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Aaron Tippin lyrics - Tool Box

Without Your Love

Original and similar lyrics
I was born on the wrong of the city Desperation in my mother's eyes Factory whistle would wake me in the morning At night the sirens sang my lullaby Fought my way out of the blue collar jungle Heart of leather and hands of steel Thought I was too much of a sole survivor To ever feel the way I feel CHORUS But I don't want to live without your love I don't want to live without your love I can't take another night And I've lost the will to fight I don't want to live without your love Dance with the Devil in a bottle of whiskey I paid the fiddler for every song You'd think with all the lessons learned the hard way I'd know enough to be strong (repeat chorus)

When Will We Learn?

Killah Priest "View From Masada"
[Chorus x2: Killah Priest] When are we ever gonna learn? One day we all gonna burn Life in the fast lane Are we ever gonna change? Same shit, different day The price that a thug pay [Killah Priest] I heard a wise man once say thugs pray But still slugs spray from the double barrels Fallin pharoahs over the graves of the sleepin prophets Release the pain from the deepest closet It's like a secret that we keep in bondage Mothers weapin from they projects First it be that soul, send to haunt the empty halls Memories painted on the wall Like The Lamb's Blood on the doors, of the black Hebrews Nowadays the same people on subway trains sellin street news A ghetto movie, with no sequels But I still show you previews That will free you, from your evil An old man, cookin her-on, over hot tea spoons Old G's are all evil, usin dope needles Wearin fan parafanil's We live in the black hole, where no one can hear us The valley of the dry bones, without reflections in the mirrors The world fearers, first make 'em feel us Come on! [Chorus x2] [Killah Priest] The Solomon couldn't say it better It's all vanity, and sanity We come from broken families My own pop's abandoned me, black becomely The spirits of Lords upon me, I grew up hungry Now we chase money, and live grungy The fears want me, to bring me to the hills of this country So they can jump me, feel me up, in land and dump me Damn right I said it bluntly I ain't scared of none of y'all monkeys At school my teachers used to flunk me Hopin one day I turn to junkey But only God can judge me, words of Makaveli Black Israeli, hear me? Told you y'all niggas gonna feel me Killah Priest AK Masada, sincerely yours [Chorus x2] [Killah Priest] So check out my darkest secrets, my truest confessions Come to you as a blessing, parental viewing in this aggression is advised, tune in to the wise, zoom in your eyes Step up closer, to the light, like that child on Poltergeist Wisdom be ultra right Explosive to the sight, 3D, virtual reality Verbal mentality, come with me Load up your gun with me, run with me Become one with me, this is channel three High definition, ghetto TV, DVD Cable networks, stick your fingers in the bullet holes in my sweatshirt Take it out and taste the blood, so you can see that its real A View From Masada, give kids, chill [Chorus x2]

Is This The Way

Fifth Avenue
Verse 1: I'm just sitting here on my own She's talking on the phone Won't stop nagging me, harassing me She won't leave me alone, As she walked into my lonely life Was looking for something brand new Your sexy walk, the way she talked Just want to **** someone like you Bridge: When I turn and look I see you with a smile I get their feeling deep inside You think that I'm the kind Chorus: Is this the way that love goes Baby you know that I'll go with the flow Cos I want you so Cos a one night thing is all I'm looking for Is this the way that love goes Baby you know that I'll go with the flow Cos I want you so If this is just a kiss please let me know Verse 2: As you start to dance in them leather pants I'm thinking will I take the chance Big eyes of blue as they stare at you Knowing what I want to do As you walking near, you make it clear You dont do the one night thing It's no surprise when u said goodbye Saying that your not that type Bridge: Guys like with only one Thing on the mind Who lie to try to keep you so That you will stay the night Chorus Tell me what you want from me To spend the night no strings attached So I can still be free I'm not that kind of girl you see Girl you don't know what this is like Just let me go / do you have to go Is this the way that love goes Baby you know that I'll go with the flow Cos I want you so Cos a one night thing is all I'm looking for Is this the way that love goes Baby you know that I'll go with the flow Cos I want you so If this is just a kiss please let me know Chorus(x2)


NINA "Nina Live"
I knew it was there Though I tried to hide it The feeling just kept on shining through I've known you that long So I tried to deny it But the feeling was much too, much too strong Could this be love Deep down inside Tearin' me apart I feel it in my heart Chorus: Constantly You're on my mind Thinkin' bout you all the time I can't sleep No matter what I do I just keep on thinking ‘bout you Why do I feel this way When I know you have someone That you're seein' each and everyday Should I play this game Of just bein' your friend When I know that's not where I want it to end Could this be wrong But the feeling's so strong Tearin' me apart I feel it in my heart (Repeat Chorus) Now I don't want to start no trouble Between you and I and your lover But I must tell you what I'm going through Everytime you walk by I see love in your eyes (Repeat Chorus)

All 4 Love

I'm so glad you're my girl I'll do anything for you Call you every night And give you flowers to I thank the Lord for you And think about you all the time I ask him everyday That you'll for-ever be mine I wanna hold your hand to show you I'll be there I like to do the things That let you know I care I sing this lullaby 'Cause girl you fill me full I look into your eyes You're so beautiful Chorus Oh girl I think I love ya I'm always thinkin' of ya I want ch-ya to know I do all for love I love it when we're together Girl I need you forever and want you to know I do it all for love I will never leave you sugar This I guarantee I look in to the future I see you and me Knight in shining armor I will be your fairy tale I wanna take care of you Girl, I'll serve you well. I will be there for ya to catch you when you fall I'll hold you in my arms That's where you belong I sing this lullaby 'Cause girl you fill me full I look in to your eyes You're so beautiful...beautiful...yeah! Chorus Yo-Come here sweetheart I want you to know something all right See Everyday in my life without you Is like a hundred years The distance between us An ocean of tears See all the things I do for you Are for love dig it All for lovin' (all for love) All for you (you) All for lovin' Repeat Chorus


Written by Hal Hollander I've seen you hangin round and you're lookin good And I'd like to get to know you if I could So far you haven't given me a second glance So maybe it's time for me to take a chance Well listen up babe there's somethin I gotta say Well I can't stop thinkin bout you every day And I never ever wanna let you outta my sight I been waitin for a man like you for most of my life CHORUS So put your arms around me and baby hold me tight Cause the band is playin and the music sounds just right And I want to remember this night for the rest of my life So swing me around the dance floor all through the night The sparkle in your eye brightens up the room And the way you look at me makes my heart beat boom boom boom And you're makin my temperature rise to a 100 degrees yeh eh Well I hope you feel the same when you dance with me CHORUS INSTRUMENTAL SOLO CHORUS Well lets take a walk outside when the musics done I'm sure there's other ways we can have some fun The night is clear and the moon is bright above Well it's the kind of night where we could fall in love Yeh its the kind of night where we could fall in love And you're the kind of man that I've been dreamin of

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