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[Young Chris talking] Where that pian sat at (uh) Young Gannas (chea) What up niggas; Niggas got till January to get they shit together; You hear that niggas January (chea) Chad West [Verse One: Young Chris] Yo; Ayo Momma workin hard Big brother on the run lil sista cuttin up man shit just outta luck baby girl born brighten up my life alot block still poppin old lady still drawn hataz still plottin (plottin) tryna take my life away it'n matter nigt or day C reactin right away; bring it on when the temerature rise; my intention to ride ain't no intent but he die; niggas speed like us 40 clip on my hip shorty go get ya clique ready to squeeze like what; Yeah its commin out of Chris' mouth; I'll have you niggas-Bitchin' gettin' stitches then get ditches pourin liqour out; thats what Chris about Tryna figure out the beat down on the outside or bleed in till you piss it out; Block all them chickens out; Fuck all them niggas route; Ciani here plus my momma need a bigger house [Chorus] This just the town we live in; North Phil my nigga, South Philly with mittens, look how chilly the rist is; poppin wheelys with bitches; Poppin wheelys at snitches You got three ways to die; Fire Roof or the River; you gone bleed if you try man they shootin suspicious; and got oozies and shit forty-fours and infus; Plans to get ya, leave a nigga they ain't remember, long as he ain't remember then watch his mouth for temper [Verse Two: Beanie Siegel] Bitch niggas actin' tough but you know what thats about prayin that I hit em up; hopin niggas settle out, But why flirt with death; it ain't worth the check Get ya coffin nailed shut, placed in the dirt to rest; Picture linen' up tears again Momma in tears again, I guess death is the number one fear of men; But I ain't scared, I can tell its commin', I can feel it in the air; I can smell it commin, fully prepared to meet the fuckin' man in the trench coat, I ain't hiding, but tryna duck him long as I can though; They say i'm flirting with the devil talkin blast with me cursin out the reet between the gate, until I see the light, shootin everything in sight, worn every other day bodies every other night (thats right) Death is the only thing for sure in life (thats right) Young Gunz get em real nice [Chorus] [Verse Three: Neef Buck] Yo; kill me with a get a gun, betta know where i'm from load them up with dumb guns leave a nigga one lung; maskin tape hoodies and gloves mookies and dubs yeah nigga I'll put it dead in yo mug; Other fuckas beneath me, mutha-fuckas is sneaky worryin about where Neef be get you wacked out easy, Yeah this family greasy, Believe me, how the fuck they ain't peep me; Tables turned now the family need me, Yeah i'm on my shit; ain't shit you can teach me; I'm young but not dumb, you ain't from where i'm from, you don't feel how I feel, you ain't real how i'm real, I aint signed to that deal; on the real you should chill, and let me do me dawg, lets sit for once in life so we can stop playin c-saw until then I make it rain niggas feel my pain, until i'm out the game i'm far from a lame [Chorus] [Verse Three: Young Chris] Lord of the streets, I do it so my daughter can eat, moms workin three on her own bringin four in a week, now tell me how i'm gone budget that lil sister graduted elementary big brother life in the judges lap; Even my momma pack stuck in this war zone, I been a bad boy puffin before combs; for sure homey strap like bamboo, theres nothin we can't do, its tucked in my pants to, but this shit scramble, shit I em sellin but niggas tattle tellin when they rushed in that van dude so I had to smartin up, you know chalk em up, bye bye mutha-fuckin drive by we walkin up put your little lawkers up and your lil snub nigga you a lil thug give em lil snugs till he cough it up; them niggas soft as butt even ya bosses suck, i'm about to charge it up nigga stop ya arguin [Chorus]


AZEALIA BANKS "Broke With Expensive Taste"
Hot lava, hot lava Hot high Lady Lucid, the city What, what up? Rottweiler? I might take ya to it, get ready Friar flyer, I’m the Nostra-dyme and I say, say I says how do ya? I cloud all day and night, outta sight I’m miss “so-high” so I wore some eye wears and tie-dye Alright, young blood, nice to know ya Should I give my name, if I think ya knew it already.. What a brave design, what a time Ay, Monsieur I’m so live and so world-wide [Chorus:] If that's what ya know Wallace I say yo... Come and talk to me.. Beam me up When I reach that one do ya- wild out, I suppose I been hot in Europe yep Tel Aviv, Istanbul, Seoul. London, Toyko Dawn is Dusk to me... Believe it yep When I beat that drum boy, go Wallace, I say yo... Come and talk to me.. Beam me up He said it's just me Miss banks, a.k.a. Nestlé A.k.a. best he, ever had sex he Ever got licked, but he never got swallowed.. Bitch you know that nigga in the sugar-pop lotto! He was on her Twitter, but he never got followed I’ma chin-up with that win, I get the yen and pop bottles! And um Official with the hitter-hop, y'all know - Ocie-beachie bathing with that, that top model and um.. He already know what it does I got hair for ya nigga, keep it deep in the fuzz! I chat-cheek-cheeky chickle, sip a giggly-grape Yes I jiggle when I wiggle-shake it,, shook up the bait Best to get her mister, for ya best one do The jet-setter with the pleasure and the wet pum-poom The Black-Cherry on her tickle when her breast undo Ya lick the left one ya gotta lick the right one too, nigga! Yeah, I'm styling a starlet a scene Carve a diamond tiara, pour tea One time for señora cherry, oh yeah Yeah, I'm lilac and laurel a tease... You’re a giant, I saw all your teeth Rottweiler, let’s barter let’s see... Bow-Wow yippee-yo yippee-yay Poochie, you big dog, then bite for a taste! Kitty in many cities, you licking for a lay Claiming the big ticket then pay what you say! Benji’s and Euro-izzy, The Yin for the Yang Touring the world Crazy Make Rottweiler gray Bottles of Gold frizzy, she’s frosty and chaste Dead doggy-dog belongs in the Grave [Chorus] Hot lava, hot lava Hot high lady Lucid, the city Rottweiler, rottweiler I might take it to you get ready Hot lava, hot lava Hot high lady Lucid, the city Rottweiler, rottweiler

Hard Times

B.G. "Chopper City In The Ghetto"
Who put this shit together I done done it all from jackin' and slangin' nigga trust that Stealin' cars snortin' dope gettin' bust at Never goin' ta school all kinda bull-shit They callin' my moma in I got her lookin' unfit But look it aint Cint fault I turned out this way Its my fault she told me right from wrong everyday When my daddy got killed I think thats when I went a stray Mark Nell L.T. and me made niggas lay on they face We was about that gunplay and on the grind We was on a paper chase we wanted ta shine Gotta get it how you live where the fuck I'm from Gotta keep it on the real where the fuck I'm from Growin' up in the streets best believe its dangerous They lock us up but the jail aint changin' us You'll make it how i live if you don't mind dyin' Growin' up in my shoes best believe was hard times nigga (Chorus) 2x Hard times got a nigga in all black I'm goin' jack for that silver pack where its at Hard times got the B.G. drove nigga Hard times got me duckin' them white folks nigga Its a hard time comin' up where I'm from like a twister spinnin' Don't get caught in it Its drastic drama its everyday life whoa Jackin' is a way of livin 'if you aint on the right road I move fast my people say I need ta slow down Close ya nose or ya gonna go down I'm beefin' with different sets I'm duckin' them white folks Playin' my hoes close They tied up like a rope I'm slangin' tryin' ta make a million and chill Buy a ten story buildin' and a football field Diamonds round my neck and wrist plenty golds in my grill Niggas gone get holes in they head if they don't keep it real My mama cryin' cuz she think I'ma get my head bust But I tell her growin' up with no daddy is rough Welfare aint enough And I wanna shine So I'm goin get mine nigga and get out these hard times whoa (Chorus) 2x Me and my niggas buyin' cars don't give a fuck what its costin' Neighborhood superstar Hot Boy$ bout flossin' Crossin any of us get that put in a coffin You don't hear we loss a shoot-out very often We ballin' Shot callin' Walkin' to the top And when we get there believe we closin' shop I'm lettin' my law down makin' Gs nigga I done been through them hard times I'm makin' chesse nigga Me and Fresh can hook up and make a hit with ease nigga Fade me the B.G. pretty please nigga I'm a six figure Money go-getter Drivin' expedition Bet a bitch quick and put another hoe in her position Riches is what I'm chasin' everyday nigga Killin' bustas bringin that bitch in my way nigga Tryin' ta shine Ca$h Money on the grind nigga Stackin' gingles cuz we done been through hard times nigga peep me (Chorus) - repeat to end

Holdin' Me Back

J. COLE "We Got A Buzz Now"
[Chorus: J. Cole] What's sunshine with no rain What's joy without no pain And I'm still gon do my thing There ain't no holding me back Hey I'm gon get mine believe that And what's sunshine with no rain And what's Joy without no pain Hey yeah Yeah hey [Verse: J. Cole:] The city fucked up even thug niggas getting robbed. Know it's bad when the drug dealers getting jobs Same niggas who skipped out on graduation At the gas station filling out the applications but They ain't calling me back Best friends be our references Pay checks spent on necklaces Down payments on the Lexuses Debit in the negative Overdraft with the sky overcast But I'm screaming fuck the pessimist Cause there ain't no holding me back, huh The little nigga had big dreams to do big things But in this thing everything ain't what this shit seems Trying hard to come up in the flag pole just to Find out your heroes is some assholes But there ain't no hlding me back


[Verse 1: Action Bronson] Exhale the fucking essence Absorb me Peace to Lonnie Londell Everything is mar-vel Kid, on this side we shine like the sun Though the night brisk on the night shift Peep the tight lips Cause muthafucking loyalty is priceless Fly bitch blow me harder than a vuvuzelo My mood is mellow Catch me hopping out the Cougar, yellow Brew the Bustelo, Brosonlino Smooth as Othello in convertible Z3's bruising the pedal Chief of command, it's hard for you to try to see me Your team ain't ready to win a war like Mussolini Harsh as a Russian winter Still we dining at Lupa right there on Bleecker and Thompson Eating a custom dinner Wine served, about a third of the glass filled Premium rap skills, lounging in the Catskills Let me end this with a kiss from my bitch One love, Bronsonlino, signing off Who better than this, kid? [Verse 2: Meyhem Lauren] Luxury sports apparel is what I rock to cover feet I feel like everyday is Thanksgiving That's how we usually eat Rep the street, my flow is heat Queens made me complete When we outside deep It's like a Double L retreat You know my status, everything's mar-vel Hard shell shots will tear you up Now you scar well Bizarre hell, I'll take you there Never fear nothing, not me Shellfish specialist, I'll eat it if it's from the sea Action Bronson is in the building So it smells like half a key He's usually smoking marijuana in a jacket past his knee Yeah, we live this, still crispest Back to business, fuck bitches Most of ya'll were living blind until I hit the light switches Peace to my dress code and my way of life Super trife, slay your wife Ask about the way Lauren can lay the pipe Never duplicated, wordplay is custom made Niggas know my steez Catch me in Queens covered in suede (word up!) [Verse 3: Shaz Illyork] The fine fabric delegates And Peter Pan Posse This the finale, Youtube is where the fans watch me High definition, Lo religion Loving Scottie Pippen's Switched it from Jordan Dream Team It hurt the slutty women Love to collab, I used to dabble in a couple of things Facelift the Team, Outdoors, where the Mens will be Cop Killer Queens, the Upper East, we need a gallery We unscripted, real drama, never no fallacies I might party like a rock star for a couple of days A couple strays tag along taking bumps of K I keep a Buddha, little liquor, make me triple stack Ideal wifey, small titties and a lot of ass They call me Shaz, before it was my government Unholy convenant, could never get enough of it [Verse 4: Fonda] So pay attention when this rich bong's broken in half And don't get left behind to choke on my gas Ginger ale, juggle, Gen Pop, pockets intact Prime king in the booth I got it like that But wait, audible react Don't get caught in the trap Real recognize real And see it's part of the act I break hearts, surround sound With the sermon I spit And leave behind a trail of permanent drips In a room full of douchebags burning their lips And bugging out about the right amount of water to mix The freebase specialist, I dug him a ditch Struggling with that addiction's a son of a bitch, fucko I'll give you something to fix, get sober You'll understand when you're older The rap Al Bundy got the handicapped boner Hot breath and the ice cold shoulder So, give me room so my set can breathe I'm from the Up East, plus I got connects in Queens So how you want it? Bent, skeed or straight blunted My rap good like Deer Park in your stomach [Verse 5: Machine] Incredible Hulk, flash the villainous smile He trying to stay young, he's never going out of style Fresh to death like the corpse out the morgue The new slang stay stiff, pause No shirt when he record Stay zoned, known to kick rap through payphones Mighty Healthy set the tones Spread the wealth through fly poems Well known rap flesh Keep it tight like close homies And never known to flip like a Solid Gold Cody Known to keep it scummy like a Sunday at Jones Beach Known to keep it bummy like a Sunday at Centre Street Known for having fun, blacking out, that's the motto @toechamp, twitter game you should follow US Weekly with the centerfold A thousand tapes pressed up A thousand tapes sold Kids screaming out, "when the mixtape coming?" Streets is fiend out, yo, they really need something Understood, no matter what Shine like the sun Remember one thing [?] rap and number one

I Don't Give A Damn

MC Ren "Da Villain in Black"
Who wanna step into the room? Where that nigga Ren be at, makin' shit that's phat 'Cause in '95 I gotta hustle for yo ass Droppin' shit like in the past Rated double X, you in trouble when I hex Niggaz that be actin' like hoes of the opposite sex 'Cause fool I'm a soldier with a regiment 10,000 niggaz marchin' to your residence Fuck the president and his red, white, and blue I never leave a clue with the shit that I do Sport the black 80, creepin' with the flashlight Comin' with this phat shit just last night The mad scientist from the center of the Earth Droppin' crazy shit whenever I drop a verse Niggaz in a rage, wanna see me in a cage But um, I cocked the gauge when the ink hits the page Fuck a grammy show and your mammy so now What the fuck ya gonna do when I bust out the zoo 'Cause ya don't know really who you're fuckin' with You're fuckin' with the nigga Ren with the phat shit And I don't give a damn (CHORUS) Damn, damn, damn, damn, damn, damn And I don't give a damn Three strikes for who? A nigga fallin' in the trap What can I do to keep from fallin' off the map? I ain't your everyday nigga just with a rhyme I'll give ya that I don't give a fuck frame of mind Make ya wanna shoot the police in the back I'm crazy like Hady, 'cause devils be shady The great elephant nigga hangin' on box A buffalo soldier without the dreadlocks I don't give a damn, I created this shit With the real niggaz way back in '87 Niggaz walkin' on my footprints in nine five Fools hit 'em foul, can't hit a line drive So get the hell away from my throne or a zone My b-boy stance and shit is kinda full grown Fuck the police 'cause I still feel the same And fuck a lotta niggaz bein' whack at the game I don't give a damn (CHORUS) Who be talkin' shit about the great elephant? Ren be bustin' raps, niggaz bustin' caps The bitch made nigga killa, that's who I be When bitch made niggaz come and try Be a politician kidnapp, who gives a fuck about 'em Nigga never gave a fuck, I can live without 'em Niggaz wanna journey down the black brick road They can see me changin' in an I don't give a fuck mode Then I explode, better hide your neck Ya new whack niggaz never get my respect Then center of the Earth is where I dwell Your shit never sell, I got 'cha trippin' in a livin' hell So back the fuck out my way, that's what I'm sayin' 'Cause I'll be havin' hypocrite niggaz balls hangin' And othe bitch niggaz, be go lickin' 'em But Ren just keep on pickin' 'em and slam 'Cause I don't give a God damn (CHORUS)

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