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Z-RO lyrics

How Does It Feel

Original and similar lyrics
feat. Big Rodsta (Chorus - 2x) How does it feel, when you can't make the pain stop Walking in the rain so your tears can blend in with the rain drops When your kin people done turned they back Every family that I know is just like that, my nigga how does it feel [Z-Ro] How does it feel, when they don't believe anything you say Always, got to show and prove yourself every single day Man this ain't living, nothing but drama all through the week And if they don't respect my words, why they want me to speak I'm feeling worse, even though I put my family first I'm shedding tears cause I feel as if I'm headed to the dirt Ghetto on me, stressed out, mama buried ain't dead Ain't got no partners cause my partners put a price on my head Have you ever told a lie to make the drama stop Watch the world you love turn against you no more family problems How does it feel to be the black sheep, how does it feel to Victimized yourself for one time and evermore after the g And roses on the dresser bad, liquor approaching fast Sitting around, waiting on death to come, watching time pass My life, my life, falls under the wicked and shife I wonder where I got to sleep tonight, nigga tell me how does it feel (Chorus - 2x) [Z-Ro] I could of sworn I wasn't the only person on this earth But it seems, that I've been one deep ever since the day of my birth I'm sick and tired of being lonely in this crooked land, people think I'm tripping cause of my facial expressions but they don't understand 24 years old and use to frowning daily, trying to figure out Who was the friend, and who was the foe, you know it's bout to drive me crazy Mama, tell Jesus I can't handle the pressure, look at The way they do me down here, my vision is Z-Ro on the stretcher Can't I breed in peace, won't y'all leave me alone Like Makavelli I close my eyes and picture home Bout a Mo City block, a place that ain't no glocks, and it ain't no sin No longer watching my back for the retaliation How does it feel to wish that you was dead, I can Answer that cause many of nights my pistol's to my head But I'm so scared, my life, my life, 360 degrees Of being neglected stressing enemies nigga tell me how does it feel (Chorus - 2x) [Big Rodsta] How does it feel, to be broke in this rap game You have skills and fame, but no car in your name With dreams for shiny things can you still hang But the T lady's house got cracks in the window pain How does it feel to have that shit under your seat now You must start with your face on these c.d.s now What's the deal now, what it do on them zones now Got them feds at your door so when you go now How does it feel to have these seeds that you can't feed And these blocks full of rookies that you can't bleed 20/20 vision clear day, but you can't see That you can't be the broke nigga haters wanna see How does it feel to be brave full of street game Rap game, dope game, damn near the same thang How to maintain, I don't know rings don't bling Big Rod looking at the window birds don't sing, how does it feel (Chorus - 2x) (outro) How does it feel, how does it feel My nigga how does it feel My nigga how does it feel

Pray For Redemption

Culture Beat
Text: Kim Sanders Music: Peter Gräber, Nino Tielman, Kim Sanders I use to believe in something I thought it was me and you that we could fulfill a lifetime and live as lovers do I was wrong Chorus: I'll pay no mind I'm leaving it all behind I won't ask you what you feel no more I won't ask you what you feel no more I'll just pay no mind I'm letting it go this time 'cause I realize I've come so far if I start to wonder where you are I'll just pay no mind the first couple steps were fragile till I got on my feet felt I was walking sideways looking for my release lovers come and they go when they leave you'll nevr know instead of a review tell you what I'll do Chorus I'm still writing love songs 'bout something that's passed me by I know that I'm stronger you think that's a lie but you're wrong Chorus

My Beliefs

DA BRAT "Anuthatantrum"
Some motherfuckers believe That I shouldn't smoke weed and shit huh That I should cuss and shit huh That I shouldn't do the shit I wanna do You know what I'm sayin'? But I don't give a fuck about what these niggas think That's they beliefs here go mine I gets embedded in your cerebellum deeper than the ocean Focusin' on fuckin' a nigga up who got jokes? Provoke me my vision of lust is money trust is funny Too many sheisty motherfuckers comin' for me One in the chamber, ready for repetition if possible Hate to mention this, poppin' that nigga, bitch It be the intellectual, get sexual in a second heffer You could never be no competition to me You bit the poison apple, tryin' adapt to this shit Show you how it happened While we laughin', diggin' your ditch And you can get your boys I got Disciples and ViceLords Planted through every city ready, declare war If you feel I stepped on your toes It was intentionally Cause it was meant to be the shit since I found JD My lyrical thesis broke in pieces For you pussies who can't feed off it Everything'll be fine, just hit the weed often Chorus: repeat 2X I believe good things come to those that grind Never take a step back, leave the past behind Keep your mind on some money and don't ever stop tryin' And everything'll be fine, everything'll be fine It's time to let your lighter spark Crank up the weed session With one of the best in the Midwestern section Flexin' with no shame Cause a mi solo female MC's be back in the game Sun up to sun down I puff leaves Filled with imported trees from the West Indies Chi-town's finest in more ways than one Me follow in the path of another, days is done See I got mic checkin' down to a science Meanin' I perfected the ways To shit on you and your alliance I write the type of shit that'll hypnotize ya Fuck around and kill your whole click like Kaiser In the streets of Prazza, the Westside of niggas Ain't expects, smellin' like cannibus Can't nothin' handle this They wanna dismantle this but it will never go down Shit, cause my beliefs is I'm the baddest around, bitch Chorus Now it's the shit, you wanna contest me Never will you be the opponent left Leave'em swept off they feet So So Def got that chief shit, keep it brief Under the covers ain't another bitch bad as me So I must keep comin' Keep on runnin' but you can't escape me I'm in your brain Remember the bitch you love to hate She on the paper chase In any case, but not any rate Keep the currency's increase, shit ain't cheap And my belief is to get the money, nigga So what's the beef to this? Enough cheese for Brat, never endin' G's Hundred thousand dollar bills by the stack The weak supportin' my habits Enough karats for the whole salad Smokin' cabbage every five minutes Beginnin' my days rollin' swishes I never listen to penny pinchin' Pussy eatin' punks advice To catch'em slippin' is my theory Be weary what I bust, make niggas weak And pack a bleeder, top notch in my speeches Chorus

Dirty World

HOT BOYS "Get It How U Live"
[Chorus - Lil Wayne] It's a dirty world but it still spins Ya can't do nothin' about it but try to live in it You can't live too large or live too small It's a fix, but 2-2-6 gone still ball [Lil Wayne] No mater what, them people gonna always watch us And them dirty judges gonna keekp on tryin' to knock us Playa haters everwhere, can't trust ya own peeps And the feds got us with this new thing called conspiracy Them dirty scamps throwin' crosses, real niggas dyin' They put a limit to our flossin', don't wanna see us shine But close ya eyes, it ain't nothin', look the other way This for my mother, lost my father just the other day I'm seein' niggas get shot up, hell I got shot, too Man, you hate me and I hate you, look what this world do Now watch ya mouth when people ???? seein' they brains boil Look I don't curse but in this verse nigga f*ck the world Chorus 2x [Turk] Niggas be wantin' to kill ya, when ya on top they tryin to still ya Surrounded by playa haters, how you gonna make a million? Own boys be tryin' to take ya spot, you think it's cool but it's not Niggas be tryin to plot on what ya got If you rich you better leave it low It's a dirty old world, nigga, if you didn't know Don't tell ya business to hoes cuz they'll cross you up Tell they oldman you got her, he'll try to chop you up Watch ya back at all times, it's a dirty world Niggas get left and found over boy and girl F*ck playin' the game raw, I play it smart nigga Think I'm gonna get caught up nigga? I won't nigga I keep my eyes wide, and don't trust no nigga or b*tch These days, nigga, ya can't trust ya own click Ain't that some sh*t? This world nothin' nice Niggas hatin' if you got it, it's all gravy when ya trife Chorus 2x [Juvenile] Them b*tches got a nigga trapped, they ain't givin' a sh*t But they'll give it to them Japs, they buy property and don't even pay no tax Ride nothin' but Lexus' and 'Lacs The same treatment we ask, a destination of blacks Give us a ballot of names, and expect us to vote The way I see it, we losin' out anyway this sh*t go Show me a politician and I'll show you a crook Show me a police officer that go by the book They'll plant dope on ya, go to court on ya Give ya 99 years and slam the door on ya Angola, the free man bout it, he don't play Nigga get outta line, ship 'em to Camp J Food stamps and welfare done been cut now They done f*cked the Medi-care up, so niggas stuck now Bet ya before the week out another nigga get killed Bet ya Pendleton don't give a f*ck how a nigga feel We fallin' like bricks, and they flyin' like birdies This world needs to take a bath cuz it's too dirty Chorus 2 ?x [the B.G.] Ya know this world so dirty, believe it ain't clean at all I gotta be a 'lil man and stand tall Y'all niggas jackin' for they habit, they can't keep it up F*ck with the wrong nigga's sh*t, you get ya head bust I only trust niggas that I know down with me I see straight through cut-throat niggas easily They tryin' to snatch me, cuz they know I'm what ya used to be Cuz I'm a major fu-uh-factor to C-M-B But I keep a chopper that's damn near as big as me Cuz I refuse to let any nigga still me That'll be stripes for a nigga on the f*ckin' streets Reppin' off me, sayin' they chopped the B.G. I get some weed and just roll up This world tore up, niggas on that dope, sick, fold up My click rich wrapped in diamonds and pearls Ya gotta be strapped, bein' rich in this dirty world Chorus 4x

Moon Baby

GODSMACK "Godsmack"
Let's take a blast to the moon baby I sit around wishing you well how I'm craving you, yeah! Every time I'm near you I always wanna swallow you down I'll be right here if ya' need me In my life, I'll need you here, don't ask why I'll never disappear why is it everyday that I feel the pain Let's take a trip to the stars far away where were you when I was down Staring into the dead my pain is caused by my pleasure my soul mate lives in your body I can't get you out of my head It never goes away In my life I'll need you here, don't ask why I'll never disappear In your eyes you can bid me farwell but don't ever try to understand the situation why is it everyday that I feel the pain It always comes when I least expect it when I'm looking for love always seem to be regretting it Why is it everyday that I feel the pain


2004 Shit.. You know the name (Triinna!!) [Guy] This is a world premiere. Trina, talk to em. -Chorus- ×2 (pick It up) You don't want to see me heated ya'll (pick it up) You don't want to see me heated ya'll (pick it up) You don't want to see me heated ya'll [tell em why girl] Bitch I'll fuck your ass up -Verse 1- Bad bitch, from the south keep shit locked Any bitch run her mouth will get dropped See me ride in the 6 Drop You aint heard? My nookie's so good It could resurrect Pac Trina ride on the track, never take a pit stop You only on the radio cause you fucked the disc jock It's Saturday, let the cryss pop Me and lil Bre Von Dutch head to the flip-flops Hop out the G5, and off to the jet You in that Nissan, that's why you don't get respect Everywhere I go, I got cameras flashing You the preview, I'm the main attraction And your man is watchin, you gettin all mad Your heart beat fast, everytime I walk past, My hand real hard, but I got a soft ass I play the sweet role, don't make me get off glass -Chorus- ×2 -Verse 2- Shit can't stop, Franky B Jeans, with the matchin tank top, Tell me I aint hot, If you think not, lame whore catch shots, This nigga thinking I'm sweatin his rolex watch You need more than that to get in my thighs, A car that flies, maybe a house in the sky I know you wanna beat it up right quick And I was the first bitch Kobe cheated on his wife with. (Ohhh!) Tight Shit – Diamond Princess Don't be the first name on my hit list Trust me, that's not a good look I'm a vet you a rook, hoes better get shook Bitch go read a book, find something to slob You workin my nerves like a part time job 5 Years in the game, still undefeated We could do the damn thing, don't get me heated -Chorus- ×2 Miss Trina, ahead of the game Act up, hoes better get ready for pain No talk, I'ont let em explain Off the chain from the city in the south Where the weather the same Drunk niggas in the club stay spittin the game He wanna make sweet love, but I'd rather the brains Better eat it till I can't walk straight And if Chingy ever tried he'll probly talk straight I'm that bitch that you hate – getting paid to rap Busta got his rhymes when I made it clap I'm the first girl to put Jade on the map I touched my toes – your man came in his lap Hypno and cryss might have me fuckin tonite And if you can't feel this, you ain't touchin it right I know Cali got my back and when he turn it up and hit the lights bitch watch yo back -Chorus- ×2

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