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ALABAMA lyrics - 40 Hour Week

Can't Keep A Good Man Down

Original and similar lyrics
Can't Keep A Good Man Down: Alabama He said goodbye to the angels of heaven And He came to earth as a common man He taught us how we could love one another There was healing in His hands There were those who believed and followed Him And there were those who wanted Him dead They thought the grave would silence Him forever But they found out instead You can close your eyes You can say it's a lie You can stick your head in the sand You can turn away, even try to explain He was just another man When they nailed Him to the cross by His hands and feet and the put Him in the ground Three days later everybody found out that you can't No you can't keep a good man down I hear you say that it all sounds crazy It's a good story but it can't be true How could a man who was dead and buried Mean a thing to me and you Here we are two thousand years later and still the choice is just the same You can say that you don't believe it But it doesn't change a thing repeat chorus I can take you to the hill where they hung Him on a cross I can take you to the empty tomb I can tell you He's alive 'cause He lives in me But the rest is up to you repeat chorus

Do You Know?

Fiend "There's One in Every Family"
Chorus: (Fiend) [All] 9X (Do you know who you fuckin with?) [Don't start no shit, there won't be no shit] [Mystikal] (Fiend) I'm the tarantula on the caterpillar I'm the 18-wheeler rolling over the armadillo I'm the orange-and-blue fire comin from under the skillet (Do you know who you fuckin with?) I'm the dick in the pussy, I'm the fly on the shit I'm the motherfuckin, concrete-crushing torpedo I'm that loud, hard [thumping sound] that killed the mosquito I'm the motherfuckin red ant draggin the bettle Nigga remember me when you was shootin up? I was that needle When you coughin, I'm that (cough) that comes from your chest When you dead, I'm the maggots that's eatin your flesh I'm every last sad note from the violin I'm the hammer that hit that firing pin I was the voice in your head that was tellin you not to try it again Now I'm the carbon dioxide that replace your oxygen I'm the mysterious, Mystikal monument I'm the man, I'm the south, I'm the muthafuckin prince Chorus: repeat 8X [Fiend] Me? A bad motherfucker, boy Hater destruction, pistol bustin (BHAW, BHAW) I'm the chubby one cussin, verbally keep em (?) Herbaly keep em puffin, all the weed that I need Smokin some trees, I groove from some left over seeds Leave it to the soldier's creed on the set where they pretends (TAKE THAT) Throwin some hot shit nigga (TAKE THAT BOY) faded all my ends Give a fuck if it were ten I want nine and the change (GIVE MY CHANGE BOY) Doing strange things behind mine and my change, boy (COMIN, COMIN) I'm a bad man, let it be known to any cop (FUCK Y'ALL) Use a ten, many glocks and got plenty in stock (GOT MORE NIGGA) If anything the tank hot, that paper keep us heated Computer can't delete it And penicillin can't defeat it Chorus X 8

Bills Bills Bills (Trackmasters Remix)

[Jazz] I stay away from cats that rap That ain't got traps And producers that make tracks That ain't got no plaques I'm J to the A-Z-Z, chrome Z3 You ain't balling, you ain't rolling with me Jazz said it These cats ain't cheap, they broke Take me to a flick Can't even buy me a Coke All them quick say you ain't gettin' nada from us Cause in their pockets they ain't got nada but dust Come on, come on [Beyonce] Why you sitting here under me Giving me grief Saying you love me You know you're lying through your teeth Living it up The good life for free I don't know what you want from me Don't you know I need somebody who can do me right And keep his pockets tight I don't know why I keep taking this mess from you 1 - [Destiny's Child] I need a baller Someone not like you Who do me right You're triflin', good for nothing, type of brother Keep a sister working day and night [Kelly] I don't think you do So you and me are through, oh ooh 2 - [Destiny's Child] I'm looking for a man who will pay my bills Pay my car note, give me what I want Keep a sister real tight And ladies if you hear me say right (Right, right) Cause I don't really wanna have to front the bills Buy your clothes, give you everything you want Cause I can't go for that, can't go for that, no, no I can't go for that [Beyonce] So you rolling around in my drop six Frontin', telling your boys how you copped it Leeching off of me all the time Why won't you just get a life You really don't get it I spend my money on myself I gotta move on and find somebody else Repeat 1 [Kelly] I don't (I don't) Think you (Think you) You do So you and me are through Repeat 2 (2x) [Sporty Thievz] Hey yo this one babe After we done laid Started telling me about bills that's unpaid And you know me, I'm that nada cat Type to loan you a buck, get my dollar back You holla at, me Like you want me to trick, trick I trick you into letting me hit Said she ain't a pigeon and she hate nada Uh-oh, put you off with the fake Prada, uh-oh I'm getting dough but it ain't splendid Offended, cause they tax for it when I make it Running game when I spend it Then chicks hit me with that 'Kirk, let me get that' Then I hit back 'Alright! Well first let me hit that' Yo when I flow for her Blow for her, get dough for her Cop an O for you, and trip and what you can't go for it Let's get it down to the nitty-gritty Yo pretty-bitty Give me two years and I might consider you for fifty-fifty Shot caller Repeat 2 till end

Some Fun Now

JOHN HIATT "All Of A Sudden"
Now your private life Is in the public domain And your one true love is just a lipstick stain And your point of view Is just a figure of speech Well I rest my case, you're out of reach CHORUS: Havin' some fun Havin' some fun now Havin' some fun Havin' some fun now Well the tough get goin', and the good die young Maybe you're the only good your mama ever done But you wouldn't know a good thing if you saw One, two, three I'm down on my knees Four, five, six Gotta lot to fix Seven, eight, nine Goin' outta my mind And it's a fast free fall From a long hard climb CHORUS And you wonder how You ever got it so far From a Mel Bay book Into a long black car And all along the way They never made you cry But they never got the joke And you don't know why CHORUS The party's over and the war is won And you know what you're doin' 'Cause you know what you've done But you wouldn't know a good thing if you saw CHORUS

On The Strength

Doug E. Fresh The Get Fresh Crew "The World's Greatest Entertainer"
(Verse one) I wanted this to special something more Than any other feeling that you felt before Pushin through the doors I see girls Havin' a good time I might say a rhyme Old school new school no school rule But other than that everything is cool I see guys and girls dancin' doin' the new dances That's a hit while I'm over here romancin' You ain't need to curse Ask me who she is and let me tell you first Slow down,be cool and don't act Ill I came to have a good time,party and chill with you Don't worry sweetheart I'm still with you And after we leave.we will continue With our plans But plans are made to be broken Smokin'.I'm not jokin' Try to Dis'me and I'll give you a token Cause I'm the type of brother that can't be stopped And no matter what I'm gonna Keep risin' to the top (Sampler intro) While my mind say ( CHORUS) Give it all you got,give it all you got,give it all you got Ain't no half steppin' Give it all you got,give it all you got Cause we're the Get Fresh Crew,yeah,yeah...... (Verse two) Now the music is pumpin',good atmosphere Chill Will and Barry Bee,they must a beat me here There in the booth Which is all sound proof Playn' dope jams to rock the youth But the MC on the mic shouted out We got the Get Fresh Crew stars in the house And as the crowd started breakin' ,I didn't reply Cause the only stars I know are in the sky So we continued,to the venue Didn't pretend to be nuthin' but Doug E. As a brother extended out his hand to me And asked me would I rock the microphone I just gave him a pound and said Shalom Sharp as a harp played by a musician My body tone,is like throne Wearin Calvin Klein Obssession Cologne Etc,etc,,in a cashmere sweater I'm in a cherokee,Chill Will in a Audi And Barry Bee,is ridin' with me Because we're the type of brothers that can't be stopped And no matter what we're gonna Keep risin' to the top (Sampler intro) While my mind say ( Chorus) Give it all you got,give it all you got,give it all you got Ain't no half steppin' Give it all you got,give it all you got Keep risin' to the top Now let the beat drop

Runing Back To You

How can you forgive me When I've often gone astray How can you think of me When I do things my way Turning my back from you The one who loved me first Having my own desires Renewing worldy thirst You told me you could keep me But I turned it away I've failed you so much now I don't know what to say Feeling so very weak You say I can be stron I feel I've gone too far You tell me to come home You love me still And I know this is real Chorus: And I am running back to you I see you're standing there for me Your arms are open wide And I don't have to cry no more You're standing there for me And I am running back to you Why do I go away when I know I am no good When I'm on my own You told me you love me And I should make up my mind You tell me come back now But I keep waisting time Using the same excuse That I am just a man You tell me you've been there And hold your nail scared hands so I can see Now I know I am free Repeat Chorus Bridge: I have taken advantage of your love and grace Forgive me Lord and take me home Take me home I'm running to you Jesus Please take me home You see i've been in the wrong way too long And I can't do right anymore I'm tired of pain and I don't like fear But Lord I want to be more sincere I never should have left your side Return me to your guiding light Repeat Chorus and fade out

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