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ALABAMA lyrics - Southern Star

Down On The River

Original and similar lyrics
Down on the river it's an easy kind of life Everybody here's feeling fine No need to worry or get in a hurry Nothing to spend but time Light up a smoke and tell a few jokes And pass the old jug around We're gonna get right on a Saturday night When the sun goes down [Chorus:] Down on the river Down on the river Just some old boys making a lot of noise Down on the river Down on the river Down on the river If anyone calls, tell them we're all Down on the river We'll go fishing by the light of the moon And bait them hooks by hand And early in the morning we'll take them off the line Fry 'em all up in a pan We gotta get home while we still got a job Or we'll have to answer to the man And everybody knows though we gotta go We'll be back again [Chorus]

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