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ALI G lyrics

Me Julie

Original and similar lyrics
by Shaggy feat. Ali G A to tha L to tha I to tha juicy J to tha U to tha L I issy, S to tha H to tha A double juicy, y Rude boyz gettin busy. (x2) Rub them off with ya love and affection, This will probably be your protection, Stick it to your heart contention, Anything fo me julie (aight). Now there goes some mmm we make a connection, She heard me voice and get a nipp.....ere.., We be bangin to a shaggy selection, One time for me julie (aight). Julie, u know ur lovin ur truly, From my head down to my gooly, You turn me on wiv ya big babylons. (x2) I need a cure for this thing im feelin, Shaggy needs some sexual healin, I wanna reach and touch tha ceilin, When im knobbin me julie (aight). Me and tha king had a late night dealing, Worst of all its just a piece im stealin, I see ya face and its all over im believin, When im knobbin my julie (aight). Julie, u know me lovin ur truly, From my head down to my gooly, Woman u turn me on wiv ya big babylons. (x2) Hear this shaggy me can rap too (eh yo eh yo eh yo) She was fitter than J Lo, next to you shes just a minger, Fitter than Destiny's Child, well apart from the lead singer , Shes fitter than the spice girls, includin tha ginger, Give it a finger cos me wants to be in yer, They was claimin that our love was wrong,(yeah) The people just stared and said it was too long, (uh) But it ain't a crime to have a 12inch (a wut, dong, dong, dong, dong). Julie, u know me lovin ur truly, From my head down to my gooly, Woman u turn me on wiv ya big babylons. (x2) A to tha L to tha I to tha gizzy, J to tha U to tha L I izzy, S to tha H to tha A double gizzy, Why? Rude boyz get busy. (x2) Julie, u know me lovin ur truly, From my head down to my gooly, Woman u turn me on wiv ya big babylons. (x2)

Long Goodbye

Vendetta Red "White Knuckled Substance"
Winters like a plague I fill the emptiness inside with broken glass Johnny's got his gun and mamma's still cleaning up the blood he's laying in It's the long goodbye All thoughts become a mirror like anguish mimicking me When it's cold here mother I can see my breath on the window And I wonder what you thought of me Don't you turn around and leave me alone Everyone's standinghere but I'm on my own Don't you turn around and leave me alone With my curse casted in chrome It's the long goodbye Trust like a bandage binds your head To the guillotine and I know there's and empty space in your bed Where we used to sleep afraid of waking up dead Rest your weary head tomorrow we'll bury fallen gods in holy ground 15 hours left til the redeemer claims his tax in human sou

Just Not Legal

Frenzal Rhomb
I turn on the T.V. as switch off my head It's almost like bad fiction I have already read, well I think I'll come around and shoot your parents instead. But then I'd go to gaol and I don't like being cooped up inside. I may have lost my self-respect but I've still got my pride. I would steal a car but I don't know how to drive. The common law that binds us and that keepsus in place Is often misconstrued as a god-awful waste And it starts to unwind with a kick in the face. Legal. That's just not. I would take a cricket bat to a jewellery store That's if I had a spine and it was within the law I would give you the keys to the whole shopping mall. I would take a cash machine and run down the street That's if I had some muscles and was quick on my feet I'm afraid it's a fact that I'm inherently weak And that's just not legal. I turn on the T.V. as I switch of my head I wonder should I go out or just rot here in bed or I could burn down a school just to show that I cared Senseless acts of violence are not really my game I'm much too scared of getting caught or even worse-maimed and to swim with no arms well it's just not the same. That's just not legal.

Heart Full Of Sorrow

HOUSE OF PAIN "Truth Crushed To Earth Shall Rise Again"
featuring Guru I say brothers are amused by other brothers reps But theyre all playin' roles just like Omar Epps I see so many players I wonder where the coach is My names Everlast Im hard to kill like roaches The dough that youre making has got you fronting and faking Your hearts been shook your brains cooked like bacon Cant believe youre not butter you thought you was on it Out trying to flaunt it but its just Blue Bonnet And now its my turn kid watch me churn Theres only so many spots theyre had to earn Pack it up pack it in So let me begin Dont make me have to smack your dumb ass into a head spin Youre left in suspense From the aura of my presence Trying to get props under false pretense You wanna say something but youre not sure If Im a dis ya 'cause youre not pure Like the cheap version that gets cut with baking soda If you had game you still couldnt get over I know your crews gotta be crazy weak 'Cause I can judge them by the company they keep Way deep is how I get into this rap thing While youre napping I got your chicks titties flappin' Shes asking for me to hit her off lovely Im a slay all you punks like as if I was the man When you sell out to appeal to the masses You have to go back and enroll in some classes All you curve pieces start shaking your asses All you blunt holders take two pulls and pass it Back in 89 I dropped too much acid Back from Lake Habasoo out to Lake Placid While you busy ragging on the people you blasted Im asking how many days have you fasted [CHORUS] Get up Ill break ya down a little somethin' Im fed up its time to go head huntin' Dead up too many crews be frontin' Im fed up its time to go head huntin' Get up Ill break ya down a little somethin' Im fed up its time to go head huntin' Dead up too many crews be frontin' Im fed up its time to go head huntin' Hey whats that sound dont turn around To your back I got the grey ground Hard for you chumps that act odd The ones faking jacks packing guns acting hard But lets suppose you really had a burner You would still need some lessons on how to hold it firmer Fuck a murder Im a just kill your ego 'Cause we know that you aint really got no people Murdering a prop my man this my homey that You need to get the fuck out my face cause you dont know me Jack Eeny, meeny, miney, moe... I put seeds in your mental and I watch 'em grow Turn on the instrument and then clock my flow Put the dough in my pocket and I rock the show 'Cause I know you and this is how we go Somalaku to the Muslim Shalom to the Hebrew Greed lust envy sloth gluttony pride and wrath do the math These seven deadly sins represent my jinn You scheeming on testing me kid where you been I been told all my life Im my only friend Theres a killer on the road money its the end And you might think that Im a dummy But while youre out at the spot Im home chilling with your honey I kicks flavor Like Steven King I write the horror If you wanna see tomorrow when I lead youre best to follow Or youll be left along the road in the dust And me and you wont have too much to discuss Trust me I be the gifted unlimited Too many of these rappers blowing up because of Guinness kid You aint did the bid you aint never pulled the trigger You battle me I make you stagger more than liquor I get raw Im quickdraw the outlaw I dealt yall Ready to fuck with me so boy you better stop 'Cause Im a beat your ass like your pops ...Get the real estate money and then the props [CHORUS]

Drive-In Saturday

DAVID BOWIE "Aladdin Sane"
Let me put my arms around your head Gee, it's hot, let's go to bed Don't forget to turn on the light Don't laugh babe, it'll be alright Pour me out another phone I'll ring and see if your friends are home Perhaps the strange ones in the dome Can lend us a book we can read up alone And try to get it on like once before When people stared in Jagger's eyes and scored Like the video films we saw [CHORUS] His name was always Buddy And he'd shrug and ask to stay She'd sigh like Twig the Wonder Kid And turn her face away She's uncertain if she likes him But she knows she really loves him It's a crash course for the ravers It's a Drive-in Saturday Jung the foreman prayed at work That neither hands nor limbs would burst It's hard enough to keep formation amid this fall out saturation Cursing at the Astronette 8 Who stands in steel by his cabinet He's crashing out with Sylvian The Bureau Supply for ageing men With snorting head he gazes to the shore Which once had raised a sea that raged no more Like the video films we saw [CHORUS] It's a Drive-in Saturday [repeat]

Ice Cream Time

Racoon "Till Monkeys Fly"
Your skin is getting sun-tanned; I don't want to peel it off today. So pass me the lotion 20, my nose has had enough today. My body, glitter glamour. Upon my towel I slip away. I got to go, I got to go, the sea is calling and The sun is in my head and it's OK It's an ice cream day (3x) Pass me my sunglasses. You sat on yours I still got mine. Just stretch out your right hand. They're in the plastic bag behind. The stereo Motorpsychos, just chilling, it's a holiday. Don't turn 'em off don't turn 'em off just let it play because Their song is in my head and it's OK It's an ice cream day (3x) I sweep my sweaty eyes wide open when she's walking by again. Pamela Anderson look-alikes lay naked in the sand. I quickly turn around to dig a bigger hole for my best friend. Again. Summer lips away too fast again. Again. Well eight more days to make them last. And the sun is in my head and it's OK it's an ice cream day. (3x)

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