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[Young Chris] We here to make sure these Niggas take heat and remember That we bout it, bout our business Like P and da limit Got some bout it, bout it Bitches that fiend for the Niggas use to flee me for Them niggas now C all up in It hit it when i want to No matter how u treat How much you flee'em You can get it when you want to You dont have to eat'em Jus dick'em down right Never speak on Never play us You dont like Get a flagrant for that fuck You hatin for that dude jus Playin his part she datin boy Down at them clubs She jus had to go Young gunnas from State P had to show Should of seen The people shakin and movin And movin and grovin But gunna was coolin Long as i had my tool in Girlies was choosin Everybody else actin foolish Over there actin stupid Come over here and we shootin [Hook:] If you at the bar buyin drinks Holla (whoop whoop) V.I.P full of stinly stink say (whoop whoop) If you creepin with his wife Holla (whoop whoop) Like, like Lets do it If there's 23s on da whill Holla(whoop whoop) Young Gunnas bangin thourgh Your speakers say (whoop whoop) If you cheatin on your man Holla (whoop whoop) [Young Neef] Dont tell'em notnin These niggas aint bout nothin They look here With them fake stares We gon get the cuttin You know theres frontin girlies All up in da place Plus they probly mad bitches all in our Face 4-5th on da hip And da buddas to 8 These niggas wanna trip Then we give these Niggas a taste Dont shoot at cars And wont shoot from far We chase'em and lase'em For all the shit they talkin Plus hatin, fuck waitin We sendin mothafuckers to satin Been takin niggas girlies for Ages she throwin it from da Back im grindin all on her Hip she talkin that freak Shit bout how she a freak Bitch maybe a chewy quick Never go to sleep Cuz you know those chicks Soon as you Go to sleep They all up in Your grip Catch'em in the act And they still deny it Might cause a riot I been cut the Bitch off She still on my dick [Repeat Hook] [Bridge (B Siegel)] Its mack daddy Young scrappy Nah i aint rappin Youngins get Back at'em [Young Chris] Mashin through the traffic On our way to perform If you knew Like i knew'em You would try To keep'em home Cuz once we Get'em its on You wont get'em Til da morn We dont love'em We jus smut'em We hit it And then they gon [Young Neef] Plus she was All up in my Business Askin bout my cases Knew what i was charged wit And wanted to know facin Heard i keep it on me daily Where ever i go Beat the case home Still fightin muhondo WUT


ASAP FERG "Ferg Forever"
[A$AP Ferg:] You didn't want me, I'm in the game now I seen her in the club, she like "hey now" I don't want you, with them dirty braids now I got a bad chick, and she gay now She got a bad chick, I tell 'em "lay down" I'm the Ferg-inator, I don't play 'round I get a couple thousand people on my page now Woke up in the strip club and get payed now Brown paper bag money 'bout twenty thou' Man, rap the new trap who you foolin' now? A couple pop star, wanna toot it now When I'm in they town, we fool around Ain't sayin' no names, who you foolin' now? Ain't tryna see TMZ out my newest house Take your pics of my bitch in her newest blouse [?] cause I'm too aroused [Hook - Crystal Caines:] Now your pockets swole But when you was broke You was trying to touch and go Nigga watch your code Real [?] That’s how all y'all niggas roll (Now I got my) Booty swole, nails and toes Boy you know just how it goes You'se a "whoa” and you know That’s how all y'all niggas roll (Boy you know I got my) Booty swole Booty swole (Boy you know I got my) Boy you know just how it goes [MZ 007:] I just rapped myself off section 8 nigga I said "I just rapped myself off section 8 nigga" Now my pockets heavy like my weight nigga Bout to take a OC to the face nigga And you know I’m always rappin' ‘bout some real shit And I keep a real nigga I can chill with Me and Ferg on the track, we bout to kill shit Princess of hip hop they gotta deal with it And on my momma right hand on the Bible I ain’t tryin’ to be a rival But I’m coming for the title Nigga, princess no barbie Fat chick, ride the 808 like a Harley, bitch I stand tall no hard dick I’m important now I’m on the red carpet Killer weed have you niggas in a coffin And Saint Louis is my motherfuckin office [Hook]

Ordinary Love Shit Pt. 1

My path for tomorrow is relaxing at full throttle Born to be a leader but a tough act to follow Bet on me at all costs in spite of my cash If I can't afford the Whardarf I can't afford to fall off Stories over greatness No stopping my zone I'm bumping Roman's Revenge but I'm plotting my own Like a prophecy in case niggas haven't learned not to bother me 'fore you send your shots, check my returns policy Could do without the leeches Choose without the creases Miami heat hater but I do the South Beaches For any drama I be calling up monsters I ain't Gilbert I never met a wall I can't conquer Ruger aimed if I'm who you try an' belittle I learnd it's hard to get justice when you try and be civil Whatever the future holds I can live with the day Some niggas will sell there soul but some will give it away And as the devil in disguise they window of opportunity is minimised Simplified, check what I exemplify Bitch nigga, here's something for you to generalise Estate out by Tenafly Pool houses, winter rides Play in that water, you bound to get your feet wet Only rapper with nothing to hide, me and G-Dep My shorty might disagree with that sentiment If I keep something from you, I promise it's all innocent Bitches gon get you with that fake out beat Won't let the media takeout me A made nigga gotta know I'm dealing with me Gotta put up with a lot of hate before you say you love me How much of it can you tolerate You can't talk about marriage and giving birth If you hit the dirt anytime you think I lift a skirt It grows tiresome everytime you get berserk Plus if you abandom home over what was just a flirt Without a care, I just chuck Deuces My skin will turn numb and you'll be stuck with what your truth is Then you'll feel a way thinking I should have resisted Then you'll start to see a side of me You never knew existed Cause you've never seen me act like a jerk I know women will provoke you and get mad when it works Rather reserved and that always makes matters the worst Cause I go on about my business and not act like it hurts But wait It's to the point I gotta ask myself Why the fuck is it so easy to detach myself Maybe it ain't you Just something I lack myself But if these wounds are self inflicted I can patch myself Now listen I could give a fuck bout how them other niggas treated you If your ass was that perfect they would be with you I don't care if you dimed out You'll say your the best I'll ever have and I'll say I'm willing to find out Wait I'm thinking bout our bond and what happened to it If you ain't lifting the burden, you probably adding to it Just say my logic is wild and just sick to her Just say I'm all for self and don't consider her She feel like she don't have a voice in this relationship I'm thinking boo you got a choice so why you taking it Vertain shit I wouldn't stand for I'm giving them my all but she demands more I wish she would understand more Certain shit you couldn't plan for I'm guessing I love you and your worth it I should take some time out and figure if you deserve this But you just think that I'm full of it We both come from backgrounds of bullshit I'm fortunate that aint what you see in me...


[50 Cent] Yeah! 50 Cent.. Lloyd Banks.. Young Buck... G G G G G-Unit! Haha! [Young Buc] Vacate your home I come to brake your bones Americas nightmare we at it again A desert eagle and a black mack 10 And neva know what happend When we come through them cowards dont want none They screamin at they murderas but walkin' with no guns Come with me but dont run and die where your standin' See im holdin' on this cannon and your life i'm demandin' Put the pipe to your melon and your brains on the pavement These niggaz is talkin' think that security gon save them Nobody gon speak when homicide pay a visit Look you right in the eyes and yell ya 'we don't know who did it' Corrupted by street corner by shootin' at the police The feins up all night and the neighbours gettin' no sleep You betta get used to it you know how we do it Shady Aftermath Interscope and G-Unit. [Chorus] We got action when you don't Show are places when you won't G-Unit, [50 Cent] G-G-G-G, G-Unit [50 Cent] Now I told ya'll on my first Dre joint I am Loco Betta than soso the games in the choke hold Disney's is a nono I perfected the slow flow In D.C. they dance the gogo In L.A.they ride on lolo's G-Unit in the house, oh no You ain't ready it's heavy 65 chevy Old school rollin' im holdin' 20 inches spinnin' from the beginnin' we winnin' Gain's his masculinity pimpin' we not pretendin' Drop top glock cock ready for the drama Pistol's pop cop shot i'm heavy with them laama's Non-sop make it hot we the top regardless You can be the hardest We'll just be the smartest I warn you not to start us We're not you average artist's My bitch is like a goddess When paparazzi spot us Cause flick after flick same ol' shit that I kick, haha! [Chorus] [Lloyd Banks] Guess who's back mothafucker gun in the clip Ready to smack up on these suckas that's runnin' they lip You can try any one of my shoes on none of em fit Your hundreds are shorter I'll your pops his son is a daughter All I need is some cigars and quarter a couple cars and a lawyer Kinda packin' a bitch and i'll be back with a hit I'm that sick, Who the hell you thought it was I got expensive habits I can't afford it cause G-Unit is poppin' and we performin' all the clubs Niggas be shovin' and pushin' as someone is gooshin' surpise She's givin' up the buns on her cushion Sweatin' and screamin' suckin' me off the rest of the evenin' And i'm leavin', on to the next city Stashbox in the bus to I can bring the tex with me I gotta go cause i'm gettin' over you niggas ain't over G-U-NIT [Chorus]

Gangsta Lean

JOE BUDDEN "Joe Budden"
[Hook x2] WOOAH (WOOAH) Wooah that girl Shhh (Shht shht) I wanna Woouuf you girl [Chorus] Oooh that girl, she's on the scene She be my gangsta She be my Lean Oooh that girl, she's in the crowd I see her looking, she wanna get down [Verse 1] Let's jump off, where there's no sleep for days Regular Joe's on the creep again If you 'bout it then prove that girl Show me you know how to that girl Like who's that girl taking over me, I'm the all as if that don't make her notice me I don't Curr- 'bout her man, I don't Curr- if she faithfull I only came out to see what I can Fanai-go She got boots, Highlights she very use to Lipgloss, Fragrance smelling like Cherry Nu-Gla Everything that she rock she look fine in it When she relaxing, baby is air clining it I got it bad for diva, I holla back But if she holla back, is proud as her Rep Now, can we get it, poppin', Boo Cuz you watching me, but I'm watching you [Chorus] Oooh that girl, she's on the scene She be my gangsta She be my Lean Oooh that girl, she's in the crowd I see her looking, she wanna get down [Verse 2] Now things look a little more lively I'm starting to think she really likes me Her body is starting to hipnotize me I'm 'bout to forget I got a wifey Look how she clings to me, I'm picturing her doing bad things to me Like up all ya is going down Oh, Oh yo she's going down But for real, for real, on the really real You ain't got to go yet, don't be silly could chill Hope later on if she feeling me still, I'm like "What's really good, What's really the deal" If you looking for that perfect man to hold you down ma Then *sip* this nigga, slow it down ma But holla if you need a ride back boo Or just for the record, know that I'm that Nucca [Chorus] [Hook] [Verse 3] Are you the type to give it up when you sleep with the rest Or the type that like this and say it's deeper than sex I know, You got a 2-way I need that contact Let's hit the dace floor I need that contact Ma, I got big plans for us She's a freak, she's skandalous Cuz the blue jeans I see Vicky Inprints We can puff off like Nikki Infrants Cuz I like how you do that, damn Pretty lady gone do that dance I got my fresh Nike's, Full pockets, and a crisp white Tee Understand I'm feeling good 'bout me By now, who's that, my side, all night And no I'm not drunk, but I'm high off life I tried to talk, but she ate me, dude Cuz she big on me, like I'm big on... (Big on...) [Chorus: repeat to fade]

So Good

JOE BUDDEN "A Loose Quarter"
Niggas be like They like why you coughing so hard? And I be like why you not? Grown man shit though It's a cold winter, niggas they gon keep you warm at night Make you breakfast in the morning And I ain't in love, love is in me, ya hear? I've been thinking 'bout you every day These other bitches, they can't change us And I don't need em in the way Cause no one ever fucked me so good Your love is... Your touch is... My spot get... No one ever fucked me so good Look, let's talk a different type of lavish now Not sure actually, a different type of baggage now Your home girls quick to paint me as a savage now You quick to know them bitter hoes, wish they had this now Back to you, this song of mine, no it's unsung Not a trophy, that'd imply I only won once I'm off the pass miss if every guy before me once practiced Then I don't need no real game to know we should be more than just so on and done And my baby like girls too So every night we get in bed with another bitch She start screaming, getting head from another bitch And now it's just a porno, in our heads it's another bitch Yea, but it's more than just the sex to me Panic when I wake up and she ain't next to me So I go out of my way to give her the best of me Love me so much, shorty even want the rest of me I've been thinking 'bout you every day These other bitches, they can't change us And I don't need em in the way Cause no one ever fucked me so good Your love is... Your touch is... My spot get... No one ever fucked me so good We hit the strip club, I respect a different taste That's how stacks and ones end up in a disarray These other broads used to transform my living space Into solitary confinement prison space They think we actin though, I tell em we're not frontin Give er something of everything cause she used to a lot of nothing We take our clothes off, get the spot, jump in it She come multiple times like she forgot something Yea, I'm like any other guy she dated She my world and I'm cool with being isolated I swear to God all I need is you If love hurts all I bleed is you Tell me if you wanna see that through We could coop it when I'm with you Get back all I put in to recuperate an issue Let me sum it up for those of ya'll that ask why I cherish the grill she walk on but she that fly I've been thinking 'bout you every day These other bitches, they can't change us And I don't need em in the way Cause no one ever fucked me so good Your love is... Your touch is... My spot get... No one ever fucked me so good It's really as simple as this The woman that they would fuck I wouldn't The woman I wouldn't fuck they would What that means is the niggas ya'll think is fly don't So I move in my own pace (So good... so good...) Fortunately for me I done been all around the world on many Met so many different types of woman I picked one I got the one I like Even better than that – I got the one I love Ya'll get these other hoes Been there, done that, wasn't that fun (So good... so good...) (So good... so good...) You gotta be on some You gotta be on some grown shit to understand this shit that I'm talkin bout tho You have to be on some grown shit to have the type of sex that I'm talkin bout (So good... so good...) (So good... so good...) You're bedsex niggas, I'm rooftop Five star suite and I don't mean considerate and kind Ya know what I mean Love you baby I love you too babe Take you to church uh Here's a jewel, I'm a give it to ya'll Same way it was given to me Real niggas don't fall in love, we stand up in it Thank God for you

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