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ALABAMA lyrics - Pass It On Down

Jukebox In My Mind

Original and similar lyrics
Dave Gibson/Ronnie Rogers, 3:39 Chorus: In the corner of my mind stands a jukebox It's playing all my favorite memories One by one they take me back To the days when you were mine And I can't stop this jukebox in my mind I don't need no quarters Don't need any dimes You filled it up forever When you said goodbye Heaven knows I love old melodies They were meant to ease the pain But the kind that's playing on my mind Are driving me insane Repeat chorus Song by song those melodies Were meant to ease the pain But the kind that's playing on my mind Are driving me insane Repeat chorus Tag No I can't stop this jukebox in my mind Repeat chorus

Heart Like The Sun

(with Lulu) Do me a favor and listen up, Cause yeah, I know just what to say, I'm not one to preach, Why wait for tomorrow when you've got today? Long time since I've seen ya, Never thought I'd feel like this again, Funny how you seem to forget about the things that you do, and the words that you say... Chorus :- I'm only someone, I'm only me, And I'll be your someone for eternity, I got a heart, heart like the sun, Burns on and on, fueled by your lovin', yeah, And in this heart, heart like the sun, There is no one, no one else for me but you, babe... So take it to your heart, but remember it well, I guess by now you can surely tell, You're still in my mind, you're still in my heart, I need to know we can love, start... Lovin' you again like I did before I realise, You need some time but I don't mind waiting, Ooh... (repeat chorus) Where ever the sun is, baby it is roarin' at you, Whenever the storm is blowing, I'll pull you through, You'll never need to ask for forgiveness from me, I'll be the refuge for your lonely soul, babe, when you're lost at sea... (repeat chorus to fade)

Hook Machine

Emm Gryner
I left my heavy guitars in Maidenhead Instead of yelling and screaming I put it all Where no one sees it And sometimes I say to my brother You'll do just fine I need a rocket and you need time CHORUS One for the big mind Cause I know you need to dance to something Or sing it on your way home One for the big mind Cause I wouldn't want to disappoint You mean so much to me And you do Full grown man's gonna reunite his band If he can But all of that money in his shoe can't make him 22 Or half as cool I say to my animal and all her lives I could use seven or eight if you don't mind CHORUS Did I write a big enough Write a big enough chorus for you You don't know a thing about Know a thing about getting down when you're up In your skyscraper Copy-cat of a girl won't phone me back How about that Too busy I bet She's sick of being a sheep but I wish her well And I can tell I'm gonna make Castor a bigger star Than he ever thought he'd never get so far CHORUS (2x)

So Afraid

Sylver "Little Things"
Verse 1: As you look in his eyes The shame looks with you Like a stain on your soul Whatever you do Verse 2: And he tries to deny Doubt in his mind To keep you by his side He'd rather be blind Verse 3: Tell me all of your dreams Your hopes and your fears Let me walk through your mind And dry all your tears Chorus: So afraid of yourself Afraid of the day When you have to decide To go your own way Repeat Chorus Repeat Verse 1 Repeat Verse 2 Repeat Verse 3 Repeat Chorus 4x Bridge: On the verge of destruction You're cursing the wreckage of your weak heart Repeat Bridge Repeat Chorus 4x


The world seems not the same, though I know nothing has changed. It's all my state of mind, I can't leave it all behind. I have stand up to be stronger. Chorus: I have to try to break free from the thoughts in my mind. Use the time that I have, I can't say goodbye, have to make it right. Have to fight, cause I know in the end it's worthwhile. that the pain that I feel slowly fades away. It will be alright. I know, should realise time is precious, it is worthwhile. Despite how I feel inside, have to trust it will de allright. Have to stand up to be stronger. Repeat chorus Oh, this night is too long. I have no strength to go on. No more pain, I'm floating away. Through the mist I see the face of an angel, who calls my name. I remember you're the reason I have to stay. Repeat chorus

He Was In Heaven Before He Died

JOHN PRINE "Common Sense"
There's a rainbow of babies Draped over the graveyard Where all the dead sailors Wait for their brides And the cold bitter snow Has strangled each grassblade Where the salt from their tears Washed out with the tide Chorus And I smiled on the Wabash The last time I passed it Yes I gave her a wink From the passenger side And my foot fell asleep As I swallowed my candy Knowing he was in heaven Before he died Now the harbor's on fire With the dreams and desires Of a thousand young poets Who failed 'cause they tried For a rhyme without reason Floats down to the bottom Where the scavengers eat 'em And wash in with the tide Repeat Chorus: The sun can play tricks With your eyes on the highway The moon can lay sideways Till the ocean stands still But a person can't tell His best friend he loves him Till time has stopped breathing You're alone on the hill Repeat Chorus:

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