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ALABAMA lyrics - Roll On

I'm Not That Way Anymore

Original and similar lyrics
We used to get crazy every saturday night Drive into town and get feelin right A child of the 60's in 74 But I'm not that way anymore Well I burned the tires, off my Chevrolet Tryin to impress, the girls that I date And I've been a gambler, when I couldn't score But I'm not that way anymore Chorus: I'm not that way anymore Times closin yesterdays door I'm just as happy, as I was before Cause I'm not that way anymore American Bandstand, the Sullivan Show I listen to the Opery, on my ra-D-I-O Well Dick Clarks still lookin, as young as before But I'm not that way anymore Well I swapped my loafers, for cowboy boots Bought me some jeans, gave away all my suits My razor is rusted, my barber is bored Cause I'm not that way anymore Repeat Chorus.. I'm not that way anymore Times closin yesterdays door I'm just as happy as I was before Cause I'm not that way And your not that way We're not that way anymore. Woh yeah yeah

Girl From The Gutter

Kina "Kina"
For all the things you said I never do For all the things you said that were untrue For all the times you made me feel alone Said I'd never make on my own Bridge: Things are lookin' up for me now It seems like Karma's makin' its rounds It's my turn now, won't be held down, no Karma's gonna visit you too You gotta pay for the things you put me through I hope you do I hope you do Yeah Yeah Chorus: I hope your hell is bitter in the magazines And on everypage you see a big picture of me And under every picture a caption should read Not bad for a girl from the gutter like me For all the times you said I got your back For all the times stabbed me there For all the times you tried to hurt my pride For all the pain I held down deep inside (Bridge) I hope you do I hope you do I hope you do Yeah Yeah (Chorus) And It don't make me way to help me feel stronger I know you'll be just think I'm somewhere dyin' inside Oh yeah, what can I say when harm She couldn't take it no longer But I'm right here I'm right here I'm right here (Chorus x2)

God's Been Good To Me

well i can't beleive i'm sittin here today picking on my banjo with a big smile on my face writing new words to an oldschool melodyyeah there ain't no doubt that god's been good to me, well the sun is shining on down in tennessee right now i'm right where i wanna be never felt so loved so peaceful and so free yeah there ain't no doubt tha god's been good to me chorus:cause he put smack dab in the middle of paradise in the heart of the city where my dreams have come alive with everything i have and everything need well there ain't no doubt that god's been good to me this golden road's been long and sometimes i lost my way i've been down some darken detours leaning heavy on my faith but where the devil had me chained lord you love done set me free well there ain't no doubt that god's been good to me (chorus) yeah yeah god's been good to me hallejuia god's been good to me

Odd Job Man

HARRY CHAPIN "Legends of the Lost Found"
Chorus: I give part time help I'm the odd job man I can't do what I want So I do what I can And I'll tell you now So that you will understand You get just what you pay for from the odd job man One day this dude drives in the station And I slide out to the pump And he says, I need some odd jobs done Can you get off from this dump? Well I can always use some extra bread So I nod and take the job When he says Clean up before you come I do not hire slobs Now you can see I'm not no fancy pants But everyone has pride And especially since this lovely lady's Sittin' by his side Still something keeps my trap shut And I nod again Alright And he gooses his Mercedes And he squeals off in the night Chorus Well I find his place next morning It's more a palace than a pad And it kind of makes my pick-up truck Start looking pretty bad But the same lady swings the door back And before one word is said She leads me to his trophy room Where he sits with his stuffed heads He's got this list of jobs for me to do While he's out of town And he says I'm too damn busy boy The way I move around Well I start to figure prices when he says It's time you learned, When you're dealing with a gentleman You get just what you earn Chorus I set to work that weekend And I'm fixin' up some stairs When I feel that someone's watching me And I see SHE'S standing there And she says I like to watch you work You have such supple hands She says Can I help you? and I say Baby you CAN !! Well she looks me in the eyes boys I admit I looked a little lower That's when she starts breathing faster And I start working slower You see when you have a helper With her attitude and grace You start puttin' lots of extra hours Workin' 'round the place Chorus Well a month had too soon come and gone With my odd jobs all done When who should pull up to the pump But the long-lost prodigal son And he says Here's a hundred dollars boy Pulls the bill off from his wad And he starts to hand it over Like a gift come straight from God! I say That's just a buck an hour sir ! He says That's what I pay for jerks Now I admit that almost blew my cool But I staggered back to work You see most times when it's said and done There's justice to this life 'Cause what that man had done to me I'd done to his wife! Chorus

I Don't Mind

Honeydogs "The Honeydogs"
Do you remember me outside your door? I begged and pleaded for you to stay. You wanted a man better than yourself - that's not a man, that's something else (something else) You cut your loses but you may have jumped the gun, you'll be back I know, you've had your fun now CHORUS Well, it's time you took a fall I'm tired of waiting on your call There was a time when i'd give ya anything at all But you wasted my time... Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah I don't mind Well the place is bigger now, I'll get used to it You figure how but there's no use in it There's more room in the bed at night I'm all alone but that's alright (that's alright) CHORUS 2x

Y Not

Def Squad "Def Squad Presents Erick Onasi"
* Erick Sermon (of EPMD) [E] Uh, and you dont stop yeah yeah Uh Huh yeah yeah ha ha [Slick Rick] You know what I'm sayin so I said (rick D) Uh huh, yeah Big Brown uh huh, yeah You ready? [Erick Sermon] Yo, in the Y2K, my chips be micro, unlimited Me and Rick D reap the benefit Cars, girls, jewels, innocent Next year it'll be old, we get rid of it Yeah like that, yeah we knock 'em out the box yo Money's deep like the gold at fort Knox yo Rhyme killer, kill an iller rhyme with no effort At you trick a hole your crew (blao!) You're mad now huh? You can't stand me Now watch when I'm recieving a grammy A Soul Train when I'm getting a Sammy Davis Junior award, fans applaud For me, Erick Onasis, top dog The money folder, I'm like Don King's promoter Ya'll can't see me I'm ariborne type tuskeegee Wicked like the board of Ouija When I step in the door things change Everything stops like ya freeze frame It's mad hot now, Gettin ready to boil (Rick the Ruler!) Me, the MC Grand Royal Chorus: [Erick Sermon] We are, ravishing I, impress C, courageous or careless K, for the Kani's that I got That I rock everyday, and why, why not? [Slick Rick] R, ravishing I, impress C, courageous or careless K, for the Kangol's which I've got That I wear everyday, and why, why not? [Slick Rick] Emotion and hope in the scope When the paw print on the button on my brand new garage door opener Ungh , as the double R rips through the gutter Even 7 Day Advents scream that shit's butter! You best remember who's the skipper Remember who made girl's joint drop so hard it popped the zipper Illusion on no boozin confusion Even ghosts like Ruler I'm scared of you son As I lean and dip, dream might seem a bit odd Light's just turned red turn green for Rick (ya know) On a deagon(?) with the stuff in there blastin Till the signs on the highway start to wop when I pass them (ohhh) Mad boigee funk bed(?) perhaps I fend chrome Almost made another rose have an accident (The Ruler wildin) Ladidadi -?- stylin On his way to see green eyed buddy on the island (Chorus)

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