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WU-TANG CLAN lyrics - Wu-Tang Killa Bees The Swarm Vol 1


Original and similar lyrics
Intro: Wu-Tang Holocaust punishment Yo, yo, yo, yo Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo Verse 1: gt;From the hills of the Pacific I bring fury and anger Stabbing devils in their chest with a rusty ship anchor Blood and sand we command and conquer Wasted land, Then expand the regions undiscovered by modern man Body counts increase by thousands by the hour The sniper on reserve blastin hots from the water tower Absorbin' energy from the sun MC's run My brain burst like to blow chunks outta you lungs Blood on the pavement Crews gaze in amazement I was doing that to niggaz who test me on the slave ship We sell tapes and stage jail breaks for past cell mates Murder you at hell's gate daring bitches to yell rape And pale face gests hollow points I swallow joints With romantic charisma that'll make your momma moist My voice ensemble of bullets rip through your squadron Circulate the planets move back you better dodge 'em Or get opened up like a margin Buddah sargeant, Christ I should've warned you I never missed a target The living weapon war machine by buried king Relentless remorse is guiltless and unclean Also the sources supreme of my team Black Knight brigade peels caps like tangerine Holocaustic, hypnotic, psychotic, sub-atomic, psychopathic, hyperactive, unattractive [Chorus] We bring nothing but punishment Like nice be runnin' shit have 'em runnin' quick Uppercuts is what we coming with Fuck the government I grab the mic, that's when the thunder hit Never love a bitch Rhymes echo throughout the dungeon pits (REPEAT) Verse 2: Something from my culture I stay to harmony The way of life that best suits me I sincerely love Allah's mathematics Freedom and raw The Abbott I rest within the square Which is 4 times 90 why niggaz trues dare The dominant intelligence 99 elements we're offspring celibate Without knowledge life's irrelevant I wrote the benevolent (Wu-Tang eminent) Verse 3: I bring lyrics to existence When I speak these powerful words The priest of pandimonium the wargod has emerged Above sea-level that's when thunder rolls and lightning strike down Atrocity lay that poor ass and rain it for you compund Chaotically the Black Knights we move erotically Lyrically perform labotamy on your biology a prodigy A philosophy and theology my idiology's to break down MC's microscopically The ghetto tropically gettin' more hectic by the second Ghetto warfare straight bullets hit off the window sectors And hit kids cause niggaz spit wigs with no precautions The war I raise down from their grave to haunt your concious With bloody screams nightmares and bloody dreams Of niggaz haunting you through dark alleyways Through missing smoke screen Have you tweaking like a crack fiend On high bean like Christine The lords rain supreme [Chrous] Verse 4: I'm original mallot With metaphor dominant intelligence I give a nigga a hardcore detention with his birthstar invention I was mentioned I be creeping with the intention To break free from this evil mad society Don't lie to me I'm dope, I scope stuff I like to telescope To provoke from being choked Cause my ability is soul lying And let me open up your insides And man hide, Not from confusion with this high energy I'm using Static got you lighting and moving Through the abyss where snakes hiss And many men get pissed for following false elements For following false elements [Chorus] (repeat last line 2x)

Back 2 Life

Cocoa Brovaz "The Rude Awakening"
[Tek] To all my peeps locked down, comin back 2 life I know it's been a mega zone, since I sen't you this kite But I had to K.I.M., you know the city don't sleep Put 50 cents in your commisary, reach you next week The streets still in a shangle, since we last broke bread And Baby Ra got left, O.T. two in the head Seen Black cop the ack, you know his numbers ain't match He still runnin tack jobs from the days of way back And look at Jose, is wild now, gave birth to my first child And they move John back to the Isle Still tryin to hold my dough to see mom straight Gotta scribe from Jahard said he maxed a rapper's weight For a rep to 5-10, before we lock in Askin how's my rappin, wanna know if I'm still boxin In the center that's the sum, now he been gone for 12 summers Round the same time a vapor leather b bombers [scratched up samples of Mobb Deep's Trife Life ] [Tek] For the love of money, Red is facin a 8-20 Could of had a 1-3 but the streets were hot and days were sunny Some niggas stayin runnin for the love of money Went up to Antarc, slick mix sergeant country [Steele] A god a scribe from the god foundation Same thing nuthin changed, he's maintainin Just takin everyday, he stay inside and stride Build a whip, a tard, a nepher, trying to stay alive Tell the god Ja Rule, I'm comin to see him in the fu' Next V.I., soon as I finish takin care of B.I. I see why that nigga Kay be ready to flip But let him know Rhino's home, fuckin wit the clique, shit Imagine if Blueman was there, oh my god I know that's somethin for the ward and the fair Oh yeah, if you bump into my nigga Rubble Tell him me and his brother Sigh got the bundle when he come thru [more scratched up samples of Trife Life, and talking] [Tek] Told ya moms, tell me stop shittin on me, take the block with my phone Don't forget about a dog when he away from home You know I'm trying to blow, but I can still spread love Cuz he been down for too long, and I ain't seen him in the hood Plus I always say I'll visit, switch at the last minute He respect and overstand that I'm takin care of business But still ain't all, he needs to accept these calls The one you pass on your way, be the same one you fall And that's a fact that's been proven till this day it don't pay To go against the grain and betray family Plus I just seen Shack he said you change, actin funny But he don't even wet it, cuz he still gettin money Son, I be straight, fuckin wit the day from when ya bitch show Niggas be frontin, but I be reppin bad bro You know the inside coincide with the out When I come out, that's half the things we talk about [Steele] To all my people lock down, comin back 2 life We workin hard to bring you home, so we can do this right I know it's rough in the day, even rougher at night Hold ya crown, cuz we ready, and we down to fight [more samples of Trife Life ]

Innards Decay

CANNIBAL CORPSE "Butchered At Birth"
Rotting alive Tearing my way through the meat Driven to kill, my brain twitching for guts Devoted to evil Severed arteries gush Hungry for the blood Life is to decay Victims meet my blade, carving out organs A world of pain and terror Visions of the future Premonition of the evil, forthcoming eve of darkness The chosen one will come Eyes torn out bodies cut in half Twisted corpses hang from broken necks Demented madman Unholy rampage Impaled cranium beginning to drain Sodomize the carcass, chew the anal rot Sewn within the body the dark becomes my light Live inside the shell Feed upon infection At one with the dead I rip my way through Easy prey, disfigured bodies decompose Chewed limbs drip with pus, intestinal strangulation Humans left ripped apart Lap up the dripping goo Wretched chunks of bleeding flesh Internally you rot away My need to kill Induced by hate, betrayal of trusted ones My mark left on this earth, victims of my slaughter Souls of my dead, murdered by my Hand Blood on my face, innards decay Snapping necks chewing flesh Insatiable thirst For blood Slicing throats viciously uncontrollable insanity Tear out the beating heart Engulf the quivering spleen, chew the meat Death is my life Life is to decay victims Meet my blade carving out organs, a world of pain And terror, visionsof the future Premonition of the evil Forthcoming, eve of darkness Eyes torn out bodies cut in half Twisted corpses hang From broken necks, demented madman unholy rampage Impaled cranium beginning to drain

Hard Labor

C Bo "Til' My Casket Drops"
[Featuring Outlaw Immortalz] Intro: (Voice speaking) You rang Is you down kichy or even might love to me Payin' bangin' another time Look we got the trigger to quicker the caper Fools leavin' they guns from the guns to the care to the bed to the scoop In this life ain't nothing they can think off But working overtime nigga Some motherfucking hard labor Verse 1: [Kastro Outlaw Immortalz] They got my, Kickin' in dust, dirty Bust me, they must be dreamin' Trust me these cowards heard a murder And they ain't tryin' to see it They got 'em in there When I was to young to be in So now I'm comatosed, shellshocked and barely breathin' But, still I respect the game Test me, you ain't Hussein Outlaw like Josey Wales Too tough to try to change C-Bo, they take me, change no We just slow at home Ready for war plus we deadly Verse 2: [Young Noble - Outlaw Immortalz] I remember when one of my teachers told me That I ain't shit, and ain't gon never be shit Look at me now bitch and fluwed your kid with this Now we're rainin' on our enemies Hennessy got me critically, suddenly, instantly Knew their planin' with my misery It's to me from Makaveli the general Military mind, outlaw with camisole Critical condition for that hoes he fold It Hard Labor, knowin' this rap shit might save us Not from death, but where we came from Chorus: x2 [Napolean - Outlaw Immortalz] Nigga, all we do is act a fool is stay thugged out (Thugged out) And the first nigga that act up was gettin' thugged out Change the paper... [Young Noble - Outlaw Immortalz]'s Hard Labor Made the biggest plan that niggas makin' Sound aped, cause it is rapin' They can't fake it more Verse 3: [Storm - Outlaw Immortalz] Gotta make more warriors Runnin' through my veins The story's told while the game's the same Fuck the world with your money, man, play the game Got stuck with your heartbeat, who's to blame What you know what I want, when you're bad as yours Got a vision of my enemies hittin' the floor From Makaveli to my Outlawz, I back 'em all Keep your mind on my riches, when I even the score First nigga where you at, speak, friend of fo' Got a 9-G locked, it's for if you fall Shoot first, let's play no different face I die for the shit, nigga Hard Labor Verse 4: [Kastro - Outlaw Immortalz] Pick up my block, cock Please not wanna put a stop to my plot They locked my bitch up And even tried to lock in my pops It's Hard Labor, my moms, you craw me thinkin' to major Mad, cause, nowadays too many hoes is on my pager Pussy and paper Pencil, politics and praise you Chase you and even chase me Straight to the penitentiary Nigga, the hard life, hard fight and hard capers Nigga, we're all thugs, overdosed in Hard Labor (Voice Speaking): Walked in the club and said a nigga drugs do us all Looked up and see my nigga Big C-Bo Verse 5: [C-Bo] Check I was born to this life ,a sin, as a young thug Releasin' stress over (?) gin, laced with mud From day one I knew is wasn't no motherfuckin' love They use to jump doin' hands and now they jump in new as lust I was confused first to see a church on this hell on earth But it was them fools first to took earth for what it was worth I was raised in this great community, when there was no unity And niggas be on they own, as soon they reached (?cutety?) Be you and me Runnin' back, in a Cadillac Fresh of a jack With two straps in a Pontiac With only one life to live I guess the Lord had only one life to give It seems so trifully, bought a hill This fast nigga's life's a sin It's hell on earth, ain't nothin' worse Than givin' birth to kid Talk to sin until he buried to dirt It's been a thug life since day one, when I was thugged in 25 Years later got rid off thuggin' Hard Labor

Constant Elevation

Gravediggaz "Six Feet Deep"
[Grym Reaper/Too Poetic] Beeeware! Four figures appear through the fog Yeah! Gravediggaz cut like swords... rrRRRAAA!! Fear makes ya brain go numb You ain't, got a clue, where the Gods, come from I sold my-self to exist and then I flittle With millions of sperm cells and I found the eggggg Know I got my chance I came to enhance represent and get open as a bank [Fruitkwan] Pass it, a deep theourassic Gravediggaz are massive, puttin niggaz in caskets Blowin like the wind, when I'm in my spin ya got fucked cross the path of the twister You face the storm and bring it onnnnn and get chopped in the blocks from Hitchcock The birds, my mental ward is my brainstorm Somehow I flipped and came equipped with a chainsaw [Grym Reaper/Too Poetic] Diggin graves see, pays my rent for the day Some hate the image that I must portray Critics, say Go to hell I say Yeah, stupid motherfucker I'm already there! Fru-strated, mentally aggravated to be the rebel that society created I'm good most times but when I'm foul then I'm flagrant Livin in the shadows like a government agent [Fruitkwan] Ummm, one side of the story Shit cooked up from Gravediggaz labratory Transformin brains with remains of a slug With the Undertaker makin beats that's buuuuuugged Path we creatin Splittin G's, choppin necks with the fat guillotines I'm your nightmare, fright with verse, one verse Will put your ass in my black hearse [Ryzarector/The RZA] Ryza-rector, ha ha ha ha, ha ha ha ha Hooah, hooah, hooah, hoo! Danger, enter the graveyard, chamber It's like, diggin, in yer EAR, with a hanger I inject my poison stinger, into your finger Of all your life forces, I'll take ya I'm blood, thirsty, thirsty for sure About to blood suck the same ones, who blood suck the poor You're, not safe, anymore To all the holy spooks, I declare war I'll, gravedig them up from hell, ryzarect them From the poisonous bones of swine, I disinfect them Positive Energy Activates, Constant Elevation Positive Energy Activates, Constant Elevation [Prince Paul] Out of the darkness Out of the deep of the darkness Lies the Gravediggaz from the parts unknown The world that's unknown People fear what they don't understand So, this is why we're here To explain that there's nothin to be afraid of Have no fear, Gravediggaz are here

Get Up And Get It

Bizzy Yea... Bone Thugs in this mutha wha wha wha... Yea, big Wish in this motherfucka What's up my nigga... Lil Lay I love you nigga Ya know what Im sayin KB somewhere roamin around here gettin some... You know what it is My niggaz We about to go all the way... All The Way And we gone make it to the top, on the stage, from the cradle to the grave... Krayzie You willing to test the flesh, oh yes So don't even stress what ya heard Cause niggaz Bone Thugs together forever Splittin apart is absurd I wish they'd stop with all of these rumors Cause we ain't goin nowhere baby this is for life... Wish And this, ya see Gotta know where I come from Then you'll feel me I ain't goin back where I come from Been blessed with a mission I'm waitin', you sleep, they listen What more can you ask We look and we laugh Completed fifty percent of that mission right in that ass Layzie Yo nigga, we did it we went and we got it We did it all, all by ourself Little help from E. - Eternal We wouldn't never forget him No, not for wealth Still our grind when we put this down It'll be my niggaz, we out on a grind Together forever still one of a kind Got love for the thugs, not blind... Bizzy Mentality, I was the one who was trippin But now we got fifty-fifty And we breakin' em off with a rhythm Momentum, and get 'em Remember them, never surrender, protectin' the children And I don't want anymore problems Gentleman, let's get paid to party Givin em something they can feel Bone Thugs~n~Harmony... chorus [x4] Bizzy It's Charles, Bryan and Steven Anthony and Stanley, nigga this family And yes we are the only thugs with grammys Mash the giggling, jiggling, swerving and ribbonin it while they crakin up off me I must be invincible with Bone Thugs~n~Harmony... Krayzie Yea so I'm simply tryin to get richer, make a living I ain't really trippin on no fancy cars or massderah Even though your nigga do be pimpin I keep my heat in my lap, where i can reach it and pap... Layzie I'm keepin pushers out the bushes Still makin these hits that move the streets Rebels and warriors all over the globe Find they souls cause we rock these beats Maybe to me thats more than money, better than anything I can imagine All of the souljahs keep on smashin We can chill in the governor's mansion... Wish Everything gone be a little nicer Cause the load done got a little lighter Got rid of these bustaz, these hoez But I must admit, it gave me somethin to write ya And that's all, believe dawg, ain't goin to the bottom with yall Naw, and I wish all of yall could see us... chorus [x4] Layzie Get em up, P.O.'d with the niggas that's Bone Thugs, Should have knew by now, We niggaz for life, pullin triggers for life, gettin figures for life, Bigger than BIG and larger than life, Like Jeffrey Osbourne, way back in the day, Better believe me when I tell you dawg We're goin all the way... Bizzy All the way, ain't nobody stoppin us like Heavenz Movie Straight outta the foster home in Cleveland I escaped the Juvie, and a little jury And a strong ass army, been makin money since niggaz was doin it bigtime Bone Thugs~n~Harmony... Wish Now Mr.K Ceiling and ya know somethin's wrong Five of the livest, the realest of thugs In 10 years and they thought we'd be gone But oh no... Soon as that little nigga Eazy let us put our foot in that door We mashed we did, we dad, we did whatever to get that dough... Krayzie They know that we known for keepin it funky The thuggest, the street, little Eazy E put us on our keep Tellin these niggaz there'll never be another Bone If you're going this way, you can roll with Kray, going all the way... chorus [x4] Krayzie That's right nigga, Bone Thugs~n~Harmony back up in this motherfucka, 2002 I ain't gonna say we back cause we never left this motherfucka... really...we hot

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