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ALABAMA lyrics - Mountain Music

Words At Twenty Paces

Original and similar lyrics
Words and Music by Hugh Moffatt Just like a western movie, a challenge has been made. A shot was fired in anger, and pride stepped off the train. Won't we ever stop this killin', me and you, till our hearts are up on Boot Hill and there's nothing we can do? Chorus: Words at twenty paces, anger at high noon. This house ain't big enough for both of us. It's comin' soon. We'll finish off our happiness and run hope out of town. With words at twenty paces, Lord, it's love we're gunnin' down. Bridge: How did we ever lose the dreams we used to share, the gentle touch, the words of love, the way we used to care? Sometimes you words cut like a bullet in my side. Oh, which is more important, wounded hearts or wounded pride? I've got my ammunition. I know you've got yours too. We know each other's weakness; Lord, the damage we can do. Why can't we just step aside and put our guns away? Let love come like the cavalry: ride in and save the day? Chorus

Great Is The Lord

From the moment I opened my heart You gave me Your love from heaven above King of Glory, Jesus You'll always be mine Lord I love You, it's all I can say You amaze me every moment, every day My creator, Jesus my Lord, always CHORUS: From the depths of my heart to the heaven above There I feel Your embrace and the warmth of Your love I'm not afraid 'cause Jesus I know You are here You are here... You're my Saviour, redeeming grace Generations will sing of Your praise Be exalted forever and ever more Back to CHORUS *Great is the Lord and most worthy of praise Great is the Lord, glorified * ---- repeated (glorified....) Back to CHORUS (2x) You are here... From the depths of my heart and to the heaven above You are here There I feel Your embrace and the warmth of Your love You are here Na na na na..... na na na na na...... (repeated)

Runing Back To You

How can you forgive me When I've often gone astray How can you think of me When I do things my way Turning my back from you The one who loved me first Having my own desires Renewing worldy thirst You told me you could keep me But I turned it away I've failed you so much now I don't know what to say Feeling so very weak You say I can be stron I feel I've gone too far You tell me to come home You love me still And I know this is real Chorus: And I am running back to you I see you're standing there for me Your arms are open wide And I don't have to cry no more You're standing there for me And I am running back to you Why do I go away when I know I am no good When I'm on my own You told me you love me And I should make up my mind You tell me come back now But I keep waisting time Using the same excuse That I am just a man You tell me you've been there And hold your nail scared hands so I can see Now I know I am free Repeat Chorus Bridge: I have taken advantage of your love and grace Forgive me Lord and take me home Take me home I'm running to you Jesus Please take me home You see i've been in the wrong way too long And I can't do right anymore I'm tired of pain and I don't like fear But Lord I want to be more sincere I never should have left your side Return me to your guiding light Repeat Chorus and fade out

Because Of Who You Are

Because of Who You Are I praise you Lord, 'cause you died to take my place I thank you Lord, for your amazing grace I bless you Lord, you're the one that I adore I love you Lord, because of who you are I trust you Lord, 'cause you hold the word in place You made it all in less than seven days I see you Lord, when I look near and I look far I love you Lord, because of who you are Chorus: The mountain peaks the oceans wide They speak your name they testify To all that is and all that was and all that is to come You're the Great I Am, You're the Holy One You're the One and Only Son of God I hear you Lord, when you whisper in my ear To comfort me and let me know you're near You come to me, I don't have to wish upon no star I love you, Lord, because of who you are (Chorus) I know you Lord 'cause you reached out your hand To rescue me and show me how to stand In truth and love, more than I could ever, ever ask for I love you, Lord, because of who you are (Chorus) You are the start, you are the end, you are the savior, and my friend You are the life, you are the breath, you are the love that conquers death You bring the sun, you bring the rain, you bring the peace amidst the pain You're everything that's good and right, you are the change in my life (x3)


CHAKA KHAN "Camouflage"
I've seen you happy I've seen you low I've watched your prosper I've watched your grow But you're so unhappy And you should know That you need me now You've got your money You've got your pride You're so cute, you're so funny And you can't hide But there's something wrong here But I'm on your side And you need me now CHORUS: You're aching There's no mistaking I've seen it before You're faking Your heart is breaking Get off the floor I hope there's something you let me do I live and love because of you And I set my sights with you in view So let's make a vow You live in a quandary You're blessed and cursed They say they love you But I saw you first And you think you could love me But you're unrehearsed So I'll show you how CHORUS You hur inside You can't hide It's all up to you You hurt inside You lost all your pride It all comes down to you

Praise Forevermore

Earnestly I sought you Lovingly you found me Embraced me as your child Now I'll never be the same No greater love than your Lord Never known it before Only ever dreamed about This abundant love (Chorus) Singing hallelujah, hallelujah To my awesome God Lift my voice unto my closest friend I'll praise you to the end Singing hallelujah, hallelujah To the faithful one Raise my hands in honor of you lord I'll praise forevermore How could I say thank you For joy and peace so beautiful Father, friend, my Jesus Lover of my soul Savior of the world I dance before your throne all that is within me Will rise to glorify (Repeat Chorus)

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