locomotive with a whistle and caboose Tryin'a pull my cargo 'cross the map without a boost Brasher than more ways in ten years sturdy bird construction (?) Help the smokestacks puff until the morn, dream torn Chorus: I'm gone, and I best believe I'm leavin' Packed up my belongings then it's off into the evening I've knocked upon every little door that comes about I'll sweep ya porch if you can spare a couple of breadcrumbs and a couch. I'm gone, and I best believe I'm leavin' Pack up my belongings then it's off into the evening This turning in my sleep is getting old and older still I think I can, I think I can, I think I can, I think I will.


ATMOSPHERE "Overcast!"
[Spoken:] Yo this is dedicated, to this girl that I dated Complicated maze, Complicated maze [Verse 1] At first sighting, only a stranger to my eyes, couldn't keep them off me I'm sure your friend recognized, I didn't care, I had to stare, stood there at attention Not many words mentioned still I felt the thought connection, wanted to sex then Got to know you wanted more, Things got complex when You had a man and wasn't sure My thoughts were pure, Is it gonna be him? Or is gonna be me? Cause that's the way I have to have it Grasped the idea, Ms scribble head Talia Wanted you to feature but your man is screwing up the procedure What is it that you say? I'm on your mind all day But still say you're content, how the situation lay Why you play? Why do you stay? There's something better Know you felt it when you received my first poetic letter Why you fronting? Tell me something Is it that you want your cake and stuff it down your face too? Did I have to chase you? Why oh why do you cry? Instead of afraid of losing me I think that you're confusing me a lot No wait a minute stop, bring that back I missed a page Was it that time of the month or were you going through a phase? [Chorus - repeat 2X] Complicated maze. This phrase fits you perfect Come back in later days. Talk to me when you're certain You're always changing. Never stay the same person Come back in later days. Talk to me when you're certain [Verse 2] Miss Merry weather, the partial, the martial artist of fake imitation love products Now facing you is irritation Know you used to have me placing you on pedestals like a goddess Personality changes, it seemed to me you were the oddest Soon to depart us like red seas by Moses Our friendship's diseased, unfeasible, hopeless No reasonable answers to my question of focus, Caused my tension Nothing made sense when you replied with a tied tongue Said you feared abusiveness, I never swung Why all these excuses miss? What have I done? Figured I had the right kind of lady, yeah maybe it was fun, for you But not for me, I found it quite unamusing You were using me as a bridge just to pass what was left behind Play times for dangerous minds, but why'd it have to be mine? Why'd it have to be mine? [Slug - speaking] Now I'm not really trying to come of abrasive but why you messing with my mans head? I mean I'm spending time trying to keep his mind on rhymes and beats and you're a distraction. I mean you got my man just shook I mean honestly I guess what I'm trying to say is... [Chorus] Virgin torn from sleep, the newborn ([Slug speaking] 'Why are you doing this? See you're too old to be playing games') And it was easy to get too deep, the water was lukewarm Virgin torn from sleep, the newborn ([Slug speaking] 'you wanna come back?') And it was easy to get too deep, the water was lukewarm [Verse 3] Do you know what today is? It's the third anniversary, you came back to flirt with me For certain, you must mistake me for a fool See I know how you are, I see those tricks in you Tried to make amends, there's something new Had problems with your friend, so it's me you always run to Come to, and smell the coffee, go drink the pot with extra caffeine Cause next to acting you win awards for cloudy vision Tired of vision for the what, why and when Will this repetition end, step away and give me oxygen Not interested in talking, say nothing keep walking go bout your away See the colors of these areas have started turning gray See you later goodnight, got no more candles to light Yo its time to move along cause baby something isn't right Still I'm glad I met you, its too bad you screwed it up The only thing I regret is that I didn't get to (fuck) [Chorus] [spoken till finish:] 'I was blind and now I see'

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