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ALABAMA lyrics

Born Country

Original and similar lyrics
Clear creeks Cool mountian mornins' Honest work out in the field Corn bread, In my mommas kitchen Daddy sayin grace before the meal Family ties run deep in this land And im never very far from what i am (chorus) i was born country And thats what ill always be like the rivers and the woodlands wild an free i got a hundred years of down home runnin through my blood i was born country and this country is what i love Moonlight and you here beside me crickets seranadin in the yard What more could two people ask for layin here in love beneath the stars now this is where i wanna raise my kids just the way my mom and daddy did (chorus) (chorus) I was born country.......fade out to end

After All

BOB CARLISLE "Left Behind: The Movie Soundtrack"
I stumble to the mirror Say everything's all right But the man in the mirror Never lies The aged face I see Staring back at me Shows the years Shows the miles Now I'm no perfect husband But I do so love my wife And my kids are the greatest gift I know But some times when I'm alone I still wrestle with my soul And start feeling out of place Like a lost boy Trying to get back home Chorus: After all The heartache and the pain All the bridges I have crossed And the ones I've left in flames After all The sorrow and regret All the times I turned away When you called You still love me After all The story of my life I keep hidden deep inside Like a book collecting dust Upon a shelf But it's there inside of me That man that no one sees The one that falls apart But I'm strong enough To never let it show Chorus Now I don't pretend to know Why the truth has been so slow To go the distance From my head down to my heart I know the journey's not that great But for all the time it takes I'd swear that we were worlds apart Chorus

Love One Another

Amber "Amber"
Chorus: Love one another, sisters and brothers Love one another Love one another, father and mother Love one another Everybody needs a little tenderness Everybody needs a release From the cell they lock themselves in Love is the only peace Everybody needs, everybody cries Everybody bleeds, everybody dies Everybody dreams, everybody wakes Everybody makes mistakes Chorus (1x) One boy is born in Bethlehem One girl in Amsterdam (kingdoms to death) One boy is born in Gambia One girl in Vietnam Everybody black, everybody white We are all the same, if we look inside Knowing what we know, why do we still fight? Time for us to see the light Chorus (1x) Love one another Love one another We were given a world so beautiful A deep ocean, a blue, blue sky No mother or father should live to see A war where children die Chorus (to fade) Baby, baby You've got to give You've got to love You've got to give You've got to love (repeat to fade)


HAYSTAK "Car Fulla White Boys"
We gonna break this down and roll a blunt YEAH ( Verse 1 ) Since the seventh grade I was told I would never excel Hopeless, I would either be dead or in jail Destined to fail But I done came to far to turn back Just poor white trash from the wrong side of the tracks I learned to add and subtract And I never went back To that lil' school I had been sent to Find some shit I could get in to Been through more by the time I was eighteen Then most people go through before they thirty I'm from the motherfucking dirty ( dirtyyy ) Trouble-maker, hard-headed motherfucker In one ear and out the other I got a brother named bubba Different daddy same mother Remind me of when I was younger lil' bad motherfucker My told me son it's time to settle down Momma your baby's a player and I get around I be up all night gone on that Hennessey and weed The only thing that helped me deal with all this jealousy and greed ( Chorus ) If I had a dollar for all of y'all That wanna see me in my grave I could just pack up and move away And spend the rest of my days getting paid If I had a dime for every time Somebody tried to insult my game I'd be in the islands doing fine Counting money sipping some champaign ( Verse 2 ) Wooo, inhale the weed smoke, ease my tension I was a bad boy, in and out of juvenile detention I grew up making bargains to get back on the streets I concentrated on paper just to get back on my feet I'm money minded, saw my people progress Paranoid, I'm underneath a bullet proof vest Staying stressed, peeping out the curtains knowing death is certain I know them killers is lurking Ha, Ha, Smirking when I ride by they broke ass I aint stunting 'em, cause they aint making no cash I'm gonna let them royalty checks accumulate We so good with it there's nothing you can do but hate ( Chorus ) Repeat 1 ( Verse 3 ) Whooo I gotta be thinking I'm get my ass killed Filled with strap kneel Cause over the passed years it's bad here in Nashville This one's for the homies that lost they life up on the battle field Way before the record deals we pack steal, that's real Dropped a CD at every jackhead club Out to get me thinking I'm a million dollar motherfucker But at night I can't sleep, I toss and turn Visions of Benz's be bought and money being burned I might not hit the billboard but I'm keeping it crunk And I get much love in Beechwood and lil Will's trunk you know no eastcoast to westcoast may not see that I get big love where I be at, Bitch believe that So many setbacks I got to try to overcome I take another sip of liquor just to keep me numb I know these haters love to catch me straight buck me and laugh While that AK 47 shell cut me in half Yeah, then you woke up you hater Why don't you do something with your life Get money boy, get up off yo ass Stop hating on me and mine and get ya own That's what the hell you need to do Bring the hook back boy ( Chorus ) If I had a dollar for all of y'all That wanna see me in my grave I could just pack up and move away And spend the rest of my days getting paid If I had a dime for everytime One of y'all tried to insult my game I would just... ( Haystak ) First thing you know, Stak'll be a millionaire What couldn't I do if I had that ( ha, ha, ha, ha ha )

Real Thugs

-Girl-Chorus- I gotta real thug/ Someone who cares for me, who'll ride for me/ It's real love/ Baby I got ya back, exclusively/ Real thug, from the hood, no matter where we be/ I'll feel ya, its what you call a ghetto love story -2pac- (As long as one of us got it. Stay down for me.) Now we been kickin it for quite some time/ Remain beside me through my trials in this life of crime/ We done fought so many times, I forgot to count/ I never hit you not a coward/ Rather leave your house/ Remember back in Decemeber when we was tight? Sippin Alize and Crystal, whillin everynight in my bedroom/ Promise that I commit to you soon, tongue kiss me everytime you see me step inside a room/ (Straight out the hood) We promise to be good to eachother/ Plus I love ya, so I know you gon make a good mother/ Just try to understand if I change in time/ It's only cause I never owned anything thats mine/ So I'm trying, you can stay with my momma, but keep the drama to a low/ Never call the police, I never call you 'Bitch' or 'Hoe'/ We were all born hungry in this world alone/ Finally moved out my Mom's House -Chorus- -Bizzy Bone- And now we livin' in a mini-mansion on the water/ Your man is 'The Man' and we 'bout to have a daughter/ So once your stomach bubble, you'll get a little thicker/ Your still the sexiest woman I've ever seen, nigga/ Sippin' liquor like I always do, run, might slip, pass out/ But I'm the only one who truly love you/ Yo' Momma hurt me, your Daddy ain't around/ My Momma love you, damn, ain't my Momma down? I trust you so much we got the same bank account/ It's just some ghetto love, what 'cha thinkin' about? Ain't this the subject that we singin' about, let me get back to this bar/ So I can tell ya what I'm drinkin' about/ We bought the first Porsche and the 7th Benz, and we gon' get a Bentley when we go platinum/ We got it together and weathered the storm/ Boo Boo, I love you/ My word is my bond -Chorus- -2pac- Born through hard times ghetto child of mine/ I wonder if you have to suffer for your father's crimes/ To be honest it's a hard road/ Just keep your faith in God, knowin' you'll scarred though/ Look at him walkin' and talkin/ A little child with my eyes and mouth/ Father, watch over little seeds, help me guide them out/ Had to change my whole lifestyle/ Married my baby's momma, made her my wife now/ I'm tryin hard yall

American Hearts

AIR SUPPLY "Lost In Love"
They were married in September back in 1969 They traveled east to India to find some peace of mind They stood for love and freedom They were children of their time, wo wo They lived in a world that was cold and uncaring They swore they would change it with love and sharing They never lived like their parents had done Their innocence shone like the sun (Chorus) American hearts, so filled with emotion American hearts, so easily broken Now they've got a family and a cottage in the hills He's always working late to pay the mortgage and the bills And she has trouble sleeping so the doctor gives her pills, wo wo Who are these strangers who used to be lovers? Now they've got nothing to say to each other Too far apart to discuss their mistakes They fought with divorce and it breaks their (Chorus) Now that it's over, they each go on living Never forgetting but somehow forgiving They'll care for their children Protect them with pride And that's how the dream will survive in (Repeat Chorus)

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