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ALABAMA lyrics - Alabama Christmas

Christmas In Dixie

Original and similar lyrics
By now in New York City, there's snow on the ground And out in California, the sunshine's falling down And, maybe down in Memphis, Graceland's all in lights And in Atlanta, Geoirgia, there's peace on earth tonight Chorus: Chirstmas in Dixie, it's snowin' in the pines Merry Christma from Dixie, to everyone tonight It's windy in Chicago. The kids are out of school There's magic in Motown. The city's on the move In Jackson, Mississippi, to Charlotte, Caroline And all across the nation, it's the peaceful Christmas time Chorus And from Fort Payne, Alabama God bless y'all...We love ya...Happy New Year...Good night Merry Christmas...Merry Christmas tonight


I feel I'm burning up with fever The fire's feeling really good tonight But it's all right Cuz I'm gonna see Sahara Jack and Suntan Sally Somebody tells me even Tommy's coming down tonight, If Gina says it's all right I'm gonna see those senoritas lying under the sun Yeah they're greasing it up with their stereos on You know I want to be their blanket, gonna tell every girl Hey baby you're the one (chorus) Whoa, tell the boys I'm on my way I got the radio blasting in my old man's Chevrolet I got a party in my pocket, and you know I just got paid And I'm feeling fine, it's 99 in the shade. When the sun goes down, that's when the street heats up Senorita, margarita, fills your empty cup tonight She makes me feel so right A good time here doesn't cost much money Just a little sweet talking, let the pretties in the party And you're set for life Or one hell of a night I can see those sons of beaches with the surf and the sand and they're living it up Yu know life ain't so tough So get me in the action Gotta tell every girl she's the one (repeat chorus) And I'm feeling fine, it's 99 in the shade (I can almost taste it!) 99,...99,..99,... 99 in the shade,.... 99,,,99,..... 99 in the,...whoa!! (repeat chorus) sub: I got the radio CRANKED in my old man's Chevrolet


JOHN COUGAR MELLENCAMP "Nothin' Matters And What If It Did"
Well I get up in the morning Have a smoke, have a drink Then I get dressed I don't want to get to work too late 'Cause that bossman he's a real mean son-of-a-bitch Everything is so fast and so crazy But the day still slowly slips on by And when that five o'clock whistle starts to blow I'll be gone in a wink of an eye Chorus Tonight, I'm gonna see my baby again And that long haired girl will be smiling When she sees me walkin' in Well all right, she looks so good That she just hasta be a sin Tonight, I'm gonna see my baby again We'll walk over to the East Street Montgomery Pier She says she likes holding something dangerous She pulls me close and whispers in my ear She says, Come here little boy I'll put my pussy right on your face Because my fever is runnin' hot and high And you're the boy that makes me feel like I'm alive Chorus

Better Than This

Edwin "Another Spin Around the Sun"
She tripped on her words again She stopped trying to make sense By laughing at me I feel sorry for her she doesn't know better I ask her to stay away She tries to say something intelligent to me (chorus) Any place would be better than this all hurts hanging like a specialty fish Never been born you don't even exsist Trade in your days to the night to find the light comes through and haunts your brain So you walk on water to save your soul again last night couldn't turn away your dogs who bite Hey i i must rise to face you shakin all over the world tonight and i'm stuck in this room (chorus) say i save a second to fly over the moon tonight you profit from the pain if it feels right hey i i'm waiting to come why don't you take somebody home and take it from me you know (chorus) Feeling too good for the mood for i know there's a goodbye coming me all the time


RUSH "Roll The Bones"
Sprawling on the fringes of the city In geometric order An insulated border In between the bright lights And the far unlit unknown Growing up it all seems so one-sided Opinions all provided The future pre-decided Detached and subdivided In the mass production zone Nowhere is the dreamer or the misfit so alone Chorus (Subdivisions) In the high school halls In the shopping malls Conform or be cast out (Subdivisions) In the basement bars In the backs of cars Be cool or be cast out Any escape might help to smooth the unattractive truth But the suburbs have no charms to soothe the restless dreams of youth Drawn like moths we drift into the city The timeless old attraction Cruising for the action Lit up like a firefly Just to feel the living night Some will sell their dreams for small desires Or lose the race to rats Get caught in ticking traps And start to dream of somewhere To relax their restless flight Somewhere out of a memory of lighted streets on quiet nights... Chorus

Grandpa Got Runned Over By A John Deere (Bonus Track)

Cledus T. Judd "I Stoled This Record"
CHORUS Grandpa got runned over by a John Deere Walking home from the Moose Lodge Christmas Eve. Now you can say there's no such thing as Santa, But after suing John Deere, I believe... He'd been a-guzzlin' old Jack Daniels And smokin' that wacky weed- He mixed it with his medication And run off with some bleach-blonde named Bernice. When we found him Christmas mornin' We thought he had a heart attack. But he had tar prints on his forehead And incriminatin' hickies on his neck. (ON HIS WHAT???) CHORUS But we're all ashamed of Grandpa. He took Grandma's death too well. Started watchin' porno movies And engaging in phone sex with Cousin Belle. It's a better Christmas without Grandpa Last year in church, he mooned the choir. At first, we thought it was Alzheimer's, But looking back, we realized he was wired. CHORUS Yeah, I filed myself a lawsuit And they awarded me two mil. You know Grandpa didn't leave me nuthin', But thanks to that old John Deere, he got killed. Funny, all my friends and neigh-bras Turned up on the grand jury, (laughs) I bribed 'em like Johnny Cochran Did when they set O.J. Simpson free. GUIL-TY!!! CHORUS (x2)

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