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ALABAMA lyrics - Alabama Christmas

Joesph And Mary's Boy

Original and similar lyrics
Out here is the country there's magic in the air. It's the middle of December there's excitement eveywhere Everyone's invited, the celebration's planned The gift is just what's in your heart and not what's in your hand Chorus: Who's the one we need to thanks Who's the party for Who's the one responsible for all this peace and joy Who deserves the credit for the blessings we enjoy Preacher said last Sunday it was Joesph and Mary's boy There were times we didn't think we'd make it through the year The bankers tried to take our farms but somehow we're still here I don't know how the crops survived the drought and then the rain It must have been a miracle how else could you explain Chorus The Christ Child born in Bethlehem He was Joesph and Mary's boy

What Child Is This

KELLY PRICE "One Family-Christmas Album"
*Sometimes I just wonder how it must have been to actually have lived in ancient times. I mean imagine what it would of been like to actually walk the streets of Bethlehem and hear that a child had been born who's King of kings and Savior of the world. Now I can imagine saying, What child is this?What child is this? Who would leave a legacy so strong that even today we still celebrate His life. What child is this?* What child is this? Who laid to rest on Mary's lap is sleeping Whom angels greet with anthem sweet While shepherds watch are keeping This, this is Christ the King Whom shepherds guard and angels sing Haste, haste to bring Him laud The babe the Son of Mary Sometimes I just think about it Um, I just sit and think about the baby boy born in a manger Sometimes I just want to shout it Shout joy to the world Sometimes So bring Him incense, gold, and myrrh Come, peasant, king, to own Him The King of kings salvation brings Let loving hearts enthrone Him Raise, raise the song on high The virgin sings her lulluby Joy, joy for Christ is born The babe the Son of Mary Sometimes I just think about it Oh, I sit and think about the baby boy born in a manger and wrapped in swaddling clothing Sometimes I just want to shout it O'er the hills and every where Sometimes This, this is Christ the King Whom shepherds guard and angels sing Haste, haste to bring Him laud The Babe the Son of Mary Sometimes I just think about it Oh, sometimes I wonder What child is this? Sometimes I just want to shout it I want to go and tell it on the mountain Sometimes Every now and then Sometimes I just think about I think about the Christ Child What child is this? And then again sometimes Sometimes I just want to shout it I just want to tell the world Sometimes {Ad-libbing until fade}

One Brick

AESOP ROCK "Labor Days"
[Aesop Rock] I start my city with a brick (one brick) Then add another brick (two bricks) Brick by brick, I manufacture homes for fallen angels I ain't no great Samaritan, that's just the way the game goes Respect the polars but acknowlege middle-value rainbows My snout turned up from dream factory eyelids Slingin bottled prosperity for the kamikaze colonels Yeah rocks the match that burned the Nazi journals And plottin verticals amidst blatantlly horizontal Models then swallowed by famished potholes And I'm tired Tied up on these functions Killer cottoncandy clouds and huckleberry justice league Another knuckle-dragger dungeon breed Run, breathe, sit, bellow Wild Aes scream through your style to hear the echo Aight then, flinch for the great granddaddy payback When Little Billy bought a Tugboat Now he thinks he's Captain Ahab Facist takes for the pegleg's birds and eyepatches Learn that lesson, you'll be swashbuckling with the best of them Wonder why you wept over spilled milk And got your crayons wet, the room reaks of a thousand bayonettes I'll fision vision with a lie longer than your most walked meridian Connecting life with that little species of midians We've now officially scraped barrel bottom Aesop Rock an Apple to the core but ya'll ignored him I know a planet made of porcelain And once I get tired of holding this gavel up Ya'll prayer circles met him up born again I ain't too good for tap water Play Taps out of order For a ballad, corpse a dead man walkin You can lead a man to a city but that don't assure civility You can beat a man to death with Aesop Rock bootleg cd's (That's more fun anyway) Some cats Float, some cats don't I speak in Farenheit and burn off colon lyric Diss blatant harassment, spit honor, whistle fearless Don't dismiss the billygoat appearance for that common sheep Chorus*Aesop overlapping Illogic, fading in and out of each other* [Aesop Rock] Platforms have been erected Effigies built Slogans coined, songs have been written Rumors have been circulated Autographs faked The hourglass smashed and didn't leave me an escape Moving boxes have been worn out Mantlepieces dusted Idols idolized, the sands have been shifted Curtains have been closed Sleepers all waked The hourglass smashed and didn't leave me an escape [Illogic] *overlapping Aesop, fading in and out* Now with my trusty paperclip I picked locks of thoughts vault Finding the God in barren The harvest fruitless Only the Tree of Life flourishing Wanting to take a bite but I'm toothless Is that, predestination or is it by design? That I'm trapped in time sand Show radio mission control but for my rhymes Man cuz I can like aluminum And I recycle my consciousness This is just a note For any action or lack thereof as a consequence [Illogic] Wingless angels Stroll a top shapeless cottonballs With halos in your syringe Celestial ground is found broken Exposing a bottomless depth Where heartless spines awake to devour The small piece of your soul that's left You're immersed in sound floating Aimless destination Drop anchor to gain stability Stare out potions, restrain fertility Pedestal talk is a token Soaked in pockets with lives, topics, lack conceptual, ridicule The night breathes but light's choking Darkness occupies the throne Where poems are persecuted The purity at times dilluted Rhymes are executed For genre I'm told when has-beens attempt To cause heat to rise and wonder why they're trapped in cold Life's an oragmi box and I'm hidden within the fold So when the yarn unravels, I won't be caught by surprise And as society's fabric of orthodoxes dismantle I'll see you embracing the pentagram within this crucifix disguise See when the canvas stands before me I'm compelled to spill a vision For the sinners that listen, I got three spikes and a thorned crowns It seems I need a new soul cuz mine is worn down But from the pregance of my hardship was born style Still my pen bleeds and stains the paper with thought Finding me lost among statues and mainstream idols Browning in melted ice to reinforce that breath is vital If your father and his father were fish out of water You must break the cycle How many times must a plant be uprooted for it to die? When it's smothered with lies that abolish the potency of the sky So when the stars burn out and God replaces the bulbs With a million watts And throws the switch, sparks filament Hurting new giants and flocks I stand my own two aura illuminated in red Showcasing the agony held within this welded spirit Sacrificing itself for the health of a masocistic culture Yearning for the truth that we speak but refuse to hear it Chorus

American Dream

[P. Diddy] This is not America Bad Boy baby, David Bowie, let's go [Chorus: David Bowie] This is not America This is not America This is not America This is not America [P. Diddy] Land where my father died, land where my children cried Come on, America, ain't no barriers Free the strings, let's see how freedom rings One nation all gettin' down for the dollars And the heat is gettin' hotter But a lot don't understand Just the way some plan to break you I done seen the whole thing go straight through Hungry for it, I'ma make you Pay back what's due to me Everybody gonna see, look what they put upon me Made me a monster, two steps beyond ya More streets to wonder For which it stands for cause let's get it Cause I'ma get mine for damn sure, come on [Loon] Screens, greens car candy painted Chicks in cream is the American dream, ain't it? I pledge allegiance to Beamers, dark skies Sleepless nights on the block, two for fives Deep in the struggles but need the hustle Weed and blow shit I make the block bubble I'm to the point where I'm playa hatin' Fool in the stash and I'm losin' my patience Medieval times in the chest of the beast Come around sniffin' I'ma mess up ya fleece Job lookin' I'd rather be pot cookin' It's not America, son this is Brooklyn Home of the shiesty, home of the crook We signed joints, ain't scared to do a took My country tis of thee, where there's no liberty Just misery, ya heard me [Chorus] [Kain] Now why can't I breathe with a gun and come free If six dead people run this country Now they come cause my crew's too large Who the fuck put chu' in charge Runnin' around here like you is God Then they wonder why the shootin' starts Gettin' checks with half my stacks I forgot George Bush wrote half my raps Murderin' people for blastin' facts Then blamin' other cats for their tragic acts I'm tryin' to get paid till my eyes is closin' Cops is like freeze and I'm already frozen So they clap and they brawl in hysteria Tappin' Jackson callin' this area Green gots cats crawlin' to bury ya Don't blame Kain for the fall of America [Chorus] [Mark Curry] Uh, yo what about these streets here Before y'all creep here Look around we there 365 days a year Lines to cross no fear And what appears to be roses See I'm knowin' this When I chose this What's right In broad day or night More dope deals I'm tryin' to stay on my heels Every day's training day Some things not in explainin' ways Who said crimes don't pay Choices to make Ain't too many chances left to take Things look so green The sign of the times corruption politics, youg ones dyin' What you made of Either hate or love Pressure on the nine when push come to shove [Chorus] [David Bowie] A little piece of you (I'm ya worst nightmare) A little peace in me A little piece of you (This is not America) A little peace in me Will go [Chorus] [Black Rob] Yo, why you cocksuckers pullin' me over Racial profilin' me cause I ain't pushin' no Nova I'm up to par lookin' I know police corruption is up this year and y'all crooked Took my hard white Had niggas sellin' the same block, pumpin' the same night Arrest me, come to court and lie Yeah that's him, pointin' like I'm the guy What chu' want those is me of the block Yo, so you can serve fiends everytime they knock Just last summer had the mad Hummer They took that and didn't even give me they badge number So how am I supposed to feel Who I'm supposed to call when the shit gets real Word man I'd rather dial 8-1-1 when it's important Plus they ain't tryin' to score like Ed Norton, word [Chorus to fade]

Movement VII - Crises

Movement VII - Crises (Mary Dee and Shanty's home) MARY DEE (alone in bedroom) The world you're coming into, Is no easy place to enter. Every day is haunted By the echoes of the past. Funny thoughts and wild; wild dreams Will find their way into your mind. The clouds that hang above us, May be full of rain and thunder. But in time they slide away To find the sun still there. Lazy days and wild. wild flowers Will bring some joy into your heart. And I will always love you, I'll welcome you into this world. MARY DEE and BOY SOLO You-re mine and I will love you. SHANTY ]Where-s my dinner? I've been working hard all day And a man can work up quite an appetite that way. What's for dinner? Something nourishing and hot? I could tackle quite a lot of 'you know what' And all I've got to say to you is 'Why no dinner?' I've got nothing on my plate. It's expected of a mate. Whyd 'ya have to make me wait? Where's my... MARY DEE This is the way we put out the candle. Farewell to childhood. Deep in the wild wood a fire goes out, And what are we left with Now we are grown up? SHANTY This is the way we pull up the anchor. Goodbye to romance. Out on the ocean a good ship is lost, And what are we left with Now we are grown Up? MARY DEE Time to be thinking of real life feelings. I must get on. SHANTY Time to be buying those little trinkets I can't afford. Lord knows I want to give her the best. But where will I find the rest of the cash? MARY DEE It's one mad dash To fame and fortune. The cymbals clash And then you're gone. SHANTY So what are my chances Of getting promotion? The way things are going It doesn't look good. MARY DEE What good is complaining, It's getting you nowhere. And I'm in the middle of your whirlwind In the eye of your storm. SHANTY Let's not argue. MARY DEE Spare me your excuses. SHANTY No excuses. MARY DEE Pardon my anger. SHANTY Why are you driving me so hard? MARY DEE I can't believe what I'm hearing. SHANTY You didn't cook any dinner. MARY DEE I'm not a slave. I work for a living, I can command the respect of my peers. Where did you go? You were out with the boys. SHANTY So what if I went for a drink? You'd think to listen to you It was some sort of crime. MARY DEE I needed someone to talk to But all I could find was myself. If you were the same man I married, You'd know that your woman needs love. SHANTY And what about me? I suppose I don't matter. I'm not even sure If you ever loved me. MARY DEE Right! That's it! I'm off! Oh, and by the're about to become a father. (She rushes our into the street) CHORUS Stop. Wait. Hold on. Hold on to life. Stay. (Hospital) NURSE Do you know who you are As you lie there sleeping? Take the time to rest your troubled head. I will watch over you till the moment you awake. Can you hear what I say As you lie there sleeping? When misfortunes crowd into your day And the dark side of life Has become too much to bear, I will stay by your side. Though we don't yet know if there's something wrong You were brought in from the street And a witness said you gave a shout As you fell down at his feet. We are running tests And soon the results will be known. But I feel I have to warn you, There may be complications. But we don't yet know if your child is in danger. We shall have to wait and see. In the meantime There is nothing more for you to do But sleep. BOYS Ghosts of the past left behind. MEN'S CHORUS (ghosts) You're sleeping Amongst us. We're in your dream. NURSE You're dreaming. try to rest, my child. MEN'S CHORUS (ghosts) You called us, We heard you And we are here. NURSE To save your child you must be still. MEN'S CHORUS (ghosts) We're ready to listen To what you ask. NURSE Go to sleep WOMEN'S CHORUS (ghosts) You're crossing The water, The tide is strong. MARY DEE No! WOMEN'S CHORUS (ghosts) Your child is drawn to us, Into our throng. SHANTY No! FULL CHORUS (ghosts) This child is Most welcome. Soon one of us. MARY DEE No, I tell you! You'll never get through, I'll never let you. No-one is stealing this child. I'm not afraid of Ghosts that the past left behind. SHANTY Let her recover, Then let me love her Until we run out of time. And in the future I will promise to be the man She had in mind. NURSE Be still. Be calm. Your child is safe. MARY DEE Do we live in a world With an uncertain future Where a man is unsure of his fate? Will we come to our senses Be fair to each other? Can we turn it around Before it's too late? Do I know that we have the answer? Yes, I know now We are together. So we must bear in mind That the pages are turning And the sand will run out of the glass. In the heat of the battle We will drive out the demons And we'll carry the day, For we must save the child. MARY DEE and NURSE (Ah) MARY DEE and SHANTY We have come to our senses, We are part of each other And we'll carry the day, For we must save the child. CHORUS Do you know that you have the answer? MARY DEE and SHANTY Yes, we know now. CHORUS We know now. MARY DEE and SHANTY We know now. We are together.


Martin Nievera
WILDFLOWER She's faced the hardest times You can imagine And many times her eyes Fought back the tears And when her youthful world Was about to fall in Each time her slender shoulders Bore the weight of all her fears And the song that no one hears Still rings in midnight silence In her ears CHORUS: Let her cry For she's a lady Let her dream For she's a child Let the rain fall down upon her She's a free and gentle flower Growing wild And if by chance that I Should hold her Let me hold her For a time And if allowed but one possession I will pick her from the garden To be mine Be careful how you touch her For she'll awaken For sleep's the only freedom That she knows And when you look into her eyes You won't believe The way she's always payin' For a debt she never owes And the silent wind still blows That only she can hear And so she goes CHORUS: Let her cry For she's a lady Let her dream For she's a child Let the rain fall down upon her She's a free and gentle flower Growing wild

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