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Admiral Twin lyrics - Unlucky


Original and similar lyrics
I first met my girlfriend in the park one April day she was sitting underneath my favorite tree I had to say you can't sit there She laughed at me you know I couldn't help but like her told her so and then I guess I must've closed my eyes and kissed her looked again still there How did she get here? Why today appear? How can she be here? Minutes stretched to days to months we never left that spot I swear they had to mow around us carved our names into the tree and pledged that we'd be there One day we're talking suddenly she's got to play a game of hide and seek I close my eyes and count to ten look again she's gone Someone tell me please how long must I wait for her to be a good friend to her now? I can only count so high; the numbers just run out but I won't stop until they do (one million and million and two...etc.) Looked high and low, looked all around but couldn't find her climbed a tree--nothing to see but people looking at me funny called her name I swear I spent the next three years just trying to find her thought I saw her once or twice but I'm not sure one thing I know though: when she goes she's gone How can I be there when I can't find her anywhere? How can I be unless she is why should I be there.

Save Your Generation

Flattered that you think I warrant ugliness. Gutters drain west, mud made a mess of us. It's time to leave this place. I'd saw through your wrist to find a better trap that fits. I'd saw through your traps to find a better you, a part of you that lasts. I saw through your trap and into my own wrists. Saw we were through, red ribbons spill to blue: a sight to sore your eyes. I got this dress. I'm hiking it around this waste of laughter. Slow dance alone with no one to the sound of four hands clapping. Congratulations to you both, I hope somewhere you're happy. If there's a moral to this story then I wish you'd show me. Hair in the blood, fly in the disappointment. Rubber, I'm glue. I'll write the book on you. It's sticking to my face. You need a little less than what you take for granted. This is the sip that's drinking back from you, blacking out your eyes. You need a little more suppression of your appetites. This is your honeymoon, in separate rooms, it's neither sweet nor bright. I made a word to give this state a name, this game a guess. I call it sluttering . It means as little as your little test. You are your worst revenge. Your very means, they have no ends. This is a story you won't tell the kids we'll never have. If you hear this song a hundred times it still won't be enough.

It's Over

Killah Priest "Heavy Mental"
[KP] Run for your lives.. oh my God [Girl] Yo watch it! Yo what everybody runnin for? [KP] This is it... run for your lives [Girl] Motherfucker quit pushin! [KP] Oh my God, run for your lives [Girl] Yo what's goin on? [KP] It's coming! It's coming! [Girl] Why is y'all runnin? [KP] It's over, it's coming [Girl] Where y'all going? What y'all running for? [KP] It's over, it's moving closer, the sky getting lower [Girl] Hey yo, yo! [KP] Winds turn colder, Killah Priest soldiers [Girl] Wait for me yo! [KP] Steamrollers [Girl] Whassup motherfucker quit pushin me up! [KP] Right there, there, it's over, damn he's right there [KP] It's over, it's over [Girl] Hey yo who the fuck is that? [KP] It's over, run! It's over, run! [KP] It's over! It's over! *people screaming* [Killah Priest] All science addicts religious fanatics Curiosity seekers biblical preachers historians Ritual believers scholars teachers spiritual leaders High priests generals seargeants and them rude captains Lieutenants lower your gimmicks I'm the hip-hopper that'll rock to fill a opera acapella locked cellar Watch hell-ah, freeze over take you lower break you bold Constrict to hit you like fingertips in your soul Put whiskey in your soda or vodka Chop you with a blade made of copper Kick your head off like a soccer, brawl Raw alcohol and it's over, arrest over in October Punch a hole through your solar plex, and it's OVER I mark X on your chest -- it's over, and bury the dead Ain't gonna be no rest Just pretend, watch me blow like the dust in a gust of wind Flow with the rush when I adjust the pen take you miles and miles and miles leave you at the river of the Nile Now deliver the vials, fat, found in the pile in the stack Books that were took, take a look, back As I take you further high into the sky where your eyes like vision surprise then dive back Vision buildin the b-ombs, upon you peons Knowledge you crazy Knowledge we be goin, OFF! Now you lost tossed in confusion, saw an illusion of the car that started cruisin Actual day mathematics were raised to his attic What's the weight of a flame, state your name But he was afraid of the height, glazed at the light Strayed, couldn't stay for the flight Ran to his book of rhymes, took up some time for the brother to hook up a line as if he had a fishing rod, but my mission is God Science I be dishin out be hard Deep in his eyes, contacts, plus saw beyond that Saw the brother couldn't respond back Tried to rhyme after me to hold the weight but the science done drive dem niggaz shoulder blades down Let's take a trip travel through the mind and played a trick when he unraveled the rhyme Bloodthirsty no mercy when I bomb no thinkin emotions Sick him with potions that I've developed to make the body swell up like venom Once I'm in em then I skin em and skull em After that I call em, back from the essence Who the fuck want more lessons? It's over! Know what I'm sayin? It's over The dead bury the dead, it's over Your career -- it's over All you wack MC's (finish em up) -- it's over Finish em up The blast, burns back into elements Development of gas around the mass of the Earth A hundred and ninty six million Now a hundred and forty thousand miles are occupied by people causin housin over this the mind was just browsin Thougt I was warm coats, I dispose hope of the focus and roast energy toward the enemy Now in burnin G's, chemically enforce infinity Attack, third eye, what occured my, vocal form into a storm went blaow burnin but left him in the crowd wonderin Now you wonder on many thoughts you ponder fell asleep tryin to seek the beyonder while I would ponder microphones Recitin poems, strikin domes to your frightening moans -- of HORROR! Speakin evil Hebrew from the Torah Slammed the mic it turned to a serpent, open the curtains Saw things he couldn't interpret, destroyed the Earth Fill it with gunpowder, came build sun power Rebuild it in one hour Then revealed it through a sunflower shared the shower Showin the power of the North Messiah eyes on fire Water oxygen you can't comprehend to these strange doc-trines Stop the winds, beyond the orbits of Dionne Warwick With no broomsticks and magic tricks is this Return of the Iron Maiden Stomp your corny ass like the Raven What's the matter? You frostbitten, you lost your mittens It seem you wanted to cross to smitten Sec-ret morse from the Christians It's over! Killah Priest says, it's over! Huh, it's over! Your careers is now, finished

Runaway Love (Remix)

JUSTIN BIEBER "Never Say Never - The Remixes"
[Raekwon:] Visual visual JB Yo ‘Ye whattup Raekwon You got stacks like the international house of pancakes all alone ready to phone me and your hand shakes palms is wetted Don’s regret never the walk miles for love I sit at starters deck it just happens I was floating you seen it cathy blinked at me then I threw on my thinking cap taker, and then we can slide to Jamaica shopping for a year or two stop in Diega it’s obvious I’m gon sue your mommy is we just friends so she can’t Clyde Bonnie us fly walls down in the fly halls come to the master suite leave every piece in the masterhall all about money tied in a know stand over there thats why I make it happen on blocks brazil cut sweater, Audi, leather playing the field tryna outslug Berretta [Justin Bieber:] You see my baby over hit the road, Where she’s going i swear nobody knows I need to find her before another man does I wouldn’t want him to steal my love I’m just tryin to be cool, cool, cool (tryn’a be cool) What would you expect me to do I’m just tryin to find, find, find That sweet love of mine I’m runnin outta time Where is my runaway love Searching low and high Know that I’m not givin’ up I give it all up for her I’ll never be enough I wont stop until I find My runaway love [Kanye West:] Last name West and my teeth Diamonds she said "yo, what’s your occupation? crazy rhyming?" listen to Wu Tang [?] high top louie’s shorts is the coogies open up the door when you take her to the movies when you meet the parents you tell De Niro her boyfriend is zero she needs to cut the wierdo next show they gotta up the zeroes nobody rocking like this 60 years old the hard johns and the walleys something caught me I’m telling you what Wu-Tang taught me the young youth rocking the gold tooth pull up in a drop top old school bumping the cash rules no question we the reason why the summers blazin they say you looking good fly colour asian ra I give it yo ya, no trivia she used to roll with my g-unit like Olivia till she caught me getting numbers not her’s guess thats the day she became a runaway love [Justin Bieber] I’m runnin outta time Where is my runway love Searching low and high Know that I’m not givin’ up. I give it all up for her I’ll never be enough I wont stop until I find My runaway love Why can’t i find, the love of mine, When you’re standing in front of my face Oh, yeah, You must be mine How did I let you get away [Raekwon] Leave it up to the most high sit in a ghost fly chillin with 2 of my brothers we both live on deck grabbing em on set this is how we roll independants she a go I’m gon go get take that queen assure to ya we can live it up every month baby girl just call me up waking up mess in some cold sweats thinking of this the video tapes even the stress my mind is a terrible thing to waste no love lost I know I’m going crazy I can’t floss me my lady left my homies it’s all baloney just like rocking an old pony so when I chillin I’m just lost no more feeling I need my honey in my life get that film it take the time [?] and way you shine my runaway love give me mine come on [Justin Bieber - Chorus]


HARRY CHAPIN "Greatest Stories Live"
It was raining hard in 'Frisco, I needed one more fare to make my night. A lady up ahead waved to flag me down, She got in at the light. Oh, where you going to, my lady blue, It's a shame you ruined your gown in the rain. She just looked out the window, and said Sixteen Parkside Lane . Something about her was familiar I could swear I'd seen her face before, But she said, I'm sure you're mistaken And she didn't say anything more. It took a while, but she looked in the mirror, And she glanced at the license for my name. A smile seemed to come to her slowly, It was a sad smile, just the same. And she said, How are you Harry? I said, How are you Sue? Through the too many miles and the too little smiles I still remember you. It was somewhere in a fairy tale, I used to take her home in my car. We learned about love in the back of the Dodge, The lesson hadn't gone too far. You see, she was gonna be an actress, And I was gonna learn to fly. She took off to find the footlights, And I took off to find the sky. Oh, I've got something inside me, To drive a princess blind. There's a wild man, wizard, He's hiding in me, illuminating my mind. Oh, I've got something inside me, Not what my life's about, Cause I've been letting my outside tide me, Over 'till my time, runs out. Baby's so high that she's skying, Yes she's flying, afraid to fall. I'll tell you why baby's crying, Cause she's dying, aren't we all. There was not much more for us to talk about, Whatever we had once was gone. So I turned my cab into the driveway, Past the gate and the fine trimmed lawns. And she said we must get together, But I knew it'd never be arranged. And she handed me twenty dollars, For a two fifty fare, she said Harry, keep the change. Well another man might have been angry, And another man might have been hurt, But another man never would have let her go... I stashed the bill in my shirt. And she walked away in silence, It's strange, how you never know, But we'd both gotten what we'd asked for, Such a long, long time ago. You see, she was gonna be an actress And I was gonna learn to fly. She took off to find the footlights, And I took off for the sky. And here, she's acting happy, Inside her handsome home. And me, I'm flying in my taxi, Taking tips, and getting stoned, I go flying so high, when I'm stoned.

Me & Ms Pain

AB-SOUL "Long Term"
[Chorus:] The Pain Is Gone! [Hook: Ab-Soul] Nah that bitch never leaves Got me waking up in cold sweats, so I never sleep Properly, I'm no Socrates but my philosophy is She gone follow me as long as I live [Ab-Soul:] A minute ago, I was riding bicycles And I can buy you Now & Laters with 5 nickels When it was washing dishes and homework, cable and bullshit I hit the block and never left It was exciting watching life bring light to what I'm writing about like A lamp in a cave, while I'm trapped in this maze But Frankie Beverly wouldn't walk in my all-stars for a day I watched kids play and think ignorance is bliss Then I watched Kid-N-Play on House Party And wished I was them See you can say I'm brainwashed Cause I came from an era where niggas don't care about nothing And you're judged by how much your J's cost But me being the rebel I am, I never gave a damn Leave it to Beaver and the rest of you suckas I'm complex like the magazine say I'm abstract Like a trigonometry quiz and science lab rats If I wasn't odd, you could see the pain in my eyes I watched brothers kill brothers over system of legal tender Deteriorating my loins with liquor looking for joy I put my soul on a platter of joy I do this for the regular people who out the ink route Make it popular to be unpopular Because if we all came together, ain't no stopping us And it hurts me so, to think how they divided us Like an island in the road Just take control if you ain't know And yo Lock my body can't trap my mind I got two decades of experience on my resume Say I don't qualify and I'll call you a lie I'm on a whole another plateau, you still tryna be fly And that goes for the narrow minded who's ancestor was the pharaoh He went from Number 1 to Zero Let's Take it back [Chorus:] The Pain is gone! [Punch:] Nah she still on me She stalking my innermost thoughts, I guess she want me Because he primary fear is to die lonely I got, no disdain for Ms. Pain She leaves me love letters sealed with a kiss Lipstick stains on the mirror She helps me see things a little clearer Couldn't experience joy if she wasn't near us I remember throwing shots back til' I collapsed Waking up hung over in the effort to give her the cold shoulder It never worked As soon as I sobered up, I couldn't avoid her tender touch Like when Izakaya died I couldn't look his mama in the eyes Feeling like I contributed to his demise Guilt stricken, heart victimized Postpartum Syndrome, I'm blacking out She's wishing it was me, she cried Each tear was like a symphony orchestra Beethoven over the organs, she snapping a tremendous proportion Take this recording as the truth distorted Through the eyes of a man who reaped the fruits of her courtship And no fortune could ever overturn the misfortunes I absorbed in The pain made me impure like foreskin, more that I can bargain Fool, still I love her forever more [Chorus:] The Pain is Gone! [Hook: Ab-Soul] Nah that bitch never leaves Got me waking up in cold sweats, so I never sleep Properly, I'm no Socrates, But my philosophy is She gone follow me as long as I live [Ab-Soul:] And even when I die, she's going to follow my kids

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