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AESOP ROCK lyrics - Cat Food

Bug Zapper

Original and similar lyrics
[Verse 1:] The first step is a doozy, it's roulette with a mood ring The birth of an old slang, the death of a new speak A permanent post-game, a spitter with bridge trolls Skirting the copay, divvy the death toll Maneuverable codenames, alerted and mobile Familiar rising, and furnacing cold piles Resilient style kings, impossibly tantrum Wandering wild things, obelisk phantoms On linoleum or lava, leaders of a leadfoot fauna His left source blunt force trauma Not pillar of the commune, a splinter off the pagan Who vote off the elusiveness of truth and exultation From the point of view of students labeled putrid little aphids By the beautiful and cryogenic stasis Sadists, meanwhile makers of a hideous whatnot Committed to a lowdown Sisyphus up-rock Are shaving at a truck stop, aging exponentially Homie, no myth flowers grow where he piss And I still row boats outta bottles without abandon To shrink into the sunset bumping Pachelbel's Canon In D motherfucker, the author of the artistry May or may not be weeping to an automated pharmacy Hello. Hello? Shit [Hook:] Too geeked up to even keep it down Too peaced out to even be around Too beat up to even breathe it out (Too freaked out to even leave your house) [x5] [Verse 2:] You wish you could dance more, I wish you would talk less My gentleman transformed, to bringers of offed heads Moments of land war, my Lazarus species Tattered and bruised up, from back in the cheap seats Hackers on crew cuts, foam at the mush mouth Gag at the news truck, notably unsound Dragging his clown shoes, food on his moustache Raggedy hounds tooth, zilch on a bus pass I'm good, house at the beach of expelled hubcaps Black lawn, backyard melting into Lovecraft Bad yarn spun by the hum of the bug zapper Of kings becoming runners, and runts becoming alphas And underdogs with posters of a front-side Tony Alva On the sticker laden walls above their uncle's Bowie albums Graduate to flyers of an execrated sigil And live to see another sexy generation fizzle Out, keep rap homely Bear claw slippers, over-sized Billy Joel tee Fat-faced, potbelly, neckbeard, crow's feet Rat nest, gross teeth, pock marks, goatee I walk with Hawaii on the greenscreen behind me So even the awkward pauses feel inviting Standing at a landmark sleep drought keep out Can't talk now too freaked out [Hook]

Shot Off

Eightball "Living Legends"
(feat. Ludacris) [Intro: Eightball] He he he, yeeah [Verse 1: Eightball] What kind of nigga always run his mouth like a hoe Like his jaw got a battery, this nigga always know Who got robbed, got shot, who got put on lock Nobody invited you and still you got up in the spot Me, I'm not a witness, keep my distance, mind my business You, somebody talk, you in they mouth like a dentist We keep it gangsta, mommas love it cause they know it's real Like UGK, 'we keeps it real' mobbin' through the field Big Ball, Fatboy, unload heat when my brain spill You for it, images without no coke connect pills We keep it crunk and poppin' real niggaz know the deal We Bad Boys, anywhere we at we smoke and kill You try to stop it, get yo' shit broke up in twenty pieces We roll deep in brand new vehicles wit secret features Game preachers move yo' pimpin' for you mamasitas We players on the field, y'all niggaz in them bleachers [Chorus: Eightball - (Repeat 2X)] You talkin' down behind my back (uh) you done shot off nigga Fifty, four or twenty sack, you done shot off nigga If you fly and got a gun (uh) when the drama come, you run (uh) You know what you just done, you done shot off nigga [Verse 2: MJG] Man, come on now, you done shot off just like Mike Davis lost a knockoff Or his tight-ass shirt when the button pop off You standin' it's snowin' you got yo' shoes and socks on Who holds the key No fucking bout it, I broke the lock off I grew the top off, took the comma, period, dot off And ran on wit it and broke you a whole lot off I'm gettin' hot and startin' to boil, don't turn the pot off You just affected wit it, pimpin' yo, get yo' rocks off Release some pressure, stop all that cryin' and wipe ya snot off Excuses you be usin' for losin' it's cheap as hot sauce Earn yo' position, stop hatin' beacuse you not boss M-J-G, pimp tight, I'm movin' yo' spot off And I don't reach, stoppin' yo' plans, fucking yo' plot off I go hard and I don't sheave and I'm not off And livin' on the edge rebellin' I'm never dropped off Like Aaron Hall, 'Don't Be Afraid' bitch, call the cops off [Chorus: Eightball - (Repeat 2X)] [Verse 3: Ludacris] Now you can either check yo' ego at the do' (door) or let the drama unfold And check my Rap Sheet, BITCH, I'm almost ten million sold I'm only rappin' cause I want to, I got enough plaques Needless to say, my favorite rappers told me to get on this track And so I DID it, quickly wrote my sixteen down and SPIT it By the end of the verse you'll say, 'once again, Ludacris SHIT it' Then I'll wipe this wit yo' face and put yo' pride in the trash My whole career is like my video, I'm showin' my ass I keeps it, 'gangsta, gangsta!' shooters and shanksters Until you shot off motherfuckers, I'm a 'thank ya, thank ya!' Runnin' yo' mouth behind my back until you run out of time But at least yo' talkin' let's me know some millions stay on yo' mind It ain't nothin' wrong wit that Tell em grabbin' the thang and then I put it to yo' brain And change everything you ever hope fo' (for) wit the .44 You'll be fallin' back And Yacht - is what I'm drinkin' steady thinkin' bout these pinks chasin' I'm bout to bring home the bacon [Chorus: Eightball - (Repeat 4X)]

Checkin For You

JOELL ORTIZ "Free Agent"
[Intro: Sebastian Rios] You goin about this all wrong, son Look at you [Sebastian Rios] It's Friday night, and you just got paid But you done spent every dime on this hoe, tryin to get laid But that's a weak angle (word) that's what the streets made You a halfway trick nigga? Make me sick nigga Okay, you in the spot behind that bitch liquor That's cool, but her friends too? She got like six wit her You Mr. Big Figure? Man you's a big sucka It's (Friday) and you spent e'rything like you Chris Tucker Let's knock the move, think these ladies all on you cause you rockin jewels and you got a face like some model dude (please) You beyond a fool (look) Dawg you spendin all yo' cash, man they got you all gassed like rocket fuel But you know what? I ain't knockin you Whores exist, so you might score and shit, not impossible If that's how you want it, then so be it But you spendin gwap, so listen pop, I hope you go beat it [Chorus: Sebastian Rios] You got a lot of talk, know how to put it down But when you show yo' face, she don't come around She ain't checkin for ya (nah) Listen to me young blood, she ain't checkin for ya - ha ha (ha ha) You like the way she walk, makes it worthwhile I'm hearin that's yo' lady, but when I come around She ain't checkin for ya (nah) Listen to me young blood, she ain't checkin for ya - ha ha (ha ha) [Sebastian Rios] Fresh car wash, you got your rims spinnin? You all set to pull over and try to get women You'll only get those that's whip driven Please, I be big pimpin in wrinkled white tees and ripped linen I don't need a item for me to pipe 'em Homie my talk game raw, like the meat that they feed the lion They can talk about how conceited I am But I ain't marryin unless she don't want me, offer me a diamond See, with you? You gotta spend dough Cause you a square, and yo' game's outdated, you're Nintendo And that's a damn shame, you borrow your man's Range to go to the club, and spend your re-up on champagne Can't be serious, trick, you weak! You was producin you probably show chicks your beats Cause you a (what) LAME! (LAME!) Word You're still spendin gwap on that same bird [Chorus] [Sebastian Rios] What your watch like four? (Uh-huh) Your chain like six? Spendin and try to score, homeboy that's priceless But e'rybody can't do it like this I keep her here with a beer, some of us must buy Cris' I got that gift, I do not act stiff She got her nose in the air, I tell her stop that ish Please, ain't no chick better than Joell But hey, if you choose to spend cheddar, oh well What can I say? That's YOUR money Correction, WAS your money, now that's that hoe's money I laugh from a distance cause, it's so funny Look at you hoppin around tryin to chase a snow bunny You can't catch her cause, she already caught ya Our eyes didn't have dinner, she done ate off mine for ya I ain't said a word, she like the way my body talk I'ma take her to the crib and change her body walk [Chorus] [Outro: Sebastian Rios] Yeah, see that's how you do this here You ol' jive turkey, but ain't doin it right You just like the rest of them You ain't like me I done seen 'em all, son Big, small, short and tall

Get Em High

KANYE WEST "College Dropout"
(feat. Talib Kweli, Common) [Kanye West] I'm tryin to catch the beat, uh I'm tryin to catch the beat I'm tryin to catch the beat, uh uh, uh I'm tryin to catch the beat [Chorus: Kanye West] N-now, th-th-through ya motherfuckin hands GET EM HIGH All the girls pass the weed to ya motherfuckin man GET EM HIGH Now I ain't never tell you to put down ya hands KEEP EM HIGH And if ya losin yo high than smoke again KEEP EM HIGH [Verse 1: Kanye West] N-n-n-now, my flow Is in the pocket like wallets, I got the bounce like hydrolics I can't call it, I got the swerve like alchoooool-ics My freshman year I was goin through hell, a problem Still I, built up the nerve to drop my ass up outta collllllll-ege My teacher said I'se a loser, I told her why don't you kill me I give a fuck if you fail me, I'm gonna folllllllllll-ow My heart, and if you follow the charts, to the plaques or the stacks You ain't gotta guess who's back, you see I'm so shy that you thought it was bashfull but this bastard's flow will bash a skull And I will, cut your girl like Pastor Troy And I don't, usually smoke but pass the 'dro And I won't, give you that money that you askin fo' Why you think, me and Dame cool, we assholes That's why we here your music in fast fo' Cuz we don't wanna here that weak shit no mo' [Chorus: Kanye West] N-now, th-th-through ya motherfuckin hands GET EM HIGH All the girls pass the weed to ya motherfuckin man GET EM HIGH Now I ain't never tell you to put down ya hands KEEP EM HIGH And if ya losin yo high than smoke again KEEP EM HIGH [Verse 2: Kanye West] N-n-n-n-n-now who the hell is this E-mailin me at 11:26, tellin me that she 36-26, plus double-d You know how girls on black planet be when they get bubblee At NYU but she hail from Kansas, right now she just lampin, chillin on campus Sent me a picture with her feelin on Candice Who said her favorite rapper was the late great Francis W-H-I-T, it's gettin late mami, your screen saver say tweet So you got to call me, and bring a friend for my friend His name Kweli (You mean Talib, lyric sticks to your rib) I mean (That's my favorite CD that I play at my crib) I mean (You don't really know him, why is you lyin) Yo Kwe, she don't believe me, please pickup the line She gon' think that I'm lyin, just spit a couple of lines Then maybe I'll be able to give her dick all the time, and get her high [Verse 3: Talib Kweli] Yeah I can't believe this nigga use my name for pickin up dimes but GET EM HIGH, I need some tracks you tryin to pull tracks out And my rhymes as fittin to blow you tryin to blow back south Well ok, you twisted my arm, I'll asist with the charm, aiyyo Ain't you meet that chick at the conference wit ya mom And she's the bomb, boy she got the boujI behavior Always got somethin to say like an okay playa hater Anyway, I don't usualy fuck with the internet Birth Controls stuck to they arm like Nicorette You really fuckin that much, you tryin to get off cigarettes And she think it's fly, she ain't met a real nigga yet I appoligize if I come off a little inconsiderate I got the bubble cushion a sister could get ahead of it [Verse 4: Common] Get em high like noon, or the moon or room filled with smoke A high filled with dope Y'all assumed I was doomed, out of tune, but I still feel the notes The real nigga quotes Real rappers is hard to find, like a remonte, control rap is not a Used too but still got love, that's why I abuse you who are not thugs Rock clubs, it's like Tiger, Woods in the hood, to have my own reality show Called Soul Survivor, I stole all liver, niggaz in you You'se a bitch I got ones that are thicker than you How could I ever let your words affect me, they say Hip-Hop is dead I'm here to resurrect me, mosh is to sexy to even make songs like these That's why the raw don't know your name, like Alicia Keys To many featured emcees, and pro-ducers is populer Twelve thousand spins, nobody got to coppin her Album, how come, you the hot garbager The years clear your image and snooped up Label got you souped up, tellin you you sick Man you a dick with a loose nut Video hard to watch like Medusa Even your club record need a booster Chimped up, with a pimp cup, illeaterate nigga Read the infa, red across your head I'm bread king like Simba Bolder then Denver, I ain't a Madd Rapper just a emcee with a temper You dansin for money like honey, I did this my way So when the industry crash, I survive like Kanye Spittin through wires and fires, emcees retirin Got yo hands up, get them motherfuckers higher then [Chorus: Kanye West] N-now, th-th-through ya motherfuckin hands GET EM HIGH All the girls pass the weed to ya motherfuckin man GET EM HIGH Now I ain't never tell you to put down ya hands KEEP EM HIGH And if ya losin yo high than smoke again KEEP EM HIGH

Race Against Time II

JA RULE "Blood In My Eye"
Yeah, yeah, uh huh Race against time, ha part two You know, haha, Uh, c'mon Yeah, yeah, yeah, haha Nothin like the future [Verse 1] Guess who's back to personify money, power, and bitches But when bitches been gettin money, that when shit get ridiculous I'm hittin switches like six fo's, bouncin and leanin The west coast seemin, keep the fo' fo' demon And the rock is all stashed up Roll up a little diesel, keep it hashed up Then +Holla, Holla+ at the whores, is hollerin back Let 'em know a few facts like if your ridin, your back's slidin This is the 'Race Against Time' and I ain't got time to waste To give chase, I put a hole in your fin But your head to the barrel like DJ's is spinnin Backward, to blow off the backwood, I'm so hood But what's really hood, when you ain't doin your hood no motherfuckin good, and bein misunderstood I would die if I could, Rule the lion And I'ma keep "ri-da-da-da-da-in" [Chorus - 2X] Race against time, I - can't stop Runnin through the red light - livin my life Even if I'm gettin too hot Still I can't stop - "Ri-da-da-da-din" [Verse 2] Bless the day that the God was born two, twenty-nine, seventy-six This cocaine was heavily mixed And all them niggaz had a fixation for bad reputation For pimpin hoes, and shootin fo, to bring the free basin If this is time erasin, the devil is runnin like Bettis And got his guns out lookin for ways to behead us You can die in a matter of seconds, so I'ma slow it down Turn back the hands of time with the 40 Cal Claimin your style is the realest, so I'ma define the meanin of murder, it's killer You outta your mind, the burner's designed for the fill up No gas, and when I spits like acid smoke weed, but blow ether, spit ashes cause young Rule in his prime like 'Clay Cassius' Hated by the masses, but overwhelmed with love and passion For when I die niggaz keep "ri-da-da-da-din" [Chorus] [Verse 3] If Jesus Christ was criticized, then why not me What the fuck am I special, I struck a deal with the devil Haha, every kid a prophet, which one seem like its logic Me in church, or me in bed with bitches managen I can chase like sergeant, addictive like heroin Outsiders just lookin in, through a barrel that's pinned to the peep hole They seein all or nothin like Jazz from Clisco Hit 'em up and let's go, jump over the threshold I just got married to bangin pistol, drugs and other shit Feel in love with a bitch that I call crime She reminded me that nobody can beat time If you get enough of it nigga So I looked her dead in her eyes and pulled the trigger Thinkin that the music we feel would be somethin different But this the same old criminal vibin I ain't hidin, I'ma keep "ri-da-da-da-din" [Chorus]

Death Blow

Kool Moe Dee "Funke, Funke Wisdom"
To the Break of dawn To the, to the, to the Times up punk yea yea Time to settle the score To the break of dawn, another dumb move Ha, ha, ha this time it's over boy This is me and you, head to head, let's go Here we go, beat down round 2 Heads up punk 'cause it all comes down to Me and you, face to face, head to head Mic to mic, I like the weak shit you said To the break of dawn, beats nitro Lyrics weak, say goodnight 'cho Star Trek shades, man cut the joke Let's get serious and go for broke You still got a lock on my jock like a pitbull Victor before you pull it off you thought Mr. Pitiful Here's some mouthwash, g Your mouth smells like my jockstrap, C- A-U-S-E, you're ridin' me, T-O-D-D, junior Moe Dee Stop biting, chewing, swallowing Who in the hell told you that you could do what you were doing Raise up son, I need jock relief Here's a toothpick, now get my jock out your teeth You swallow it, yea, finish, burp Now let a real man go to work 'Cause I'm a whip you like your daddy, beat ya like a baby Sick ya like a dog, dropping lyrics wit rabies Cut ya like a knife 'cause you're nuthin but hype You slice and dice and ice twice for life I'm a treat ya like a hooker punk, change your clothes Put you on the streets wit ya jingling hoes Keep talking about me and I'll keep pimping Just bring me that money and take this last whipping How can one man be so dumb You're trying to come off and don't know how to come You're young and dumb and quick at the tongue You high strung bum come and get done I'll do you wit a death blow (Chorus) Kill 'em kill 'em I'll hit ya wit a death blow My lyrical beatdown will leave ya in a coma 'Cause you can't hang without a high school diploma Your brain is fatigued, you're out of your league You're running out of gas and you're tank is on E Somebody buy him a heart 'cause he's petro Take you're whipping like a man brother let go No apologies, tears, or violins Get your black suits 'cause I ain't smiling I'm shooting the gift of gab, brother you're ripped in half Soon as the mic is past, you won't live to laugh If there's laughter, I'll get the last one You loafed on the lyrics and you caught a bad one So who's got no style, look at your profile You can't dance, can't dress and you're so foul Still wearing played out 4 finger rings Played out fat gold chains and things You changed your look now change your gameplan Trying to dress but you still wear name brand Brother, you look crazy weak And it gets worse when we hear you speak So you ain't got a chance in hell You'll be known as the late LL The man who lost one, one too often Came wit a soft one and went to his coffin A close casket they won't show ya When I finish, you're mama won't know ya 'Cause I'm a rip you limb from limb You tombstone read he had no win So RIP, Rest in peace, rip 'em D.I.D., dead indeed, did 'em A H-I-T, hitman, so whatcha hit 'em wit A rhyme silencer, I hit 'em wit a death blow Chorus If mama said knock me out, come do it You can't win and that (record scratch) knew it I'm a send you home in a body bag Wit the mic in your throat and a jock for a gag You're out of here, over, finished, all in And Marly marl can't save you from fallin 'Cause as soon as you came back what did you do To the break of dawn, another dumb move You can't go hard, you're just so-so Todd I'm that type of guy, oh my God It's gets no rougher comes no weaker marly hooked the beats so now you need a Writer to bring you back from hell Because I'm a rock up L Low life loser, life like luna Lafidasical, lispless luna Tic liver lifeless, living likeness Lusting longing lyrics like this Little league, lard larsonist liar Label ledger, left the leper liar Bull, lull, lateral learning Laps language latent lurking Language, language, local logo Light laboring, limited local Now LL's a laughing stock 'Cause I bit that ass to the last stop I watched you fall like Hitler fell And now you're down to a broken L You're records ain't hot and you're shows don't sell Yo, tell 'em how you fell L, hard as hell You came back and you thought you had me But think about it, whos' your daddy Kill 'em... Big daddy, I don't want none... I did 'em wit a death blow To the break of dawn To the, to the, to the, get him out of here

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