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WYNONNA JUDD lyrics - Revelations

Somebody To Love You

Original and similar lyrics
You need a job so you can make some money You need a nice warm place to stay A sense of humor 'cause life is funny A big stick to keep the wolf away You need a car with good tires on it The right place to eat barbecue A heavy duty set of jumper cables And no holes in you walkin' shoes The main thing you're gonna find you need Is a fertile place to plant your seed, boy [Chorus] You got to find somebody to love you Someone to be there for you night and day Someone to share it with and be part of you Love ain't no good 'til you give it away You got to give it away I recommend you get some life insurance and be prepared to dial 911 Pay close attention to your high blood pressure And stay away from the man with the gun You need a reason to get up in the mornin' Make sure your clock has got a snooze control Be sure you got a place to run for cover 'Cause overnight things can sure get cold You're gonna find that sooner or later You need a common denominator [Repeat Chorus]


311 "Grassroots"
I'm takin' to the bridge and there's a different country I'm bringing with me the people I know deep down are funky Oh yeah we dap we got the juice it's on tap Never take the itme to rewind all the weak crap Here take it it's yours the gift is calling The sunshine be falling our way first every morning I'ma magician you see I'm christened with condition Held over from a future would I've come to you so listen There's a place out in deep space Where all the brothers chant and dance and rant And shave their heads like Buddha I'm a fly guy you know I'm smoother Of course no remorese is felt for all those loser crews I do not care what you do, I always screw up But when I do it's nothing like you, I wish you grew up You're saying anything like promist to get clean Won't kick half dead fucked up in the head Just get him out of here he's making me sick We push a sucker out With much force and much clout Didn't want to do it Thats not what were about But we got to have a limit How low can you get it Seems about time to Change the subject And sing about the wise eyed That makes me feel Good and never do I leave misunderstood Damn you know I feel good true I got a choice of what I'm gonna do It's like this that Swingin on my bat Mix a melody with some back chat Tell 'em again Dam I know you feel good too You got a choice of what you're gonna do it's like this that Nippin' on a cat Mix a melody with some back chat I'm rollin' slow no particular place to go so nothings changed The more things stay the same the more it doesn't matter To a latte day St. Bernard acting hard But I throw down like a crazy retard But what cold make a man Wanna walk around the school yard with his tool hard What could make the switch to call a woman a bitch It probably downed when you couldn't get a date to the prom And you were stuck with Beavis Let's leave us on a note of positivity I'm saying this for levity But if I leave it brief I call it brevity I said I see the people rocking Which means there's no stopping the flow And you can just tell 'em that you know Every night yeah we turning up And comin' off live Like and final 311 battle breakin idols On the one you never heard before You know the hardcore rockin Pumping the dance floor Leave ya feet sore lookin for your Micatin Cecause the mic is deadly int he mood we in Certified not fakin coool like a Jamaican Every time the enemy hear us they will be shakin'

I Cry

Murda "Comin back'"
I been through this lifetime struggles and pains Hustle and change, rustle and chains Bangs and gangs and still the game wont change Its all switched up now messed up now, those were hard days but this is aint tao More like sin pow, the new stuff begins now Over style, girls is go diggers for figgaz And when you care for em they kiss the game goodbye Like jada, I cant lie the game done made me a semi hata But maybe lata I can hold my heart in the area to play its part, Stage the mark my life one failure afta another trying to discover Where I fit in, in a place where the dumb get dumber yo yo you got the girls that get smothered chopped up and hated wit multiple lovers, all I got is my real brothers to hold me down, I already said when I die know one gotta hold me down Release like leo decap Frozen like sea tap, digital remaz life is untold stories Money maybe one day, but for now its coporate Still standing like a titan, never that and I aint lying Game like Tyson jerked from me slide tackling like byson Anyway im here to stay up son though I cry nightly I wont be outgunned the almighty, Easy to say but live the place day by day the body aint place Where you stay yo…….it like this.. (chorus)x2 its like I cry…..everday that passes by….. even though ive paid the time Its seems I still gotta live a lie yo uh uh…. rats and shit moving under your legs Papers as beds tears have fled in the past Maybe the future, I pray to the lord for help I might even call on Buddha, no one will help me The road that I walk I walk alone No friends loved ones no one to tear when I gone Wandering the earth lost cause in the mirth Imperfect yet I wont be discouraged Mal nourished from walking on fatige Wit fatigues, having to scour the earth barely able to breath Survive on blocks that would bring hero's to their knees And yet I stand able waiting for the next breeze (uh huh) It's a cold world I know you heard the words before But you wont know how real before your life takes a detour And everything goes downhill like meal course And yet you still try to keep course When lifes showing no remorse Deep and depressing but second guessing Lesson to blessings every essence Step back and still get tested that's why I sing on this song holding my own I only wish that someone can aid me in my life going wrong… Make me go crazy 1x (Chorus)


BIG TYMERS "How U Luv That?"
[Baby] Now I'm feeling good and fine Smokin green and drinkin wine Ten thousand dollars at the bar (all on baby) I guess that makes me a super-duper star Drinkin ripple and tangarae A brand new drink I call it bri-barae [Chorus] My life is beautiful (Livin that good life) It's just beautiful (Livin that good life) [2x] [Baby] Take me baby to the motel When we're finished you can go tell Teresa, Lisa, and Dawn How we got butt-naked and got it on How I split ya, hit ya and brung ya home Stole ya chains and rings and herenbone [Chorus] [Hook] Dont hate me baby cause I'm beautiful These flashy cars aint new to y'all [2x] [Spoken : Baby] How you love that 1998 Thats Big Tymer style There's a lot of these niggas baller blockin Standin in the way Cause I'm gone shine All the time How you love that (yeah) On the bass Funky Fingaz can I get a woday On the keys just woday (woday) Just woday (woday) Big woday (woday) Take it to the bridge take it to the bridge [Bridge] Just rollerskate rollerskate Dont player hate player hate [2x] [Chorus] [Spoken : Baby] This here is platinum material Just light, light-weight track How you love that It's gorgeous out here I'm a neighborhood superstar I'd rather be young rich and local Than nationwide and broke bro All the time (all the time) All the time Y'all can say what you want about me I got this man Drinks is on me Everybody order something, drinks on me Everything on me (moet, moet) I love myself I love myself, I love myself Shouts out to the whole city The broads alright but the niggas pretty

Night Train

Bouncing Souls
Good bye me and you. Good bye to the life we knew. One last long embrace. Let go and walk on through. I'm leaving everything thing behind for a piece that i can't find. G hosts that roam this house. Winter air rock through our soul. And it feels like dying. It just feels like time to go. Going down south to dream another dream. Maybe checkout memphis tennessee. take the night train and an extra pair of jeans. Can't think of anything else i really need. All my experiences ride with me. This town, it is dead to me and I can't stop chasing my dreams. I love you more than anything but what you I can never be. I love you more than anything. But I'll be alone. Can't we both be free? Good bye to me and you. Good bye to the life we knew. Wipe the tears from your eyes and walk on through.


MOTORHEAD "Another Perfect Day"
Hard time gettin' to ya babe Double take, figure real rough trade But you know I'm a real good lover Can't judge a book by the cover I know, and you know I know Can't trust your intuition no more Look good and I make you smile Bet ya thought I wouldn't have no style I'm gonna turn your head around Won't know til you hit the ground Gonna change the way you feel I'm gonna roll ya like a wheel [Chorus:] High life, I'm a fool for you Low life, like to break the rules First bite, you know I got a taste for you I'm gonna make you shine Be a switch to say the last My beauty gonna meet your beast Comin' over and shake your tree My body gonna set you free I know, and you know it's true More over I'm comin' through [Chorus] It's over and I got you down Gonna chase you round and round Mess around with the way you feel Gonna offer you a whole new deal Gonna lay it on ya just for kicks Down on ya like a ton of bricks [Chorus]

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