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ALESHA DIXON lyrics - The Entertainer

Baddest Chick

Original and similar lyrics
I'm gone so numb Tryna to getcha some couldn't get a crumb You know what I want even when you don't I'm a give it to ya anywhere you want (want) One look, don't stare Give it to me now, yeah yeah yeah You don't give a fuck, I don't really care Put one in the air. [Chorus] Spin my body round, like a merry go Round and round and round Just can't get enough Get it get it up, turn my body on You got what I want. Got a problem You're the antidote Give it to me now "it's ok" Get it get it up turn my body on I got what you need. You're looking at the baddest chick in the building Don't show love and I don't catch feeling Shine all day play all night I can feel you got just what I feel like That's what I feel like (feel like) [x2] That's how I feel (feel like) Just what I feel Like the baddest chick in here's right here. Come here boy crash into my bumper What it do boy, move your body closer Oh (oh oh) give me that (that that) Till my knees get weak and your body drips sweat. Yeah Ain't play no games Rip your whip boy go insane Go go stupid, loco, whatever You already know it's forever. [Chorus] Baddest the sickest No I was never the richest But didn't I streaky the business That you can call me the fittest I'm turning dreams into winnings So I'm determined to finish You're looking at the baddest chick on the scene [Chorus]

No Way Out

PUFF DADDY "Forever"
(feat. Black Rob, Kelly Price) [Chorus] [Kelly] There's no way no way nowhere to go there's no way out There's no way no way nowhere to turn there's no way out [Puff talking over chorus] Yeah yeah uh huh no way out baby. You can't go nowhere ain't got nowhere to turn Yeah yeah ain't no way out. Ugh check this out [Verse 1 (Puff)] Ready to call it quits from all this shit even resign from the niggas I been ballin' with I'm second guessing all this negative energy It's making me realize why niggas really envy me I feel no sympathy it's tight ill plus I get slight chills when I write wills tired of looking at these ugly niggas with ice grills No tellin' what I might feel about my glory 2 sides to every story That's why I pray to God hoping that He reassure me The more the pain the more the game come with this territory I might dispose feelin' like my life been chose All I know in my life lotta ice and hoes when it's on My man there gat in his hand what you do when you got a master plan but half done ran Here's ya chance to prove you love 'em It's on and subbin' so hot it's feeling muggy. Really though. [Chorus] [Puff over chorus] No matter how bad it gets. It could be worse. Ain't no way out I gotta live my life you know. You gave me the ends. No matter how bad it gets there ain't no way out no way out. [Verse 2 (Black Rob)] I feel like this approach me with beef ya done I shoot through pants no chance to pull for ya gun man a lot of y'all cats can't stand that 1 on 1 wind up gettin' embarrassed ain't funny uh huh Despite the bullshit black still here makin' hits down at Chelsea Bea's via partaking flicks No matter what we have to come strapped with our gats We don't want to but y'all make us act like that It's a thousand Bad Boy cats ready to blam you La Familia I steal ya I know how my fam' do man handle tracks that be laced by Nas Rolex watch security straight from the Mosque Yo I'm all on my own G who should I trust Niggas bust B.I.G. now it seems they want us It's like no matter what I do I can't escape it ain't no going around it so I'ma be a man and just face it [Chorus] [Verse 3 (Puff)] It takes heart just to live in these streets you niggas lift the heat take the bitter with the sweet they can't hurt me no more than they already did They killed Big in my heart he forever lives there's no way out like you got Berrettas to my wig we were slugged then another blood shed my ribs uhh Now the question is Will I survive Nigga gotta make it home I gotta still provide And I get the vibe niggas wanna live to try ain't no tellin' what this Bad Boy feel inside Blood hate the sweat pain be intensified I'm feelin' stranded as if I can't hitch a ride Now I tell my seed minimize the genocide plus I'm dangerous so numb I feel painless and you know what you tell them niggas who can't touch you You grab ya nuts and say MUTHAFUCK YOU! you invited got dones be indicted And if you kill me me and Big reunited WHAT NIGGA what nigga what nigga [Chorus over last line]

Kid Inside

Talking: (One time only, [gulp] if you don't get it right this time, tough shit, tough shit, everybody ready, tell me when, say when your rolling here, a one, a two, a one, two, three, die) I press my face to the window I ran my fingers through my hair I watched my life go around in a circle And I realized that no body but me cares And I saw the hurt of my system And I felt the madness of our faults conforming And I walked around your house for hours And I could feel that you had me in some kinda of stranglehold And I don't know why you said those bad things about me Well it must be the way of protecting some kind of crazy pride Yeah you always direct your attention toward others And look you know, it's so easy to see that my wounds have been open wide And you can just kid the kid inside so many times You can just kid the kid till he grabs you by the throat And is choking your young ass blind And you just kid the kid till you're walking on the tightrope in my my mind ?? Yeah, you can just kid the kid inside so many times Well it wasn't funny, no, when I was bleeding all over the table Yeah, now as I recall, hey it wasn't funny at all But you kept on laughing, huh, like it was some kind of party, yea Your always looking to belittle someone to make you feel tall Yea well, it's the same reaction in every situation Do you really think it's so necessary to be so mean Yeah, and it's hard for me to justify my position Yeah, when everything that I'm saying can be said bad about Mr. Springsteen, yea (chorus) Yeah you know Yeah, well I really really am the first to desire you ?? And I feel so badly for his misery ?? Well I'll don't throw five dollars, to get into the kitty ?? And I'll bet my ass that this problem isn't me Now now don't get me wrong wrong Hey now don't you feel sorry, yeah 'Cause there's no one dead or alive that I'd rather be And I've learned to deal with my mortal existence And the moral is, now don't you go believe nothing that you can't see, yeah (chorus) Yeah, and you can just kid the kid inside so many times, yea (Ha ha ha, we'll keep it)

The Rain

MONTELL JORDAN "Montell Jordan"
[Intro] Listen Shh.. You hear that? Can you hear that? Listen Ohh, ohh, ohh Lying in my bedroom next to me Nervous like a child playing hide and seek I never knew how fast that your heart could beat It's like it's your first time But now that your intentions have been revealed You wanna feel what lovers feel There's no need to pretend if you don't know how I'm gonna show you now 1 - Just say what you're feeling Your secret is safe with me Tell me your deepest thoughts Whisper your fantasies My love will never stop I'll kiss you as every drop Of the rain drops down No, you're not dreaming This is reality More than you bargained for All that you'll ever need Everytime you come It's like heaven opens up And the rain comes down First you'll feel all warm and tingly Right before your legs start trembling And you explode, from your head to your toes You're feeling something that you never felt before Together we'll experience the warmth inside Until the very moment that we both arrive You'll scream, shake and cry Feeling so remarkable, it's hard to describe Repeat 1 Yeah, yeah, yeah Making love in the rain Losing ourselves in the storm again Goin' everywhere This is the closest that we'll ever come to heaven Ahh No you're not dreaming Don't be afraid This is the way we're gonna stay No you're not dreaming I'll keep your secret from yourself inside the living (?) Repeat 1 w/ad-libs to fade

Blowing Up

All that I know Is that you're scared in the dark Feeling pressed onto mine is bones intertwined The touch of my lips Will climb down to kiss Your head to your thighs Explosions arise But no one's made me feel the way you do When your body is next to mine [Chorus] This is the sound of my heart Blowing up, blowing up I feel it all building up, building up Yeah my head is spinning My body is screaming out for you, you [x2] We take our sweet time From dust 'till sunrise Your heart is beating out with each single touch Your scream fills the night And this feeling inside You're feeling the love, the lust, The skin on our bones become one Oh, but no one's made me feel the way you do When your body's next to mine [Chorus x2] So when she blows in the door There is a fire in me She really set it off I feel it burning free You got inside of my head It brought me down to my knee You lit the fuse now where's the spark I'm chasing Down the line I hope you're waiting for me [Chorus x3]

You Make Me Feel

JESSIE FARRELL "Good, Bad & Pretty Things"
I had a penny Bent down and laid it on the railroad tracks My heart started poundin' boom boom boom I never knew I could feel like that, yeah Sat on a rooftop Barefoot and dreamin' on a midnight sky Watched shootin' stars goin' zoom zoom zoom And I loved how I felt inside [Chorus] You make me feel like that each time you kiss me My heart stops racin' like a car just missed me Oh, it's the danger it's the rush Takes you to the edge just close enough It's like I'm flyin' You make me feel like that Bought me a ticket Spent the night spinnin' on a carnival ride Watchin' the world going round round round Wanting to stay for the rest of my life [Chorus] Boom Boom Boom, Zoom Zoom Zoom, Round Round Round Boom Boom Boom, Zoom Zoom Zoom, Round Round Round [Chorus] You make me feel like that You make me feel like that Oh yeah You make me feel like that Like that

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