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WU-TANG CLAN lyrics - Wu-Tang Forever

Severe Punishment

Original and similar lyrics
I despise your killing, and raping You're... despicable Are you, my judge It's just... you should be punished I'm going to chop off your arm, so are you ready Verse One: U-God Yo, yeah, yo, yo Yo, yeah Check these high hats sting things moving through the rubbish Party robust, rec room style for you brothers Time's ticking, erupt misconduct Entering one funk before the drum dry up Dial, style, jab vocab slow Alphabet run, construction voice might blow Tap dance swelling Hemingway novel model For a breather, dirty reefer hide your bottle Cut down, come with something that's round and profound Blood brothers people of colors we get down Watch this fly, force feed things being said Nine Diagram acid black evil red left his mic half a dangle, seriouser man My mic clapper def wish, everlasting plan heavenly God body, know me as the cleaner Night champion, old villain style seem a kiss of spider, to God saga why bother Godfather talk drama, fly swatters Number two, Chao San Poi Verse Two: The Genius/GZA This Wu shit be hard to kill and full blown Rhymes filtered through the net before words hit the chrome Pro tools editing tracks that's rough Cause a jam without a live MC isn't enough So we attack this, and grab all within reach Throw a scrap back to niggaz - perfect your own speech Shit is copper, it ain't worth the mic stands used by backup singers in Atlantic City bands Niggaz look on, and get hooked on this mic line Real thin and shift through the pipeline LP's delivered with style and potential Niggaz flowin smoothly in a sequential order, revealin hidden tape recorders Stashed inside pockets of those who lack aura Verse Three: Raekwon the Chef Twist the DAC up, them niggaz with math is back up Watch he act up, fifty-two block track we slap up Playground maneuver, jet to Vancouver like this Two Kahluas one chick she's German Luger Get the shit on, light a fresh pack, bust it open with the seal on Dunn, deal on this, with the real on Next, Rocky, ring, call it to Decatur Slang soufleer home decorater, player Mic immigrants, nine of us formed resemblance Somethin flashy, God dead-armed is nasty Peep the ornaments enough to make Shorty-Wop stare at me yo He killed the God might as well throw a chair at me Verse Four: Prince Rakeem/RZA Yo MC's wonder what's hip-hop thunder Tell you the truth it's just one nation under a groove Gettin down for the funk of it Like Fred Sanford in the biz... Yo one held his paraphenalia, a Wu memorabilia Mailed by the fortune teller, tried to tell ya bout the group recruit we scoop up CREAM like Breyer's Then spread across the globe like telephone wires Thirty-six assorted, Shaolin imported chambers been recorded, you're fuckin with the loops Time for royalty audit Fabulous establishment metabolism, Blackfoot Indian Cherokee started out smaller than amphibian Then grew to a physical body with five meridians As the pendulum swings closer to the millenium two thousand, wickedness is spread amongst my citizen I got a muscle the industrial to make a hustle and politic with Leo and Russell When niggaz is still rushin we'll brush you He's a womanizer, but he's an expert at throwing knives Verse Five: Masta Killa Thoughts are contained in the trenches of the brain ignite, blowin the mic to Arabian heights As I recite this medley, niggaz couldn't fuck with the deadly ground I hold down Classical gangland style, shots hit the ceiling Panic and confusion echoes through the building Continuing to build, I strive for perfection Driven by the will to live, glocks I hold Shots I give, while searchers of rescue teams look for means of survival and who's liable for this harrowing experience You scream for the extreme, fiend for the cap and proceeds of the Wu-Tang Academy To fuck up your anatomy with assault and battery Number two, Chao San Poi Number two, Chao San Poi He's a womanizer, but he's an expert at throwing knives Number one, Yen Chang Wa He's an adulterer, don't trust him Number two, Chao San Poi Number two, Chao San Poi He's a womanizer, but he's an expert at throwing knives I despise your killing, and raping You're... despicable Are you, my judge It's just... you should be punished I'm going to chop off your arm, so are you ready I despise your killing, and raping You're... despicable Are you, my judge It's just... you should be punished I'm going to chop off your arm, so are you ready

This Life Of Mine

Bad A$$
[Featuring The Outlawz, Prince Ital Joe] Intro: [Bad Azz] Hennesy Freeride in the house Busta Ass [Kastro] Outlawz [Bad Azz] Outlawz hooked up with that nigga Bad Azz Makin' cash, motherfucker [Prince Ital Joe] See them runnin, fuck up us by them thug life control How should the thugster Must be in the area Outlaw does the law Dept on the gangsta When's Ital Joe in the ruff spot ya Verse 1: [Napolean] Well since a young age I'll been thugged out till the fullest Niggas strap now You don't want me dead Gimme that, I'll bet I'll pull it Cause since a young age I been starvin' Niggas say hungry Fuck around with the lonely You couldn't fuck around with the phony In this life I lead Nigga hustle At a crack speed and I dig greed Fuck makin' friends respectfully I will cry for you at your murder scene This Napolean But he got quick, don't strike first, it's on again In the shoe son On the stash son At least pretend he born away This Outlawz, thug don't see Fuck around you when I see Your family, all the century Matter of fack bitch only mention me I'm comatosed I'm stretched out on the Westcoast till the fullest At a overdose of bullets And tell your bitch ass, shall pull it You shouldn't fuck around With the wrong Niggas At the wrong time At the wrong place You shouldn't fuck with some Outlawz Bad Boy killers Puffy erasers Verse 2: [Kastro] I'm a soldier Sober Even when I'm over Smoked out, drunk and plus fuckin' on the sofa In the Ghetto You jellow, heart full of yellow You thugged out, all bugged out And can't settle Word up That's worth to me and all I love My dick's stuck in the dirt Fuckin' the world and can't bust Back to the lab Back to the bed Born oven You's a fag Movin' fast Happy ass, gone lucky Picture this A Nigga get blissed to remeniss Fuck a ho Fuck her slow Put a strong in a stramp It's me Drunk as can be, on a humble I piss shit and shit piss Fuck till my dick crumble My life, full of the worst To imagine Me in struggle like a magnet Outlaw ill savage My time Step on the grind, wouldn't mind My life full of late nights My time wont provide Chorus: x2 [Bad Azz] This life of mine Were only time on my side till I die Gettin' high, waste of time Livin' blind by the light Gettin' by The best way I can in these times And it hurts to know my life ain't really mine Verse 3: [E.D.I] Now the custom my kind are They label me a plot Well Am I supposed to let 'em ride on End on drippin' blood Like Salaam and I would It's the wild, wild Westside Best to recollect Collect your toys Try not to get too high Off the laundry Cause the crime seen to be you Pride to the fight You was yappin' Now you see through I fillst the evil As soon as I enter the section But I'm a renegade Made of the days I remember Ment to only live my life strife free But Niggas like me Want mo' hood So we kick in the do' Screamin' Outlawz We outsmart hoes With Bad Azz fo' sho Get yours Get the fuck off And flow Verse 4: [Young Noble] Yo I'm hardly livin' A Nigga pushin' that I should be in Stuck in hole The world put me in Shiverin' They sayin' thugs ain't citizens In the civilized world among us So world hunger If they could They take the world from us And who I mean by they, teachers Who don't believe in his students Preachers who take the money And turns folks us to use 'em Crooked cops who blast Niggas For thinkin' guns from ruthless Politicians and bad lords, knowin' their motherfucking choosers Who the fuck they done to roof us They made a Nigga snap With bigger gaps and quicker raps A Nigga nasty perhaps Brief pass me the strap Either the Glock or one of the Gauges Tryin' to stab me or not On a plot or rockin' stages Pac raised us Soldier never let fuckin' cops cage us Sayin' we all lost souls And they can't save us Son is outrages A faded ass like Noble Sayin' Outlawz is no more Thinkin' we all got killed But we been on the day Motherfucker since you was on me Fuck you Heads or tails get on the green [Prince Ital Joe] In the murder you try, but you can't stop her This is out the youth Nobody here will die Verse 5: [Bad Azz] Occupation sayin' Occupie Rockin' high rhymes while you jockin' mine Cockin' nine up in these times Ain't no stoppin' mine Keep in mind You can find the streets' greedy thugs Heat takes souls away It's no love Drugs help me cope with no hope It's like stressin' Smoke a sassin Can't find no bomb dope Continue to pear For steppin' with conceal weapons Catchin' cases is in In off the cell that you sleapped in Lowlifes and big bold letters Locked up A half a key rocked up I had your ass shot up I keep dust kicked up And that's another how you fuck wheels Born to cause luck These Outlawz they too much Rust to the front And get touched And it was sluts who hit ya Go tell 'em Suck dick and tap It's the only thing we sell 'em Catch bullets as they hell 'em And guess what Nigga I stay bailin', yellin' Rider die Get richer stay high In this life of mine Gone were I don't care, I don't care [Prince Ital Joe] Gunshots They tell 'em you go ruff Gangsta Buck, buck (?) Cause it's like respecting Respect in every aspect, that gone to be a suspect Fuck, fuck Gunshots [Outlawz] Outlawz What you think about ridin' You see Here We over here Thug Pound rock Fo sho They never quit Bad Azz

Mental Case

Dr. Dooom "First Come, First Served"
[Dr. Dooom] Yo, fuck Octagon! Don't ASK me about that FUCKIN shit FUCKIN ask me about that fuckin shit again!! I ain't doin that type of shit (I ain't doin that shit) You motherfuckers think I'm crazy right? (Yeah you crazy) I know, but I am.. I have to show niggaz, word G, I have to blow niggaz Tech 9's, Carbines, pointin in your fuckin faces Thirty-eight Magnum butcher knife man, watch me stab em Q his kid left there, with ambulances, by the wheelchair Dangerous Action, I'm the movie, I'm the main attraction Fuck up your front lawn with M M's, Jiffy Popcorn Piss in your mailbox, throw shitty Pampers every two blocks Cut up your great dane, with charcoal out, leavin great flame You fuckin bastard, don't fuck with me, you gettin blasted Niggaz get fucked up, you black niggaz are actin white Your Rolex gone, my project's on your airplane flights First time you check out, baggage claim will throw your neck out Cut off your bodyguards, fast start with razor scars Come grab the submachines, Joe step to seminars Niggaz with diamonds, armed crackheads, clock y'all rhymin Take your girl's necklace, stare at the cops, lookin reckless Ass on the corner, think you safe workin at Warner Brothers? Polygram building heard some shots, they want me to chill then security ran, Russell Simmons saw me in a black van I ran the tight intersection, and caught a big erection Spinnin on 3rd, Lexington, through the fuckin red I'm in Manhattan, naked wigs, on my fuckin head Streets full of traffic, drive on sidewalks, that's my habits Chorus: Dr. Dooom and {unknown guest help} Mental case, mental case {Man, he be likin Campbell's soup, Apple Jacks Double XL diapers} Mental case, mental case {Chocolate milk, porno films Flintstone tablets} Mental case, mental case {Roscoe waffles and make them extra soft Oh-KAY?} +1 {Roscoe waffles.. and make them extra soft DUDE!} +2

Party With A D.P.G

Snoop Doggy Dog "No Limit Top Dogg"
(Verse 1) Stacey Boots, perms and suits, I'm braided up, can fade it up I skated up, you waited up, so you know I got to go ahead and tear shit up Turn lose on these muthafuckers Jelly Roll Nephew, boy this shit is out of control Rockin, rollin, bangin b A little something, something nigga, thats banged up streets Freak, freak yall, into the beat ya'll And to all my big doggs grab your meat cha'll And yes, yes ya'll, oh we the best ya'll We got the shit that make the bitches grab they breast ya'll It don't stop till the wheels fall off 954 headed swervin in the goodin clinic, tryin keep it hot right Fuckers spot light, my nigga Jelly Roll make it knock light (Chorus) We all shinin' stars Ya'll know who you are And dip low lows with me You party with a D.P.G. (Verse 2) We ridin, dippin, slippin, slidin, eastside up eastsiders Riders, ballers, rollers, ladies, players, gangstas, macks, pimps, and 'llacs Hustlers, bitches, niggas and G's, we having big thangs blowing trees Shinin, grinin, refuse to lose I gotta a G in my pocket for dippin out of shoes I head the corner in the Navigator Committed to excellence like a Raider You hate a nigga like me but you got to love me Your lady wanna shove me and your kids wanna hug me A nigga fuckin like Buggsy Seagal again, I'm in the ringle again I do it all legal again, I can't lose you won't win, respect the boss If you run up, you gettin done up, I love to floss (Chorus) (Verse 3) Why you acting bad, probably cause I'm know as the bad actor In the rap game I'm the big factor, macker, smack a bitch in a second The big dogg nigga very well respected You gotta put your mash down when you wanna get to the top The game is stuffy like Puffy don't stop I thought I told ya, nigga I'm a soldier No Limit Lieutenant, yeah I did it I'm committed like a motherfucker supposed to be Won't let no bitch niggaz close to me From my head to my feet I'm protected from harm Cause I'm a muthafucking shining star, you feel me And fuck who wanna kill me you niggaz thrill me, but guess what will be On top tip top, non stop, dogg not And you gotta let me end, the nigga I'm a shine like a G (Chorus)

Behind Gates

E-40 "Loyalty And Betrayal"
[Ice Cube] Say Earl, let's get it crack-a-latin in this bitch.. Uhh.. nigga nigga.. y'know (y'know) y'know! Uhh, Ice Cube and E-40 up in this motherfucker (Ice Cube and E-40) For those that don't know, we do it like this (like how?) We do it like this (like this) I gotta say some shit 'fore we start the single I'm sick of motherfuckers bitin 40 lingo Everytime I see yo' bitch ass you got a jingle and you ain't wrote shit, got it from my people Your whole ego, is evil, negro, fo'rizzo, we go get the Desert Eagle, blast on your Regal Your dub, no California Love, California slugs from California bloods, and Calfironia cuz [E-40] Dip ridin them little itty bitty ass wheels in the town like you might see on shoppin carts If I ain't ridin mustard or mayonnaise-zinas(?) and bowed toes, (?) low on horse then I'm bluffin, I'm less than nothin, a constipated dude Constantly fartin, but I'm really supposed to be, shittin on fools Peep - Ice Cube and E-40 doin a track together That's HEAT! Players it don't get no better than this pimpin That's HEAT! Two of the most grizzliest and Godzilla-ass niggaz to ever touch the mic.. (touch the mic) [Chorus: repeat 2X] [I] Behind gates, heaven or hell, mansion or jail Keepin it real, two niggaz from the hood makin mill's [E] Behind gates, heaven or hell, mansion or jail Was destined to have somethin pimpin, be about your mail [E-40] NOW! I might talk a different language but I'm not Scottish Got more homies in jail, than I do in college I'm a cold piece of (?) - slide through the park and come back every fifteen minutes in a different car on the strength of flamboastin pu-uh-purposes Smokin burners (burners) Finger on my thumper (thumper) in this concrete habitat Never know when you just might have to, put a head on flat [Ice Cube] Our status, is penthouses, yo' ass, is rent houses We got, ten houses, can't even, spend ours We go, invent ours, in about, ten hours Comin with that mob-ass shit, it's a hit bitch Broke bitch, turn into a rich bitch Every trick bitch wanna be a legit bitch We got big ol', big gold gates We got big ol', big gold, nickel plates (who is it?) [Chorus] [Ice Cube] Let me tell you, broke niggaz can't offend me Evidently, yo' Bentley musta said rent me I see you rollin, lookin stolen, L.A.P.D. is actin just like me, they can't believe what they see Pull you over, it's over, nigga, can't be sober Rollin through this neighborhood fool nice to know ya Fakin like you got the bacon, with that tickin-ass Rolex A nigga blast til the soul reflects [E-40] My roots grew up tearin projects, players shootin craps pimpin Placin side bets, hair full of naps pimpin Bunch of ruffnecks, play the old tracks mayne Money cars sex, servin cocaine White girl, wedding dress, in the dope game Block cleaners, poppin out of my Ford Excursion truck with heaters, poppin at all of my enemies better duck Even though I'm makin tapes I'm still stuck [Chorus] - 2X

Why We Die

(feat. DMX, Jay-Z) [DMX] Uhh, that's some shit.. ..that that that niggaz ain't even seen before That's that shit! (Motherfuckers ain't never seen nothing like this before, for real man) It's goin down baby, uhh.. UHH! Busta Rhymes WHAT! Uhh, DMX nigga Uhh, uhh, uhh, uhh, uhh I see ghosts clearly; even though, most don't hear me They still wanna get near me - fear me, so I'm leary Kinda eerie what I'm feelin - from the floor, to the ceilin Straight through the roof, want the truth I kinda miss robbin and stealin cause it kept a nigga hungry, only eatin when I starved I was ugly, so I robbed, no one loved me, shit was hard Went to God once in a while when it got a little too hectic He was the only one I knew that I respected (WHY) Didn't know why, didn't know what I was livin was a lie If I ain't shit then, why should I try See, plenty niggaz die, over dumb shit, up in the hood Real good heart, but up to no good Thought I did what I could, but I guess it, wasn't enough The Devil told me it would happen but I kept callin his bluff When it rains it pours now, my pains are yours as yours are what's mine, define, revolvin doors (nigga!) [Chorus: Busta Rhymes] (Why) All my niggaz tell me (why) tell me (we die) Cause we crazy with it, quick to blaze you with it From in my soul to every word that I curse with all the agony expressed in this verse; let me ask my niggaz (why) My niggaz tell me (why) tell me (we die) Because we Gods nigga (and) we go the yard nigga Because I walk the ground under my feet and keep it live and stay in tune with the street Now let me ask my niggaz (why) [Jay-Z] They say the good die young, in the hood where I'm from I only got one question to that - why the fuck am I here I look to the air, I ask God, 'Love me please,' but in reality, only people that hug me is thieves Same niggaz that send shots through my rugby sleeves They wanna, slug me and leave, I'm thinkin it must be me Please shed light, the hood's dark I did my dirt but got a good heart Shouldn't that count for somethin I was told I'd amount to nothin, most of my childhood Liked by folks it was stuntin my growth Seperated me from the shit I was wantin the most Felt myself comin close to pumpin them O's Lump in my throat, chest poked out, face was poker Tryin to, erase my ghostes, chase the smokers Got demons on both shoulders, tryin to chauffeur my life through the streets In other words nigga my will was weak Please feel what I speak, this ain't your average ordinary jargon weak rap niggaz be talkin This shit is deep, from the mind of Busta, 'X and me To all my fallen soldiers, rest in peace, til we meet niggaz [Chorus w/ minor variations] [Busta Rhymes] I must be cuckoo, like I respect the new-you, never See you too could get it through your FUBU sweater like a nigga when he walk in the dark, trespassin on a nigga land, shots echo loud in the park I live and die for all the shit I believe And rep for everything I stand for with every single breath I breathe Like the intake from cigarette smoke, it's like you inhale the demon in the gutter stressed struggled and broke If the shit was all over tomorrow, I'd leave a treasure for my kids with a legacy for my CHILDREN to follow You know it's funny how the good die first Get the peppin in your steppin faggot nigga cause you could die worse Hold on, you know I cut off my arm, in the name of reppin REAL NIGGAZ in the midst of droppin this bomb Allah blessin me to rep for the better, and carry on somethin great and keep a nigga name livin forever! [Chorus w/ minor variations]

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