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Alexander Heather lyrics - Midsummer

Flesh Against The Thorn

Original and similar lyrics
Out in the wood, there?s a band of small Faeries, if you walk unwary at night- They?re laughing and drinking, and soon you?ll be thinking, that you?d come to join in their light- If they see you, you know they?ll entreat you, to come and join in their small friendly dance- If you do then your soul will go too, you will loose it with no second chance- (chorus) So please come, join, dance in the circle, The voices will make your heart yearn- To please come, join, dance in the circle, But know that you?ll never return- They?ll promise you gold and silver a-plenty, you?ll never be empty of love- Beauty and pleasure, and time at your leisure, all things that you?ve been dreaming of- Success will be yours, through several doors, what ever you wish, you will find you can do- Beware of this prize, as a curse in disguise, since your mortal life soon will be through- (chorus) (bridge) There is a way, as some folk would say, to save you ?til the dawn- Denounce their kind, from your mind, then you?ll find they are gone- Children?s tales, pirate sails, unicorns, dragons, sorcerers too, They?re man conceived, make believe, you know that they aren?t true- And now I must tell, that I?m under their spell, though I know not for how long I?ve been- And I love a man, though I know that I can never ever go see him again- I went to the king, in his wise faerie-ring, I asked him, Oh what do you think I should do? He said, You?ll be fine! , took a large swill of wine, and said, Why don?cha have him join you? (chorus) (chorus)

Well Stay

The moon smiles with his faceless head and you're miles away I turn to find back the words you say to feed the dreams I make Another answer tried to cope Question still remains here Love of a moment took my world away Will I ever be the same? But you see the miles just fades away When I dream of holding you Relieve my breath a peculiar day When time pass us by But we'll stay Yes we'll stay And I wonder as I sit alone See leaves building up a tree I couldn't hear what the moon whispered today But he lives in the sky you make I will dream of holding you There is nothing to lean on but the stars I hope I'll find you Wishing the same When the roads are long But our love is stronger (added by

You Shall See

G. Love And Special Sauce "Yeah, It's That Easy"
You've gone crazy But I don't mind You're gonna wish you never left my side You shall see you should have stayed with me When you come walkin' thru my neighborhood You can only guess our love will be so good You shall see, you were meant for me You got so many plans, but I don't mind I sure can't understand, why you left me behind But when you realize your big mistake You see that you was wrong but you'll be too late Because I'll be long gone, and you will find you Should have never left my side She will cry, banby I don't mind The way that you mistreated me You were so unkind, but when you find You'll wish you could still be mine Now I know the reason why love had me so blind You told me that you care I should have read between lines Well, now tht tables truned You shall see You missed your last change To get with me You got so many plans, but I don't mind I sure can't understand, why you left me behind But when you realize your big mistake You see that you was wrong but you'll be too late Because I'll be long gone, and you will find you Should have never left my side Oh, you come knockin', on my front door You're gonnbe so sad I don't love you no more 'Cause your love is tainted Your love is frustrated Your love is mismated Your love is a river, river run dry You got so many plans, but I don't mind I sure can't understand, why you left me behind But when you realize your big mistake You see that you was wrong but you'll be too late Because I'll be long gone, and you will find you Should have never left my side

Everybody Is A Number One

Aztec Camera "Love"
Words and music by Roddy Frame vocals guitars RODDY FRAME. keyboards ROB MOUNSEY, PETER BECKETT. drum programming JIMMY BRALOWER. drums DAVE WECKI. bass synthesizer ROBBY KILGORE. background vocals TAWATHA AGEE, JILL DELLABATE, RODDY FRAME and DAN HARTMAN. produced by RUSS TITLEMAN. engineered by JOSH ABBEY and ERIC CALVI. Now love is a burning ring At the bottom of our being Done down and disconnected It lies like a sleeping thing Our task is to awaken Our mission it is clear With lips and arms and unity We've overcome our fear Chorus: That day will come When everybody is a number one Until that day Thy never will be done Some boss lickin' guy Who said he was your friend Tried to put me down But I'll still be around And for the people who would try Just to take it apart Let me tell it from the start For the second time Chorus If I was a poet I think I'd throw a stone In anger and confusion I would not be alone Chorus


Ghoti Hook
Once there was a time when I was too naive But that was all changed when you set your eyes on me You claimed you were a freind a harmless little touch But then my life shattered when that touch was too much (chorus) I dont know when I will start to feel again The heart insde of me in pain Oh my memories they burn slowly in my mind It's burning what i have away I wrestle with my thoughts becoming more defiled For now there is a hate where love used to reside Now I cannot find the strength to life my head Where there once was honor lies deprivatiy instead (chorus) One day it will shine again This cloud will be no longer When that day comes I'll know why Because I've been made stronger I'm facing whats ahead by what is in my past A terrible chapter for the writer to have grasped The trials that seem so hard are hard to comprehend I face my life keeping a one eye on the end

Peace, Prosperity And Paper

Chorus: All we want in this life Is peace, prosperity and a little paper Objects that seem greater But I'm sure well over come when we illin on a drum (repeat 2X) Verse One: Q-Tip We in a world that places heavy emphasis on money synthesis Y'all can be my witnesses That a fella fascination with money has grown To the point that he will shit on his own We got to have it y'all, its not a Spike Lee cinematic A piece of paper makin niggaz get dramatic But the money doesnt come automatic Gotta motivate ourselves to go and grab it We got to get it yall, in an orderly fashion Some cats go about it with too much passion We got to mediate our greedy levels Cuz the lust of currency can have us sleepin with the devil Gotta recognize it, realize the power that this little ma-huckin piece of paper will devour Man can be greater than the thing he creates See, I'ma do my thing and see how much I can scrape Yo I'd rather have respect than money, no doubt But listen to me y'all, I want the mass amount That the Sesame Street Dracula cant Count So that I can give my people when that thing surmounts To higher levels.. of being.. so when I'm MC-ing I hope to see you there steady G-ing (say word) But the only way we can truly reach that goal Is finding true inner peace and prospering souls It's like that Chorus Verse Two: Phife Here comes your royal highness, one of Queens finest Believe me, honest, you know you can't stop it Come on son, never leave your mic round me True MC for real ask my man Shaheed Strictly focused on what Im in this rap game for Not for fame and screwing every whore after whore With all that AIDS stuff going round Tell me how that sound Rather hit the studio and hear some beats that pound Now, dont get me wrong I love honeys galore But see hip-hop's my bread butter Cause that's what I get paid for See this is what I wanted Allah helped me to get it And if the beat is wicked You know Malik will rip it From the bottom of my heart Thats where the love starts The love for breakdancing My love for the art And with this love I do hip-hop from the soul A real MC, who never sweats how many copies are sold Yeah I want to go gold, platinum, uh-huh etceteras But why put out some wackness when no one will respect ya Im staying true nuff respect to those that paved the way From Bambaata down to Shah; that be my DJ With out my peeps I dont know how the hell Id make it, word Sometimes I feel that my career is headed for the curb One love for the lendin hand and giving all your help Believing in me when I didnt believe in my own self The Abstract with whom Im always making rugged tunes Kid Hood restin in heaven, I hope to see you soon I keep things hot and this year they're even hotter Big Mu and Shah, one day I'll take my shahada Out Check it out! Back To Search Browse All Lyrics Voting: Rating: 0.0 0 votes Rate this song! A Tribe Called Quest! Vote for A Tribe Called Quest! Other songs by A Tribe Called Quest A Tribe Called Quest CDs

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