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ALABAMA lyrics - Pass It On Down

Starting Tonight

Original and similar lyrics
Teddy Gentry/S. Alan Taylor/John Jarrard/Greg Fowler, 3:14 If I could design forever I'd put you and me together each night Together each night The best I can do is promise I'll love you true and honest and right I'll love you right Chorus: Starting tonight and from now on I will be yours and yours alone Dependable and strong A rock by your side I'll be beside you through the stom You'll have a fire to keep you warm Not just for now but from now on Starting tonight Ifa man ever loved a woman Then surely this is the moment for me The moment for me I've never known a feeling So deep so real as being with you As being with you Repeat chorus

Silver Wings And Golden Rings

CHER "I'd Rather Believe In You"
It was Friday night And both of us were lonely We seemed to meet as lonely people do I filled that empty space till Monday morning I never meant ton fall in love with you Came right out and told me About your wife back home in Houston You were just in town on business You never tried to lead me on Time had seemed just fine Simply love you for the moment Heaven help me time ran out Now the moment's gone [Chorus:] Silver wings and golden rings Are taking you today And I'll be dying on the ground While you are flying away Silver wings and golden rings Are shinning on and on While the only love I've ever known is gone You made me feel like I was something special The way no other man ever done And I knew last night Would have to last forever It's just no way of holding back the sun And now I guess it's time for me To drive you to the airport Hold back all my tears Tell you it's been nice If you come back to town again Know I love to see you Remember I'm not strong enough To let go of you twice [Chorus x2]

Love You So

Cardan - talking through chorus) You know I loved you right I never, I never knew girl, you see You know the pain right, you can feel my pain right? Uh, to the gateway, now check it out, yo (Chorus) Ooh, I loved you so But why I loved you, I'll never know Ooh, the pain you put me through You know you've killed, now I lust for you (Cardan) Now since I've came in the game, money and fame, I love it But whoever thought I'd wake up one mornin with no budget It's Cardi the golden kid with that older shit I live, learn, learn to live, the older I get And I remember Thursdays, hungry Thursdays 'Bout sixteen, seventee, um, Murphy age But this rap game I love it, it's like I'm married to it I proposed on Clue?, she said I'd be happy to do it Gave her a kiss, mmmwwhha, she gave me fifty G's Silly Cardi I spent it, now Cardi on his knees Now I'm livin reality, a Biggie Smalls theme Askin for one more chance to show her what I really mean She said, you done seen a lotta things baby bro' Even best friends turned and take out videos I got with the 'tics, EI, still no deal 'Til Sugar said 'chill baby, everything is Fo' Reel' C'mon (Chorus) (Ali - talking through chorus) Yeah, loved y'all punk ass nigga, showed y'all love Never know that shit How the fuck you gon' drop a group, and the got the number one shit on the radio? Dumb ass nigga, look at us now, Fo' Reel nigga, Fo' Reel (Kyjuan) Nineteen-ninety-six! (hurry up, sign right here), let's sign these papers So we can get these papers and give these hoes the vapors Double-dumb entertainment dropped 'Gimme What You Got' Off top, 'tics hot, even sent you a shot (Double-dumb nine sevennnnnnnn!) Didn't want Nelly on it, said his verse didn't fit Some ol' seperatin shit, ten percent ass bitch Whole town love us, no one is above us Treated you, no talent, knowin niggas like brothas No street team, no promotion Just woof tickets, raw fuckin, no lotion One year later you decide to drop an EP At the same time drop us, that confuse me So like a bastard child, we on our own Put out and left alone, y'all wont answer the phone It took a little time, but we got it ourself Five million records later, now y'all askin for wealth (One, two, three, four, five), nigga please (Chorus) (Murphy Lee - talking during chorus) You know what I'm sayin, life is crazy, you know what I'm sayin You got choices in life But bro' when you make 'em, you gotta make 'em and make 'em right And if you ain't makin 'em right it's just crazy You ain't got nobody else to blame, nobody but yourself You know what I'm sayin, mad truth to that (Murphy Lee) Let me pretend that I'm a lawyer and explain the situation Facin three-to-one five across state, humiliation St. Louis set it off, phone calls was long distance (Ay yo, it's four birdies in Houston), c'mon, send some one to get 'em Who would do it for a grand? Eighteen, only thing on our mind was that killer money From Missouri to the T-E-X, A-S Two cats strapped it tight, right up under her chest One-way trip on Southwest but she didn't make it that far Metal detectors went bizarre, one-way trip to the car Your honor, she got a baby that'll drive my granny crazy A long distance lawyer that keep on tellin us 'maybe' And we all raise her baby, takin curr (care) of her daily This law shit is crazy, never cease to amaze me It's different from the eighties, ninety-five to lately They givin out time like dogs givin out rabies (Free City) (Chorus)

Pink Lemonade

DA BRAT "Unrestricted"
Chorus: Cool, refreshing cool, (ooh ooh) It taste best with you Add that sugar baby in my pink lemonade [Da Brat] If ya thirstay I could possibly slide down your throat If you work may let's say we skip the foreplay Picture me kicking in the doorway to set off the storay Negligée hot tip of the knockers stay brick like rocks Figure if you drop ice here I don't stop Cuz its twice as nice when its frosted up Sweetness like this could never cost enough With a so so twist try this stuff Mouth watering love succulent to all taste buds Must of been us you was dreaming of the crush I breeve on 'em and make 'em feel the lust Then jiggle the lemons a little so they feen to touch Cream to us say nuh thing to us scared Premium pink stuff and swing with us sweetened it up To it make you wanna say ooh its cool Chorus: say 2x [Da Brat] I'm weighed in at one tree five a big gulp size Seven eleven can't satisfy your appetite all night JD and I planned it to be dickable so its alright You can come and escapade in my escalade Lay me flat on my back and slurp away I get action in a Bentley with no brains Just pure satisfaction cracking with no cain I came for the thrill of it I ain't looking for real love Just the feel of it After just one taste you still bugging Da black cat make you wanna handle business Until the pleasure principle kick it it If you hit this I'll make you tell your wife and your mistress To leave town cuz they been evicted Hit up a record store pick up Brat and get addicted Chorus: say 2x [Da Brat] A thirst quenching mouth watering concoction Your only option drink to ya pink why stop it One think its refreshing isn't it the best when you sipping it Heaven sake honey buns built for dipping in Money come quicker than a two minute brother That concentrate on stiffin' when he love it Stick when too dry so keep sturring It still be the sweet even if it turn syrup Hurry up and get a cup full cop fills and get' cha cap peeled back Rash a little rat first smash went classic Even with my homies hlep on the west you wack Sincerely Brat where my girls at We stick together in the rain batches of pink lemonade bringing da pain Any day and every minute make you wanna get up in it cuz its just that cool Chorus: say 4x


JA RULE "Pain Is Love"
(feat. Missy Elliott, Tweet) [Ja Rule] C'mon, let's get Pop in love I know you pop-u-lar Admitted the club But I just wanna toss you up Before I Swallow you whole I need to wash it down Tell your girls Avion indulge you to hang out +Intoxicate me+ Free your mind Free my mind Freak all night It's evident When two worlds collide Your twice as hot Wet through The new extras Get you by in life High on life I wonder what Life would be like If no more Women were dykes And trick hard at low prices It's a cold, cold world (Yeah) How do we relieve that stress (Ex) You know Pop them thangs To get extra horny baby girl You on one You can't ignore me Rule and Missy-E How you love that With I-G It's Murda I-N-C, nigga [Hook (Tweet)] Hey (Hey boy) Get me high tonight Take me away (Take me) Come inside my world Come ectasy (Ectasy) Let me show you love Between you and me Let me love you boy [Missy Elliot] You want freak I love a lot of excitement I excite men I make 'em dirty and trifling I, been known to leave 'em frightening Stifling all in love By the end of the night And I, want a big 'Don John' To pop a few woodies And make the john last long Ex, now you can serve that Cuz no doubt it's murda Ya heard that [Hook] [Ja-Rule] Now that you got my feeling High to Heaven, knows Tight as the pussy holes So, Lord knows It stick to your ex-o Them hoes To freak shows [Tweet] You know how it goes Comin out of my clothes [Missy Elliot] I'm coming outta my clothes You better, dick me down Then uh, turn me round Then uh, lay me down Cuz uh, You got me high a kite (Ja-Rule) Yo, I scream your name tonight [Tweet x2] You got me high as a kite Feel like doing something freaky tonight When I think about you and me Feels good when your sexing me [Hook]


Doug E. Fresh The Get Fresh Crew "The World's Greatest Entertainer"
Come on baby why you cryin'?He hit you? Who done it?Your boyfriend? That chicken McNugget? That Box Head kd that don't know how to act? Instead os that Chicken McNugget you know what you need? You know what you need baby? You need a value pack..... So won't you cut that zero Get with this hero Just say yes I don't want to hear no no's 'Cause that's not the way it goes And I'll take you to every Get Fresh show I'll greet you like are supposed to be greeted Treat you like you supposed to be treated Hold you tight when I know that you need it And I would never act conceited Even if I drove a brand new car And ate high priced food like caviar I would stay the same and never change my name Or put you through those love sick games Because a woman like you is hard to find Not just in the body also in the mind We fit together like pants and a pocket When we make love its like a plug in a socket Pushing more power than a thousand volts And if you fall in love it ain't my falt so baby.... (chorus)(x2) Cut that zero And get with this hero Just say yes I don't want to hear no no's 'Cause that's not the way it goes And I'll take you to every Get Fresh show Ho,ho,ho baby,baby Well I like me a girl that makes me laugh And wash my back when I'm taking a bath And massage my shoulders when thay hurt And at night go to sleep in my tee shirt And have our pictures hangun' on the walls And a room full of I love you dolls And be there when I get that feelin for some Sexual healin (chorus)(x2) Now when I'm with a girl I'm very direct And she knows of hand that I need respect And I could tell by her eyes when she needs love That's when I put up E.Fresh and just be Doug And treat you gentle,physical and mental No love we share will be experimental Your lips on me My arms around you Ain't nothing in the world that we can't do Now a movie is groovie,a date is great But a real good time only lasts past eight And it's fun when I'm chillin' with you And I could never throw away what we've been through And what I think I'm really tryin' to say is What I think I'm really tryin' to say is What I think I'm really tryin' to say is I'm with you all the way (chorus)

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