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Achim Reichel lyrics

Aloha Heja He

Original and similar lyrics
Hab die ganze Welt gesehn von Singapur bis Aberdeen wenn du mich fragst wo's am schönsten war sag ich Sansibar Es war 'ne harte Überfahrt zehn Wochen nur das Deck geschrubbt hab die Welt verflucht in den Wind gespuckt und salziges Wasser geschluckt Als wir den Anker warfen war es himmlische Ruh und die Sonne stand senkrecht am Himmel Als ich über die Reeling sah da glaubte ich zu träumen da war'n tausend Boote und sie hielten auf uns zu In den Booten waren Männer und Fraun ihre Leiber glänzten in der Sonne und sie sangen ein Lied das kam mir seltsam bekannt vor aber so - hab ich's noch nie gehört Aloha heja he - aloha heja he aloha heja he Ihre Boote machten längsseits fest und mit dem Wind wehte Gelächter herüber sie nahmen ihre Blumenkränze ab und warfen sie zu uns herüber und schon war die Party im Gange Aloha heja he - aloha heja he aloha heja he Ich hab das Paradies gesehn es war um neunzehnhundertzehn der Steuermann hatte Matrosen am Mast und den Zahlmeister ha'm die gonokokken vernascht aber sonst war'n wir bei bester Gesundheit Aloha heja he - aloha heja he aloha heja he

Wunderbare Welt Des Farin U

Die Ärzte
(Urlaub) Neulich hab ich mich mal beim rasiern' geschnitten, das hat vieleicht Wehgetan! Und Kaum eine Woche später bin ich an der gelben ampel einfach durchgefahrn'! --- Das war wieder mal ganz groß... --- Ich frage mich wie macht der Mann das bloß?! --- Das ist die Welt des Farin Urlaub, Hier ist immer etwas los Total verrückt, aber auch ehrlich- gesagt nicht ganz ungefährlich ...Die wunderbare Welt des Farin U. Gestern traf ich Sven von Fishmob hier im Supermarkt und der sagte hallo zu mir! Ich fragte ihn Was machst du hier? , und er sagte: Naja, ich kaufe Klopapier Huh Mann! Das war vielleicht verrückt, ich habe gleich mein Tagebuch gezückt!!! Das ist die Welt von Farin Urlaub: Action Pur, rund um die Uhr! Echt abgedreht und ganz schön crazy, aber irgendwie O.K. die aufregende Welt des Farin U.! Doch das Irrste was mir je passiert ist das war letztes Jahr! Sieben Zentimenter Schnee mitten im Februar! ich schaute morgens aus dem Fenster raus, und hab gedacht ich träume Auf der Straße standen weiße Bäume!!! Das ist die Welt von Farin Urlaub, kaum zu glauben aber wahr! Hier boxt der Papst in Nietenhosen, Hier ist immer etwas los! ... Die wunderbare welt des Farin U., einn mensch wie ich und du, das heißt wie DU wohl eher nicht aber immerhin ein Mensch immerhin ein Mensch immerhin ein Mensch ... wie ich!

Wenn Ein Schiff Vor

Das Meer rollt schwer an die Felsen. Die Boote fahren hinaus. Es begleiten sie Gebete: Kommt alle wieder nach Haus ! Die Männer denken nur daran was immer ihr Leben war: Sie werfen aus ihre Netze und vergessen die Gefahr. Und das Meer singt sein Lied wie seit uralter Zeit und das Lied hört nie auf bis in die Ewigkeit. Die Melodie ist so alt wie die Welt. So alt wie das Leid un die Seligkeit. Die Wolken und der Wind tragen soe fort hinaus in die Unendlichkeit. Und das Meer singt sein Lied... Ein Mädchen steht auf den Klippen die Augen sind tränenleer. Sie wartet auf ihren Liebsten er fuhr hinaus auf das Meer... Sie wartet hier jeden Abend wenn rot die Sonne versinkt. Das weiße Boot kam nicht wieder ihre Lippen küßt der Wind.

Troubled Waters

AESOP ROCK "Music For Earthworms"
You replicas overlooking the guidelines of acoustics Miserable attempts result in miserable conclusions Paragon pen dragon tactician on freeform Then a comfortable silence try to combat cliques That unexpected Sephotus cyclone shifts Worked up you're shooken, jetted to the side I stagger this vagabond wondering menstrual forms of phobia Worst fear the terrace stricken muted The roots of all evil I've rooted pinnacle Poised with pride pouncing to break your stride, forsaken Agony rides inside the heartache wretched condition My intuition felt you slip up You tripped alone what are you aiming for? Or do you sus tries to classify your genus, distorted fetus Evolve, type unsolved, you lack the malediction Malleable martyrs get molded, then folded under pressure Thou perceives a slaughter suspension Bridge over troubled water drown, sound study intensive My square drops two erasing lines like tetris Relentless agent hush horrendous circles on my pavement Two sticks to burn basics the lie adjacent to my placement On the game board, lunge forward and wind-up impaled by the same sword Choose your weapon, stains splattered upon your flag Taturag shielding the exterior inferior Stall face to face with a forms that force your downfall Admittedly suspicious, a decadence, your network's on hiatus Permanent, provoked and choked upon the potency The parrow be the penetrating agent pierce the insides Why the cold sweats at midnight? Why the dim light? Why are we staring at a true from the inside? Why the pen slide with vigor on a put down? Like while I put my foot down stomp your city A-E-S-O-P scoping through the bur, opening minds behind the smirks I've seen misery, I've seen disgust dust ridden ruins Iron clad oracle test three COM unit disperse silently Over confidence leads to irony Plot twist full hardy Icarus shifted in facets of my form Forbidden aspects of the swarm a thorn upon your side A storm upon the rise, Adam, I or crush come brush upon the red zone Crook you're shook you started poorly Your powers parted pace uncharted territory Disoriented malicious god you'll burn your bridges This craft requires first drafts Graphs, gritted blueprints of nemesis perimeter Hunting by night compute, twenty one mic salute One life polluted, concerned muffle moans From the nine rings of Donnie's hell burn you in your slumber Sleepwalk then pulled under now Whipping through the willows is the warden of this garden Slipping through the silhouetted skylines Aesop sidewinds jaded Don't wind up war painted into the jungle the solution's not intrusion The starving institution broke your main frame I pose the question, are these waiting games worth it or worthless? While I comb the crowd for clues your nyebony hands be my purpose Our planet is the pivotal point In which this network slowly turns to filter kicks We out-box the berserk bewildered by the wilderness My clench is frantic clutch manners falling through underbrush Touch fools that duel with a dominant The evil-minded tried to triple six me but he missed me Intervene; emcees appear as red blips on my color radar screen

The Don's Cheek

[Verse 1:] Catch me on Venice Beach working on my base, no blonde streak Swimming trunk, 30K in arm's reach I'm on the boat, in the water like a swan's feet To show respect you kiss both sides of the Don's cheek 360 on the Seadoo in a tux Call my homie, tell him meet me down in Lido Beach for lunch Placido Polanco Crib, his bitch was black She started purring, I kissed the cat Aristocrat, wrist dancing like a disco bass In the holster, same shit color as Sisqo's hair 635 slam like a suplex Cheat off a Chinese kid just like a school test I'm on the hunt for loot, jump out the chunky coupe Hold on, wait till it thunder, here's the gun to shoot Beige leather to the calf, where my math at? You gonna babysit my joint? Then pussy pass that [Hook:] I'm getting paper regardless, I'm never facing no charges I got your honor under the armpit The gavel slam and I walk Hammer dances on the porch, downtown gallivanting with a horse Two different drugs to choose, I need the third thing Oriental style shirt Flapping in the wind like a bird's wing I need that good green, ugh, motherfucker need that good green [Verse 2:] I got the face like a grown lion, my people hold iron Predict the weather by the wind like an old Mayan Hold my son up, show him to the kingdom While all his blood brothers became drug runners in England Made in Queens, Handball courts and 40s Shorties smoking blunts, spades in the corner We moving white like David Spade in the sauna All the money chronological, it look like callaloo Provide the crew designer suits, exotic food Erotic nude and polished shoes, impala smooth Roll up, looking like Sinbad with the earring Lightskin sucking my penis while I'm steering I'm pro [Hook]


JIMMY BUFFETT "Son Of A Son Of A Sailor"
She said I can't go back to America soon It's so goddamn cold it's gonna snow until June Yeah, they're freezin' up in Buffalo stuck in their cars And I'm lyin' here 'neath the sun and the stars. Customs man tell her that she's gotta leave She's got a plan hidden up her shrewd sleeve Wants to find her a captain, a man of strong mind And any direction he blows will be fine. Please don't say manana if you don't mean it I have heard those words for so very long Don't try to describe the ocean if you've never seen it Don't ever forget that you just may wind up being wrong. Tried and I tried but I don't understand Never seems to work out the way I had it planned Hanging out at a marina when Steve Martin called Singin' anybody there really want to get small. But women and water are in short supply There's not enough dope for us all to get high I hear it gets better, that's what they say As soon as we sail on to Cane Garden Bay. Please don't say manana if you don't mean it I have heard your lines foe so very long Don't try to describe the scenery if you've never seen it Don't ever forget that you just may wind up in my song. Called all my friends on those cheap nightly rates Sure was good to talk to the old United States While the lights of St. Thomas lie twenty miles west I see General Electric's still doing their best. I've got to head this boat south pretty soon New album's old and I'm fresh out of tunes But I know that I'll get 'em, I know that they'll come Through the people and places and Caldwood's Rum So please don't say manana if you don't mean it I have done your lines for so very long Don't try to describe a Kiss concert if you've never seen it Don't ever forget that you just may wind up being gone And I hope Anita Bryant never does one of my songs.

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