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ACE HOOD lyrics

Mr. Nice Guy

Original and similar lyrics
[Hook:] No more mister nice guy (You done fucked up now) From now on, I ain't lettin' shit slide You ain't with the clique Wasn't with me from the get Now these niggas wanna dick-ride Fuck it No more mister nice guy Hate to introduce you all to that guy Fuck it No more mister nice guy [Verse 1:] You lookin' at a lion in a dogfight Shooters knock the bulb out your nightlight Nigga, I'm the illest, that's in real life Boy, you better chill, don't get gassed by the crowd hype I can send a shot to make 'em act right I suggest you go and get an ally Know I got the heat, like I'm Pat Ri' Beast of the South, wear the hat like a Rabbi Nigga, I ain't impressed Nigga, I ain't even flex I ain't mentioned in your top five? This the day that they regret it Fuck 'em Ballin' like the Rucker Shout my nigga P [?] they in trouble They ain't on my level Big stones in the bezel I'm a ruler with the flows, niggas can't even measure Whatcha sayin' nigga? I don't play games on the playground I just go to bussin' like a Greyhound Ain't the type of guy to [?] 'round Speakin' of the South, I'm the one who hold the weight down Who the fuck is these niggas? Who the fuck is these niggas? I'm kinda sick in the head Ask H-I-V who the motherfuckin' illest [Hook:] No more mister nice guy (You done fucked up now) From now on, I ain't lettin' shit slide You ain't with the clique Wasn't with me from the get Now these niggas wanna dick-ride Fuck it No more mister nice guy Hate to introduce you all to that guy Fuck it No more mister nice guy [Verse 2:] Fuck niggas around, I expose 'em I am the one who the chosen Fuck your devotion I make 'em stir up commotion I make 'em lock in and focus Bitch, I'm a problem Way too much chains on my collar Hoes commit sin for a dollar She just keep suckin' Head is so good, she a scholar Rolly on prezi Obama I am a stoner Pockets on Rosie O'Donnell Loyalty's just what I honor Out for the commas Rap niggas don't want no drama Just know I'm [?] Yolanda Ain't no more chillin' I got more bars than a prison I am on point with precision Aim at your fitted Dope as the coke in the kitchen Ego too big for the business I'm disrespectful, that's just the thing I intended Testin', I don't recommend it Stay on my pivot My name I dare you to mention Flow is on fuckin' tremendous Ya'll better warn everybody I'm a young Vince Lombardi Fuck you gon' teach to a coach, nigga? I tried told niggas [Hook:] No more mister nice guy (You done fucked up now) From now on, I ain't lettin' shit slide You ain't with the clique Wasn't with me from the get Now these niggas wanna dick-ride Fuck it No more mister nice guy Hate to introduce you all to that guy Fuck it No more mister nice guy [Outro:] Oh! Now you fucked up! Now you fucked up! Now you fucked up! You have fucked up now!

Canal St.

ASAP ROCKY "At.Long.Last.A$AP"
Yeah, live through the strugglin', life's a every day hustle I hustle every day in life thinkin' back Takin' packs up the block them older niggas said I couldn't hustle Man fuck 'em niggas, I'll be back, strapped back pack Bitch I'm flipping work, hand in hand, I think they call it trappin' Racin' laps, re-up went to waste, it pays to make it stack Face the fact, there's always niggas out there tryin' to knock the hustle I guess that's why they say we trap, don't let niggas hold you back I'm just a kettle from the ghetto with no pot to piss in So who am I to call it black? Black man, black male Black ball, black opsy, black diamonds glistenin' Attract the pigs and all the rats, kitten scratch I went from roaches on my bump to red broaches on the cuff On my tux, chauffeur pullin' up, no if, ands or buts about him I went to Paris for my trunks, 100 thousand spend on Goyard Used it once, couldn't give a shit, damn or fuck about 'em Hit Canal Street, real as a gold medallion Smokin' blunts in front of public housing Wildin' 'til they throw me in 'em cuffs Mouth full of fronts, look like Master P up in my Cartier's Diamonds shinin' in the frames Changed the game and made them say Uhh Ain't no limits to this shit, life's a flick, you're speakin' to the script My life is like a movie, they should film me through it Take a pic, then show the frame and shit, forever me, was always G Way before this famous shit, y'all just pretend to do it [Hook - Bones x2:] You say you got 'em guns, but I've never seen you bang You say you get 'em drugs, but I've never seen you sling You say you in that game, but I've yet to see you play You say you going hard, but nobody feels the same, yeah Rap game like the crack game, swear it's all the same, hustle Whippin' soda through the pot, watch it bubble Flex a muscle, hit the block, I better teach you niggas how to hustle Sellin' coca on the charts, watch it double Uh, taking me in zoom and bust my shit, my mobile office Gettin' head while at my desk, this shit my oval office I remember when I got a hundred for recordings Now to sum up my performances, just put me on the Forbes list Fuck Jiggy, I'm flawless, fuck pretty, I'm gorgeous Your favourite rapper's corpses couldn't match up my importance My mind is out in orbits, plus my ego got endorsements Heard the people want that raw shit, but y'all be talkin' bullshit [Hook x2]

Show Me What You Got

Hoo! Yeah it's another one of them marvelous shits Yeah, Flipmode, huh, Busta Rhymes shit, yeah So remarkable, yeah As I say it over and over again From song to song, yeah, so remarkable Hah, heh, yeah, so remarkable [Verse 1] Yo, yo, Busta Rhymes the immaculate raw Hardcore, riggady raw, lay niggas flat on the floor We climb into the back of the four Nonchalant flavor fo' sure, Timbs wit a aqua valor Flava like you never seen it before Ha, holy, sacred, and pure Flipmode, be on it fo' sure Be incredible to settle the score Like a nigga shot you in the face, through the peephole in the door From New York, down to Singapore Keep you niggas jumpin' around, had the bitches beggin fo' more Street niggas, yeah we speak for the poor Now we stack cheddar galore, when we shop and buy at the store Metaphor like nuclear war I warned niggas if you try to bite, shit I'll leave a crack in your jaw Take the livest niggas out on a tour Make a nigga black in the spot, make you wanna take off a door [CHORUS:] All my dogs who hustle everyday All my dogs who hustle everyday now Own a store laundrymat around the way And own a store laundrymat around the way now We got to get it, YEAH! My niggas, all my niggas Show Me What You Got for me, what you got for me All my niggas what ya got for me All my shorties who stay fresh everyday All my shorties that stay fresh everyday My get money bitches who still hang around the way All my get money bitches that chill around the way now We got to get it, YEAH! We gotta... My bitches, all my bitches, c'mon Tell me what you got for me What you got for me, all my bitches what you got for me [Verse 2] Now, yo, we stay packin the toast Could give a fuck, bust at a ghost And end up on the front of the post Niggas know that I be rockin the most Fuckin Ethiopian bitches, living in the ivory coast Let me drug y'all niggas up wit a dose Make you act just like you suppose' Watch a nigga playin me close Nowadays type of dough that we gross I celebrate and throw me a roast And get an old face for a host We get it hype even when we be calm Niggas know my word is my bond When we come you know we the bomb Hypnotic shit, get you retarded Shoulda known it was a bad move Fuckin around and gettin me started Still whippin in the back of the truck So what, not givin a fuck In the streets, livin it up So what happened to the last nigga bust Could give a fuck whoever he was Throw them niggas outta the clubs Them niggas all, shit turnin me off Tie 'em up, makin 'em cough Gag 'em in the throat wit a cloff After that we go and wild for the night Make 'em know the style for the night Car low, pile for the night You know we always give y'all niggas a blaze Black it out and party for days Let y'all niggas fuck with the strays Fuckin dimes at the end of the days Gettin money but it's too late Got a nigga stuck in his ways [CHORUS]


[Verse 1:] I want that Marylin She got that Adam's apple and she asked about that passion And we passed her with that nectar And passed her wacker friend Piece to the keys to put that car in If they the keys that act up in It's beasts in the streets in leather skin She put a decent effort in but she's at the precinct haemmoraghing Bring it to these bitches like Alpo Bitches getting snitches if she under my scalpel Bitches getting bitches when I tell 'em who the sight's on Have these girls runnin' like roaches with the lights on They been on that groupie shit We been on that Gucci shit Apple Cherry Gucci clique Mmm Mmm Yeah Ya'll be swearin' you the shit But ya'll be sharin' shoes and shit Cool it bitch Yeah, we be gettin' paper [Hook:] Cause I can't entertain you I got nothing to say to ya (no no) I don't even blame you If I was you I'd hate too Y'all can't even fuck with us Can't even fuck with us (Worldwide) Y'all can't even fuck with us Can't even fuck with us [Verse 2:] These bitches saying they poppin' shit And they hatin' cause we are We the crème de la crème All them other bitches are the H to the I-Ms These niggas like her They try to get in her cypher But he can't Can't even roll text with us These niggas can't even stand next to us Trust, that I seen these bros be Tryna make ends meet, Pantene Pro-V Try to send beats to her And he's hoping He can get a 16, he can get me open But, um, I ain't fuckin' with these hipster niggas These niggas really like sista niggas You know, they sweeter than them spritzer niggas I know niggas probably kissed a nigga I know niggas probably dicked a nigga Anyway, it's the B-A-N-K-S To them niggas with V-I-S-A C-A-S-H-E-U-R-Os Put a couple commas in them Z-E-R-Os Lookin' for the dollars for the C-O-I-Ns You need to get enough for both me and my friends Yeah, we're more dimes than two bucks These niggas be up in the hood like Ku Klux Puffing on that loose-again Puffing on that 2 for 10 All these niggas Oodling, oodling Yeah, yeah Ya'll niggas cool and shit But all my bitches too legit We rule [Hook]

Where I'm From

C-Murder "Life Or Death (Explicit)"
hook Where I'm from, only strong niggas live where I'm from Where I'm from, only hard niggas live where I'm from Where I'm from, only real niggas live where I'm from Where I'm from, only strong niggas live where I'm from (C-Murder) I live cross' the street from a killer Round' the corner from a murderer Next door to a nigga, that never even heard of a free day Cause he did fed time about 9 A cold-blooded killer, still dressing like them old times Their goes some gangstas on the corner slanging crack If you want the powder, you gots to go around the back If you don't want trouble, then stay up in your home In the middle of my block, is where you find the heroine And the one who kill the most, get the most respect Its like the motherfucking law, when you living in the projects Cause money brings problems, and dope brings killing And where I'm from, every young nigga willing To do what they gotta do, on my block Thats why the best job in the hood is slanging rocks hook (Mr. Serv-On) Now where I'm from, niggas cock the 50. caliber chrome You ain't real, catch a policy with Mr. Serv-On You slip on your work, you might lose your wig In the gumbo, where nigga murder innocent kids 25 the legendary status, cause your surviving Game soaked in your blood from the g's and thugs Now slide me the Cong', I get that red in my eyes I'm so high, I don't give a fuck if I live or I die Now where I'm from (Prime Suspects) Now where you at on the streets, still hollerin' bout' keep it real But where I'm from the fakest nigga 'll still split your grill Its cold bro, every man for theyself Soldiers and warriors throwin' up they ward signs Represent don't give a fuck, and where I'm from N.O.P.D jacking and stacking g's, make me wanna join the force I heard they serving up ki's, Now when lose a ghetto hero like my nigga Sluggy G We bustin' up they second line before we let em' rest in peace Where I'm from, thats how it is, broken enemies packing them tears With my niggas, with them wine, cause we getting it how we live 3rd Ward, Parkway, Calliope, ya dig hook (Prime Suspects) Nigga give me gliss, the realest, flip the script like a gymnast Bullet-proof nigga and street chemist Bitch I'm in this to win this And Mortal Kombat you get finished Where I'm from, every nigga over 12 got a gun Get done with, if you running with that dumb shit Get your wig split Give me the money, you keep the bitches so up it, fuck it Cause where I'm from the fucking drugs and thugs Run together like them motherfucking Crips and Bloods Slugs be busting, nigga fuck fussing and cussin' And doing a lil' time ain't bout' nothing Guilty til' proven innocent, for putting bustas in gurders If you havn't heard, where I'm from the po-po's never see murder Nigga (C-Murder) I live the life of a killer One time can't catch me, hennessey and weed I live amongst a dying breed Me and you put in the ghetto to make ends We duck and run from the bullets of our jealous friends Prime Suspects feel my pain Its the killer in me, cause I'm true to the game hook

Thugg Niggaz

GETO BOYS "Da Good Da Bad Da Ugly"
[ INTRO: Willie D ] Thugg niggaz Ha-ha-ha Callin all thugg niggaz (Callin all thugg niggaz) This shit is for y'all Worldwide Just like Geto Boys (Geto Boooys!) I know y'all niggas gon' feel this shit right here (G.B.!) We're goin through the same thing [ VERSE 1: Willie D ] Weapons bein loaded and cocked, bodies drop Ghetto niggas, they hang on the corner sellin rocks Fuck the cops, they brutalize the poverty-stricken Institutional racism prevalent in prisons Quick decisions are made with precisions of blood-spill Gotta make a mill, got a house on the hill Protect my grill, and avoid gettin killed Now if I land on the concrete with bloody pants Lord please, give your homeboy a second chance Baby need a new pair of shoes, and a college fund My P.O. wanna know how I got a gun I'm in the presence of my enemies like in the bible Will I see heaven if I murder these fuckin rivals? I'm havin nightmares of niggas' final cries If I die today, will I be idolized? I gives a fuck, if you dwell from the East to West As long as you feel the south, nigga, you can bet I got... [ CHORUS: Doracell ] Nothin but that gangsta shit to my thugs Puffin on a gang of shit smokin luv Niggas gangbang and shit, rub-a-dub No matter what you claim and shit, throw it up (2x) [ VERSE 2: Doracell ] Lord, see me, to the last year, my islamic roots Forgive me what I past did, hustlin for loot Pass the casket, lookin at my friend in basket Touch him with my lips, feelin like he blasted I never seen a man cry But my lifestyle is fear, sittin around watchin muthafuckas die The faces of death Who coulda predicted 2Pac would be next? Read ghetto text: if you live by the sword Or speak about it too much, you gon' die by the sword So think about it, do us an injustice, you know time flies Life, I can't trust it, so I stay high Six-time felony, no one can handle me I'm constantly fuckin up my family To the moms a casualty, I got love But this a little gangsta shit, to my thugs [ CHORUS ] [ VERSE 3: DMG ] I be a muthafuckin thug till the day I die Called in this world to be a rider, so I'm ridin high My blood-shot eyes coincide with my frame of mind Forever mobbin with my niggas from offa both sides It's G.B. family, fuck y'all bitch-mades We in the game to run the whole thang Return and leave from A to Z Bonafied thug in my blood, part of the ghetto Niggas runnin when I'm up in meadow I'm black devil with the shovel when I'm near, nigga Don't fear, nigga, this is war in yo ear, nigga Right here, nigga, real niggas Representin thugs, we all action We body-baggin (body-baggin) and toe-taggin Your reaction is flatline, no pulse Straight killers, thugg niggaz with no heart [ Willie D ] And that's how that shit go, nigga We ain't gon' never stop doin this shit I know them muthafuckas can't stand it When them goddamn geto boys come hot Cause we gotta represent niggas all over the muthafuckin world We got Geto Boys all over the world And that's why we always break shit down To the muthafuckin smallest compound Nigga, you fuck with us You hoes'll get mugged, drugged We ain't havin no muthafuckas down in the fuckin front row Gettin kisses and hugs Nigga, that's how we doin that shit Down South, muthafucka [ VERSE 4 Scarface ] Get em up, nigga, buck-buck, represent yo shit Smokin weed got you fucked up, now you niggas hit Fuck with me, nigga, what's up talkin all that shit Now we face to face, muthafucka, who you with? Ain't nobody got your back now, you in trouble Oh, he know how to act now, huh? We in double Always sickin out and stomp out, nigga gettin nervous And that stutterin in your voice, pal, that's gon' get your service Ain't no muthafuckin game, nigga, disrespect Remember the next time that bullshit gon' get you x-ed Do yo thang, but don't you ever trick Don't you ever switch, if you get caught, then don't you ever snitch If you do, you'se a bitch, full of shit Lots of holes in ya Pop a hole in a hoe nigga [ CHORUS ]

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