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ALABAMA lyrics - Pass It On Down

Until It Happens To You

Original and similar lyrics
Jeff Cook/Teddy Gentry/Ronnie Rogers/Greg Fowler, 3:43 I worry all day and I can't go to sleep at night Thinking about baby and wondering who's holding her tight tonight People say I've been a fool too long, too long All my friends still ask me why I keep hanging on and on Chorus: And I say You'll never know until it happens to you You'll never know all that I'm going through Love ain't something that flies away Somebody goes but the feeling stays And you'll never know until it happens to you Saturday's rollin' and everybody's rockin' but me I should go to town but I don't want no company, no, no, no Friends say I should be out having fun with someone I know it's true but if they only knew it's easier said than done Oh yeah Repeat chorus Bridge Friends say I've been a fool too long, much too long They just don't understand why I sit at home all alone by the phone And I say You'll never know until it happens to you You'll never know all that I'm going through You'll never know, oh no You'll never know, whoa You'll never know until it happens to you

No Disturb Sign

(spoken) Mmm, I think I'm gonna have to call in sick Yeah...hey Mr. Supervisor, I think I'm gonna have to call in sick na na na na... Can't leave my woman like this... oooh... If there's one thing I can't stand, its leaving you so early in the morning. This nine to five I have is surley getting to me for the third time I think I'm gonna have to call in sick If I leave you now I'll be loosing my mind, my mind. Chorus Hope we never get tired, and I never have to go to work, no one knocking on the door disrespecting the no disturb sign. No baby crying, no horn blowing just the whisper of our voices all day long na na na na baby A man who don't sweet treat his woman surley wasting a lot of time, she might not say it but she needs tenderness in her life. When I look in your eyes baby, I see clear as a warning sign, I gotta take some more time off and give you extra love na na na na hope you like it. (chorus) Oooh won't you come a little closer.. thats it my orenge juice, reach over and hold me baby, just like that just like that, we're gonna be making love, all through the day time (hope you like it baby) (Chorus) Whispering sweet, sweet prayers of love... (Chorus x 2) All day long, all day long now, all day long

Paid My Dues

Ammo Poetic
*Yogi B* Oh baby bring it on, Poetic Ammo for the 2G Landslyde, Point Blanc, C.Loco, Yogi B, Mad Stacz word up Chorus *Yogi B* The price I pay for the life I choose I'm ahead of my time, don't you know that, win or lose In it for the love and don't you confuse Money, fame and honeys cos I paid my dues *Yogi B* I'm above it all money, politics, confrontation Don't you know that my ammunition be poetic Some forget it, bringin' on static I take em' all out, the undisputed Subsonic Supreme, now hear the ladies scream Honeys be like butter so I turn em' to cream Mad love, nationwide everytime I ride Ammo fans keepin' me feelin' good inside So I destroy anyone who come tested Cos I had enough of my development arrested Now ya bloodsuckers gonna feel my stake Cos all I wanted was my piece of the cake, son! (Too much of sacrifice in this game) *Landslyde* Transcendence, when I preach my rhyme with this sentence You don't wanna mess with Landslyde I got vengeance Endorsements I be running fast with my horsemen Now I got bills and it's time for me flossin' HUH! I'm talkin' 'bout my long term glory Whut! Secured myself my inventory I would not wanna be in your shoes if it is you Wannabes faking the slang you be a fool Cos you be thinkin' I'll be gone without a notice It's bogus, cos I be still around like George Lucas The colour notes, floats the currency controls The name, achievement the status unfolds Chorus x2 Break *Yogi B* Pretty boy, me know for a long long time now You ought to go for yours but you want to go for mine All your life you find hard to define How we get em' up, hit em' up and be uh, so superfine *Point* I drop the deadly wordplay strikes ya' at your ventricular Magnetic decibels bursting through them molecular Structure, False prophets' rapture, Non-believers fracture, credibility I'm a capture Stormbringer the second coming I'm a reign supreme Prime directives makin' cream, the masses scream Theoretical, individual, arch-rival Spittin' venomous rhymes shit be homicidal Camouflage, Mafioso fam livin' large Entourage, elusive sight makes mirage Progressive inclination to a higher state equals troubleshooting If you smell what Avatar's cookin'! Chorus 2x (Sacrifices, you make sacrifices) *C.Loco* You be expendable, use and abuse you're deletable Drag your icon to the trash click you're minimal Virtually non-existent social outcast Like unknown and ugly mutants scream no contest Nevermind me as I take what you got Leftover personality you're lame no matter what What you're thinkin', I ain't easy to understand My brain matter complex in command My Ammo, livin' large update my motto Just follow, a day at a time never so slow You don't know, visually engaging cos I'm Loco You're so so, try to diss me is a no no Chorus 2x (You can't understand us 3x you don't understand us)

Take Me, I'll Follow

Caldwell Bobby
Tired of feeling all by myself Being so different From everyone else Somehow you knew I needed your help Be my friend forever I never found My star in the night Feeling my dream was Far from my sight You came along and I saw the light We'll be friends forever CHORUS: I can't face the Thought of you leaving So take me along I swear I'll be strong (If/when) you take me Wherever you go I wanna learn the things That you know Now that you Made me believe I want you to take me 'Cause I long to be able To see the things That you see know that whatever you do I'll follow you Somebody must have Sent you to me What do I have You could possibly need All I can give is my guarantee We'll be friends forever Repeat chorus Teach me more in Each passing hour By your side I know I will cower Is it true that You have the power To capture this moment in time Take me wherever you go I wanna learn the things That you know Now that you made me believe I want you to take me 'Cause I long to be able To see the things That you see Know that Whatever you do I'll follow you

Give It To Me

Big Daddy Kane "Looks Like a Job For..."
[Big Daddy Kane] Ready willin and able Here comes the new modern day Dark Gable On the mattress and on the boxsprings Girls, they wanna sport me like bamboo earrings The go-getter, the skins-hitter And if your girl says she met me.. I probably did her Word up, the sex super stud I jump your bones like ten Crips against one Blood (NASTY!) The N-A-S-T-Y Ready for action if you wanna see why So come on, and let's do this As I, tiptoe through your tu-lips Like Moses, I part them legs like the Red Sea And then I plant somethin deadly Poundin and poundin, is how I'm servin this Makin it look like, your bed is goin through turbulence Lots of lust, between the two of us The sign on my Jimmy says, Kidney's or bust, so I shove deeper than the voice of Barry to make you hit high notes like Mariah Carey It's like a Morris Day jerkout to put you in more positions than a Jane Fonda workout I'm ready to tear down walls You say let's chill, but to hell with that, I'm not Aaron Hall, so.. Chorus: repeat 4X Give it to me, give it to me * sample of Q-Tip going uh, uhh, uh, uhh from _Check the Rhyme_ * (Give it here.. - gt; 4X) [Big Daddy Kane] I paid the cost to be the boss like with that HIV rumor they tried to toss But I'm so good with the women that if I ever caught AIDS a woman doctor'd find a cure just so she could get laid So never fear my dear, just come on over here I practice safe sex, with girls I lay next In other words, the J-hat's on the head Cause I'm too sexy for AIDS like Right Said Fred So can touch you there, hah Hah I like to take my, time, whenever, I'm massagin my fingers through a girl -- ooh-wee I leave her wet, just like her beaver had a jheri curl Then I begin to hit those skins So baby doll, let let me in * sample of Q-Tip going uh, uhh, uh, uhh from _Check the Rhyme_ * And if you're the slight bit tight from virginity.. .. vaseline on me! Chorus: repeat 4X Give it to me, give it to me * sample of Q-Tip going uh, uhh, uh, uhh from _Check the Rhyme_ * (Give it here.. - gt; 4X) [sample of a sex scene from a movie] [Big Daddy Kane] Just another pervert that loves to flirt with a skirt so at a concert girls stay alert Cause I be hoppin on em just like a frog I run through, a Luke video, like it's a smorgasboard I start sweatin, my back gets to humpin then I thump and I thump and I thump and I thump I don't carry a gun but I'm packin somethin lethal One of the last she-BOINKIN people So come on Miss Thing don't front You got me on a hunt, and you know what I want, that, U-S-S-Y, wait, that's not the way, oh Pass the P's like they used to say! And when I give you this fat one You gotta guard your grill.. honey nonononononono, not that one.. Because I give girls the grand slam I'm like a radio station: CONTINOUS JAMS Chorus: repeat 8X Give it to me, give it to me * sample of Q-Tip going uh, uhh, uh, uhh from _Check the Rhyme_ *

Back Home

I'd be alone again A thousand voices call to me A cry that splits the night Woke up a soul inside My memory I chose to walk along To search and find my destiny So many lonesome roads Keep me away from where I long to be I lie awake and see a cold and empty room I sit alone and think of places I once knew Of friends that I had loved and left behind Oh how could I have been so blind (Chorus) Back home Where all the love is that I need Where my family waits for me Back home Back home I close my eyes and I would see Where the river meets the sea Back home There is no better place than home to me My home is where I find my destiny Instrumental I'm going home again And I just can't wait to see Old folks that I have missed A mother's tender kiss So soft, so sweet I'll hold her in my arms Like I'd never left my home My families my home Now I'll tell them that I miss them so I know I've been away so very long That I hurt you when I left and I was wrong And I see that home is where my heart belongs So hang on heart cause here I come Chorus X 2 Back Home

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