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WU-TANG CLAN lyrics - Wu-Tang Killa Bees The Swarm Vol 1


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[Ruthless Bastards] [Verse one:] Check it, these cold days got me in a physical rage Walking through the dark path in this invisible maze My individual is criminal but lyrical plays A big part in my life in this critical state Apocolypse, twist up the bamboo Swine life I cant handle Cock the mack candle, pop the Jack Daniels Im a shine like candles in a blackout Your guaranteed to fall before the last bout Fuckin wit Ruthless you assed out The size of these guns a make you pass out Im like hollow tips the way I blast out Its all revolving, too much problems, no solving Ask me what Im involved in, Im a say robbin and mobbin Im runnin this shit nigga joggin No thanks for livin on Thanksgiving Im still starvin [Verse two:] Yo, Im not new to this, Im true to this What you gonna do to lips Man if I tell you one more time Ive been doin this, mound u loopbp Ruthless be wettin these clowns up Yo partner turn that sound up Reverse the crowd round up And this one, new on the block just like a rookie Frontin like he hard dunn he mustve ate some thug cookies No evidence plus I heard his clique be on that tellin shit You let him sell a bit so bustin hims irrelevant Just get these presidents, the reallest thing man lust Once the papers in my hand its like I got a roush Aint gainin trust, cause man I aint tryina get bust Run for cover, pull a trigger, watch em all turn to dust A ribbon in the sky, I watched his mom dukes cry Too bad her son had to die for startin up the two four five Guns never lie, chains like slaves go but heavy Down in my belly, attatched to my waist is a celly For plannin funerals and gettin niggas buried I wanna lead this life but I can hear it callin me like R. Kelly [Verse three:] Shoeless shine like sunny days My style on the loose like runaways Its crazed in the battle get you open like a bag of purple haze When hell get fucked up Cant hang slow the fuck up, I represent Staten Push my buttons you get stuck up I love thick bitches so ooh keep your ass shakin I be money makin, In nive seven I like em taken Fuck fakin wilden and breaken, in the club gettin my groove on The gat in my Tims just incase you wanna move on Been off the Bacardi to Moe Slayin this chick off that keeps sweatin my body so (who can love you like me) [Verse four:] Sagoddi, swingin tux wit wallys Yall niggas dont wanna try me For them presidents by now Ill leave you dead Filled up wit hot lead, hollow heads for you thug breds Its the righteous, life is trifeless, challenges and sacrifices (tell em son) Ruthless cause we flip tracks, pack gats, and give slices A poor heistess, you think your nice now meet the nicest Son a actress, stick him like a cactus, bouce like a matress Teflon fatigues if you try to wack this You aint know it was cold on these streets Only time its warm dunn when I got the heat Drag my knicks and five eights, I need a gimick to compete Triggas, Im squeazin em at the crossroad Im leavin em They got the guard locked I got knocked so I could be wit them [Verse five:] Attack wit tactics, thats fantastic that for realah Throw me cuts to chop the beat wit your five claws Create tracks that blow the hinges off the doors Thats all I can stands and I cant stands no more Whirlwind mind spins off Seagrams gin Started all over and dont know where to begin Extreme measures got my thoughts on gettin pleasure These cats know that I clap holes through they leather Statens sick and we cant get no better Police trap, we get away too clever Lyrics jotted down on paper causes terror- Ism, now im gone hit em Give em what we been givin em, thats the rythem Staight up, all you crab niggas sleepin need to wake up Im like peroxide cause I stay bubblin in the cut Nigga please, Im thirsty for this cheese I run up in your lab and make your anti freeze Its like that, from the Stat where I live at The bees are snakes and they just feed off the fuckin rats [ All ] If im a bastard then your a bastard Everybodys a bastard Get the gats cause shit is drastic [ 5x ]


We've been the best since I stepped in Bring a hooker to the muthafuckin Jets Inn In the sack, break her back like a Redskin Need the dough like I'm trying to get the bread thin Tree to make the head spin Every season play the corner like I'm Revis Light Caesar, heavy bearded like I'm Jesus New York City, Queens borough be the backdrop I bring it back to all the benches, need a blacktop Big things, see me moving like a Sasquatch Money, I'm in pursuit, cuchillo inside the boot Bitches are on display, give brain Inside the coupe. Shift gears, that's with the left Which means I'm on the right, get paid By any means, you hold it, say goodnight kid Two fingers hold the potion when I'm smoking Slow motion, snatch a snapper out the ocean In my lungs go the drugs like the red chief Red leaf lettuce blood money on the bench seat 12 courses laid up on the long table Aged wine got me spinning like a dreidel For fly women use a condom cause it's fatal Hazel eyed bitched always blazing up the basil The red razor cut the features in your facial Creep in Corona, bumping Fernando Villalona Puffing cheeba in the street by the chimi corner Tu ne tappa me, muthafuckas are sloppy Captain of the rap, you talking to papi Up in Niagara Falls, make your wifey suck a Bag of balls, it's sick, just like a Magic cough Same person on camera or when the muthafuckin' camera off Hash straight from the desert, can knock A camel off, Sheep straight out of school Let the hammers off. Off the boat shit Whole cliques roll thick, no shit Piss drunk and they smoke sticks Not a word of English but They hold the four-fifths FILA jumpsuit, sandals, the whole shit Young kids walking around, got the Desi in hand Going "Boom Shakalaka!" like it's NBA Jam Never speak to fuzz Tap out the reefer, show him how To use his sneakers, cuz Roasted peppers, sweet tomatoes, heirloom We on the beach, fresh Ceviche We in Cancun, fly girly curly Hair is getting read through We in the shower give me head: shampoo Swimming trunk, shoe accentuate the ankle Eyes blue, put the children's money in the Banco Giuseppe Franco, take the cash and tango I'm straight stoned -sly, thank you Bye, peace, one, fuck you

Don't Let Me Die

JAY-Z "Unfinished Business"
[R Kelly] Dear God, bring our P-O-Ws home And our brothers on lockdown, home AMEN!!! [Jay-Z] JEAH !!! Back blocked on everybody laptop (HOV) Hittin' niggas from da shower, hold a note like da guy who said da British is comin' (KELL) Oh yeah da niggas is comin' get out ya good dishes or somethin' like it's Thanksgiving (HOV) And non other than da "R" and without further a due like Freddy get ready it's ..... [R Kelly] Whatever happen Lord, dont pass me by Cause whenever I did wrong it was ya name I cried I heard you forgave over and over again But when I found out I love you, you became ammune to my sins Laid wide awake in da middle of my sleep (I see dead people) And sometimes it's me Lord I never wanted to be a thug father I only wanted to be a son of a father That's how it sounds inside, worse than da war in Iraq, when it's me against I I gave up da weed and somehow Im still high Three years still seein' them three guys Lord (Whoo) Sometimes I dont know what you want from me, but I do know you know what I want from you (Give it to me) (Come on) Take away this Hennessey, take away me runnin' da streets Stop people from rapin' me, take away all this jealously and prejudicy Lord you said it was better place, I grew up around pimps, hustlers, hoes and project gates Its HARD TO BELIEVE in what I cant see I got to get this money and feed my family [Jay-Z] Whatever in me guides my life, dear Lord Dont Let Me Die tonight But if I shall before I wake, what shall I say Its been a good run from hoodlum to outin' da states How could one who made so much foul mistakes, still be allowed to have a smile on my face How whatever da case Im glad it wasnt murder, in a town you never heard of From a nickel plated burner Now my life straight like a perm, tried to take da spot I earn Muthafucka better learn [Chorus] (Its HOV) Back blocked on everybody laptop (KELL) Hit niggas from da shower, hold a note like da guy who said da British is comin' (HOV) Oh yeah da niggas is comin get out ya good dishes or somethin' like its Thanksgiving (KELL) And non other than da "R" and without further a due like Freddy get ready [R Kelly] Lord hear me out, got a few more things to say These demons be chasin' me like everyday (Come here) Nah my life on crutches, never say I never walk again But da devil is a lie cause I believe within' You're da reason that Im still here, even though I dont act like it Even though I hear my callin' and fight it Fools do me so wrong, its hard to stay righteous Pimpin was allowed to happen I'll hide it Believe me Lord I want you, got money and fame but still it just wont do Sometimes I dont like who I am, when I look in da mirror my reflection is Uncle Sam (Uncle Sam) And every night I have these weird dreams, that a preacher trapped inside of me wake up and cant breathe I feel like its twenty of me, goin' twenty different directions on a one way street Lord I got houses, money and cars, and met every single superstar I got da whole music industry sold, but it still dont matter ....... [R Kelly & Jay-Z] When Im gone and my casket closed!!! [Jay-Z] Whatever in me guides my life, dear Lord Dont Let Me Die tonight But if I shall before I wake, I'd accept my fate I did what I did my heart was in da right place (Ohhh) I guess so I can live it put food on my plate You must still love me not to let it in by three that day Well whatever da case Im glad it wasnt murder, in a town you never heard of From a nickel plated burner I guess Im not finished wit my journey, please forgive me for my sins Shit Im still tryna learn me [Chorus] (HOV) From da back block on everybody laptop (KELL) Hit niggas from da shower, hold a note like da guy who said da British was comin' (HOV) Oh yeah da niggas is comin get out ya good dishes or somethin' like its Thanksgiving (KELL) And non other than da "R" and without further a due like Freddy get ready [Bridge] [(R Kelly) Jay-Z] Many men (Whoo) have come and gone in these streets (Feel Me) Walked alone in these streets (Ohhh) waitin' to hear from you (Come on Lord) Oh Lord,(Whoo)wrap your arms (Wrap your arms around us God)around da hood (Lift every peace from war, bring our soldiers home, Let us pray)

Ray Ban Vision

[Intro: CyHi Da Prynce] Whassup shorty? Who is u? Oh nigga wassup man I couldn't even see you, I'm in this bitch chillin like Stevie Wonder [Hook:] I got ray ban vision, these ain't no prescriptions I see you haters coming niggas don't think that I'm slippin I got ray ban vision, I wear 'em when I'm whippin I wear 'em when I'm fucking all my women think I'm trippin I got ray ban vision I got ray ban vision I got ray ban vision I got ray ban vision I got ray ban vision This how I'm living, the only time I look you in the eye if we doin business I got ray ban vision [Verse 1: CyHi Da Prynce] I'm back up in this, feelin tremendous lenses darker than the tint on my benzes I got ya bitch flippin like a gymnast She told me take my glasses off but she looks horrendous Caravans on my face lookin vintage, 3 pair of these bitch, cost what your rent is Niggas wasn't wearin these, now it's a trend shit I had my first pair of ray bans when I was ten tricks Prynce is lookin like a pilot out the air force Came to the club fresh up out the airport I'm like Tom Cruise I'm from Top Gun (Why?) Cause they know that's where I'm at, plus I got one I keep my shades on in the hot sun Old school Datsun, stunt so hard it's not fuuunny I'm with the playboy bunny and she's still a dime, even when her hair is not done [Hook] [Verse 2: CyHi Da Prynce] I seen it all through the mirror tints, I knew a girl who's innocence would disappear with Prynce I got my hand in between her legs, she says boy go ahead you gon' make me have a incident Now we intimate, this is how we ended it left the restaurant now I'm in her mouth like a dinner mint We started in a parking lot and finish at my teniment Shorty had a reason, my pippin was legitimate I tore that pussy up like a ligament She don't like her man so she asked me for deliverance I sit back with my ray bans on, I say it ain't my fault that you in that predicament Cause I treat hoes like Ray Charles, looks ain't shit that's how I play ball As long as they take off they draws and the whole time we did it I didn't take my shades off [Hook x2]

Fatima's Hand

OUTLANDISH "Bread Barrels Of Water"
(feat. Majid) Fatima is 21 And around here - when your 21 u gotta start thinking about getting a man getting a son - getting it done just like her mom when she was 21 but even though Fatima's not ready for it she not gonna say some she feels she gotta do this for the parents cuz they've been on her for the last 5 years a lotta men from motherland came up here hoping she say yeah but she ain't down wants somebody that can make her feel alive chill every time she wanna cry the one in a million type of guy but her mom keeps telling her compromise, this ain't no fairy tale my child do not waste your time u'll regret u didn't say yes to this guy everyday is the same like a battlefield she gets the blame bringing shame on the family name just cuz the streets be babbling like a Bedouin in a dessert storm she lays low from all their songs try to make'em understand but it's like talking to the wall her desire's burning to change her ill state it's strange - for the first time in a long time - she sees the light in the end [Chorus:] she brings the pain within your brain y'all don't really wanna understand her thang boo be really strong enough to maintain thru your bullshit it ain't nothing but pain but she knows in the name of Fatimas hand she don't go wrong in the name of Fatimas hand she will move on hey hoping everything will be alright!!! [Majid:] I see tears in everybody's eyes But I don't understand why Mama standing in the kitchen preparing dinner while she cries as the pain spreads inside cuz something that's going on denial of my first question second time got no respond to lose some one that had always been there She always had my back And she always did care So with these lines right here I wanna explain how much I love u No matter what u do I will forever stay true Until this day Can't nobody tear us apart 10 years is past But u are still living in my heart truly no poetry can explain how much I miss ya No matter where u are U will always be my sister [Chorus...] Con la mano de Fatima sobre su alma encantadora su camino es protegido no importa cual escoga y ella fue escogida para verla y admirarla en sus ojos tiene un algo impecable es su retrato y cada vez que pasa lo duro se ablandese la noche se agrandese lo malo desvanece no la olvidaran, la esperaran al otro lado de esta vida su amor alumbrara, su voz les cantara en las memorias hay momentos de pasion afecto y comprension, retratos y recuerdos dando vuelta en las fantasias su aura es alegria lleva la mano de Fatima [Chorus:]


ICE CUBE "Lethal Injection"
[Intro:] Every January 16th, it's 'The Dreamer, The Dreamer.' And all of you say, 'I have a dream; The Dreamer.' And what did he dreamIt stuck him right there. And little black boys, and little white girls will one day hold hands together. Shit. Is that where it's atIs that where it's at now Them little blacks hands are yours. You can't hold the black brothers' hands But you gonna grow old holdin' crackers' hands before you hold each other's hands You gonna walk with your enemy before you learn to walk with one another How sick can you be (Enemy) [Verse One:] Where you gonna go when the brothers wanna bust a shot where you gonna go when I wanna kill bloodclot Supercat said that the ghetto red hot bust a gloc, bust a gloc, devils get shot nappy-headed, no-dreded look where ya read it buck the devil, buck the devil, look who said it listen what I say after 1995 not one death will be alive god will survive, him protect the civilized who really cares if the enemy lives or dies not me, not me me never eat from the tree with the apple I'd rather have a Snapple do you know where you're going to do you know where you're runnin from scared of the sun, I live in the sun You shrivel up like a raisin and burn like the blunt that I'm blazin Ku Klux Klan scared of my nutty beats cause them nutty beats equal bloody sheets out number you somethin like 15 to 3 see, don't love your enemy [Chorus] Enemies, enemy runnin from the G enemies, enemy, you're my enemy enemies, enemy, when will I see enemies, enemy R.I.P. [Verse Two:] Where you gonna run when God wanna do ya J. Edgar Hoover, I wish I woulda knew ya with the boom ping ping is the ring from the fire me not afraid, cause me know Elijah goin to the East but straight from the Westside swing down sweet chariot nad let me ride through the fire, through the fire that will please us I know that Farrakhan is your baby Jesus devil don't you know I'm a soldier in God's name and the baby claim I'm gonna hold ya like Folger's Crystals feds I'ma pick your ass like Juan Valdez you don't care if me die from the cracka you don't care if me have a heart attacka you don't care if me get car jacka you don't care cause you're nothing but a cracka now it's Judgement Day, and Allah'll never play 'freedom got an AK,' them Guerilla say Bobby Seale said, 'please make it rough, bro' when God give the word, me herd like the buffalo through your neighborhood, watch me blast tribe of Shabazz, get in that ass you shoulda took heed of my word and became a friend of me now you're just a enemy [Chorus] [Verse Three:] Now I change my style up, my style up,bodies pile up just to trouble you, throwin out the W sent me a subpoena cause I kill more crackas then Bosnia, Herze - govina each and every day out a siz-tre Chevrolet with the heavy A to the muthafuckin K now you treat me like a germ cause your scared of the su - per sperm please don't bust til you see, the whites of his eyes the whites of his skin, the whites of his lies nappy head nigga with the bone in his nose ya scared I'ma put this bone in your hoes but I don't wanna, I've been to cona from the cavebitch with the nasty persona hit me with the big black billy club cause you white and your hoe than a silly nub three men in the tub, rub-a-dub-dub and it's really scary, now they're in the military Sodom and Gomorrah, devil read your Torah, Bible, Holy Qur'an once again it's on, got the hollow point teflon and the brother Ron [2X] so who's next (devil) with Dub C, Brother G Crazy Toons is a crazy coon ready for the enemy high off the Hennesy hundred ten degree, no it's not Tennesee West L.A., what the hell can I say niggas wanna play, each and every day pass me the pill, a nigga shoot the J rougher than the roughest rough muthafucka, had enough muthafucka handcuff this muthafucka with the duct tape, tie it to the bumper grab his bitch, dump her, cause nobody wanna hump her they call me Thumper cause I thump til it hurt knock your dick in the dirt, puttin in work Master Farad Muhammad comin like a comet when they see em, they all start to vomit 1995, Elijah is alive Lewis Farrakhan, NOI Bloods and Crips and little ol me and we all gettin ready for the enemy

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