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AESOP ROCK lyrics - Float

I'll Be OK

Original and similar lyrics
[Slug] Burn it down... Pad the circles 'round your life To capture all the sides you sight Magic tricks where skeptics sink The ice is thin, stay off the lake Waiting for a clock to punch Wish I could breathe and stop for lunch If I stop tocount the leaves on one of these here trees Not sure that I know what's pure Born to kill the insecure Some respect, some resent, some remain from start to end Wear my heart on my short sleeves I'm stuck out here, I lost my keys From the roof I watch the street And pray for those that's caught beneath [Chorus--Slug and Aesop] 2x As long as I know right from wrong I'll be ok, I'll sing my songs [Slug] I dunno what I have to left To give other than truth and breath Angel when she shuts her eyes Like we will leave to my demise Between my time is short About to start my last resort Wake me up when it's time to make babies Talkin planet earthquakes Tied the laces, touch the ground Let emotions ruptured now As long as I know right from wrong, I'll be ok I'll sing my songs Chorus 4x [Aesop Rock] I wanna lift every yellowbrick I never felt pressure to have to justify my selfishness At least not to your and yours Maybe just my friends and fellowships As long as the mood is somehow linked to my enhanced development I swear they'll understand!!! There's a storm outside my tenament Beats upon my windows with Mother Nature's adrenaline I guess that's why my homey Blockhead stays glued to the television Now I look less intelligent Cuz I'm the one that tried to bear the elements and lost Well it's warm by the filament Huddled up close in the company of all my relatives Stories lash like coffee and honest-to-God sentiment Cucooned in the unified efforts to all get settled in Away from where the rain pours! Well count your delegates Weed out the bums who practice migration under the elegant Of course I realize to fill the ring, procedure's delicate But lead devils inside to collide with your overzealousness And fall to rock bottom Spot em with their carelessness The urge could burst to turn even those hazardous to militant You can't even have half of free second The beat comes gelatin You gotta aim, fire and the spider be model veteran Buried in merit badges I'm stuck in the center and could care less About the eye of the storm and its monstrous measurements I got a defense that I call coolin with my brethren Sometimes I get wet But it's better than risking life and limb to me, don't you agree? Chorus 4x [Aesop Rock] *repeat to fade* If you wanna push, than I'm ready to push But if you pulling while I'm pushing Then why did you ask me to push?


I have seen where the wolf has slept by the silver stream. I can tell by the mark he left, you were in his dream. Ah child of countless trees, ah child of boundless seas. What you are, and what you're meant to be Speaks his name, though you were born to me, Born to me, Cassidy. Lost now on the country miles in his Cadillac. I can tell by the way you smile, he is rolling back. Come wash the nighttime clean, come grow the scorched ground green. Blow the horn, and tap the tambourine. Close the gap of the dark years in between You and me, Cassidy. Quick beats in an icy heart, catch colt draws a coffin cart, There he goes and now here she starts, hear her cry. Flight of the seabirds Scattered like lost words, Wield to the storm and fly. Fare thee well now, let your life proceed by it's own design. Nothing to tell now, let the words be yours, I'm done with mine. Fare thee well now, let your life proceed by it's own design. Nothing to tell now, let the words be yours, I'm done with mine.

Valley Of Chrome

CYPRESS HILL "Skull & Bones"
[B-Real] You can't hide from the man with the master plan Huntin for your head 'How I Could Just Kill a Man' Ayo, where you at baby keep your head low, damn Got you on the camcorder in the black minivan You crossed line, time for the light to blind You can run but I never be far behind You never know when it's gonna come, paranoid Cuz the mentality is seek and destroy Better look around before you come out your door Cuz shit catches up but you don't want no more Only time will provide the right sign for real You might die cuz you hesitate to find the steel [HOOK 2X:] You better never let me catch you alone! Bring it on, bring it on! Bring it on, bring it on! You might die in the Valley of Chrome! Keepin on, keepin on, keep, keep, keepin on! [Sen-Dog] Listen up mothefuckers I got shit on my mind The spotlight's on me and it's time to shine I smack any brat that be jumpin outta line I smoke any fool try to diss on my rhyme I get y'all, wearin no can't protect y'all Wash your brain and have you infiltrate the Same bunch of suckers that be tryin to hate me Wanna take me out so they can try and replace me Fuck what ya heard, have ya seen lately The size of my clan is improving greatly No one will hold 'em back, bringin the big heater Watch a nigga run scared, faster than a cheetah Speed of light, move faster than sound But I'm still on they back and I'm gaining much ground [HOOK 2X] [B-Real] No matter what you seen, we still smokin the green Represent for all the people still a part of the scheme Playa haters, imitaters wanna roll with the team But they fade away, hate away, all for the cream They wanna instigate to get a losse forget my stake Take advantage of the rilla, rob killa who scrapes Cuban motherfuckers who don't know who I am Better step aside suckers watch the heater expand Get outta hand, see the light, you and your clan Better scram outta here before you get slammed I stand strong, keepin on, when I'm rollin alone But you sorry bitches hideaway, place unknown [HOOK 4X]

Do You

Bro'Sis "Never Forget (Where You Come From)"
Chorus: Do you know what it feels like Do you know when the time's right To go the very own way Not matter what they say I was never the one to do the things all the people do I'm the one to decide it what I do is cool Never do I listen to what my parents try to tell me Record only five is not a part of my dream What I always play my own things in my own kind of trance I like to find you in sneakers and big baggy pants I like going to the movies with a girl in my arm I like boys that are cute with a lot of charm I like going to a party, dance a night away Sometimes I stay in bed and I sleep all day And if I don't like something I'll be quick to let you know And this is how the story goes Chorus I'll always be curious about a hole to stand And my mind always don't stop until you get enough If I see something that I like, I go and grap it And if I can't get it on the same day That'll be another one just for don't sell You have to keep your hat up and go for your dreams Sometimes a little harder than what it may seem I believe in yourself and gor for what you know Sometimes it's fast, sometimes it's slow Never wanna see you laugh, you wanna scream out loud All the others may wonder what this is all about It's just us six getting ready for the show And this is how the story goes Chorus

The Basics Of Life

AVALON "Another Time, Another Place: Timeless Christian Classics"
We’ve turned the page, for a new day has dawned We’ve re-arranged what is right and what’s wrong Somehow we’ve drifted so far from the truth That we can’t get back home Where are the virtues that once gave us light Where are the morals that governed our lives Someday we all will awake and look back just to find what we’ve lost [Chorus:] We need to get back To the basics of life A heart that is pure And a love that is blind A faith that is fervently grounded in Christ The hope that endures for all times These are the basics, we need to get back To the basics of life The newest rage is to reason it out Just meditate and you can overcome every doubt After all man is a God, they say God is no longer alive But I still believe in the old rugged cross And I still believe there is hope for the lost And I know the rock of all ages will stand Through changes of time [Chorus] [Bridge:] We’ve let the darkness invade us too long We’ve got to turn the tide Oh and we need the passion that burned long ago To come and open our eyes There’s no room for compromise We need to get back To the basics of life A heart that is pure And a love that is blind [Chorus]

Stitches & Burns

People say that I?m a foll Well I don?t know At least I found out What it takes to be strong I was dreaming all day long A drifting cloud With eyes wide open I would choose not to see Chorus Now I don?t want To see you any more Don?t want to be the one To play your game Not even if you smile Your sweetest smile Not even if you beg me Darling please. Say good morning to the world I hope you like it Take good care of all those Things that we had I?ve been looking for a way For too long now Seems like everything Must come to an end. Repeat Chorus Time after time Nothing that I can do Knowing your ways and loving your ways But not getting through at all Day after day Leaving the past behind Coming to terms with stitches and burns learning to fly again Repeat Chorus

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