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ABOVE & BEYOND lyrics - Group Therapy

Black Room Boy

Original and similar lyrics
It's the same old scene You've been stuck at the screen for a lifetime You keep your mind sharp and clean With a fix of caffeine for the nighttime You got a page full of friends In a world without end, DIKU? But if push comes to shove You can do without them if they make you With all this poison inside It's much too late to decide You've got your mind made up You've been living a lie in your white room For all the hours that you've cried There's a year of love they denied So you slip through the door And fall to the floor in your BLACK ROOM You're a black room boy You're feeling so weighed down Forget the losses and burn down Fall into city lights Nothing else is easy You kissed your mummy's hand Wearing daddy's ring When they left you And you buried yourself in the pain That they couldn't accept you You're in a world of your own Got no cellular phone -- they can't track you But the girl at the stove With a sketchy rapport She will back you


Front Line Assembly
So Complex In His Behavior Crowded Into A Hole Racial Incoherence Nowhere Left to Go Misery: Is Unforgiving He Struggles From Within He Roams The Human Wasteland His Memories Grow Dim Shots Ring Out Loud Dispursing The Crowd Bodies Start to Fall Blood on the Wall No Time to Tell Who's Going to Heaven or Hell The Acid Air Blurs His Vision City Crime Takes It's Toll A Metaphor For This Incision A Truer Life Will Now Unfold No More Pain And Self Suffering It All Ends Where It Begins A Universe On This Wavelength Will Transmutate In Other Things The Moment Comes To Eradicate A Time to Cleanse The World This Is Self Illusion This Has No Conclusion A. 38 Hangs from His Hand His Shoulders Slung Kind of Low Smoking Shells Lay on The Floor As The Blood Starts to Flow The Sirens Scream Outside The Door Police Running to The Scene Inside A Man Stands All Alone His Face Grinning Obscene


Front Line Assembly
So complex In his behavior Crowded into a Hole Racial incoherence Nowhere left to go Misery Is unforgiving He struggles from within He roams the human wasteland His memories grow dim Chorus: Shots Ring out loud Dispursing the crowd Bodies start to fall Blood on the wall No time to tell Who's going to Heaven or hell The acid air Blurs his vision City crime Takes it's toll A metaphor For this incision A truer life Will now unfold No more pain And self suffering It all ends Where it begins A universe on this wavelength Will transmutate In other things Chorus The moment comes To eradicate A time to cleanse The world This is self illusion This has no conclusion A .38 hangs from his hand His shoulders slung kind of low Smoking shells lay on the floor As the blood starts to flow The sirens scream outside the door Police running to the scene Inside a man stands all alone His face grinning obscene


BEN FOLDS FIVE "Ben Folds Five"
Barren stares as they light up the screen Bearing teardrops that shatter in slow-motion Novocaine our brains and we're out like lights But as I'm growing older I'm bored I remember when misery thrilled me much more When I can't relax And I'd like to go back But that's gone Yeah, that's gone, Turn around Turn the volume down We're counting the days down Till the day when we live in a video I'll be stone-faced and pale You'll pout in stereo 24 hours every day of the year Oh, what fun I can't wait 'til the future gets here Closing in on the pain and the torture He's slamming the doors like it's something to strive for The girl tearing the curtains down looks funny as hell And of sense of humor is there be any doubt But that natural selection has weeded it out Used to keep me from laughing out loud But that's gone We don't think that way no more That's gone, turn around, turn the volume down We're counting the days down I've seen some old friends sort of die Or just turn into whatever Must've been inside them And whatever all of us had then in common Grew up and left home We don't think that way no more Turn around, turn the volume down We're counting the days down

King Of The World

STEELY DAN "Countdown To Ecstasy"
Hello one and all Was it you I used to know Can't you hear me call On this old ham radio All I got to say I'm alive and feeling fine If you come my way You can share my poison wine CHORUS: No marigolds in the promised land There's a hole in the ground Where they used to grow Any man left on the Rio Grande Is the king of the world As far as I know I don't want your bread I don't need your helping hand I can't be no savage I can't be no highwayman Show me where you are You and I will spend this day Driving in my car Through the ruins of Santa Fe CHORUS I'm reading last year's papers Although I don't know why Assassins cons and rapers Might as well die If you come around No more pain and no regrets Watch the sun go brown Smoking cobalt cigarettes There's no need to hide Taking things the easy way If I stay inside I might live til Saturday CHORUS

Steal My Body Home

BECK "Mellow Gold"
Put me in a hole in the ground With the money and the towel And the women all runnin' around Can't complain about the mess Momma killed the only dress Now she's longin' for the pines Watch my troubles all unwind Drinkin' gasoline and wine Catch a chill off the stove On the train they cannot feel Lost my head beneath the wheel Now she steals my body home The trees are fake, the air is dead The birds are stuffed with poison lead And the ground is much too clean And if it's only me who's scared Strap 'em to the electric chairs Ring the moon like a broken bell When she drags you from the hill Daddy's gonna burn down the still We can watch it from the rooftop Lay in to the fryin' pan Now she kisses her own hand With the fiddle on the fire I took a leap into the fog Sleepin' on a hollow log Now I'm coughin' with no mouth You can keep yourself inside But you know you cannot lie When the devil's your only friend

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