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AB-SOUL lyrics - Long Term


Original and similar lyrics
Guess it's got to the point Where I just gotta spell this shit out for y'all, know what I mean? See, y'all niggas hear the name Ab-Soul, right? Y'all niggas think I'm supposed to be talkin' about mu fuckin' The flowers and the earth or somethin' like that, know what I'm talkin' about? I'm a real ass nigga though, on everything Lemme break it down [Hook:] I said A is for the apple on the tree I ain't far from B is for the bottom of the bottle of hard rum Dash to the finish line, chasing the S Which stands for my favorite three letter word (Sex) O is for all the ounces of dro I consume U meaning a unanimous decision of whom Is number 1, leaving the L which stands for Love I spread it like the blood of fallen soldiers above You put it all together and you get Ab-Soul- Lutely, the best, salute me or meet death Like Gaylord Focker met the parents of his girl Martha We're staring at you, will depart ya Thats the 38 special Commentary from the King author not the knights of the round table sponsor But amongst the dopest the west coast has had to offer since the '80s crack epidemic I play drums for the contraband Matter of fact, hit me King Blue you a fool for this one I ain't even gon' spit, just drool on this one My saliva's way liver than yours, rappers Shut your trap 'fore I set it Y'all gassed up like your guns, unleaded Yeah I said it, don't chat, no telling where we headed Close shop when I open fire Cause Soul known to carry the cannon like Mariah Yes I uh Bring it to you raw and uncut No buts like an empty ash tray, what the fuck Matter of fact, lemme break it down for y'all one more time, look [Hook:] I said A is for the apple on the tree I ain't far from B is for the bottom of the bottle of hard rum Dash to the finish line, chasing the S Which stands for my favorite three letter word (Sex) O is for all the ounces of dro I consume U meaning a unanimous decision of whom Is number 1, leaving the L which stands for Love I spread it like a virus, it'll kill you if you buy it I'm with your girl playing games like Who could get the highest at the Hyatt, real fun you should try it I got her wet, I'll send her back to you to dry it You ain't the flyest or the king of the jungle, but you lying And I can see it through ya iris Drink like I'm Irish, think like a genius Fall back I'm all that like Kel and Keenan Add a bag of chips and the baddest bitch I'll be posing with a black in my mouth, grabbing my dick Constipation is an understatement I ain't ever gave a shit You know you hot when You only get 8 bars in a song and it's still everybody's favorite My fault, my god, I'm a problem like a broke condom A editor just told me nobody was in my column Top Dawg 4th wheel and I'm still ill Open up the car door that look like a steel mill I hotbox like cable in the hood And I'm good like wrenches with a sentence, understood? And if it's not I'll leave you with this Top Notch muthafucka, like snot muthafucka, I'm sick Don't get infected Bitch ass niggas T-D-E

My World (Nas Salute)

JAY ELECTRONICA "The Jay Electronica Project"
They threw rose pedals at the feet of the christ when I entered the center Motherfucker I'm cold as the winter My waves were spinnin like blades on pirellis The christian dior shades was drivin them silly It's big willy I came through with them cats from philly Lakers vs heat floor seats you know the dealy Either you love the kid or wanna kill me I'm back at em On fire like cracked atoms They over the hill like wyclef and proswell I'm over the hills like UFOs at roswell You lame I know you guys well If you can name an mc that's flamer than me you high as hell You can't dance with the chancellor One glancell have you caught up in a trance with a tarantula And if they could then you probably would They come close but it's no cigar welcome to my world You arms to short to box with the center of the prophets Aviator shades the stage is a cockpit Leather pelle Lounging at the sofa telle Sippin sam pelegrino eatin ghirardellis I recline and chill twinklin the rag to shine my grill That's that third ward appeal (bitch) Get at me Me and my chick is like JFK and jackie They can't wait to catch me in dallas top down the grassy knoll and clap me Kidnap my body And fuck up the autopsy But I'm nice like christ you blink twice you hit I'm chillin in college park eatin salmon and grits It's the black ceaser Jesus Hes just, the lyrical monster Boogie man outta the dumpster Black pharoah Jay bowie spittin phat arrows Keep your eye on the sparrow and the fly apparel You ain't ready for war hide your barrel Stay in your lane man chance forf3 surviving is narrow Welcome to my world Deep in the jungle bustin Nickle sacks of cracks from G Packs for stacks niggas on the humble hustlin See that game That's the one they call survival man they poppin at five-oh They lowlife pigs who get it how they live They daddys in them court houses givin out bids Choppin niggas on blocks and leavin wickedness Man they broidered the land then they small poxed the witnesses Rapin babies usin ladies as they mistresses Causing choas and disorder That's why the glock on hold The block on swole I built this city on rock and roll Now I'm banging on Rumsfeld and bells ringing Him and Dickll be in hell singing Woe to the hippocrits and infidels screamin niggas can't handle The wrath of the son of man black pan de ma-yo Yeah the flows that scandal... ous I crush any mc who feel the must Try me, the smallest flea on the dog won't get by me if I was you id be Scared to death, hit a nigga up, leave him right there in his mess This penicillin I'm spillin leave hair on your chest you feel me You can't beat me kill me I'll be back in three days disguised in the garden with my kicks filthy Told you I was nice like christ the rap angels throw down ice I shine like jewerly in light I can make a true believer out of curious dike Shell be saying wearin heat jabs singing hum through de lair I'll be slinging dice hummin songs on the ave Theyll be sayin man He goin off the path, (uh) But that's on the low tho Beatin cats with no glow Tryin to play me like a hoe But this ain't books and poems or tic tac toe This planets moons quasars and high tech radars You niggas on the grid while jay man stay gone of the radar (AWOL)

On Them Thangs

MACK 10 "Mack 10"
When in the streets I keep my heat on my seat, no doubt about it It's my Afrikan express I don't leave home without it Summertime just ain't known for the weather It's hot cause niggas bring out shit they put together 13 to 14 7's can't miss But on some shit you got to let 15-8's twist Chevy trucks and 'em El Caminos anybody want Danas i got them for eight ?????? All day long Gold or all chrome it's on You out to get 'em cause the tires come with 'em but they ain't for busters only hogs roll D's So keep yo' stocks on if you can't fade these Thousand in my pocket, yayo I rock it Keep my lond clean so the car hops can jock it hit the switch up and down Make the bumper drag the ground on the 'Shaw Every Sunday night just to clown on them thangs Get the hammer Be sure that yo strap ain't a jammer and as long As ain't nuthin' wrong then beat I'm on As I watch for the lick i got the switch to make me hit Front back side to side and three wheel shit Won't hesitate to let loose niggas broke the gang truce But I still roll my deuce that hang like a noose It don't stop for Mack, it's the same ol' same ol' Danas gold as I lay low, twisting like a tornado in that surplus gear like the G of the year Fuck the hour, it's all about the money and the power Ain't about set trippin' no bloodin' no crippin' Just dippin' hittin' switches knockin' hood rat bitches As I'm rollin' out of control and smoking humps Crank up the bumptie bumps 4 gates and square Dumps so I bang it, make the 20's slide when I swang it Lick it once lick it twice as nice when I hang it on them thangs D's I'm on 'em Killas they want 'em On them thangs... Old Chevy's to Cadillacs on twisters and Doves Everybody got a plaque given pub to they car club Mafia for life individuals and Damus Ride Majestics and them niggas from the southside New school to old school get they ride on Bendin' corners caravaning like 50 strong In a Rag Top that and a hard top this Bustin ho's cause you can't miss if you let 'em twist So get you a set of them what we call Dana's And see for yo'self all the bitches they brang us cut the wheel right to left and make the ass end slide Now all the riders ride and skate from side to side On them thangs

Choppas On Deck

ASAP MOB "Lord$ Never Worry"
[Verse 1: A$AP Ferg] Medusa faces turn me into stone Versace killas and Raff murdering Dior hoes My skinny niggas fuckin' bring the chrome The only thing I'm killin' is a microphone, now let my little niggas take you home One straight to the dome, better ring the alarm, Fergy's home Ever taste the chrome? Way far from a silver spoon Sing yo lullabies, watch yo mother and yo brother cry Fuck yo sister brains, cause a mental homicide Mothafuck yo life, fuck yo family nigga, fuck yo wife I be down for life (A$AP) those my brothers for life Big money, talk to me knots, talk to me nice or don't talk to me at all Grippin' that MAC now he grippin' the floor, rat-tat-tat-tat let it split through yo jaw Laid on your back, whispering Lord, then he couldn't see his death Berettas under the leather, he couldn't see this Tec Teflon vest for those who test A bunch of niggas gettin' throwed, call me Jazzy Jeff [Hook: x2] I got these choppas on deck, and the 9 is on deck And the Llamas on deck, just in case you ain't heard what I said I got these choppas on deck, and the 9 is on deck And the Llamas on deck, just in case you ain't heard what I said [Verse 2:] I'm drowning these niggas, no coroner with me, in Vitamin Water like Formula 50 I'm pipin' yo daughter mothafucka come get me, one clip to the brain, gone in a jiffy I'm pipin' yo dame, cum on her titties, beef lo mein all in a? Oodles and noodles hangin' out his fitted, somebody done died, who knows who done did it Somebody gon' ride, bangin' with the Smith'n, now it's Men in Black, I will Will Smith him Semi-automac, brrat it will lift him, preacher gon' sing, momma gon' listen He was on that bullshit, Jordan on Pippen, so I had to pull shit, feeling so tempting Rocks on his socks, Shawshank Redemption, somebody gon' die, who know who done did it [Hook x2]


GHOSTFACE KILLAH "Supreme Clientele"
[Ghostface] Ayo I'm like Malcolm out the window with the joint Hoodied up blood in my eye , a lead to fly Like fuck it [2 gunshots] , look how these niggas duck shit One kid hollerin what lookin up , he the big wig Fake ass cat , low life , sodomize mind Beatin niggas , big bricks of bread sellin mad dimes His feet hurt , networkin he get no work Yo smack him where his hand hurt , fuck what he worth Yo he sucked his thumb smooth for the kid laced with the big guns Stain to my Baltimore niggas that he on the run Plus he ill in the drums , heartburn for life , calcium man Watch him grab the Tums , he's a front Pigeon totalist sister with the fat ass Show hash behind up the block plus he smashed her Big Bub did him somethin deadly , act premedidtated Buck 60 strike was the medley Nice like Van Halen , seen him at the tunnel with his skin peelin Did two days thought he was jailin You get close , look at his hands That's the same kid that cut his wrists , talkin bout the cuffs did it He ran away , frontin majorly , eyes like Sammy Davis jr. Rounded off with a fade g , he sport the Bob Hope classics Ran down Asics , Kmart , the short sleeve shit be the basics He eat hams shitted on himself twice , big hatted Jews Rushed the nigga out in Crown Heights [CHORUS:] Yo let me tell you how the game go We gettin rid of all the prostitutes Tony wants the streets back fo sho Too many hustlers , too many thieves We're fuckin up who's willin to fight and teach the c's Too much TV , guns and robberies Lust and greed and hate the 4 devils jealousy [Ghostface] Yo I champunch Mase in his face over some bullshit The other night they kidnapped his brother pokin it with knives It's rainin , 85 degrees kinda muggy One of the nights they thrown in his face it's real ugly Yo we up in Jonesy's posin , all these niggas know me From fuckin wit , under theses niggas heavy parolees Yo we played the speaker And from a distance we could see these chains The P slayed , flat on his chest , was two plains Ashy hands yo , no need for rings at all He just cracked the V8 backed up , leaned against the wall Lookin flower , he just came home , he on like a fuck Did a dime for holdin up the gods up in the armored truck Ten years later son 280 on the weight tip He throwin up six plates plus he studied Matrix He's a wally horse shout it out sweatin through his valor Cock-eyed nigga back up his neck he had shores Sammy eagerly rode up on him , taxi off the turkey with the joint On him Flower look his man stood up before him The bitches hit the table , Jah king stripped off his cables Shots went off , Sam'll get a chance to make his debut Flower grabbed Tiff his man with the sideburns , hat fell off We nerd his wigworms , he hid behind Rich See Allah hit the light switch , young girls were trampled In the measured pool , pistol with Mase , and broke the handle Desperate crawlin to the door on all fours Shim kicked the jukebox the theme song rode in was 'It's Yours' Oh my goodness , Ba grabbed the Mo bottle thrashin He layin like a gay models shoutin out Sebastian He smiled with his teeth missin begging for mercy No more god , the 68 thousand down a pair of three Out came the cannon , whistled out zaggin Cham snatched his flag four big rocks enter the dragon It's over , another story told Lyin with the snakes , tongue kissin cobras [CHORUS]

Facing Off

M.O.P. "First Family For Life"
Come on, come on Rap dudes, let's rap Rap dudes Yeah, (laughing) Yeah, come on motherfucka Yea I gave ya a hour nigga But now I want my shit back Bring it to ya ass Fizzy Wo Mack, L.A. I'm a continue to bring it to ya ass Motherfucka [Lil Fame] Welcome me back bitch nigga, it's the rapper dude (Slash) No actor dude (Brownsville), snap a dude You listen to gun shots pop, it's murder capitol We all for one boy, where them young boys clappin you And thugs hold the fort down tight, they bust back at you Another nigga drop, tryin to stop drug traffic dude B-Boy's employed decoys, just to trap a fool Any and every individual, this can happen too We move on niggas, rip two's on niggas Cuz ain't no tellin what them fellas about I remain in the cut, comprehendin ya doubts Back up off me, soft me, spit ten then I'm out Silly motherfuckas gettin carried away But they fuck around with Fame and get carried away Cuz I'm a nigga of the Earth, nigga of Sea Nigga of the Sky, the Fire, M.O.P. I'm a front big willie, like I'm runnin this game What I can play, Lil Fame like a mothafucka Say why ya rollin, I'm patrolin, man god on steel Who the fuck you think you are nigga? Ron O'Neal? (fuck outta here) All I really need is respect, that's what I'm mention for (bitch) What you inchin for (clack clack), what ya flinchin fo? And when it jump off don't ask did he know Because he knows who the fuck I am, Fizzy Woe Magnificent, baby [beat changes] Firing Squad One of a kind nigga, top of the line niggas, divine niggas Illest My niggas You know my steez nigga, you know my steez M.O.P., Fizzy Woe [Billy Danze] Yo I'm a Brownsville native junior, I'm talkin born and raised That's where we learn to let the pistol spark bark and blaze (First Family) Suffer for days (come on) And we inheritin them criminal ways I survive with a fist full of hopes and dreams And a hand full of niggas that I call upon team By the time I was thirteen (thirteen) I got myself a 318 and startin makin moves baby It's like I told ya boy, my environment put me on front line (Soldier Boy) Rapid fire the greatest of all time We 'em dance, waitin for Shaq to get back (welcome home my nigga) I done made plans - 96% of this world don't know I exist; that's why my point is gettin missed I walks with my brother Mike Sone, as I stroll thru the ghetto And the sun is like the wind beneath my wings like zeros [Laughing] Nigga Ha ha *several alarms heard*

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