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WU-TANG CLAN lyrics - Wu-Tang Forever


Original and similar lyrics
[Ol Dirty Bastard] What y'all thought y'all wasn't gon' see me I'm the Osirus of this shit Wu-Tang is here forever, motherfucker It's like this ninety-seven Aight my niggaz and my niggarettes Let's do it like this I'ma rub your ass in the moonshine Let's take it back to seventy-nine [Inspectah Deck] I bomb atomically, Socrates' philosophies and hypothesis can't define how I be droppin these mockeries, lyrically perform armed robbery Flee with the lottery, possibly they spotted me Battle-scarred shogun, explosion when my pen hits tremendous, ultra-violet shine blind forensics I inspect you, through the future see millenium Killa B's sold fifty gold sixty platinum Shacklin the masses with drastic rap tactics Graphic displays melt the steel like blacksmiths Black Wu jackets queen B's ease the guns in Rumble with patrolmen, tear gas laced the function Heads by the score take flight incite a war Chicks hit the floor, diehard fans demand more Behold the bold soldier, control the globe slowly Proceeds to blow swingin swords like Shinobi Stomp grounds and pound footprints in solid rock Wu got it locked, performin live on your hottest block [Method Man] As the world turns, I spread like germs Bless the globe with the pestilence, the hard-headed never learn It's my testament to those burned Play my position in the game of life, standin firm on foreign land, jump the gun out the fryin pan, into the fire Transform into the Ghostrider, a six-pack and +A Streetcar Named Desire+, who got my back In the line of fire holdin back, what My peoples if you with me where the fuck you at Niggaz is strapped, and they tryin to twist my beer cap It's court adjourned, for the bad seed from bad sperm Herb got my wig fried like a bad perm, what the blood clot, we smoke pot, and blow spots You wanna think twice, I think not The Iron Lung ain't got ta tell you where it's coming from Guns of Navarone, tearing up your battle zone Rip through your slums [Cappadonna] I twist darts from the heart, tried and true Loop my voice on the LP, martini on the slang rocks Certified chatterbox, vocabulary 'Donna talkin Tell your story walkin Take cover kid, what Run for your brother, kid Run for your team, and your six camp rhyme groupies So I can squeeze with the advantage, and get wasted My deadly notes reigns supreme Your fort is basic compared to mine Domino effect, arts and crafts Paragraphs contain cyanide Take a free ride on my dart, I got the fashion catalogues for all y'all to all praise to the Gods [Ol Dirty Bastard] The saga continues Wu-Tang, Wu-Tang [U-God] Olympic torch flaming, we burn so sweet The thrill of victory, the agony, defeat We crush slow, flamin deluxe slow For, judgment day cometh, conquer, it's war Allow us to escape, hell glow spinning bomb Pocket full of shells out the sky, Golden Arms Tune spit the shitty Mortal Kombat sound The fateful step make, the blood stain the ground A jungle junkie, vigilante tantrum A death kiss, catwalk, squeeze another anthem Hold it for ransom, tranquilized with anesthetics My orchestra, graceful, music ballerinas My music Sicily, rich California smell An axekiller adventure, paint a picture well I sing a song from Sing-Sing, sippin on ginseng Righteous wax chaperone, rotating ring king [RZA] Watch for the wooden soldiers, C-Cypher-Punks couldn't hold us A thousand men rushing in, not one nigga was sober Perpendicular to the square, we stand bold like Flare Escape from your Dragon's Lair, in particular My beats travel like a vortex, through your spine to the top of your cerebrum cortex Make you feel like you bust a nut from raw sex Enter through your right ventricle clog up your bloodstream now terminal, like Grand Central Station Program fat baselines, on Novation Getting drunk like a fuck, I'm duckin five-year probation [GZA] War of the masses, the outcome, disastrous Many of the victim family save they ashes A million names on walls engraved in plaques Those who went back, received penalties for the axe Another heart is torn as close ones mourn Those who stray, niggaz get slayed on the song [Masta Killa] The track renders helpless and suffers from multiple stab wounds and leaks sounds that's heard ninety-three million miles away from came one to represent the Nation, this is a gathering of the masses that come to pay respects to the Wu-Tang Clan As we engage in battle, the crowd now screams in rage The high chief Jamel-I-Reef take the stage Light is provided through sparks of energy from the mind that travels in rhyme form Givin sight to the blind The dumb are mostly intrigued by the drum Death only one can save self from This relentless attack of the track spares none [Ghostface Killah] Yo! Yo! Yo, fuck that, look at all these crab niggaz laid back Lampin like them gray and black Puma's on my man's rack Codeine was forced in your drink You had a Navy Green salamander fiend, bitches never heard you scream You two-faces, scum of the slum, I got your whole body numb Blowin like Shalamar in eighty-one Sound convincin, thousand dollar court by convention Hands, like Sonny Liston, get fly permission Hold the fuck up, I'll unfasten your wig, bad luck I humiliate, separate the English from the Dutch it's me, black nobled you Ali Came in threes we like the Genovese, is that so Caesar needs the greens, it's Earth Ninety-three million miles from the first Rough turbulence, the waveburst, split the megahertz [Raekwon] Aiyyo that's amazing, gun in your mouth talk, verbal foul hawk Connect thoughts to make my manchild walk Swift notarizer, Wu-Tang, all up in the high-riser New York Yank' visor world tranquilizer Just a dosage, delegate my Clan with explosives While, my pen blow lines ferocious Mediterranean, see y'all, the number one draft pick Tear down the beat God, then delegate the God to see God The swift chancellor, flex, the white-gold tarantula Track truck diesel, play the weed God, substantiala Max mostly, undivided, then slide in, sickenin Guaranteed, made em jump like Rod Strickland

Eyes Have Miles

G. Love And Special Sauce "G Love And Special Sauce"
Special sauce with the special skills The special find for the special fill A littel bit on top of but laid back cool Wind the thread from the tale spun Back on the spool Not too blue but azul Stomping my foot with my sneak Kicking it for the back beat Fly girl undressed in the backseat I might look a sneak I won't steal a peak Caught a glance from some good sounds Don't eat from the Ground Round Time to get up in a get up Shake your butt back down Got more vapors in action Like Halls Mentholyptus Misted as I kiced this hold on and I'll twist it Young mother young mother Should've stayed home Poor child coming gonna be a rolling stone Wild wild the obvious child Wild tone wild eyes have miles No brown bag today see I'm ice dogging it Catch the Cool-Aid kid I'm all hogging it Earl's got the 64 wet cause he sloshed it Christmas time comes I'm egg nogging it Look the crook snook a hand in your pocket Took your keys then he took your wallet But you in your eyes then your head he clocked it All you could say was stop it Fuck you and die Get away from my piece of the pie I'm past all that My eyes have miles Not necessarily clever I bring from the soul hold my vocal Handle for a hold as I walk direct I roll for the old Never be sold out Cause the sell won't gel I told you my clams inthe shells Already I don't sweating Just chill cuddy Celebrating It's those doggone kids ever since They was born the shining No musically reweriting the phrase Relighting the page as the joker pays For the dare on the outside Just chops I ain't impressed The licks are removed I just can't digest It's too artificial man I can't dig it I don't want affects So I say so on and Imma go on To the real next all wood tones Earth home microphones I'm a rolling stone I tumble with direction a reflection From the street My drink won't dry cause I'm I Cool like the sky My eyes have miles

Still Unsigned

Miss Nana "Why"
(1 verse) Why Miss Nana is the youngest in charge Why my flow so deadly the just tryna put me under the bars Why wendy williams like my ways And tell me why most of the people hating on be twice my age Why messing with certain artist aint get me sign Why my dad take the backseat to let me shine Why you da man if you bringem money Why I can wear colored Bracelets with out people thinking I'm funny Why do flex show me love is he respecting my vibe Let me answer that one for you I'm the best kid alive Fars as adults I'm in the definite 5 Em , loyd banks, jada, hova and Nas Ironically the south got it locked Best be warn Why lil jon say ookkkaaaaaaaaay in every song Why some people think music and school bring massive stress Why university let me in ? Cuz I pass the test....that's why ( Hook ) (2nd Verse) Why some girls claim princess but can't hold the position. Look kid your the baby of rap so know ya position Why some promoters don't acknowledge I'm here And tell me why the time of prevention is shorter than the time of repair Yeah why my flows get ya cousin excited Why did newark have a newark idol and I wasn't invited like all the contestants wasn't inspired By you know who,when I blow Major a&r's a dozen is fired Why we use slang in our music to help our crew Plus we only got 1 language everyone else got 2 Why the more talk the wacker the fight Why is the illest golf player black and the dopest rapper is white Why the nets bout to be outta the building Why some fathers aint proud of they children,and don't care how is feeling why catching Sadam was a backwards step. better yet tell me why they aint get Bin Latin yet. hook 3rd Verse Sombody Please tell me why all these labels aint seek to get me. and after all these years tell me why coke still Beefing with pepsi. Why I promote school instead of talking slugs and triggers. why a lot other kids got deals but my buzz is bigger. Why do serocis victims love the liquor. And tell me why my girl beyonce is dangerously in love with Jigga. why we front when we aint got a hole lot of money. And why in the world banks charge us to hold our Money. Why the government hold out on money. We all starving in the hood we want the coupes with a hole lot of 20's. Why other states always hate if its from newark Why I can't come to school in a licorish porche. Why me losing is a ticklish thought. Why ya co-defendant always wind up being a witness in court. Why the ladie from don diva say sumptins not right. Cuz I suppose in Source for youngest Unsigned Hype.

So Selfish

ESHAM "Tongues"
You so selfish I don't really care what the say about me 'Symptoms of Insanity' no 'Therapy' [3x] H-U-S-T-L-E-R, Hustla Up in Detroit, yeah we all hustlas Pushin' the product, connected by the narcotics Hella melodic when NATAS drop it, I got it 30,000 feet out in the air, I parachute on ya streets I'm greetin' bustas wit' the heat And you can see me clearly like a DVD When I beat on your ass like a MPC I'm twistin' bitches up like the dreads on a Rasta I'm gunnin' atchu rappers 'cuz you just an imposta Switch this, bitch this, nigga out right fast Then I hit his hoe ass wit' the mini mac blast I don't give a fuck about a 'Record Deal' I'm still through these streets like-a Kill, Kill, Kill The fetus, believe dis when I bust atcha Jesus I'll take you to the dark side wit' the quickness Sickness to ya health, take all of ya wealth I'm comin' undetected like a muthafuckin' Stealth Bomba, I'ma harda rhyma Pushin' the dime-a, Chrysla 100,000 was the price-a While you still crappin' out on the Dice-a My style gets nice-a and nice-a The blood riser, open ya eyes Sir And realize you don't wanna be in my'sa (Chorus) You so selfish You out here breakin' all the rules like Ebenezer Scrooge 'Cuz a - You so selfish (I don't really care what they say about me 'Symptoms of Insanity' no 'Therapy') [4x] Gotta roll, gotta hold ya own stack Gotta watch ya own back And if ya runnin' up on me homey, bound to get blown back I'm in ya zone wit' the chrome gat but you shoulda known that I'm from the east side where all the birds have homes And for self, after years I got no help Tremendous, the bad times, they seemed endless I spin this bottle, I mash this throttle I don't give a fuck, still that's my motto I keep this ammo to burn like a candle 'Cuz I'm too cold to hold, too hot to be handled I dismantled every mic I touch, so realize why I don't give a fuck I'll open ya up, watch me, can't stop me Wanna' pop me 'cuz he copy And I'm killin' all you wack ass rappers that's sloppy And bitin', rewritin', refightin' 'Clash of the Titans' When I see you I'm strikin', you feelin' lightning No remorse of course for the Pale White Horse Make 'em all feel the force when I come for yours Kickin' down ya doors, world hood wars To even the score, make all devils pray to the Lord To scheme like a demon, you can't really afford When the police lights come on, the cameras record All this time ya thinkin' ya shoulda detoured But ya at the sea shore witcha man overboard And a... (Chorus) You.. so.. selfish..

30 Days

AKINYELE "Vagina Diner"
I never did time, committed mad crime Only paid rhymes, but now niggaz drop dimes Harmonizin on a homicide rap Singin in the precinct, tryin to catch an R B contract Now they hit me with a one to THREE, personal-LY conspira-CY, it don't mean shit to ME The time will go fast, because I'm true blue On the DL, back home, I got a stash for Ma Duke I stack razor blades in my shoe Niggaz threaten to kill the Ak, if I ever come through And I'm doin 30 more days, in this steel cage Locked down with men that go both ways But gays ain't gon' grease me My razor blade say O.P.P., niggaz in P.C. gon' know me I'm not the everyday herb Actions speak louder than words, so step to the verb Fuck a pro-noun, I get down for my crown Pass the three-pound, show it to King Clown, and watch him lounge You know the whole PHASE I'm about to go through the government's MAZE in about 30 days You know my name, no shame in my game Best to fly the kid champagne from Spain About to go in, to push a BID, for wrongs I done DID Goin away party at the CRIB Me and my friends gonna get together I didn't think jail could ever, I learned to never say never but now we just gonna party.. party.. Shit, fiesta.. for-ever.. Gun ? up on my floor All my peeps know they got to keep they damn guns at the door Don't wanna get hit, with a bullet, meanin a year time in jail if you can't, comprehend, with the slang friend All you do, don't act like nuts It don't make no sense for the whole crew, to get locked up Bad enough I have to go in yo But when the shit hit the fan, debris' gotta blow Windy days, but ain't nothin changed but the weather While I'm locked down, the thugs'll write me no love letters That's for queers, couple of years later gator, but hold all them crocodile tears Because it ain't like I'm dyin You see I'm not marked for death, so stop the bloodclot cryin This ain't The Wizard of Oz where I can tap my heels and go for it I take it slow, cause I'll be home before you know it I'm comin through like X-rays in approximately, the next 30 days But if you think I'm tryin to skip town You best to purchase a hearing aid and ask yourself how that sound I'm not tryin to jump bail, cause that's the dough that I'ma use to flip up the new connects, that I meet in jail Politicians they all know dis Every now and then they visit a snitch, who helped em get rich Yeah part of the government's plan Lock down the man who stack grands, put him in the hand of Uncle Sam This the stuff, you can't trust for 30 days I'm on a bus with niggaz that fuss over tight handcuffs And while I'm inside, I take in stride Livin in prison, stool pigeons know that time don't fly Days go by, night gets darker, but I'm a New York Whalin on your ass like Orca Not the Avon Lady, stay up out my face It only take a shoelace, for a nigga to catch a new case You get done in different ways I'm headed for the cage within the next 30 days


[50 Cent] Yeah Buck.. lets take it down south so they know we know whats going down there cashville turn da key Haha.. Get'em Buck! [G-Unit ~ Chorus] 44's Calicos That's how all my gangster roll Get dat dough fuck dem hoes That's how gg-g-unit roll 44's Calicos That's how all my gangster roll Get dat dough fuck dem hoes That's how gg-g-unit rolls [Young Buck] I got my pistol in my lap, and the top drop down An AK in the back cuz a nigga hot now And I been shooting, and I been robbing Fifty telling niggas I'm a mutherfuckin problem [gun shot] I come from the bottom, but birds I got'em I ?grip? two cents in harlem , serve all'em give me what I deserve man Fuck what you heard man They goin for ?ten n key? So who tha' real wurd man They try to stop us, but I load up my choppa Put my eye in tha' scope and pop'em right in they binocula's [gun shot] Do what we say so is waitin on Yayo So we can double back and give the fans what they paid for Ever since the game came back to reality These Niggas that ain't sellin, they mad at me, but had it been me then, I take it right back tha' block And Tennessee, we known to put tha' pirates on the pot [Chorus] [Young Buck] Banks got me in Jamican queens showin' me round We about to bounce from Brooklyn den head up town The first down south nigga getting popping on the east coast i got 'em willin n rite coz I'm from the streets hoe Gotta keep my heat cloaked just incase we bump headz I'm goin backside with a gunshot, shell spray Fuck what they say, G-unit's is in diz bitch With four assault rifles and 6 bananna clips Bulletproof beam parked outside da club So we can shoot at ya'll, but u can't shoot at us My westcoast niggas get ur bang on to diz If u ain't throwin' up ur hood, den u dun belong in diz bitch One tyme for big pac, two tymes for tupac Stuff tha shiet out of a nigga in ya G-unit Reebok I've been “patiently waiting' while niccas was hating I'm trying to keep count all this fucking money I'm makin Bitch! [Chorus]

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