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After The Fall lyrics

Cry Blue Murder

Original and similar lyrics
lately the lamps have faded they're not interested in the cold front that's related and each word is spoken it's precise and unbroken amiss the small talk of their libido and when the day is done and the weeks become one i cry blue murder i try to take it further to all and sundry please answer my call of philanthropy and courtesy there are two sides to every story and my sides close to the wind an error of always its coming from within the other half is always beleived and without the seed it cannot be conceived the silent voices speak unspeakable terms on the condition of what willpower is left repetitive nature for some that never learns how to act on these terms


PAUL WELLER "Paul Weller"
In a momentary lapse of my condition That sent me tumbling down into a deep despair Lost and dazed so I had no real recollection Until the rain cleared the air When you wake to find that everything has left you And the clothes you wear belong to someone else See your shadow chasing off towards the shoreline Drifting into emptiness There are bullrushes outside my window And their leaves whisper words in the wind Tomorrow I'll walk to the harbour And catch the first boat that's coming in Like a child too small to reach the front door handle Or maybe just too scared to know what I would find Now I feel I'm strong enough to take the slow ride Now knowing when I will arrive I do believe I'm going home 'Cos I don't call this place my home I'm missing what I had, happy times and sad More than I ever thought could be

Acadian Driftwood

The war was over and the spirit was broken The hills were smokin' as the men withdrew We stood on the cliffs Oh, and watched the ships Slowly sinking to their rendezvous They signed a treaty and our homes were taken Loved ones forsaken They didn't give a damn Try'n' to raise a family End up the enemy Over what went down on the plains of Abraham Acadian driftwood Gypsy tail wind They call my home the land of snow Canadian cold front movin' in What a way to ride Oh, what a way to go Then some returned to the motherland The high command had them cast away And some stayed on to finish what they started They never parted They're just built that way We had kin livin' south of the border They're a little older and they've been around They wrote a letter life is a whole lot better So pull up your stakes, children and come on down Fifteen under zero when the day became a threat My clothes were wet and I was drenched to the bone Been out ice fishing, too much repetition Make a man wanna leave the only home he's known Sailing out of the gulf headin' for Saint Pierre Nothin' to declare All we had was gone Broke down along the coast But what hurt the most When the people there said You better keep movin' on Everlasting summer filled with ill-content This government had us walkin' in chains This isn't my turf This ain't my season Can't think of one good reason to remain I've worked in the sugar fields up from New Orleans It was ever green up until the floods You could call it an omen Points ya where you're goin' Set my compass north I got winter in my blood Acadian driftwood Gypsy tail wind They call my home the land of snow Canadian cold front movin' in What a way to ride Ah, what a way to go

Song For A Deck Hand's Daughter

JAMES MCMURTRY "Too Long In The Wasteland"
He'd always whistle Jolie Blonde On his way out the back door on a Friday night So many times he just stayed gone Rarely did he try to treat your mama right Shut off the tractor with the field half mowed Set the brake and headed down the road Came home for Christmas Never said where he'd been With No presents for the children Only stories for the men [Chorus:] Still your mama called him daddy She never told him no Said she couldn't help but love him You wondered how it could be so He'd work two weeks out on a river barge She worked in the factory never missed a day He'd spend his week off holding up the bar Never took him long to drink a deckhand's pay Wind off the river Cut the lines on his face And left him dreaming of some other place Maybe Memphis town or Baton Rouge When it's cold in Cape Girardeau There's nothing much to do [Chorus] And if his suitcase wasn't standing in the hall He might not be coming home at all And all the sides of him you never knew before Would be drifting down the river to another back door [Chorus]

Ii. Voices

- John Petrucci 'Love, just don't stare' He used to say to me every Sunday morning The spider in the window The angel in the pool The old man takes the poison Now the widow makes the rules 'So speak, I'm right here' She used to say to me not a word, not a word Judas on the ceiling the Devil in my bed I guess Easter's never coming So I'll just wait inside my head Like a scream but sort of silent living off my nightmares Voices repeating me 'Feeling threatened? We reflect your hopes and fears.' Voices discussing me 'Others steal your thoughts they're not confined within your mind.' Thought disorder Dream control Now they read my mind on the radio But where was the Garden of Eden? I feel elated I feel depressed Sex is death, Death is sex Says it right here on my Crucifix Like a scream but sort of silent living off my nightmares Voices protecting me 'Good behavior brings the Savior to his knees.' Voices rejecting me 'Others steal your thoughts they're not confined to your own mind.' I don't wanna be here, 'cause of my suffering, 'cause of my illness. Only love is worth having, only love is what matters, loving every people on equal terms. You've got to know who you're dealin' with because, like a stranger, a-heh, just might come in through here with a gun... and then, what would you do? (Heh.) Everything is immaterial... 'n' you know that reality is immaterial. This is not reality... I'm kneeling on the floor staring at the wall like the spider in the window I wish that I could speak Is there fantasy in refuge? God in politicians? Should I turn on my religion? These demons in my head tell me to I'm lying here in bed Swear my skin is inside out Just another Sunday morning Seen my diary on the newsstand Seems we've lost the truth to quicksand It's a shame no one is praying 'Cause these voices in my head keep saying... 'Love, just don't stare.' 'Reveal the Word when you're supposed to' Withdrawn and introverted Infectiously perverted 'Being laughed at and confused keeps us pleasantly amused enough to stay.' Maybe I'm just Cassandra fleeting Twentieth century Icon bleeding Willing to risk Salvation to escape from isolation I'm witness to redemption heard you speak but never listened Can you rid me of my secrets? Deliver us from Darkness? Voices repeating me 'Feeling threatened? We reflect your hopes and fears.' Voices discussing me Don't expect your own Messiah This neverworld which you desire is only in your mind.

Iron Flag

WU-TANG CLAN "Iron Flag"
[Intro/Chorus: Raekwon] Murder one of y'all niggaz.. Get to hurtin one of y'all niggaz.. Bitches, snatch the shirt off one of y'all niggaz [Raekwon the Chef] ... kick dirt Color glocks splitters just listen there's UFO visitors Fly paintings remainin, reclinin pro-comissioner One boot off he Rudolph, know he hyped flew off Hibernatin, dead in the makin, ear-rake him, gear-rake him Technician murderer, Wu hit the universe Our words is crush, fingers icy slush, ringers wants Mercedes bust Tip bottles, Movado, sailin in some Wu googles you follow Mail and jail letters, sendin niggaz lottos What made you murder my flow, what made you rival my clothes What made you -- fuck it, yo son these niggaz gotta owe I think a lot of flows, I flip exotic hoes We paintin pictures if it's () I seen a lot of those Gettin fly with Ghost, power just buy the boats RZA your vision is exquisite, daddy hide your scrolls Platonic chronic shows, tonic prose Off the meter Panasonic know, son line me a ho [Masta Killa] Devestatin shockwaves strikin the nation Newsflash, warn the people, assassination The hour of detonation, pure untampered or mixed in any form In any form mixed untampered it's pure Dissect each line of the rhyme Find my ingredients and nutrients Teach patience and obediance before movement Killer bee student enrollment I'm out your control and expose if it's synthetic Quote these plush degrees as I inject, there's many at risk Slang therapist Shallah Rae plus the people, with magnificent wordplay [Chorus] [Inspectah Deck] Aiyyo you know the half, some get respect, most we show the path They quoted tracks while we spoke math, blowin fast Expose the craft, first picks chosen in the draft I don't flash, hoes love me cause I hold a stash Known to blast, paramedics couldn't close the gash Floatin past in an alley with the oak dash Show the cash, watch it blow in half, it's no fair They goin mad, check their tape recorders and their notepads Crabs wanna play me close and grab Can't believe you on the canvas, I'm just throwin jabs Where the powers you supposed to have, hand in your soldier rag You posin bad, show your ass son, you won't last With heavy weights that elevate the whole mass Compose a smash, rollin grass at Ghost lab [samples scratched: 'drink to your new life.. iron flag brothers']

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