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Addis Black Widow lyrics

Goes Around Comes Around

Original and similar lyrics
Pigeon: I came home from a hard day's work now Found ma girl on da floor wid a man now Couldn't believe, ma eyes lost ma mind now Turned around an walked away 2 ma room now… - Did u tell her, tell her, tell her? - No I did not - What did u do, u do, u do? - Let me think no… Chorus Goes around comes around Here u got it, now u got it What u gonna do about it??? Chorus Cream: Everyday you're away from 9 to 5 now After dat…u come home wid ya work now I keep talKin…seems like there's no one listening I found out u got a girl on da side now! - Did u tell her, tell her, tell her? - No I did not - What did u do, u do, u do? - Let me think now… Chorus x 2 Pigeon: In ma room there's a picture on da wall now Took it down an lit a candle by da bed now Cream: Before u do any stupid foolish thangs now Da man u saw 's not a man its ya girl now - Did u tell her, tell her, tell her? - No I did not - What did u do, u do, u do? -Let me think now… Chorus til fade (oh oh oh I did not I did not)

Make Sure You've Got It All

DIAMOND RIO "Completely"
I'm watching you go from room to room With all your boxes and your broom Packing up, sweeping out and taking down From off the wall Everything that's part of us Tear my whole world down if you must Don't even leave one little speck of dust Make sure you've got it all Chorus Take my heart, take my soul Take it all with you when you go Just leave the floor here to catch me when I fall You stole my pride and dignity You took it all away from me Take one last look around, girl, before you leave Make sure you've got it all Don't even leave one photograph The memory of one smile or laugh Check the closet up in the attic and down the hall Take your time, take your rings Take the sandbox and the swings Without a family they're just things Make sure you've got it all Repeat chorus Tag Take one last look around, girl, before you leave Make sure you've got it all

She's A Freak

Infinite Mass
Chorus x2 This young girl she's a freak. She's up clubbing every night of the week. And all around town it's the same old sound spread that fever let us all get down. She liked the late night in the city action to be the centre of attraction gifts of satisfaction She wants your reaction (hey!) Hey, watcha think her bottom weighs is it okay, or is it going late. Stop with you lies 'n' open your eyes This is to be the last sin instead of vandalisin This young girl put you in a song to dance rule it's the second flow so just let it role Chorus x2 I like freaks like hardcore beats hangin out in the streets some boys that wont sleep Crash a joint, let it all out crane built, too much money spending, talk about your romance I like that low cut waistline, see through panties always corrupt my mind I am what i am and I hope you like me too the most beautiful thing in the world is a girl and thats true slink, skinny, high heels is my passion anything goin from street clothes to the latest french fashion I got your back say no more bad girls like it roar, UH Chorus x2 Lambretta: dadedadedadeda!! Chorus She's not even 15 but looks older than 19 so what they mean the thought in every man's wet dreams straight VIP never said a line she can toss the game heard that every bastard knows her name Pull'n all nighters here we got war fighters from gypsies, call girls start poets with some writers plus she did things with her tongue that leave ya outta breath (hu!) told ya (hu!) she was under 21 two, three, down on the four sex in the city hot like never before this kiddie since bold place never settle for less ladies and gents welcome to the funkfest Chorus x4

Sulky Girl

She wears a wedding ring her sister lent To throw them off the scent Just let them guess, it's what they expect Who in the world has bitten her neck? She's discovered wearing last night's dress The carnal and cunning, she couldn't express Who do you think she's trying to impress? CHORUS: I think you'd better hold your tongue Although you've never been that strong I'm sorry to say that I knew all along You're no match for that sulky girl She left her European town Before she let the family down She couldn't stand the Massacre Game So she dyed her hair and adopted another name With the evidence of passing out stamped on her hand She glows in the dark He thinks she's from another planet CHORUS Sulky girl I'm sure you look a picture when you cry Threatening the silent treatment doesn't qualify It's like money in the bank Your expression is blank But while the chance appears You'll be nearer to tears Sulky girl [2x] He said Hello, my pretty flower Just trying out his tycoon power Avoiding the mirror, her pitying stare She said You're mistaken, your money's no good in here Just some stupid little know-it-all Who thought she looked easy; he's not that astute He'll pay for the distance Between cruelty and beauty CHORUS So I won't tell you again What do you gain By blackening her name She's smarter than you Oh isn't it a shame You're gonna lose that sulky girl Sulky girl I saw you practising your blackmail faces Suddenly you're talking like a duchess But you're still a waitress I saw through your pretence But in my DEFENSE There are a few events I think will spare the censor Sulky girl [4x]

Play The Next Man

EPMD "Business Never Personal"
(Erick Sermon) What's up wit that homegirl, why you frontin My raggamuffin, c'mon, help me wit somethin You like me, I can tell by your wicked actions I wanna rock wit you like Michael Jackson (coughing) Erick, what slow down, baby You're not Seal, so why you actin Crazy I wanna be your man, the whole nine sounds cute Us buggin out, and us knockin boots But you, you wanna go out and start cheatin Hangin Tough like the New Kids every damn weekend Thinkin I'm stupid, girl, you must be buggin The boy you messin wit is my cousin Tryin to play the E-Double wit the old weak flim flam Don't play me and reach out for the next man (Chorus) Don't play me, play the next man (4X) (PMD) I was wonderin why you went to work everyday OK, yea, maybe to get extra pay But when you stepped out, you was dressed to impress (How fresh) so fresh, that you walked wit finesse Word is bond, I could've sworn you was minglin The way you was movin, the way your earrings was jinglin Of course, you was messin wit the Boss Not Bruce Springsteen, your boss drove a Porsche Remember, you went to work one night While me and D-Wade was home watchin the Mike Tyson fight You said goodbye, gave me a couple of kisses I peep the coat I didn't buy you for Christmas You went out to a fancy restaurant Came in actin all nonchalant Asked you a question, shook up like Elvis Presley Your makeup smudged, your hair messy Shh, quiet, I caught cha Tell him my name is Parrish Smith, I used to mess wit his daughter Yes the Mic Doc and I'll be damned Don't play me, play the next man Chorus (P: PMD, E: Erick Sermon, B: Both) (P)Now if ya girl's on your back Jack, cut her like a lumberjack (Cut her off, cut her off) (E)And if your man done son, trade him in for a new one (Cut him off man, cut him off) (Repeat) (P)So if ya man is runnin wild, slow em down, school em Jack (E)Before he plays you off, girl (P) just to prove a fact (E)And get your feelings hurt kid (P) plus your heart broken (B)Bust it ( Can't truss it! ) (P)What (E) a relationship (P) friendship (E)Hardship (P) fell on the booze when ya boy tripped (E)So pick ya pride up boy (P) oopsy daisy (P)See ya (E) Audi Ghost Patrick Swayze

Be A Heartbreaker

JUSTIN GUARINI "Justin Guarini"
Girl : You know you're in trouble Justin: ooooooo Ah baby Hey lady I know, I should be the last one Who's tellin you How to run your life But im feelin like My concience wont let it go Gotta make a downpayment On my karma, Cuz I know I caused So much trauma I wanna make up For all the breakups And the dreams of love I stole -=-Chorus Hey girl i'm not tryin to do that to you So listen baby Be a heartbreaker Everytime Till ya find the one Who does ya right who'll be loving you Treat ya true Not saying I hit now we are through Be a heartbreaker Dont compromise If he aint about yours You're wasting time Cuz a guy like him wanna a girl like you So he can say I hit now girl we're through -=- He's a player Cant ya see He keeps 2 or 3 girls on his team Its his resume His routine So baby girl listen to me Girl you should be thinking about his ways Cuz its too late for him to change Now when other guys come spitting game Want you to know your being played -=-Chorus-=- I sayin that you aint up on game Comin straight i'm tryin to make it plain His a.j is to do the things he do He'll break your heart in two ya He aint cool for u No girl, I aint tryin to do that to ya oo oo eh oo oo eh oo oo eh oo oo eh oo oo eh oo oo eh oo oo eh oo oo eh -=-Chorus-=- -=-Chorus-=-

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