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ALABAMA lyrics - Feels So Right


Original and similar lyrics
Words and Music by Gary Stewart and Wayne Carson Atlanta, Georgia made her the Ctoon Queen. L.A. bound she had visions of the silver screen. But Hollywood ain't nothin' but glamor and lights to a blue-eyed blonde with stars in her eyes. Her days are long. Lord, her nights are longer yet. Tryin' to find a part that will make her the Queen of Sex. She's realizin' what it's all about from too many nights upon the casting couch. Chorus Hollywood: parties and thrills. The mansion in her mind is somewhere is Beverly Hills. She's been discovered too many times standing on the corner of Hollywood and Vince. She makes her entrance now a days through the swingin' doors. She found her stage on a hardwood barroom floor. But it's not the bottom, just part of a long, hard fall. Her biggest fan's the man. Tonight she'll give her all. The dream is dyin' of her name on the marquee. The folks back home wonder what happened ti their Queen. The mornin' papers told it in black and white, calling it another Hollywood suicide. Chorus

Long Wet Kiss

TRACY LAWRENCE "Lessons Learned"
If I was lost on the ocean Stranded in the middle of the sea I'd have to live on devotion Hopin' that you'd rescue me If I was nearin' the end and runnin' out of time The only thing that would keep me alive (Chorus) It's your long wet kiss In the mornin that I can't resist Can't deny it when it feels like this Theres nothin' more i would miss Than your long wet kiss Some men are driven by diamonds Some they are drawn to Gold I could live life on desire With only your body to hold If I was pushed to the edge And had to offer my life Darlin' I would pay any price (I wouldn't think twice) (Chorus) (SoloChorus)

My Body The Car

Godley And Creme
(Chorus) My body is the car that I've been driving Around for thirty six years My body the car Slowly burning out the rubber and stripping the gears My body the car Remember the time when a cigarette burned a hole in my skin There was nobody in To put out the fire Lost in a skid on a rumbling road Where the C.B. kids all mumble in code You're a liar, you're a liar And if the telephone rings It will be my doctor Telling me to cool it - oh yeah I don't want no x-rays or any brand new drug you've never tried I don't want no hoorays dressed up as doctors poking around inside Ooh to him I'll always be a motor car My body the car (Chorus) There's a man with a suitcase With a whole bunch of shirts and magazines Selling roadmaps and bibles and benzadrines For the days and the nights I stare at the mirror And the days and the nights They stare back at me My body the car Is a little older My body the car Still looking good My body the car I need a hard shoulder My body the car To look under the hood My body the car Still ticking over My body the car I don't know why it should My body the car She's leaking oil My body the car The colour of blood My body the car My body the car My body the car My body the car My body the car She drives me crazy My body the car When she rattles and shakes My body the car She makes me nervous My body the car She ain't got no brakes My body the car My body the car My body the car Crash!

Wrapping Paper

Graham Parker "Struck by Lightning"
Intro E / Emaj7 / Amaj7 / B / E E 022100 Emaj7 021100 Amaj7 002120 Asus2 002200 B 004440 E Emaj7 Amaj7 Asus2 I've broken your glass, called someone a dirty name E Asus2 B Made a nuisance of myself in front of friends E Emaj7 Amaj7 Asus2 I've dug my own grave, please don't let me lie in it E A B E Instead let's bury everything that caused us pain CHORUS E Emaj7 A Asus2 Speak to me now, speak to me darling E Emaj7 A Asus2 You're not a princess I'm not Prince Charming E Emaj7 A Asus2 Speak with your tongue, use body language E Asus2 B E and pull your skin like wrapping paper round my heart Sometimes I feel the kick has gone, it gets mundane So I team up with the devil and make hell But I'll hang on in as long as I know I've got you As long as I know love's a cure that makes me well (CHORUS, Instrumental verse) We move around, drag ourselves from town to town Wrap up lots of gifts and toys and China tea But they don't feel nothin', they're just inanimate They just go in suitcases and fly away CHORUS (last line x3), Repeat Intro

Funky For You

COMMON "Like Water For Chocolate"
Chorus: Bilal, Jill Scott Alright.....Okay [4X'] Alright......We'll make it funky for you now [Common] I'm a child of the ahh - The 87 ahh From the streets - Get on a beat and go ahh I could break it down like whatever ya ahh On some K-R-S be here forever type unh You-you-you-you know you shouldn't rhyme like unh Let them pussy niggas get in your mind like unh Baby boy you could do it take your time do it.... If you get the chance To be a man in a b-boy stance and advanced from the go I'll trace outer space with a unh The baby-sitter of styles - I've traveled miles with bitches and....I've traveled miles with..... I've traveled miles with bitches and brew the ritual of the real unh Your platinum but real unh's don't feel you You sampled real unh's and then filtered I'm built to last - at last I'm free The Roots and SV be the family tree SV and the Roots be the family tree The Roots and SV and the tree is unh Come on Chorus; As long as it's funky....alright..okay [yeah] As long as it's funky...alright As long as it's funky...alright...okay As long as it's funky...funky for you now I style for the ohhh - wild for the ohhh Baby girl let's go half on a child for the ohhh Lick shot's pop lock and blaow for the oohh Like Ra-I'll move a crowd for the ohhh You talkin' loud but ain't sayin' ohhh Trickin' paper on a unh... Captain Save-a-ohhh I've never been.. the type of nigga.. to take.. a broad to the courts As a shorty I was always into sports Now I talk to drums and walk in slums and thoughts that's ohhh Instinct to hustle-divided by the struggle Plus a couple of scuffle's and up to high shuffle Even when it sound muffled.. I bust through.. narrow gates.. with king-sized thoughts that's sparrow shaped Before I came up I had to elevate Let a nigga move where he wanna move up to You don't like how I'm livin... well fuck ohhh I stuck to what I was on... a star is born on a cusp Many angel's fell to the dust Leavin' me to trust... only a ohhh Leavin' me to trust y'all only a ohhh Leavin' me to trust in a - ahh ohhh ohhh ohhh ohhh Yo Chorus: repeat 4X As long as it's funky [yeah] alright..okay Let your.. imagination.. dance to the.. Dance to the.. dance to the hey Like nobody's watchin in a b-boy stance to the hey I'm funky like Africans in France to the hey Yo hey.. kick in the bass you.. Chasin paper like a bitch in a race Spit on or death, I still ain't picked up the ace The hundred.. styles I run with thick in the race So let's ohhh.. yeah unh hunh Chorus

Stay (Boy Better Know Mix)

JAY SEAN "All Or Nothing"
[Chorus: Jay Sean] No No No No No No I Can't Take No More Of This When I'm Knock Knock Knockin On Your Door Askin If Your Still Vacant Won't You Stay-Ay-Ay-Ay-Ay-Ay-Ay-Ay-Ay-Ay-Ay Won't You Stay-Ay-Ay-Ay Won't You Stay [Frisco:] Here Wat I'm Sayin Yeah Ask Her 1 More Time If She's Stayin Then Stay If She's Goin Then Go Fighting, Arguing, Lieing, No That's All Long Like Going, Go Forget The Lock-Lock-Lockin Makin A Single Neighbours R Clockin You Need 2 Take Control Make Her Know If She Dnt Open Up The Door Your Boppin Honestly If She Ain't On It Den Long It Make Her Know Who Is The Boss Like Norris Comin Like She Dnt Kno Mans Presedential She Must Want Mans 2 Run Off Like Sonic The Likkle Man Hypin & Fightin Is Long Make Her Kno Frm Now That You Jus Ain't On It Tell Her Dnt Get It Wrong, Jus Try Get Along If Nt Bounce 2 Your Show In Norwhich. [Chorus] [Skepta:] Yo, You Need 2 Start Actin Colder 4 No Reason She's Givin You The Cold Shoulder Bt Wen U Dnt Anser The Door She Starts Investigatin Like Sully & Moler If She Sed It's Ova, Den It's Ova Tell Er She's Lucky Lyk A 4 Leaf Clover Bt U Keep On Ringin Her Nokia Worst Thing About It She's On... Dnt Kall Her Dnt Ring Bak Get Your Car & Your Diamond Ring Bak Look Hw Many Songs U Sang 2 The Girl And She Knt Book Studio Time N Sing Bak (Leave Her) Get Your Old Ting Bak I Dnt Kno Y U Evn Started 2 Link Dat U Need 2 Listen 2 Me Jammer, Chips & Frisc 4Get The Beef Allow The Big Mac. [Chorus] [Chipmunk:] If She's Sayin She Dnt Wna Stay No More Creep Dwnstairs Lock The Door You Knt Have Him Bt Dnt Panic 2 Days Along She Won't Manage Wagwarn 4 Girls These Days Like As If We Knt Get Girls These Days 1 Likkle Passa, 2 Likkle Problem 3rd Time Round, You 2 Beg Em Stay No You Need 2 Low It Remind Her Who Wears The Trousers These Women 4Gettin There Roles Tell Her I Said No You Role N Pose She Sees The Reactions Wen U Do Shows Females Flexin Like There Brainless Fam It's Nt Like Your Nameless P.S Do Nt 4Get Your Famous. [Chorus] [Jammer:] Why Do Girls Always Wna Talk About Leavin She Said She's Gone Agen And Dis Time She's Gone More Further Then Ealing Dnt Watch Dat She'll Back By The Evening Dnt Hold Your Breath Kos You Mite Stop Breathing And If She's Gone In The End Then Wat You Achieving Girls Only Leave Kos They Watch Your Decieving Nw Shes Got Wat She Wants So She Packs Up Her Bags N Opens The Door N Tlks About Breezing That's Why I'm Cold... Get That Cash Money Get Them G's In Play Your Cards Right Kno Wt Your Dealing Dnt Try 2 Propose Wen Your Kneeling Kos Your Hearts Gna Need Alot More Then Healing. [Chorus]

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