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WU-TANG CLAN lyrics - Wu-Tang Forever


Original and similar lyrics
Intro: Roxanne It's Wu motherfuckers, ah Wu-Tang motherfuckers (3X) It's Wu, ah goin on Verse One: The Genius/GZA Reunited, double LP, we're all excited Struck a match to the underground, industry ignited from metaphorical parables to fertilize the Earth Wicked niggaz come, try to burglarize the turf Scattin off soft-ass beats them niggaz rap happily Tragically, that style, deter-iate, rapidly Uncompleted missions, throwin your best known compositions You couldn't add it up, if you mastered addition Where I come from, gettin visual is habitual De-mon-strate walkin on hot coal, in rituals I splash the paint on the wall, it formed the mural He took a look, saw the manifestation of it, was plural Rhymin while impaired, dart hit your garment Pierced your internal, streamlined compartments Just consider the unparallel advantage Of a natural disaster that's impossible to manage Verse Two: Ol Dirty Bastard/Osirus Bitch ass niggaz counterfeit the funk I smoke the bead and the skunk, tree top of the trunk Moonshine drunken monk, YaHEAD, get shrunk The touch of skunk, I be fuckin bitches by the chunk my name black, do words wanna play in my dirt Bitch stop my momma serve, free lunch from the church I come like a thousand doves Bitch you quiet at the bus, makin the fuss, I gots tough love Unglove the news, watch a nigga transfuse Dirty add to the fuse, heavy at the booze I don't walk, I get carried Gold and platinum frisbees on my wall, lookin properly but come-ly, I U.F.O. you Wright Brothers The Indian that sold Manhattan to the white man my grandfather, step up and get knocked right the fuck out Come to the cook-out, Dirty bitch at the mouth You scared Run around like a plane about to crash *sound of a plane crashing and explosion* [Roxanne] Wu-Tang motherfuckers (2X) Yeah... and RZA Verse Three: RZA Yo, yo, The Riddler, funny bone tickler, freak Caligula Bigger dick sex enigma pistol fertilize your stigma Stinkbox, order from pink dot MC's get stuck on ink blots as I plug to the sinkbox Wu-Tang Incorp. take your brain on spacewalk Talk strange like B-jork, great hero Jim Thorpe How can I put it Life is like video footage Hard to edit, directors, that never understood it I'm too impulsive, my deadly corrosive dosage attack when you least notice through explosive postage I don't play, the rap souflee sautee for the day Ruler Zig-Zag-Zig A, Leg Leg Arm Head Spread like plague, we drink Hennessee by the jig I got the golden egg plus the goose Eighty proof, Absolut, mixed with cranberry fruit juice Ginseng boost, I got yo' neck in a noose Keep my money wrinkled, the rap star twinkle killer instinct sixteen bar nickle sell more copies than Kinko Grow like a fetus with no hands and feet to complete us and we return like Jesus, when the whole world need us Verse Four: Method Man/Iron Lung Is it appetite for destruction Slap a murder rap on this production, I touch somethin trust nuttin Iron Lung/Twisted Metal I see em duckin my dart gun, bustin, from every angle Worldwide total carnage, the sickest flow that be code named Agent Orange, killin you slow It's only right you pay homage to those that's bout to blow like that shit up your nose, solid as a rock when I strike target, ver-bal Be screamin on you like a drill sargeant, her-bals got me where I wanna be right now, don't know the time Check the hour on your sundial, watch me shine Drunk off of cheap wine Each line be on point when I speak mine On behalf of my crew, SUUUUUUUUUUU, Enter the Wu Thirty-Six more deadly Chambers, to take you through Outro: Roxanne It's Wu motherfuckers, Wu-Tang motherfuckers (6X) *violins play on for a while* It's Wu motherfuckers, Wu-Tang motherfuckers (5X) Yeahhh, Wu-Tannnnnng Wu-Tannnnnnnng [Ol Dirty] Oh yeahhhh, ahhh, aiyy yeahh yeahhhahh aiii [Roxanne] And RZA...

Dogged Out

OL' DIRTY BASTARD "Trials Tribulations Of Russell Jones"
(feat. Big Syke, Too $hort) [Intro: Too $hort (Ol' Dirty Bastard)] Bitch you knew I was a dog when you met me How you gonna get mad at me now? Cuz I got bitches.. everywhere Bitch I'm a player, y'know (Y'know, killa, y'know'I'msayin' I said shit, I said, that's dat monster +Dog Shit+, y'know'I'msayin' This is all dedicated to all you hoes) And bitches [Ol' Dirty Bastard (Too $hort)] Shame on a nuh, who tried to step TUH the Ol' Dirty Bas, put my foot up your UHH Bitch, you walk around with your bra too tight (beitch) It's alright, you still gon' get fucked tonight Hoeeeeee! (bitch fucky) Stinkin ass hoe! You're the type of bitch don't appreciate shit Never had shit, so you won't be shit That pussy there, couldn't satisfy a hair on my body, treat me like a lolli and slob me doooooown (beitch) I'm Doo Doo Brown! (beitch) Hehahahaha Tossed salad, oh you in some shit now Callin me a dog, well leave a dog alone Cuz nothin can stop me from buryin my bones in the backyard, of someone else's house Ol' Dirt Dog, but I'm not +Dogged Out+ Here comes Rover, sniffin at your ass Pardon me bitch, as I shit on your grass That means hoe, you been shit-ted on! I'm not the first dog that's shitted on your lawn [Chorus x2: Ol' Dirty Bastard] Callin me a dog, well leave a dog alone Cuz nothin can stop me from buryin my bones in the backyard, of someone else's house Ol' Dirt Dog, but I'm not dog out [Big Syke] Right behind my pitbull, all wrong That wanna make the cat moan all night long Puppy don't take me wrong, but it's gon' Be monkeys up, so call me gettin' toned Get gone thong, crew comin' through Big Syke daddy wid the Brooklyn Zu You know what to do, freaky sucky sucky Won't you show the crew how you play wit' the monkey Let him see you don't fake it, and you can take it It's only the bigger bone, gotta make it Baby shake it in the worst way, OK Up in you in the parle My forte is a freakyness, look at this I don't kiss anythin' that I don't miss, runnin' sense to get licked from the nuts to the crack of my butt I'm a dog, so what, but you still give it up, Wu/woof [Chorus x2] [Too $hort] Beitch, this is what I tell these hoes Don't sweat it baby, you'll never be my lady Take this bone, straight to the dome And get on (get on), cuz I don't wanna talk Shut the fuck up if you done wanna walk We on the same page? I thought so You know them +Big Dogs+ hit you wit' their paw hoe Big pimp (pimpin') jump the fence Hoppin' all night it don't make no sense (na na) From New York to Cali', whylin' (wild) I got the bitch in the alley howlin' (beitch) And she don't wanna go nowhere She got love for a player she don't know no better That's why I tell her (tell her) I'd be wid you forever if I could find time to put you in my schedule (beitch) Beitch, $hort Dog in the house [Chorus x2] [Ol' Dirty Bastard] She flew in like calm breeze Tall brown skin, her weave like palm trees I went coconuts Dipped my Dunkin' between your Donut Don't want it if it ain't no slut, bitch! Fathership touch ground, like fly on soup Don't invite me I tear the fuck down White boys cut my toupee! Seventh day rester, or scream play I slump MC slay, it ain't nuttin to bust ass Bullet him, get him fast Bitch I don't break out, blast to the next rash The dog piss on MC's like trees Got meals but still grill that old good welfare cheese [Chorus x2]

Blaze It Up

DJ Honda "HII"
[Featuring Problemz] Intro: F.B. B.K. G.P. universal. Verse 1: I specialize in poetic calisthenics And stay on my P's and Q's like alphabetics Who else could it be but no other then the P.R.O.B. L.E.M.Z. and my right hand man from G.P. B.K. collaboration we spark lye stay high like inflation (What?) Patient back and fourth on this track Puttin' facts on wax without hesitation They'll be no mistakin' we makin' Nothin' but power moves ill representation While DJ Honda cut shit up like Jason Cross fadin' back and forth on S.L. Twelve double 0 spark dros get blessed L's Get twisted like pretzels when the dred sells Me the buddah blessed I spark up then the red cells In my eyes become highly prevalent, anti benevolent Never hesitant to represent Hook: Fromt he land of G.P. to the streets of F.B. I represent from midnight to high noon -GZA 'Liquid Swords' Problemz Honda collaboration been awaitin' From the streets of F.B. to the land of G.P. I represent from midnight to high noon Drop megaton bombs -GZA 'Liquid Swords' Verse 2: A-yo this industry is overflooded with acresses and actors Perpetrating the role of rappers with theatric tactics Constantly contributing to wackness Never surpass this cause you lack this perhaps it's Your lack of practice got you soundin' ass backwards Well I'm here to flip the script like gymnastics On y'all wack bastards The shit I kick is from the heart rappers use to rhymes now there's nothing but actors playin' parts Instead of spendin' time in the lab writtin' lines Niggas is basin' they whole rhyme on fictonal crime When half the time These niggas is straight up suburbaners Talkin' about they murderers and burgulars Hook Verse 3: A-yo I manufacture hits like a factory my faculty Is backin' rappin' be what enables me To live lavishly Happily ever after who the master Rememver me Problemz comprehending me? Mad energy when it be time for action No swingin' or knuckles strickly ammo blastin' Kill The Noise part II J.P., P.K. collaboration to be continuned Hook

Get Up

Hook: Get up, ride, sit back Who's dangerous Get up, pow, you foul Can't hang wid this Get up, now, gun blast It's a Conflict Get up, ride, sit back Who's dangerous Verse 1: WildStyle It's time to get up and hit the hay Wid the high ass hay song Betta come and get some Drop the top up in and Cock the glock and peel Rolling through the teal What it feel? And if I slip Ya betta come equipped Listen to the whips And the gunshot rips I really don't give a damn how you feel I kill if I gotta do it Down and to the ground I nail When it's time to mack, them freaks, I gotta strap up wid Jimmy, uhh, When I get it wid a girl and the dough It's a rodeo show from the back wid the Carlos When I gon' slang them thangs They write the word the word is flict Tricks wid style it's WildStyle I'm pissed, you think you can throw Now fool you wish, rodeo we on me, lay back Taking all you bunk punks wid the quickness You supposed to be a playa But you running at the mouth Shoulda mind your business Come and get it try to get it Rougher than the necks I break necks on somebody wanna flex Then let's flex and get it off your chest The wild west, yes, flict Hook Verse 2: Cold Hard It's the wicked wild west, Winchester for your chest Or your man people just can't understand That I'm a hoodlum that's rawwed up When I close-in slowly posing if you snooze Then you losing ya whole damn crew Those scoundrels got a round for 'em If ya mama want drama I'ma bump her in too Buck, snap, load 'em up roll out HEAD FOR THE HILLS NOW! Stuck, trapped, bottle up no clout Death for real pow Never could ya get it Wid a renegade desperado, Plenty ammo flowing like a fountain I be coming round the mountain, Gunning, nigga done in Ya best ta giddy up When ya hear them horsies troddin' At full riding, and ya climbing And someone shotting Much trouble passing on the barnyard Go 'head and bounce and let it go I'm sick a these soft party cliks wanna flow It's the real rodeo kicking the flow So hoe on the ride Can ya giddy up hoe? Hook Verse 3: Kilo Thinking I won't bust you Don't luck your punk Glad ta get your body stunk As I creep wid a rowdy clik Ta ease ya feet and pop the trunk Man I hate ta do this shit Cause it was my melody Thought that I called him a bitch So I up my barrel-y Didn't have ta hit ya for the homicide That's why he died nobody cried He shouldn'ta tried Holla flict and ride Meet you in your next life Get on you square get high tonight Cause last night when he been here Now he wanna know why he didn't ride A pocket knife or even flict Boing boing ya see me dong floing Giddy up now watch me get thoing Get ya ass fast I'ma last Demonstrate, pass we crash Face to face and my nigga Gohilian mixed beast type nigga Dangerous to the world Giddy up now what you figure nigga Hook Verse 4: Never Everybody giddy up Drum down on your money Do you wanna put um up now, shit Fucking put him up punk I'ma put him in the trunk I'ma mind smoke him up wid tha fives All a bag a funk And go coast to coast and GET UP Crucial Conflcit got 'em on cloud nine Doing hard time In the state a mind of a, killa Niggas act like I won't pull Tha block block blam Boogie woogie shake it to the left man Back to the right man Making the tightest song Gone again, drinking on gin Smoking on hay getting in my zone Riding slick been on the block a bit Put on the good old Final Tic C-H-I-C-A-G-O giddy up While we kick that rodeo Back to back we gonna smoke on And toke a sack and tack the proke on I was born to get up and put 'em in flight Never say never cause never'll do And make 'em all giddy up tonight Side to side let's ride and roll Ya can't control ya self no more So come on ya gone Got 'em all dropping And leave 'em hopping To the hip old west For you ya boo ya whole crew too Hook

This Is Da Way

Artifact "That's Them"
[Tame One] Hah! The former back of the classroom talk-trasher Blastin off at ya without help from NASA, has ta blow a nigga's chest up like asthma with raptures and fresh ass raps from wack bastards West district politickin like Gibson Make a pick-up, and then escapes from New York like Snakeplitzkin with trees tied to the thighs of down shorties clearing Customs Ready to cuss and bust on any nigga fuckin with production (This ain't my bag) Back in the Bricks tricks and kids dig the music as we dooz it (God damn yo!) And lose it, when we play niggaz the new shit (That's that shit!) Cross this T, watch me dot your eye Stay on your P's and Q's, niggaz I've mastered my high And when the snake bites and hype blinds your eyesight At last, the Artifacts, will bug and have the last laugh We're comin through all studio sessions Bringin 40 motherfuckers, pissin all over your conference tables [El Da Sensai] Like this right here Rhyme style criminal, with the lyrical missile Wack niggaz the issue bless, catchin wreck, to your chest Rock even Budapest, who the best, on the spot Blitzin niggaz wicked from the cornerback, slot for props MC's pop, but run up close into my strategy Task be, easily complete major catastrophe I be the rhymin holocaust, with the sauce to toss those who fakin jacks in rappin know they fallin off Is it the way we lay the forte, display my caliber Slayin my challengers, used to be a dancer, now a flow, balancer Manufacture raptures, dip into my tricks Pullin out treats, and singles comin by the hits Shit done by Vic, units for the nine-six MC El the Sen, with Da Way Like This We kickin over your crossaints Smackin your secretary up and kickin up that fuckin computer We snatchin all the paper from fax machines And we stoppin distribution on your next release, HUH? [Tame One] What makes you think that we can't start beef in a heartbeat like car thiefs with snatchers Givin rappers hot flashes for actions of our main access Knockin out you half-rockin-my-jocks on your asses, like Cassius but cautious, these dope rhymes'll leave you nauseous (Still niggaz sleep but umm, we still got the) [El Da Sensai] Picture perfect workin, expert that hurts it Anyone with the verse, that shit gets bursted Exploit the time, simplify tracks, I rap for brothers on the block and those who buy me off the rack Attack foes who slip up off the earth Jot down the plot as this MC, gets into that ass The bass thickens, while crews face their whippin Always on the low but, you'll never see me slippin

This Is Us

LL COOL J "G.O.A.T. (Greatest Of All Time)"
(feat. Carl Thomas) [LL Cool J] [Thomas harmonizing in background] I'ma give all y'all somethin, word up Word up - all my live cats out there gonna love me for this one Uh-huh.. they gon' be like, 'Yo you, you need to listen to that joint L made' Heh-heh.. word up That's the joint you gotta listen to, y'knahmean Check this out y'all I got the key that fits the lock of a real dog's mind B The answer to the question chicks ask most the time see Why my man cheat and give some bitch my heat Slap me one day then Sunday he's so sweet To me and mine, this nigga's hard to define cause he beefin when he broke but he arrogant when he shine It fucks you up, you wonder if you wastin time Mention marriage, he lit a Dutch and peeped out the blinds What different niggaz feels in they hearts is scary I used to say shit like, 'C'mon baby, you should be honored to share me' She used to throw the cakes up, plus the burger was hairy I used to have to think of shit to keep 'em comin, you niggaz feel me Baby or no baby I wasn't loyal or nuttin Just me and my niggaz on tour, frontin and hittin somethin Red lipstick prints all over my drawers Oh you wanna be an actress huh Well my movie's hardcore Like Dungeons & Dragons; gettin brains in a Benz wagon Step out, jeans saggin, crew laughin Gettin blazed by the fiend for ten bones a piece Nuttin but the dog in me needin to be released This is us [Chorus: Carl Thomas] You know that I do, the best that I can But you don't seem to love me no more, no more I try to please you, and be your man But you don't seem to love me no more, no more [LL Cool J] The flipside of the coin, what team you wanna join You in The Tunnel every Sunday exposin your tenderloins in every rap cat's face, with some ol' flirty shit to say Need to go home, wash your kids up, and put your tits away Me and my clique in motion, champagne and Alize Got your mind bubblin crazy, wanna flip Cool J Spend your last on your hairdo, but you ain't save a dime to put your child through college baby, now have you Go get a job interview, your bad-ass kids a curfew and skip that 'Bills Bills' shit broads is goin through I know this prostitute who said that life ain't cute Child born with a destiny only God can dispute Players giggle and laugh, flashin gats and cash My dogs don't care about you Boo, they like your ass Told me if I call and your man answer, ask for L so he can say, 'No L live here,' our code is ill Tell him you about to catch a flick with Sherell Plottin and schemin in the shower, masturbatin on the cell The neighborhood hustler, that cat we all know That nigga we grew up with, son from next do' My dream was to flow and escape the hell below but the demons in my life set fire to my dough I thought about murder, I vowed my revenge like the devil's pumpin hate through my heart with a syringe This is us [Chorus] [LL Cool J] They say a man gon' be a man, but that's only half the scenario You nag a cat, you givin him a license to fuck a hoe When a man come home late, he want his girl to say hello Not hear all that bullshit, bout, 'Nigga where you go' Fried chicken ready, t-shirt and panties at the stove Messages written down, blunt rolled ready to go Give me a hug, not too long, give me space When a cat got issues don't need you all up in his face Rub your breasts, kick back, smile a little If it's rainin outside, chill, listen to the drizzle Now kiss my chest, call me Superman Pull down my boxers by the Calvin Klein band () wash it, enjoy the flavor, I return the favor This behavior, should save ya from me all night freakin, with a nineteen year-old half naked Puerto Rican, creamy ass leakin Every man will agree, when she nag it's killin me I don't always wanna talk about how the world is shittin on me I sip some Alize and meditate the pain away And get in my own zone where I wanna be alone for solo Reminisce with photos And missed opportunities to make some dough flow, you know Chill, relax baby, support me from the background Believe in my dreams, instead, you and your girls sat 'round complain about, who's tradin ass for cash If there ain't no trust then just us can't last This is us, I know you feelin that Think about that shit, word up [Chorus] [Carl Thomas] Your man, your man, your man Everything we've been through yeah All the places we've been yeah Just don't know if I'll be the same again, ha Ever since you walked all all over me, ha And even if we bring this back together, ha You know it won't be the same, no no no no No no no no no, ha Ohhh I, I, baby I, tried to be your man Whoahoahhohhh, ohhhhh yeahhhhh Hooo hooo hooo Can't you hear meee Can't you hear meee Whoahhhh..

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