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WU-TANG CLAN lyrics - Wu-Tang Killa Bees The Swarm Vol 1

And Justice For All

Original and similar lyrics
[***Chorus*** x2] Fuck y'all analog niggas we be digital Wu-Tang, Killarmy we indespensible We never fall We stand tall like sky-scrapers and justice for all [Killa Sin] We move on MC's mechanically Strike nerves like Ghost's verse on 'Can It Be' hard to touch retarded fucks playing wit they fantasies respect this, specialist, black testing this will get ya necklace jacked and named scratched up off my guestlist party freak You the type of nigga that'll hardly speak unless you spoken to You throw a cold screw, but sober up when I'm approaching you At the same time we posting two Niggas on that ass that's gonna do what they supposed to do The limelight, snatched away from you because it's my night Killarm blaze inside of the twilight, you better get ya lines right Half of these crabs cant even rhyme right with dust flows, robotic movement, and blurry eyesights What you want I already got and that's control, I keep my head high, hand pon cock and pockets swollen, you foldin, you faggot ass fuck [Dom Pachino] Yo farotion never fails shoot at darts sharper than a carpenters nail inhale life, exhale strive anxiety's trife blowin' smoke out my peace pipe Ducking the snipe shot off the top of the White House and cop 4'S war never does and many causes my offense is my defense extreme precautious moving cyphers high valocities making you nautious ya forcing it parishly extortionists aborting this space ship thats spacious face it im on contain shit pioneer looking for honey and is it matrix the case is if not ya basic way to make shit embrace it knowing some day you'll have to face it [***Chorus***] Fuck y'all analog niggas we be digital Wu-Tang, Killarmy we indespensible We never fall We stand tall like sky-scrapers and justice for all (so fuck y'all, so fuck y'all niggas) [Bobby Digital] yo, yo hard to grapple I raise the sharp scaple technique slaps you invasion body snatch you money grip I smoke the honey dip blunts cherry bomb very calm First bursts like a shot from the Berry homes you'd be most wise to pay close attention to willy lynchin' its stupid to fuck wit' Bobby Steel's henchmen I step into presidential credentials, evident my potential be infinate, deluxe benetic sluts invinsible only ones can know me swore me before the Dolby Alexis Colby broads try to control me pussy whip me like Toby fuck the local I move global economical ship sea promise fool my info glow and the dark Wu-Tang logo sparks the attention, look listen observe killa bee swerv slam like Dr. Julias Erv still strike the vital nerve charter through the Magna Carta trapped like Otis and Carter wild like a Shaolin child from Mariners Harbor king devine forced to shine head burst open like a bottle of Pine use penmenship when I write my script blunt spark em' and them mark em' homeless Killa Hill syndrome peace to Two Tone he must know me to understand me from what you do to realize Im you everything I do honey bee from the bee hive Ever-green squeeze dried leaf smoke Killa Priest from the tribe of Levi smoke out and not steal or blunt spill the indestructable Bobby Steel's is here [Method Man] Yo In The Heat of The Night my 4-7-7 mash on the mic Killarmy and Trappa John M.D. full metal jackets cuz' some gots to have it kill or be killed only time will reveal I think by myself and I drink by myself from 9-8 until let me know its real son if its really real understandable self explainable caution John Blaze flamable when under pressure, interchangable and still coming down like precipitation as I reign undesputed how Johnny do it dangerously, whoppin cough (cough, cough) two and off stank pussy make my dick soft (huh) bottom line be this high, explosive not for the average Joseph come and get some hol' it, keep one up in the chamber blast wit' my middle finger now I toss men attack like the Four Horsemen see me dog walkin' strickly getty-o slang talkin' all up in thease guts, soften thease rap niggas, official we slap niggas wit' mak' charges dope shit regardless we usually take another niggas garments (what) [Killarmy] Straight up and down I got this rap shit locked in '98 niggas cant escape the laws that I enforce like top notch politicians who be pola-tickin' slam through expand total construction accross the planet and micro chip software placed in the rear of ya ear as I sit the next year all yall analong niggas fuck yall we be digital shit is critical like the hallways in my projects similar to the streets in Tibet fuck that I aint playin' wit' a full deck (son, son, son, son)

Undaground Rappa

Das EFX "Straight Up Sewaside"
Yeah, 1-2 1-2 Ha, let you know how I do Verse 1: Dray, Skoob Holy smokes, cheerio chap, I'm makin toe taps so watch the birdie Now check it how I wreck it like a demolitian derby wit the Books, oops tutz, I used to live on Bedford but now I rocks the microphone and chill like Robert Redford So bring it cos I can swing a kid like Reggie Jackson I got the backs 'n' bones but now I needs some action Aiyo you can call me Plato because my style is in there and I'll dig in that anus, man, as if my name was 'swimwear' See I rock a hoodie sweater, more wood than Woody Pecker I twist it like an ankle, G, or maybe Chubby Checker In LA I hit the chronic, I'm super like the Sonics I jab you with the left and swing a hook without the phonics Okey dokey, hocus pocus, I make the dopest MC call a timeout Cos yo I rip the shit out when it's time to throw my rhyme out I'm twisted, my flow'll make you dizzy like Gillespie If ya test me I rip and flip ya script and then I jet-sy Yo I be rippin it like I get busy, I gymnastics when my raps gets I slams a punk like Jordan slams a dunk wit the basket Ballsy, I got ya all three ???? so Fuck it what you heard, you need to get with what you're hearin yo Chorus: Down down down down Make way for the undaground rappa Down down down down ........undaground rappa Down down down down Make way for the undaground rappa Down down down down (*All I need is just a mic and a track*) Verse 2: Dray, Skoob Aiyo, my crew is top notch, I smell like sasquatch, that's why I rip shop My crew be on the hustle plus we tighter than a zip lock I freaks it vice-versa or maybe versa-vice-a It really doesn't matter, kid, you're sleepin cos I'm nicer I'm growin lime to a lemon to break inside your car See when I be on the block I'm like that nigga Agent R Cos when I talk, niggas listen, I rip til I drizz em Perhaps Jack, I make you wanna clap to the rhythm Well yo, I'm wicked, not Jimminy Cricket or Davy Crockett Some niggas wanna rock it when they think that I'm block it wit my grammar, cos yo I am a super flower Ya best ta back the hell up when I swell up like a boa constrictor, cos yo I rip tha mic in half, G Even if I slowed up your couldn't pass me Well hello there momma, you better be bringin the drama to a pause like a comma or I'ma have to drop you like some drawers So hey hey hey, you thought I was just another bat like JJ cos I be usin a *?calender?* stupider dishin nay-nays So what's the way I'm flippin like a double-header drinkin I rolls two spliffs so now I guess I'm double jointed Chorus Verse 3: Dray, Skoob I be the devious, mischevious kid believe-me-est Not the move to rip cos in a drip I freaks the sleaziest Rappa-tight funk, punk I be rippin Niggas know my name I got more game than Scottie Pippen Yo I be kickin it to the optic, grins for-min when I'm knockin skins on niggas who be clockin ends, oh next I guess I rock a Benz But now I be em, niggas be like Oh did ya see him? I'm creepy, I'm kooky and plus I make you scream See I don't understand why niggas be wantin to do me You don't arouse me kid, you're softer than that Cosby kid Rudy Huxtable, I bust a fuse like turns on a drum pattern That one rings around that ass, G, like Saturn Chorus

Ric Flair

[INTRO - Ric Flair speaking] "I'm going on tour, and I'm gonna show anybody out there that thinks for one second that maybe I'm second guessing myself, that I am the greatest of all time forever and ever. One surprise, one surprise ... shhhh! Wooo! I'm back." [VERSE 1] To make it out the ice cold streets of the city You better have a Christopher word game, witty You better have a dance game similar to Diddy Or play b-ball above the rim like Smitty Josh, Chris Bosh, Pau Gasol Or any other nigga that ball at all I used to sell it white as Paul Wall Gave my young boi three of them in the mall And he gon' bring me $75K back tomorrow You know what Bigga 'bout, you know what Bigga do Ice water in my veins, heart pumpin' igloo I'm familiar wit the money so who the fuck is you? What the fuck you do? Where the fuck you from? Who you knowing? Somebody get this nigga, I don't know him And I'm 'bout to jet off on his ass like a Boeing Going, going, going, gone song [INTERLUDE 1 - Ric Flair speaking] "You don't like the the prestige that I have in life. You don't like the notoriety. You detest the fact that I got more cars than most of you have friends! I got a big house on the big side of town I got life pretty much the way I want it!" [VERSE 2] To make it out the ice cold streets of the city Your mindstate gotta be as wicked as Fiddy Can't love life suckling on mama's titty Cause life is a bitch and a bitch ain't with it You gotta have faith livin' life on Biggie I'm ready to die for the money, who is with me? Life after death, hey this must be hell I asked for six figures, God gave back self I'm on my way to heaven in a Porsche 911 Buried in my car, I'm surrounded by a harem Surrounded by my brethren, my funeral is legend Buried like a pharaoh with my jewelery in the desert The government will hate me like Jesus, but fuck 'em I did it for the grind, I did it for the hustle I did it for the people on the bottom in the struggle I did it for my comrades, did it cause I love 'em [INTERLUDE 2 - Ric Flair speaking] "Custom made brother Wooo! And I mean custom made! From the alligators to all that they can see right here. Ric Flair! There's only one. And I don't care if it's Tokyo, Japan; Greensboro; Richmond; Charlotte, North Carolina; Asheville; Atlanta, Georgia; Charlotte; L.A. I'm the man that's makin' it possible!" [VERSE 3] To make it out the ice cold streets of the city You gotta politic your situations like Clinton If you chase power you ain't gotta chase women So take some advice, take cash over ass When you get money you ain't gotta take shit So, long as you broke she ain't gotta take dick Capiche? Now you know what motivate your beetch Capiche? Pay the mortgage or the pussy up for lease Capiche? Church ladies goin' gaga for the Gucci (Yah!) Got two niggas, menaging for some Louie (Yah!) Work with the keys, get acquainted with Alicia And every other girl named Rihanna wanna meet ya They in it for the money, not the swag or the features Pretty parasites might suck you like leeches Just some information for a student from a teacher Real life shit, I'm Mike Bigga, nice to meet ya gone [OUTRO - Ric Flair speaking] "At Delta, the girls call me cool. At Eastern, the girls call me Slick Ric. And all the other women around the world just say... awww, there goes the man... Woo!"


They trying to tell me that aliens built the pyramids It’s funny ‘cause they probably did [Hook:] Fuck I’m doing talking ‘bout pineal glands Fuck I’m doing talking ‘bout pineal glands Ancient ways of Sumerians Ain’t nothing wrong with a righteous man Uh, this is my Anunnaki flow Oh, this be my Anunnaki flow Yo, I got that Anunnaki flow You are now on Planet X, I’m the God, show your respect HiiiPower I’m the destroyer, and this is doomsday 360,000 years since I made way Hey, I hate to be the one to warn ya Your government knew all along Guess they wasn’t tryna spoil it for ya Boy oh boy, I’m hot to death, high as my magnetic field Theologists preach of me but they don’t think I’m really real All my angels up in here, all my demons up in here I know who brought you in this world They will take you out of here The law of relativity’s cute, I even sunk Atlantis too NASA on some bullshit, they always cropping out my crew (Yep) and they be loving the crew (Yep) yea they be loving the crew I know that you heard about me, bout me way way back in school Mayan calendars, you went to church, we all know Revelations You see Porsches Behold of pale horses galloping ‘cross the nation Watch out for them Seven Seals, I’ll be in the sky The Euphrates River’s dry so you know it’s real [Hook] No man knoweth the hour of my return It’ll be like a thief in the night, make sure your people's alright That’s right, the writing's on the wall They was only worried about Sodom ‘cause they ain’t have the balls to go against the gods The only brown dwarf swaggin’ Cross yo sun just like a dragon The Japanese know what’s happening They was debating ‘bout Kobe and LeBron The Bible or the Qur’an, they should’ve been taking cover They said I’m red but gold is my favorite color Witnesses agreed, they see me with wings when I hover Might even make your pole shift when I’m skipping through My orbit is a bitch on her menstrual They underminded the prophecy of Daniel That’s a bummer, now I’m at your doorstep but not for sugar This that anunnaki flow, Enki and Enlil would love it Serious as the war in Syria, bitch [?] [Hook] Global warming's a lie, the moon is a satellite Holographic universe we enter to the light "Back in the 1950's - most people weren't aware of it - but there was a scientific storm in America all through the late '50's - about this thing out there in space - it's because the astronomers were all watching it, and that was back when they weren't afraid to talk about it..." Ayo, just in case I get killed for this shit You got your heads up Make sure you tell 'em JMSN ain't have nothing to do with this shit God bless y'all Killuminati...all through my body Blows like a 12-gauge shotty I told Punch I’d probably get assassinated by the government He probably think I’m sniffin' cocaine and some other shit

The Influence

JURASSIC 5 "Quality Control"
[Zaakir] Yo, I create off drum drops and ate away blacktops Grab the mic so you don't react The double X Polo shirt with the hat to match In fact, we verbally vibrate your track [Marc 7even] Then crush your confidence like plastic condiments Build you up to break you down like forgotten monuments The question is this: will they return with the hot shit Or keep it on the low flow [Charli 2na] Yo, and for you confused bastards, Tuna the blues master Quick to grib the mic, crews fast and soundclashing Critical mass, pinnacle blast have been deflected Hypodermic vocals I flash get you infected [Akil] I don't sip on brew, so this Bud's for you Speak when spoken to whenever you come through My vibes fill you, Internal Revenue You rhyme prostitute for little or no loot [Jurassic 5] Cause a lotta these kids think that commercial Is rocking fly suits and jewelry But we can rock shows with no rehearsal With the Rebels of Rhythm and Unity [Zaakir] Yeah, cause I'm nice, smooth, hard as a bone Since I pick up the microphone I'm hotter than brimstone The razor sharp crossbow accurate We drop the multiverbal miligram suppliment [Akil] Plus in bed, theological word advance Been Too Legit To Quit before the Hammer pants The parent to the pen converts words to song Stay blacker than the New Year Harlem Renaissance [Charli 2na] No comp, we paint a darker picture, in your sector Perfect verbal architecture, sparking lectures Lyrics infectious, fuck your Lexus If you ain't giving God your praise then it's useless Like when MC's try to make hits and them shits flop Running races like they was Penelope Pitstop Develop these hits rock bottem, the disk jock got 'em Souped up, but his rhyme is beating his loops up [Jurassic 5] Like dah dah (dah dah) Bah dee dee dee dah dah (Dah dee dee dee dah dah) Bah dah dah dah dee dee dee dee dah dah [Marc 7even] I can see clearly now, top of the pile with my style Check the profile, it shifts like sundial Crisp like young smiles, we rip and run wild Intent to rock crowds, some bite like rottwilds [Akil] Your game is disconnected, misdirected Disrespected, when we come in, expect some next shit The J-U-R-A, classical forte Get low down & dirty like the inner Moray [Zaakir] My heart pump the rhythm of the militant street life Soldier of composure up under the street light The coat style, prototype, professional Media light shine bright, now kill all the Bullshit, cheap talk and lip service Jealousy and envy and undertone cursed in your verses Serve the purpose of a nigga living nervous Unsure and uncertain but about to short circuit [Jurassic 5] Like dah dah (dah dah) Bah dee dee dee dah dah (Bah dee dee dee dah dah) Bah dah dah dah dee dee dee dee dah dah [Repeat 2x] [Marc 7even] Ayo my gift of gab should be sold in bags Boost up the price tag, make a wack rapper mad Rely on my right side, securing our tape tight Tasty tangibles to your mandible and clavicle [Charli 2na] Yo, easily 2na be, cleverly swelling my treasury Vocal pedigree for you critics who try to measure me But easily I'm about to run you down my resume Had a bundle of struggle from birth to my present day [Akil] Yo, your love don't compute, perhaps you need a boost A magical flute, some nose candy to toot Before you get loose, express and tear the roof You claim you got the juice, but you lame and out the loop [Zaakir] So I associated myself with fossilized figures Crack the summer sizzler, hit the real live niggas My influence is gunshots and trauma units Street trends, with material word friends [Jurassic 5] Like dah dah (dah dah) Bah dee dee dee dah dah (Bah dee dee dee dah dah) Bah dah dah dah dee dee dee dee dah dah [Repeat 2x]

Run For Cover

Flipmode Squad "The Imperial"
-Rampage intro talk- Yeah, niggas want to talk shit.. in the muthafucking room I got something for your motherfucking ass...check it out -Rampage Verse- Rampage im coming express through your chest In the Lex-GS, stop talking BS My watch is still flooded 850 for the budget Im Rugged, cats get gutted, rhyme then stab Send their rusty ass friend to the lab You's a crab, I take mines off the top like Fab Hit you with a jab for the 98 Number one in billboard with the triangle shape Flipmode on every mix tape, watch you cats get scrape Rampage Alexander the great -1st Rampage chorus- WHAT better run for cover for its too late WHAT You know we got it locked way out of state WHAT -Rah Digga Verse- Now whose the chick to come ice the cake Put it through everybody on my licence plate (Aight) Ripping Mc's then got a rap chick fiending (fiending) Celine type creaming (creaming) Make them rappers poof like them crackers did Keenen Meaning I run that, Waiting on mine like im the LL comeback Wack rappers crawled out from holes Now you souped cuz you slithered up the todem pole Flipmode Squad affiliate of of time-warner Send all you punks back to decorate the corner -Second Rampage chorus- Better run for cover for its too late WHAT You know we got it locked way out of state WHAT -Spliff Star- Now Baby Sham take the safety off hold -Baby Sham verse- There's alot of fake cats that jump in their mans Rolls Come to my show with these fake wallos Turqoise hid invoiced with plans to blow See me backstage with the gauge upholds my pantsleg Hand made suits contracts is in the briefcase Life Negotiate so when I split these pies Im sexing your dime Flow for Flow batteling rhymes Talking some crime Now I gotta split your time (what what) Get your shit pushed back like these seats recline (yeah) -Repeat second Rampage chorus- -Spliff Star verse- Sliff Star throw on my scully tipping my brim (uh huh) Stand on the Street corner scuffing up my Timbs Take off my jacket Pack the four fith cause a racket (thats right) Freaky fella Jimmy swaggert (wha) Kill a sucka Brothers had it (ha) Contradiction Crucifiction False Leadership Richard Nixon Bouncing and switching the lanes all up in the Range Heres a fifty for twenty dollars of gas gimme my change! -Repeat Second Rampage chorus 2x- -Lord Have Mercy verse- Hey its the worlds famous international Sinner irational (ha) Nigga who dance with wolves (*wolf howl*) Masterful bash skulls Crack axles peel out in black fords (*tire screech*) Splatter brains on dashports Start anthrax wars See's cast like task force die on a cross (ha) July 4th blow your hands off (Blaaoow!) Special delivery Jam cause with ghetto misery when im killabrese of canine Last name heard it through the grapevine Killing your blood millineum bug United States divide with hate crimes Roll snake eyes In the concrete jungle of hell While Lord Have stays Super like the son of Jor-el -Rampage Chorus changed order- WHAT You know we got it locked way out of state WHAT Better Run for cover for its too late WHAT you know we got it locked way out of state WHAT -Busta Rhymes verse- I be the last nigga The quick to bust your ass niggas Do anything in this world to get the cash niggas I might even get mad and even slash niggas Rob them and get away in a car and crash niggas Whats the world gonna do when I drop the smash nigga Iron all in your face dont make me pull the trigga Another reason for me to have to poor my own swigga Thought I was posing for word up but a fed took my picture Surgeon general I represent the underneath The ask for shit beef The worlds greatest fucking thief Brick layer hardcore smash your front teeth Wilding it straight giving their mother mad grief Rob a nigga strip him down leave him in his briefs Do so much dirt the priest asked me to turn another leaf Made the priest flip change his whole belief Started wildin in the club with them niggas starting beef Act fool

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