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ABK (ANYBODY KILLA) lyrics - Hatchet Warrior

While You're Sleeping

Original and similar lyrics
[Verse 1] Now I lay me down to sleep I pray my dreams don't slowly creep Caught up in a web with no escape Something the mind can't break unless you wide awake Have you ever had a nightmare, and been scared? Then woke up in the morning and forgot it was there Then the shit really happens like deja-vu But you sit back and act like you never knew The same situation happened in my life And I feel that I sould tell it cause the timing is right Now the only reason that I'm speakin' is cause I'm teachin' Thinkin' if I let it out my head'll stop tweakin' Mixed emotions caused from stress That reunite when you lay your head down to rest It's like creatures of the night leavin nothing but bad news And things about the future that might make you confused [Verse 2] I remember way back in the day At the age of 13 before moms passed away The dreams that I had people said weren't right Like the evilness of afterlife lurkin' in the night Candlelight blew out, bed stops shakin' Down on my knees prayin', askin' to be taken To another life where it's safer than this Not a dream but reality I hope for this wish But it never came true so I'm stuck in this place Just a native actin' crazy that keeps changin' his face Searchin' for the final answer so I can spread the word Now that you really see me I'm just askin' to be heard We all in this together, so they call us night crawlers Think the world's feelin' weary because we gettin' smarter Silohettes in the hallway, dead men holla Can't sleep at night cause the spirits won't allow ya [Blaze Ya Dead Homie Talking] You know bein' dead I remember thinkin' death would be horrible and terrifying Shit, I mean that's what everybody thinks But now, having died and shit I can now see everything Like every question the living have, I now know the answers to It's like I'm awake now, and living was just a dream [Verse 3] Call me the dream catcher, mother earth smoker Peyote pack piece pipes hallucinatin' toker Blessed with the wisdom that you see in my eyes Don't be surprised if you ever think you caught up inside Like the awakaning of life, or the passion of death That keeps you jumpin' up in shivers from ice cold breath Now you swear you're being followed everytime that you rest Or you feel sharp pains drillin' deep in your chest I don't expect anyone to believe if they don't want to But don't expect yourself to rest in peace when spirits haunt you Make your choice people dream it or not It's time to look into the situation we got Pinpoint the whole problem, get rid of all the anger Release all the stress before the world becomes a stranger Medicine man above your headboard with a dream catcher In the blood of the boogie man the warrior'll protect ya


Well I had a dream just the other night Where black was red and red was white No one cared about the color Or whoever one a useless fight Different tone on everyone's lips ................................. Written on the face of every man alive Follow me, and I'll set you free (x4) Everybody lives, because nobody dies Was once a few words from one man Is now a revelation for all mankind Cause no one cries, no one eats No one loses any sleep now No one shares a single thought that's wrong all day long Follow me, and I'll set you free (x4) Well I had a dream just the other night ................................. Nobody cared, hey, beat it What's your hurry? Nobody had to see through eyes Nobody felt the need to lie Evil and good came together and became the same, under one name Follow me, and I'll set you free...

Can You Mend A Broken Heart?

B.O.N. (Band Ohne Namen) "No.1"
Now let me tell you 'bout my life and the girls within, And how I always seemed to go the wrong way and couldn't win And don't grin, 'cause I can see that you're a beautiful girl And that you're tellin' me that you wanna share my world.  I can see that your body, your mind, your every move is sayin' let's go, But baby girl, I just don't know, Will you be there for me when times get rough, Are you thinkin' of playin' and maybe not of love?  And tell me, isn't love something we can dream of And isn't hope something we can try to reach up above, Isn't life something we can live in the best way, So tell me, will you be there every day?  Refrain: Can you mend a broken heart, from the very start, Take me to the ground? Can you mend a broken heart, take me from the dark, Just by being around? Can you mend a broken heart?  Baby, you can make a dream come true when you walk by, With your head held high, you make me go wild, I wanna spend more time with you at my side  But I never want the feeling that you're teasing me or squeezing me And that you're just with me because you're pleasing me, I've been through enough times that weren't right, So now I'm looking for love and someone for life  And tell me, isn't love something we can dream of And isn't hope something we can try to reach up above, Isn't life something we can live in the best way, So tell me, will you be there every day?  Refrain 3 x 

Straight Talk From Ny

DJ Honda "DJ Honda"
featuring Al Tariq The Beatnuts Fat Joe Problemz Hook: We want it all so we out for the cash Life's too short so we gotta live fast Gotta keep it real get the doe and that's that Before we go out you know we gotta live phat 5 deadly venoms on wax Al' Tariq: I break 'em down like cheers tear for fears from the ave Tariq whatever you seek baby you shall Be given to ya deliver to ya Posses asses we movin' around up in the chest no less I keep the minds straight organize and raise above these fake spies Like Organize now these guys are frontin' talking about blastin' and lootin' Niggas slashin' shit but son son who ya foolin'? My nigga don't ever get no bigger than your britches You know the old sayin' daddy uh, stitches and ditches For snitches So pour out the D.P. and pass the Moe Moe And clean you imagination of that fake funk flow Psycho Les: Kill the noise your funk is unsented This track is splended Honda wanted me to represent it (yo who?) The P.S.Y.C.H.O. deep between the lines of yayo Son you fake a jack push your wig back like Burt Renoylds Even when I'm stressed I keep my chin up like Jay Leno Bring it to any fuckin' morano Latino bag 'em, for they casino Hook JuJu: I'm back son I know it's been a while but whatever I'm terror undoubtedly more violent then ever I'm out here gettin' money more ways then three I can't see these clown niggas more paid then me You crazy it takes one look you'll determine That you wouldn't dare fuck around with this German The life or dead kids incredible Fed bids heroin dreams And wild schemes my heads deep Fat Joe: Who gives a fuck about the opposition? My position is far from fiction I started bitches seeing cream from all these fiends With large addictions partner listen I been doin' this shit for years endin' careers Bringin' Max back from the ten cheers yeah So don't consider beefin' I get rid of even the largest rap artist while the niggas sleepin' Keepin' the street sweeper close Cause niggas who lac-tose Subtrack the grim reaper the most Hook Problemz: It goes a one Mississippi two Mississippi three G With all them motherfuckin' I's (eyes) niggas couldn't see P.R.O.B., L.E.M.Z. with the verbal tactics This ghetto bastard gets you bouncin' like a matress I'm all that not to sound conceited But I'm undefeated Handin' out nuff knots (nots) like Ripley so you better believe it A dedicatated underground representitive Rugged instramentals get me hyped and give me insentitive To blow up the spot like Waco Texas When I flex this crusty MC's get corroded like espestis On some next shit but it's just the Brooklyn comin' out out me I'm one of the ruggedest niggas alive There ain't no pussy parts about me Word is born this shit is on in your area Problemz representin', mass hysteria The kid from BK who rock the diamond studded crowns Comin' directly from Flatbush poppo now hold that down Hook

Don't @ Me

JME "Integrity>"
[Hook - Jme:] Fam, don't @ me If you're gonna chat shit, don't @ me Fall back a likkle bit, don't @ me I am not having it, don't @ me You will get blocked quick, don't @ me With your default pic, don't @ me Delete all that shit, don't @ me I have to tell these pricks "don't @ me" [Verse 1 - Skepta:] Hi hater Why you wanna diss man online then say "hi" later I already said don't waste my time Now I've gotta tell 'em don't waste my data I don't wanna write a diss track for an MC Nah, I don't wanna waste my paper I used to care 'bout certain man Sold my Rolex, no time on my hand Boy Better Know, that's my gang You and I have got different plans You're trying to look bouji in Milan I'll be eating sushi in Japan Man chat shit on my timeline No long ting, I block man then I report spam You're butters, so just jam Or turn on your location if you're a bad boy, you prick [Hook - Jme] [Verse 2 - Frisco:] Exactly Don't chat to me nah, don't @ me I'm a darg, why would you wanna cat me? Couple girls along the way try trap me They failed, word to Natalie I'm my own boss, who's gonna sack me? If a man violates Jme's durag truss me, you're gonna get beat up badly, oh so badly Don't @ me, block them, I spot them out like acne Hot them man, box them up on the backstreet I'm on my toes like an athlete And you ain't been in no war, you're just a likkle Cat D Writing off MCs, that's me And I ain't gotta say what the best out, you know why? I'll just let the facts speak [Hook - Jme] [Verse 3 - Shorty:] Don't @ me, fall back a likkle bit, take a backseat You can't keep up, do you need a taxi Man wanna @ me, but it's not that deep Manna move shaky, ask Maxi Act up, get a slap from black-chi Man said he's gonna catch me on the backstreets Man wanna @ me but it's not that deep It's not that deep, it's not that though You better know yourself, fall back bro I'm cool when I walk in my hometown Man said they're looking for me, where they at though? Where they at though? I can't see nothing When the night here fam it's like free one You better know yourself when you come round here cause this is the scene that we run Moesh [Hook - Jme] [Verse 4 - Jme:] I spit bars straight up like Dapz Trust me, not in a riddle Spit so much you might see a little dribble Bars that I spat when I was little Went over your head like piggy in the middle I was on tunes with Napa and shizzle Still no label ain't got my scribble So if you chat shit, straight dismissal I will leave it like Leth to the Bizzle Leave it like peri peri drizzle Leave it like fans that are fickle Leave it simple, fam are you deaf Like that black figure with the sickle? Pap pap pap, yeah, hit 'em with the triple Until you hear that tinnitus whistle Make a jaw swing like you're on dizzle Actually, fam [Hook - Jme]

What The Beat

[DJ Clue] Ha haaaaa... *echoes* [Method Man] Professional 2 shit...WHAT! Staten Island up in this muthafucka... Mr. Meth rep rep rep rep rep rep... For the cause Wu-Tang Killa Beez forever my niggaz Yeah...we put our draws in it...CLUE! *echoes* [DJ Clue] *talking over above Method Man verse* New Method Man! Eminem... Royce... CLUE! *echoes* [Method Man] Niggaz is like Oh my God not you! Yes I'm in the flesh like hollow heads through your vest No contest, M.E.-Eth Man's obsessed With sex, drugs and rock roll New tecs and calicos! Word has it we move mathematic on rappers Who don't add up, you get broke, battered and slapped up 8 million stories in the nekkid call yo man Method Straight guerilla iller nigga kill a murder record My verbal shooter does it to ya The 16-bar Ruger, bustin' yo funky dope manuevers But I'm not ya Super Lover Cee, I'm the Super Sperm Splash it on your skin rub it in like it's Lubriderm 10 out of 10 I'll be the... Men of all men I mean the... Creme de la creme a schemer... Sippin' on 'Gnac and Zima... True professional 2... (DJ CLUE!) Now that Bush is president nigga we all through [DJ Clue] Wooooooooooord! [Eminem] It's like a jungle sometimes it makes me wonder Why I keep on duckin' under the bed when I hear thunder Cuz I ain't crazy, I say shit that's crazy to crazy people To make 'em believe I'm crazy so they can relate to me And maybe believe in Shady so they can be evil baby I like that! I'm only as crazy as people made me Believe me, there'll be just as many muthafuckin' murderers And heroin users without Marlilyn's music But I figure I make my music I don't care if you use it To murder somebody, I just wanna be there when you do it! Now the parents are suein' cuz little Darren is screwin' Karen and Susan cause I told him to do it on Clue's new shit Now it's all ruined, the whole world is fucked up Cuz of me? Two 12-year old girls is knocked up My attitude's 'fuck it' like Pac's was at one point Wanna come join? Pick up a glock and just point Now everybody's killin' everybody and everybody's bloody And I'm just laughin' like it's funny Cause I don't really give a shit about no-muthafuckin'-body I'm so muthafuckin' nutty I don't give a fuck about nuttin'! [Royce] My wrist is...water and freeze And mix this Jesus the repent shit gets big Keep it sharp like knife in a pop device So Duro you gotta let it bump! , I came from a hard knock life They say this kid be rude like this can't be true I suck my own dick like if I had a rib removed Vampire, sun go down I'm still wylin' Bullets travel through the air in the night like Phil Collins Rock City baby knife through your throat 'til you're broke Rise from the underground like sewer smoke It's all shifty, I got all-a my dogs wit' me And they all rich, and still all-a they palms itchy We'll pump, rumble over birds jungle urge Walkin' like we talkin' drunk while we stumble over words Clue *inhale*...Duro *inhale*...Slim *inhale*...Meth *inhale*... Five *inhale*...Nine *inhale*...Hold up *inhale*...breath [Method Man] It's just...Mr. Meth and DJ Clue I ain't crazy, I just do what the beats say do [Eminem] It's just...Slim Shady and DJ Clue I ain't evil, I just do what the beats say do [Royce] Unnh..Royce 5-9 and DJ Clue I ain't bad, I just do what the beats say do..unnh... *kiss noise* [DJ Clue] DJ Clue! Desert Storm! Come oooooooon maaaaaaaan! *echoes*

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